Shock! Horror! Dubs-Meath replay unlikely to be shown live on de telly

As everyone knows, when the Dubs take the field in the championship, it is – as the weekend just gone provided but the latest example – to a backdrop of oodles of newsprint and general media hooplah. And, of course, live coverage on de telly as well, for all those adoring fans who failed in their quest to secure a ticket to join their blue-clad brethren on The Hill (and, of course, for the rest of us boggers too, if only to show us what a joyous spectacle a Dubs-dominated Croker is. That’s until the ball gets thrown in, when that dominance tends to die a prompt death).

However, it would appear that the world as we know it is about to come to an end, if this RTE report proves to be correct. Because the Dublin-Meath replay is being played on Sunday week, it will clash with two other high-profile matches (Donegal v Tyrone in football, Cork v Waterford in hurling) that are already scheduled to be broadcast live. Live streaming over the Web with full deferred coverage would appear to be as good as it’s going to get for the Croker action. Unless, of course, they switch the game to the Saturday.

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