Sisters doing it for themselves

It looks like the ladies football team are back in action: according to this story in the Mayo News, the Ladies GAA Central Council at its meeting yesterday in Tullamore “overwhelmingly voted that the Mayo Ladies County Board must enter a team” in this year’s championship.  The Central Council was considering an appeal taken by three Mayo clubs  – Carnacon, Castlebar and Knockmore –  against their own County Board’s decision to withdraw the county side from this year’s championship following the saga surrounding the resignation of manager Pat Costello and the Board’s inability to find a successor.

The club-footed way in which the Ladies County Board has handled this issue from the outset – taking a full month to suss out Pat Costello about his intentions and then withdrawing the team from the championship in a hissy fit because they claimed they didn’t have sufficient time to find a successor – raises obvious questions about their competence to oversee ladies’ football within the county.  Having now suffered the indignity of being overruled so decisively by Central Council on an appeal taken by clubs affiliated to them over their spiteful and bone-headed decision not to take part in this year’s championship, what little credibility they may have had has surely evaporated.  They should now take the only honourable route left to them and resign en masse.

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  1. Your last line sums it up. This is something that has festered and limped for a fair few years now. I too hope that the county board stand down and let fresh blood run the show. We used to be queens in that code once upon a time.

  2. The Board should go but let’s not fool ourselves, they won’t go. The
    Topic of County Boards resigning has been discussed in other

    A good management team would be Jimmy Corbett and Beatrice
    Casey from Carnacon. Or indeed Willie Joe could get some
    Management experience by taking on the role and challenge!!

  3. Sadly, I think you’re right there Liam, though you’d wonder how they’d have the neck to continue having been totally undermined and made to look like a bunch of incompetent fools in the way that they have.

    I assume you’re suggesting the real Willie Joe for the women’s job – at least I hope you are!

  4. Has’nt a good few of the players headed off to new york and boston playing football for the summer, (flights and accomadation sorted)?

  5. While no fan of the county board, you can’t forget that it was the majority of clubs who withdrew the team from the championship, not the county board. The three clubs who appealed didn’t accept the democratic decision of the other clubs in the county. But then again some of these clubs also think that there area to pick players from goes as far as central Mayo to Westport and even further south of it.
    You also have to look at five managers in four years as well as it not all being black and white from the players point of view.

  6. Watching the Louth/ Meath farce… it’s the responsibility of the ref to bring his own umpires, If the lad he brought was that blind or ignorant of the rules the ref deserves a few clips in my book.
    The problem here is that far too few actually know the rules of Gaelic football, and prob didn’t know the ball can’t be carried over the line for a goal.
    Meath Co. board should, after a period of reflection, be sporting and magnanimous and offer a replay. We’ll be a long time waiting for the CCC to order one- but they are great at punishing lads who get too excited and draw a box in the heat of the moment. What action the GAA take will say alot about what they feel is important in sport.

  7. @ innocentbystander – Why should there be a replay? The goal should have been disallowed on two counts 1 – a thrown ball and 2 – a square ball.

    The ref’s decision should be rescinded by the CCCC and Louth declared champions of Leinster

  8. The problem is the standard of linesman. I thought they were dreadful the last day in the Sligo/Galway match with some very poor decisions. They look some amatuerish with the white coats over their Sunday Best. What planet were they on. They had a clear view of it. Unbelievable. You can be guaranted that neither knew the rule that the ball cannot be carried over the goal line. These guys are just mates/neighbours of the ref with no experience whatsoever. Absoultely incredible.
    I am mad, and I am a Mayo man.

  9. I read a post by jpm on July 6th in which he said that the 1951 All Ireland was secured by a charged down kick out that resulted in a goal for Mayo. I was at that game and I have no recollection of that. I know it is a long time ago and I’m an old man but I’m sure that I would remember something like that. Anwway the final score was Mayo 2-08 Meath 0-09

  10. @gaamama, I take your point, natural justice would demand Louth get a free out and the rest of the game to be played out, but there’s no such mechanism for anyone to order such a thing.
    There’s no doubt the assaults on the ref were out of order but the mans incompetence brought this on himself- He took the responsibility to give the goal himself.
    Would agree with Colm O’Rourke that Meath should not be forced into a corner over this- it should be taken out of their hands.

  11. There is no mechanism to order a replay either innocentbystander. I agree with gaaamama. The match should be awarded to Louth. Meath did NOT score a goal. How come they always come out on the right side of these decisions? Remember the goal they scored from a quick free against Mayo in 1996 even though the ref. had told both sides he would not allow any quick free?

  12. Not sure about jpm take on charged down goals. Mick Higgins of Cavan charged down a 14 yard free straight in front of the goal in the 1948 All-Ireland final v Mayo. The ref then blew for full time with 4 mins still left on the watch.

  13. Akamore – the reference you made there was incoreect. I never said anything about the 1951 AI final.
    My point Ontheroad w.r.t incidents you have mentioned above was that it has happened frequently, throughtout history and things like it often go unpunished. Yesterdays L. final was another tragic example.

  14. t it about time the gaa got there act right .we have officials revisiting games each week because some analist during the game has a biast grudge against a player or county points out some incident or other e.g,paul galvin brian omeara are two to mention but none of these experts saw the common denometer in these two is ok to use video evidence for incidents as regards players but these same officials are gone into hiding this week

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