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For the last few years I’ve done a post in early January providing an overview of traffic to the site over the previous twelve months, placing this information in the context of traffic generated since the blog’s inception, which is close to nine years ago now. So, then, here’s the end-2015 picture.

The first graph below illustrates how 2015 fared out. As you can see, it was another year of strong growth, with the number of page views recorded jumping by 47% compared to 2015, topping two million inside a single year for the first time.

Mayo GAA Blog, annual page views 2007 – 2015

Figure 1Source: Statcounter 

It follows mathematically that the cumulative hit count should also have risen sharply in 2015 and the graph below confirms this. The five million mark was breached in July last year and then in early December – on the same day, spookily, that the two million annual hit count was reached – the site broke through six million cumulative hits.

Mayo GAA Blog, cumulative page views 2007 – 2015

Figure 2Source: Statcounter 

Given that both of the above graphs show what are pretty much text-book exponential curves, it’s little surprise that the daily, weekly and monthly hit count records were all surpassed in 2015. The count for busiest day ever on the site now stands at 26,270 page views, a total recorded on 31st August last, i.e. the day after our drawn semi-final with Dublin. It’s also, as far as I can recall, the only day in which I’ve posted five separate pieces to the site in a single day. The comments were, as I recall, fairly hopping that day too.

Interestingly, the second-busiest day last year in terms of traffic was 29th September, the day the players’ no-confidence vote was announced. 22,858 hits were recorded then, on a day when there were hits being delivered all over the gaff.

2015 was also the first year where the daily hit count on the site never once fell below 1,000. In fact, it only once dipped below 1,400 – on Christmas Day, where 1,392 page views were recorded. Some things remain at least partly sacred.

It’s hard to know how 2016 will measure up traffic-wise. If last Sunday is anything to go by, however, when 13,318 hits were recorded on the day the team played its first FBD match of the year, it could well be the case that the curve remains an upward one. I guess that if the lads continue to perform with the same kind of distinction on the field as they’ve done in previous years then it’s almost a given that online interest will continue to expand too. Onwards and upwards we go.

31 thoughts on “Site stats update

  1. Congrats Willie Joe, onward and upward is the only way to go. With Mayo’s clubs doing so well, it could be a mega year. What will happen when we finally get our hands on SAM?? The mind boggles!

  2. Well done Willie Joe this is always my first port of call for info on Mayo GAA if it ain’t here it ain’t happening

  3. I think you should be in charge of the economy. If you could get it continually growing at that, we’d be a great little country altogether!

  4. Excellent stuff WJ. Fair play to you. It’s even more impressive that you cover the running costs yourself.

  5. Well done Willie joe, you run a great site and it’s policed well too, nobody throwing barbs and name calling allowed like other forums where it’s a free for all. 2016 will be your busiest year so far, theres no doubt about that, I hope you can keep it going.
    Maybe you should get a sponsor to pay you a but for your efforts?

  6. Indeed Willie Joe, as has been said several times before, I’m sure there are more than a few who would be willing to throw a few bob your way or help you out in some other way with this wonderful site. Maybe you could borrow that banner from Wikipedia – if everyone donated €2 then it would keep you in Mayo GAA cycling geansaís for an entire year!

  7. This is growing faster than Ryanair. I should have bought in earlier !! Anyway………

    here`s to 2016. And female referees.

  8. Well done Willie Joe. I check this site everyday. Its the only way to keep up with all things Mayo.I agree with previous posters that there should be some form of a monetary collection.

  9. Well done Willie Joe, and congrats on the 2015 performance.

    If this was a PLC, you would probably be getting a huge bonus and share options, and on your way to becoming part of that envied 1% who have it all.

  10. Great stuff Willie Joe! That’s amazing.
    If you were to make a few quid out of it would that be any great harm! I suspect your kids need to eat as well as everyone else’s.

  11. Unreal WJ, very well done indeed. Simply (not saying it’s simple!) just continue doing what you are doing!

  12. Long may it continue. We all live busy lives and how WJ finds the time to provide such a fantastic service amazes me. The wealth of knowledge here is great and very informative.

  13. Congratulations WJ your hard work and dedication to the cause is appreciated by one and all. The 6 million plus is a tribute to your efforts and endeavors. It is a telling measure of the passion for football in Mayo, and for our heroes in the Green and Red jersey.

  14. I see Dr Brian Cullen has been appointed High Performance Manager tonight for Dublin. The 2010 binned Mayo Strategic Plan had outlined a similar role for Mayo. It was called Director of Football. Still it took Dublin six years to see sense.

  15. WJ,

    It can’t be long before Mark Zuckerburg or some other of those internet whizkids see the growth pattern and make you an offer you can’t refuse.
    Meantime I see lots of sense in the suggestion made by some of a modest voluntary contribution towards the site running costs.

    I cannot see how you keep monitoring and moderating the site with those numbers of postings. And it is the fact that totally cynical and negative comments and trolls are kept off the site which makes it so enjoyable.

  16. Fair play WJ, the quality of this Blog is unrivaled anywhere I’d say and all of your hard work is greatly appreciated by thousands of Mayo fans all over the world, keep up the great work!

  17. This site is by far the best forum for Mayo GAA fans on the web. Great mix of informed posts by WJ and by all the various knowledgeable commentators. Long may it continue.

  18. I can only repeat what has been said above. It’s amazing how you find the time to run this wonderful resource, you must have a Masters in Time Management?

  19. Agreed John Cuffe, on both counts.

    And WJ I second the comments above both commending you on your dedication to this resource and the willingness to contribute to the running costs.

  20. Thanks all for the kind comments and for the offers to help with the running costs of the site. While I do see the blog’s longer term future as more and more a co-operative one, for now I’m happy to keep it going and the costs, such as they are, aren’t a burden. I appreciate the offer, though.

  21. The rise of the Mayo team in recent years and this superbly run website have been the perfect storm that has seen it grow beyond what I’n sure WJ could ever have imagined. I live in Dublin and find it a fantastic resource for keeping up to date with the scene. It must be a lifeline to people in Sydney, Dubai, San Fran etc ..
    Like numerous posters here I would be more than happy to contribute towards costs in the future whenever WJ felt it necessary .For now keep up the great work.

  22. Just to second what everyone else is saying, if you need to get some money it should be no problem, I check it every day, it is brilliant

  23. Well done WJ on the success of this site. You do a fantastic job as do most of the posters. Its the range of differing views and opinions that make is so enjoyable and addictive! Yet we all want the same thing UP MAYO

  24. Hope you start to charge well for the ads wj :). Very Well done. I dont comment too often, but visit at least 6-7 a week – like many thousands. Thanks a mil.

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