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It’s the start of a new year and so, once again, it’s time for a quick look back on the previous year’s web traffic stats for the blog.

You’ll no doubt recall that 2018 saw the first ever dip in yearly traffic compared to the previous twelve months, with our early exit from the Championship that year resulting in lower than usual activity on here in the second half of 2018. Last year, though, we enjoyed a better Championship run and so it’s no surprise that this meant a renewed surge of traffic to the site.

As a result, 2019 saw higher traffic than ever on the site. Annual page views rose 25% compared to the previous year, topping out at a new high of 3.6m, as the graph below shows.

Mayo GAA Blog, annual page views 2007 – 2019

Source: Statcounter

With the annual traffic count touching a new high, it follows that other traffic milestones were also surpassed in 2019.

A new daily high of 46,931 was recorded on 1st July, the day we were paired with Galway in Round 4 of the qualifiers. This was a figure that smashed the previous high of 32,398 recorded during the height of Newbridge-or-nowhere in June 2018.

In that same week in July last year the all-time weekly high was also exceeded, rising by over 35,000 to 207,388. Overall, traffic for the month of July 2018 surged to 663k. This was up from the previous monthly high of 512k, which had been recorded in August 2017.

All of this means that the chart below showing cumulative hits – which at the year of last year stood just below 18.5 million – once again retains its exponential trend.

Mayo GAA Blog, cumulative page views 2007 – 2019

Source: Statcounter

As ever, it’s largely down to how the lads perform on the field as to whether or not this trend prevails for the year that has just begun. Onwards we go.

5 thoughts on “Site stats update

  1. Onwards we go is right WJ . Really looking forward to the year ahead . Happy new year to you all . If we can keep developing the younger players and stay injury free, we might not be too far off .

  2. Well done with all you did so far WJ, it is testament to you that you didnt cash in on selling the site when the views are so high. Happy to keep coming in what ever format and this is has been a crucial element in the building up of support i. The mayo county scene.

  3. Serious numbers WJ, and a testament to those who participate, but in particular to how this is managed by your good self, and the guests who contribute articles. Plus the podcasts and coverage of the club championship which takes a huge commitment from all concerned.
    As you say, numbers also reflect how the teams perform, here’s hoping that 2020 will see record numbers again.

  4. Happy new year Willie Joe and to everyone on the blog. Can’t wait for next Sunday when the senior action starts action. As I type the under 20’s are going well at half time against Roscommon. Would love to see Mickey Moran’s Kilcoo beat Ballyboden today

  5. @Backdoor Sam… absolutely a huge congratulations to Mickey Moran (a man held with great affection by Mayo fan’s the World over)and Kilcoo….How and Why?, Mayo County Board, way back in 2006 dispenced with the services of both Mickey and the late great John Morrisson defies explanation in Football term’s… Congratulations to Corafin on reaching another All Ireland Final .. Should be a great final… Two outstanding team’s!

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