Six All-Stars for us as Andy bags FOTY award

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We can’t have any complaints about how the awards were dished out tonight. Six was always the maximum number of All-Stars we were going to get and we got them all, while Andy Moran, as widely expected, bagged the Footballer of the Year award.

Our six All-Star winners tonight were David Clarke, who edged out Stephen Cluxton for the goalkeeper’s position to pick up his second award, first-time winner Chris Barrett, Keith Higgins and Colm Boyle, who both picked up their fourth awards, Aidan O’Shea who picked up his third award and Andy Moran, a winner for the second time. Huge congrats to all of them.

Inevitably, any All-Star selection (this year’s pick is, by the way, here) is going to be tinged with disappointment regarding those who didn’t make the cut. For us, that sorrow is, of course, centred on Tom Parsons and Kevin McLoughlin, both of whom had very strong claims for inclusion in the final fifteen but who both lost out.

We couldn’t, I know, expect any more All-Stars than the six we got – it’s our highest total ever in a single year – so any sense of regret about Tom and Kevin needs to be seen in this light. It’s still hard on both of them, given the superb championship campaigns they both put in for us this summer.

Ever since the nominations were announced, Andy Moran was the frontrunner for the Footballer of the Year. It would, in truth, have been a huge shock if he hadn’t scooped the big one tonight but it was still fantastic to see him get it.

From impact sub a few years back to the main man in the world of Gaelic football tonight – what a story that is and what a player Andy is. Footballer of the Year, that’s what he is and well done to him for winning the coveted award this year.

We have to watch it again, don’t we? Here it is, my absolute highlight of 2017, which comes courtesy of the newly-crowned PwC GAA/GPA Footballer of the Year for 2017. Take it away, Andy:

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  1. Heartiest congrats to Andy Moran and all our all stars well deserved albeit scant consolation for not coming away with Sam. Andy was the story of the summer but there’s one last chapter to come! I felt that Tom Parsons really lost out to sentamentality there tonight – Colm Cavanagh was nowhere near deserving of that midfield all-star especially after Tyrone’s car crash performance in the semi final against the Dubs. Kevin McLoughlin was also unlucky but can’t argue with the rest. Well done also to Joe Canning for the Galway hurlers.

  2. Congratulations Andy, and all the other lads. If Andy, Colm, Keith were left on for the full game in AI final, we may have won it. I am also delighted for Colm Boyle. For all the matches he started this year he was taken off at the 50 min mark. Again lads well done, and hard luck on our other players who did not get a All Star award this year. Its great to see Mayo getting young player of the year in 2014 and 2015 and getting Senior player of the year in 2016 and 2017. Up the West.

  3. Well done Andy, and congrats to all the mayo allstars. Here’s hoping we’ll bag eight or nine in 2018?

  4. Well done to all. I think the Dean Rock half forward selection is a fudge that cost KmcL – I think if he got it it would have cost some other player so no value in speculating on that.

    Particular congrats and worthy winner Andy Moran…see u In markevicks next June Andy!

  5. Well done to all and well deserved. 6 was as much as we could have hoped for but Leeroy Tom P and K Mc are very unlucky. Expected Cavanagh to get one. Tyrone had a good season with the exception of their disaster v dublin and in fairness Cavanagh was one of the few that stood up that day. Tyrone were always going to get at least one. Geaney was a dead cert. Delighted for Clarke. Was excellent again but I thought Cluxton, who is the best keeper I have ever seen, might get it but I think David deserved it this year. And Andy, absolutely fantastic and so richly deserved. We really have some great players and great men. Drive on again next year lads.

  6. Cavanagh?????????????????? For what? Congrats to our lads. Sorry but in what reality was cavanagh a better midfielder than Tom Parsons or even James McCarthy for that matter.

  7. Well done Andy Moran and the lads. Tom Parsons unfortunate not to get his all star, worth every penny of it. Looking forward to 2018.

  8. Well done to all on the awards.few unlucky to lose out parsons mcloughlin Keegan.suppose it’s hard to get the balance right in picking the team!
    The Dubs are raging that Cluxton didn’t get one! Ya think they be happy with Sam!

  9. Brilliant and congrats to all, but there is a real possibility at this stage that Kevin McLoughlin could finish his career in a few years without an All Star. That is absolutely incredible for one of our best and most consistent players of the modern era. I really don’t know what he has to do.

    Anyways. Well done lads.

  10. Tom Parsons and Kevin must have been within a hairs breath, don’t all the lads represent this county with both dignity and class, my night was already made when Clarkie stepped up, for me that entire panel are all stars well done and thank you one and all. Maigheabu

  11. Well done to all!
    I don’t know where they get the belief that they are
    ready again for next year. I am delighted that they got
    recognition tonight. I would give the whole team an award,
    for inspiration, belief and never giving up. They don’t have to prove
    themselves anymore. Thank You for all the pleasure they have
    given me and most of Ireland this year.

  12. A little surprised Clarke got in for All Star before Cluxton in Dublin led media. McLoughlin and Parsons unlucky to miss out but to win 6 is still a fine achievement when you consider where Mayo were after that Galway defeat and on the ropes v Derry. Slightly worrying is the fact 5 of the 6 All Stars are in their 30s with big boots to fill in the years ahead and i don’t think the players coming through are as good as they were when James Horan arrived in 2011.

    Congrats to Andy Moran full deserved the award had a season of his life.

  13. Massive congratulations to Andy Moran , well deserved accolade. Likewise to Aidan, David, Colm, Chris Keith, disappointed for Tom, Kevin and Jason had some season
    … it’s getting closer !!

  14. Mayo Mark,- We will have to keep the faith for another year, there is something we all need and want more than All Stars..and then McLoughlin, Parson’s, SOS, Doherty, Diarmuid, Durcan and Vaughan are all capable of getting All Stars… Many players (some even ex Mayo players) not nearly good as any of these player’s have already won All Stars,… McLoughlin in my opinion is in the top 3 player’s ever to play for Mayo….and one of the best player’s ever not to have an All Star, hopefully it’s all in the future.. It’s a another huge challenge, 2018, it will be difficult for so many of our veteran players to be at full tilt from January to September, so we need to blood two or three players for the league, a few young players are already blooded like Fergal Boland. And if course Mayo will hope to welcome back Kevin Keane. Hopefully the first week in September next year, Mayo will eventually do it. The Pope might even stay for the celebrations…. Not that I would give him my ticket for the All Ireland final.

  15. Great night for the West. Galway getting Young and Senior players and 7 All Stars. Andy getting Senior and Mayo getting 6.. Its says a lot about our mentality and serious ability. I agree about the Cavanagh choice at midfield over Tom .. To me there was only one winner.

  16. Dubs gone mad over Clarke getting the all star

    The abuse he is getting on Twitter and on the hill 16 site

    I’m not surprised though

  17. True Grit : are you serious ?? Andy and Colm left on in all Ireland .. They both got injured !!! .well done to both on their all stars … And the rest of the lads .Really disappointed for Tom P .. Fantastic year all through

  18. Delighted for our lads tonight , all well deserved ,
    Me heart was jumping looking at the 2017 clips tonight on tele , everyone of them lads are legends, so proud of the full panel ,
    The dubs are seething over cluckton not getting an award , some of the abuse is vile ,
    Anyway , great night for us , roll on 2018

  19. Congratulations Andy. Of course it’s not the prize you want but a fantastic honour all the same and richly deserved.

  20. Congrats to all our All Stars especially Andy on receiving Player of the Year. Have to say the comments from some Dublin fans (I know I should ignore them) on social media really are disgraceful and not what you would except from fellow Gaels.

    Indeed congrats to all players from all counties in both football and hurling on their awards tonight.

  21. Congrats to Andy. Not alone a great footballer but a true gentleman and wonderful ambassador for Mayo GAA.

    And what a night for Mayo football with six All-Stars! Tom Parsons, Kevin McLoughlin unlucky. Then we also had Brendan Harrison, Lee Keegan and Jason Doherty nominated. On top of that Cillian and his brother, as well as Paddy Durcan and Seamie O’Shea (if he gets really fit in the New Year) are there or there about. Then we have the crop of youngsters led by Loftus….

    Who’s to say 2018 won’t be our year????

  22. Well done to the Mayo lads that got the all stars well deserved BUT Am I wrong in thinking that Lee Keegan is the best half back in the country and Mayos best player???

  23. Thanks Tuam star, it certainly is a great night for the West… In Joe Canning and Andy Moran, Connacht can boast of two of the finest forwards ever to play their respective game’s…

  24. El tod. No, you are not wrong. Name a better rounded player than Keegan, he eliminated the best Dublin have to offer and scored a great goal himself. In 2 finals in a row. And some of his scores these last few years are as good as the gooch or Maurice Fitzgerald would ever score.
    He’s one of a kind, and had Mayo win Sam he would have been an AllStar.

  25. Hi All,
    Just a quick word of congratulations to all the Mayo lads who won All- Stars last night. All well earned and we should never forget no matter what county any of the nominees were from last night they all trained and worked hard for months so well done to them lads too.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  26. All Stars reflect how good we were this year and who could argue that Leeroy, Parsons, McLoughlin, Doc and Harrison did not deserve one as well. Agree John MacHale add in O’Connors, SOS, and Durkan and we are looking at 15 of the best players in the country. We should have 3 or 4 All Irelands in the bag at this stage but lady luck has not shone on us. Roll on 2018.

    Finally congrats to all our players and management team on a wonderful year including our 6 All Stars and FOTY Andy Moran. What a man!

  27. Well done to all our lads both nominated and awarded last night and indeed well done to all the all stars from whatever county they represent. Of course it is not the gong they really want and perhaps deserve, but to quote the mighty Clint Eastwood ‘deserves got nothing to do with it’. Not that the lads need any impetus to push on for another year but if any of them required a tad of encouragement, then hopefully last night will highlight what high esteem they are held within the entire country and drive them on to face down the best teams in the country again next year.
    To Martin the Dub, your gracious and dignified as always – fair play to you lad.

  28. Congratulations to our 6 lads, heroes one and all and commiserations to those unlucky to come up short. Andy should now be an inspiration to all Mayo footballers that anything is possible if you persevere, especially the forwards who with a little more of Andy’s guile and composure should get us over the line in the not too distant future.

  29. My Ball. I really don’t believe that injury story. Both Andy and Colm were replaced in every match before it was finished. Colm was the player who was replaced after approx. 50 mins in every game and this happened all through the year. Anyways they got their just rewards. Best of luck to everyone for 2018. Its a new year on a very new road (Super 8) and it will be testing and challenge for all. Wouldn’t it be icing on the cake if the greatest Lady footballer Cora Staunton collects the Ladies player of the year .

  30. Martin . Gent as always . There as many dubs like yourself as there are gobshites looking on social media but they are the ones that are vocal. Well done to all our players nominated and winners. Never had as much hope as I do for 2018. P.s in a age were players bring out autobiographys please God David Clarke will follow suit. Now that I’d read.

  31. I read from an unreliable source (the RTE sport website) that Moran is already aged 34 since a couple of days ago. Anybody know if this is correct?

    Also if i remember rightly on the official match programme for the final it said that Dublin were meant to run out on to the pitch first but i think Mayo actually did come out 2 minutes before them. I could be wrong on this though. I threw the programme out with the rubbish shortly after so cant check. My memory of who ran out first is a bit hazy but i wont forget the sight of the green and red smoke wafting across Hill 16 during the parade after someone let a Mayo flare off.

  32. Decent enough selection , would feel for Parsons who I thought was excellent all year . Cavanagh maybe had two good performaces if I recall correctly

    Dean Rock and Mannion’s positions should really have been reversed. I really think Mannion deserved one he was fantastic through out the campaign .
    Tiernan mc Cann also might feel hard done by but thats the cost of Tyrones implosion against the Dubs.

    Fair play to Clarke a fantastic keeper .I felt Cluxton so called melt down against kerry on the kick outs cost him last year and thought Clarkes kick outs at the end of the final may have swayed it Clukos way . I have no qualms with the selection though . Clarke had a lot more game time and pulled off some super stops this year.

    Probably the first time a winning captain hasnt been selected two years in a row but them the breaks ,you can only pick one keeper. As Gavin says its about the team performance and not the individuals .

    Fair play to Andy too , a great year . I went to the replayed kerry game and he was a joy to watch. I loved seeing him give the Kerry backs the run around . He was on fire !

    Delighted for Con too . Hopefully his future is as bright as we all hope up in Dublin .

  33. Despite the obvious disappointment, what a great year it has been for Mayo football. We’ve just gotta be so proud of those lads. Presently looking back at all of our matches and have to say, we played some serious football along the way. On a completely different note, and l never thought l would say this, Joe Brolly is one brave hombre and doesn’t care whose ointment he sticks flies in.

  34. On the local/ provincial front great to see Balla into Connacht A Minor final and Annagh Rovers ( Ballyhaunis and Aghamore combined) into B final. Good wins last night by both.

  35. Great to see so many Allstars last nite and Andy’s deserved player of the year award. Very hard to believe that Tom Parsons was left out in favour of Colm Cavanagh. I never place too much emphasis on the Allstars, this is the Gaa’s way of saying thanks to the semi finalists ( particularly the finalists ) for giving them such a bumper year bringing big numbers of fans to matches / replays particularly in Croker, a pat on the back well done Mayo, we will give ye 6 All stars plus player of the year, but ye better be back in Croker next year to fill our coffers ( and hopefully ye will be involved in a few replays to further boost our coffers ) one could still see the disappointment in Chris Barrett’s voice as he was speaking to the presenter, he like myself does’nt place the Allstars has his ultimate goal.
    On another note the Dublin County final was played on Monday nite last, Ballymun Kickhams v St Vincents, I wasnt at it but Philly McMahon was supposed to be man-marking Diarmuid Connolly, from reports it appears that Connolly dominated the game, I am now fully convinced that Lee Keegan is the ultimate man-marker in the Country and I think he or either Clarke will be Captain for next season. There’s no doubt that Philly is on the way down, add Brogan and Flynn to that list, there is a rumour here that Rory O Carroll will be back with the Dubs next year.
    Philly’s new book is a good read, one can see how much he is driven due to the harsh upbringing he had in the Ballymun flats, poverty together with drugs destroyed so many of his friends lives.

  36. Anyone at the Mitchels game? Won by 5 in the end but seemed to struggle for large parts of it.

  37. Mitchels get through but made to work. Anyone at the game? It appears there is great work being done in Balla underage in recent years which is great to see.

  38. Whelan a disgrace on RTE Sport at moment. Quoting all the whinging amongst the Dubs at the All Stars last night. He is a spokesperson for sour grapes from Dubs.

  39. Jim Flag, Andy Moran turned 34 on November 2nd. Unconvincing performance by Castlebar much improving to do before taking on the best in Connacht.

  40. Aido interview was class last night bit of banter at the Dublin lads expense ” sure who wouldn’t love 3 weeks in Australia”.

  41. I think it was the Kildare game last year that saw the latest phase of Andy’s reinvention.

    Impact sub was the role we had all assigned him, so I was surprised, very surprised, to see him line out at full forward at the start. WTF Rochy, is this your idea of being funny? Shortly into the game I notice we were hitting long ball in from the middle and Andy was catching, laying off or generally feeding or making a nuisance of himself. We won that easily and I said to my brother afterwards I thought Andy was man of the match. He laughed at this and asked how much he scored. He didn’t actually score in that game but he was at the heart of everything well we did in attack. He was devastating against Westmeath and Tipp and good in the Tyrone and Dublin games.

    My role for him this year was to wrap him in cotton wool until the latter stages of the championship. But again Rochy wasn’t listening and bedad if he didn’t feature in the FBD. The management actually went further this year and asked him to score and score. Boy did he deliver. I don’t have to rehearse the points and goals that rained down all Summer long.

    As he said on RTE today he needs to be in shape constantly as he gets older ( I can confirm that at nearly twice his age!), so I expect to see him start back in January aiming to play in every Mayo game.

    So jump to it Andy. Sharpish.

  42. Shame on Colm Keyes in Independent today. Instead of giving Andy Moran the limelight, bleating on about poor Cluxton not getting an Allstar. Pathetic sports comment.

  43. Hate to be a grouch but I would hate to see these awards paper over what was in reality an unsuccessful year. Whilst the personal awards are nice Mayo won nothing last year – no FBD, no Connacht title and no Sam. Whilst it is something I hate to hear from Dublin and Kerry players but Mayo really do need to channel their inner ‘hurt’ and the winter needs to be long, miserable and angry.

  44. I think those players are bigger than that i think they have said often enough they have one goal we all know what that is for me i have enjoyed 6 of the best footballing years of my life i was in pearse stadium in 67 when we beat the all Ireland champions compare that to now we are spoiled i know we didn’t win an all ireland but we are looking at a team that we will never see the likes of again of the twelve players that were nominated for all stars if they were all selected there could not be much argument that they didn’t deserve selection they kept the football championship alive this year it would been a poor championship with out them i love mayo when i think of jenkin joe i gust smile god rest him

  45. Sinabhuil – Inner hurt?.. We collectively have, and have had enough ‘Inner Hurt ‘.. To last 10 lifetime’s, and regrettably have it for a long time now… If an objective and fair minded referee were to make decisions on the laws of the game.. completely oblivious to the jerseys worn by the two teams, Mayo would have easily won by about 7 point’s…. Nothing to do with ‘Inner Hurt’.. It was very close to as good as Mayo are capable of playing…. As was the two performances in the All Irelands of Last Year…. Admitted, self inflicted wounds on all 3 day’s…. But I think the only way Mayo can go on, is to love playing the game… I was listening to Andy on the radio, It’s obvious he absolutely loves playing for Mayo…. It can be very difficult to love gaelic-football, in October, November and December…for us Mayo fan’s,… But by January… Let’s hope we all have our Mogo back…. You only live once, and it’s too short to be making a policy of channelling ‘Inner Hurt’… for a whole long Winter Let’s hope these young men who have represented us with so much skill, heart, resilience, let their hair down a little and enjoy life away from football for a few months, and then come back and enjoy life with plenty of successful football in it , in the New Year!

  46. I think Charlie Redmond has enough hurt in him to do all of Mayo, and if he’s short any, the hill 16 crowd are definitely able to loan him some of their hurt over Mayo. Forget being hurt or down and just enjoy the journey, and the fact that you are represented by fellas like Andy, Leroy and co. Mayos day will come.

  47. Was at the Mitchels match yesterday. Tough viewing at times, pitch very inconsistent which is to be expected at this time of year. A sloppy performance but credit to Mohill who were very defensive and effective on the break. They were clinical too and missed very few chances.

    Turning point actually came after they equalised at 9 each after trailing by 4. It was looking worrying but our boys really turned it on then and kicked 7 in a row. Dougie exceptional in the last 15. Cian Costello very good throughout.

    No harm getting that out of the system. Tourlestrane on Sunday for second year in a row.

  48. Jez..charlie redmond and all the trolls are hysterical. Aiden in the firing line Again. Please please let we win SAM. Andy again spoke re connection with the fans-so we have all to be ready to roar them on from the Stands in 2018 (and the flags of course). Its like a Cult following Mayo!!!!

  49. Hard luck Moy Davitts, just came up short.

    Brilliant result for Tooreen. The first time a non-Galway club has won a Connacht hurling title,

  50. Very hard luck for Moy Davitts, but best of luck to Castlebar and Lahardane. Would be great to have another club go all the way this year.

    I wonder if an extended club run would be good for the prospects of some of the Castlebar lads in the county panel (B. Moran – who based on reports is having a great time of it, Kirby and Douglas – appreciate there’s been a lot of chat over the last couple of years in particular on this one)?

    Is the general concensus that it’s better for you to be in the panel as early as possible?

  51. Moy davitts could do with updating their twitter feed for games and not rely on other teams and Mayo GAA for updates!
    Good wins for lahardane and tooreen today!

  52. Congrats too to Carnacon on another great win coming from behind. Australia will have to wait another while to get Cora.

  53. Great win for Lahardane against Galway opposition who are nearly always strong at this grade. Lahardane should go on to win the final now against Ballymote and it will take a good side to beat them in the AI series. Moy Davitts left themselves to much to do with their 1st half performance in truth lucky to find themselves just 3 behind, they couldn’t break even in midfield or get to grips with the big full forward of Michael Glaveys. Brian Reape needed more help in the forward he missed a late free but did more than enough with 1-6 to keep his side in the game.

    Headliners of the day goes to Tooreen outstanding stuff.

  54. Congratulations to all our all stars,big change when we were glad to get Johnny Carey a well deserved all star one of the best players who ever played football, but now we we expect eight or nine Mayo players to get fall stars,don’t take any notice of sore losing Dubs we were well entitled to a couple more,thank you very much Martin the Dub a gentleman as always, we all want our own team to win but when the game is over we must acknowledge the opposition and either congratulate, or commiserate with each other

  55. OMG Cora what a cheeky goal to pull it out of the fire . Super stuff and hope you have a ball down under.
    Andy Mayo man of the year anyone. ! Well done.
    Looking forward to 2018 already we are in this together

  56. Our most enduring memory of Colm Cavanagh ( a good player, not a great one) during 2017 is of his almost criminal stud-fronted lunge into Fenton’s abdomen at a time when Dublin had Tyrone beaten out the gate. How he got an All Star ahead of Tom Parsons after the Charlestown man’s contribution this year I’ll never understand .

  57. Congrats to all the Mayo lads who bagged an Allstar award especially to Andy for his wonderful achievement of playing at such a high standard over an entire and very extended campaign at thirty three years of age. I have always said Andy is your most natural forward, when he gets possession he makes the stadium draw breath in either fear or anticipation, only the greats can do that.

    I was delighted for Clarke and think he is very well deserving of his award, Cluxton is an excellent keeper but Clarke was involved in so many tight games where he held the line time after time. Cluxton may well have been equal to the challenge had their campaign taken them down a similar road to Mayo’s but in reality he had very little to do this year in a shot stopping capacity, his accurate kick outs are top class but for me Clarke gets the nod.

    Parsons was hard done by in my opinion, Tyrone were simply not tested this year by a top team in ulster and in their first real challenge came against the dubs. To say they were brushed aside is an understatement, I feel that the powers that be felt that they had to give at least one of the Tyrone team an Allstar having reached a semi final and Cavanagh was their only real option but for me parsons was definitely one of the best two midfielders on show this year.

  58. Can we not descend to getting into the Connolly case. That’s the kind of thing can end up with legal grounds against someone posting something.
    I’v read the article, I don’t have enough legal qualifications or understanding to make sense of it. It is not as per the attention grabbing headline.
    – A letter going to a different address
    – Not taking up a particular legal position.
    It’s a legal case from whatever understanding I have of the legal world there wouldn’t be a legal process if a client just had to automatically accept a particular standing.
    Secondly a letter going to a different address, well that is easily possible if you are not so aware there is a letter due or didn’t think to get your address updated back to legal team.
    Anyways I don’t think we should be getting into that.

  59. I think you’re right, JP. This issue isn’t anything to do with Mayo GAA and it’s one where legal proceedings are ongoing so that’s two good reasons not to be commenting on it. In that light, FDBinashui, I edited out what you said about the case.

  60. I think it’s better to leave a players off the field troubles where they belong, with himself. Well done to Tooreen, that was an amazing victory.

  61. As with the Gaa the Law can be fairly bent, when Connolly was cleared to play against Mayo in last years final, there was a huge legal team in Croker for a few days right up to the match, I know one of the Barristers that was involved, this would have cost Dublin Gaa ( there sponsors ) a massive sum of money, basically the Gaa were forced into a corner and had no answer to the theory put forward by Connolly”s legal team that he acted in self defence ( by punching Lee Keegan while he was on the ground ).
    Maybe Mayo Gaa should have applied the same logic when Donal Vaughan was sent off in this years final.

  62. Leantimes and all. You can talk all you want about all stars and poty but we lost. Period. I say ‘don’t get over it’. It has to hurt. If it does not hurt a lot then this says something about us as a team and us as supporters. Celebrating other achievements hide the fact that we lost. Again. I will never accept failure and that is what it was. Sorry but that is what I see and I am a believer.

  63. Donie was sent off and no barrister could save him in those moments. Hopefully he and any others with hot tempers will have learned a valuable lesson. Keep the cool no matter what.
    Keegan and aos are masters at keeping calm while annoying the jayzis out of opponents, the rest please take note.
    Mr Connolly is a different matter entirely. He s too easily annoyed for his and dublins sake.

  64. A recent GAA case in Mayo should serve as a severe warning to anyone tempted to make, what might be perceived as, defamatory comments about anyone online. I would agree with JP and WJ – steer well clear of commenting on the Connolly case.

  65. Absolutely, diehard – that particular case should serve as a salutary warning for anyone who thinks it’s okay to publish unguarded comments online on what they think about others. The defence of it being just letting off steam didn’t, as I recall, prove convincing in that instance. There’s a good reason as to why I have rules on here about what people can and cannot say about others and it’s in everyone’s interest that these rules are followed.

  66. Any word on what players Rochy will bring in for the Fbd league? I presume there doing or will be starting pre season training now in prepartion for it! As the All ireland final panel will be on holidays in early January it gives a number of players an oppurtunity .1st game is against Galway on the 7th of January can wait for it!!

  67. I see that our 3 home league games are against Kerry, Dublin and Tyrone.That should make for very interesting games.

  68. Salthill in mid June had hurricane conditions. Can’t wait to see what it’s like in mid Feb. We play Galway also Jan 7 in FBD. And possibly a third time if we both make final. Then MacHale Park mid may. That will be 3 or possibly 4 times in a four month period. No ambush this year in 1st round of Connacht. Just listened to latest podcast. Good stuff again from all the team. Intercounty pressure off for a change. Nice to hear some chat about club action, county board news, Cora’s latest haul of 4-13 in a ladies match, even Dublin County final compliments to start Vincent’s.
    Best of luck to Mitchell’s at the weekend and to Aido and lads thar saile

  69. Just reading last weeks excellent Mayo News Sports supplement..well Andy sure is what a true Mayo person is..never gives up, tough, hard working, generous..the list goes on. And to read what he did to help younger players in his club..just so inspiring. Delighted to follow him and this TEAM.

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