Sligo snatch second Connacht U20 title

Photo: RTÉ

Having tasted provincial success at U20 level for the very first time last year, Sligo this evening backed this up by retaining their Connacht U20 crown. They beat Galway in the Connacht final played at Tuam Stadium this evening by 0-14 to 0-13, scoring the final three points of the game, with the winning score fisted over by Dylan Walsh deep in stoppage time.

If last year’s maiden provincial title had an air of smash-and-grab about it, there can be no quibbles about the the Yeats County’s claim to U20 primacy this time around. To win this one, they had to beat Roscommon, ourselves and Galway in successive weeks so there’s no question but that they’re deserving Connacht champions at U20 level this year.

I didn’t see the match myself but there are reports on it available from RTÉ, Irish Independent, The 42.

Congrats to Sligo on their provincial success and the best of luck to them in the All-Ireland semi-final, where they’ll face either Cork or Kerry.

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  1. Watched the game. A really great second half and they deserved their win scoring the last three points of the game. To beat Roscommon, Mayo and Galway away from home shows they are worthy winners. I read somewhere that they are the first Sligo team in any grade to win back to back Connacht titles. So fair play to them. I hope they go on to win the All Ireland now

  2. Delighted for them they have done it the hard way and deserve great credit, a great bunch of lads.

  3. Disappointed with the result.. Galway were flying it for the first 20 mins and led 5 1 but Sligo got a few frees and gave them confidence and they pushed on. It was nip and tuck throughout the second half and for me the turning point was two point blank saves from the Sligo keeper when we were 1 up which were huge, Sligo got the next three scores and the winner was something else..
    Draw game last seconds , Galway attack blocked down and Sligo broke to fist the winner.
    Fair play to them..
    Hard work pays off and Connacht titles back to back for the first time in their history…
    Some speech by the captain as well !!
    Check it out…

  4. Fantastic game to watch . Fair play to both teams .
    Neither really deserved to loose but well done Sligo .

  5. I think that Dillon Y Walsh ( that’s what they called him on commentary) the number 19 second half sub was phenomenal, scored the winning point, his 18th birthday was today and as far as I can recollect was the midfielder for summerhill college this year. Some talent. Delighted for. Sligo, it was a great game. Hope they go all the way now.

  6. From my research Sligo has never appeared in an All Ireland final at any grade. It would be great to see Sligo finally win an All Ireland title.

  7. Happy for Sligo had to overcome the hardest possible draw with Roscommon,Mayo and Galway away and then the Connacht GAA for some reason brought Galway’s semi final v Leitrim forward a week which meant Galway had 15 days to prepare for the final while it was Sligo’s 3rd match in 14 days, all the more remarkable they had enough in the tank to score the last three points in the match to win by 1.

  8. Delighted for them, football is a much better place when Sligo are a force.. a rocking marckievicz on a sunny Sunday afternoon, nowhere better!

  9. Well done Sligo and well deserved. It looked early on as if they’d left their shooting boots behind but they kept at it and when they found their range they settled. Hard luck Galway, these were the 2 best teams in Connacht this year and we need to buck up our ideas for next season.
    Football at this 20/21 age group is usually fast and open and really enjoyable to watch yet they get so few games. We don’t even have an U20 league in Mayo. Shame.

  10. @JP, Sligo contested, (lost to Cork), the 1968 All Ireland Minor Football Final, they’ve also contested All Ireland Junior Finals in 1935 and 2010. (won both). Yesterday was the first time they’ve ever put back to back Connacht titles together in any of the three main grades. (Senior, U20, Minor). Well done to them, hope they go on and win the All Ireland. As for us, we need to buck up our ideas at U20 level. Just seen last night, we won 7 out of 10 U21 Connacht titles in the 2000’s. We only won 2 in the 2010’s. A serious and worrying drop off.

  11. Thanks Way out West. I literally just got that info from my Uncle he had it from memory.
    It’s not on the Sligo gaa wiki, you’d think it should be.
    Yes, beaten by Cork in the 68 minor final.
    Apparently a player Richardson was a great player on that team.

  12. I wonder just as a matter of interest , were there many of that 68 minor team on the 75 Connacht winning team at senior level ?

  13. Galway and Roscommon have both won 5 since 2010. No great surprise they are now strong at senior level.

  14. If we are to progress at U20 level we need a new approach and management team to start with.

  15. Something is definite stirring in sligo, fair play to them, takes a lot of hard inglorious work from grassroots volunteers and a clear sense of direction to build a number of talented groups coming after each other.

    Especially when coming from a very low base, in a town where soccer and rugby are more prominent. give it about 3 years and they will be consistently competitive at senior level.

    It was striking the quality of football they played too, really well coached

  16. Well done those Sligo youngsters, and doing it the hard way too. As their Captain said at the end, they’re the big dogs now.
    I’d say my old buddy Des Kerins who I worked with in London 25 years ago is a happy man today.
    Dessie, who played with both the Sligo minors of ’68 and their Connacht senior winning team of ’75, (no relation to the other Kerins’ playing for Sligo then) was a talented forward, scoring 1:01 in both the drawn Connacht final of ’75 v us in Castlebar, and later, the replay back in Markievic which they won. There’s a great pic somewhere from that match of Mayo’s 19 year old Ted Webb (RIP) playing midfield, and rising high above the legendary Mickey Kerins to fetch a ball.
    Remarkably, Dessie Kerins also played under 19 soccer for the Rep of Ireland in the late 60s too.
    They were talented, those Kerins lads!

  17. Our u29s u21 since 2015, shows to me we are producing the players we need.
    Paddy Durcan
    Stephen Coen
    Conor Loftus
    Diarmuid O’Connor
    Matthew Ruane
    James Carr
    Jordan Flynn
    Ryan O’Donoghue
    Jack Carney
    David McBrien
    Oisin Mullen **
    Enda Hession
    Jack Coyne
    Sam Callinane

  18. JP – all very good players but we’ve only won 2 senior connacht titles in the 8 years since 2015. So the record has carried on from U20/21.

    Although we’ve won 2 national leagues in that time and been in 4 All Ireland finals which shows there is talent there.

  19. @Wide ball,
    I don’t disagree.
    I truly believe there’d be an extra Connaught title or two in that time if the same as Hyde Park was our venue.
    It took us a long time and I’m not sure even now to get better at playing against blanket football.
    In those seasons a few of them were pissing wet days in tiny McHale Park.
    Then, in recent years Galway are simply very good with good players and depth.

  20. Clubs have a huge role in nurturing young talent as does colleges football. I’d agree with JP, we are doing ok. But leadership is an issue. Players that stand out and win games when the going gets tough.
    All the youngsters are potential leaders but will they make that jump to greatness. They may and we’ll get over the line if they do. Hession Callinan Tuohy Carney Flynn..
    Conroy more of individual flair but a handful for any marker

  21. Fair play to sligo they are doing well.

    Loved the young guys speech we beat the top dogs away from home and so now we are the top dogs haha yes they are and we’ll deserved !

  22. On another note see Joe brolly off on one again about mayo saying no one cares who wins the league and he can’t remember the mayo match at all yes it’s not that important but it is with the new format Derry we’re happy enough to take the wins from it when they couldn’t win anything else he never has had any love for mayo at all him and Spillane can’t stand them ! And Brolly living in mayo to the cheek ha.

    Anyway well done to sligo they will be up to senior level competitiveness as someone else said in 3 or 4 years great for connaught .

  23. @OnTheDitch This was my thought provoker on producing or developing elite game changers (nuance re developing, think developing has a longer time frame, look how long Conor McManus took to be wow level, Andy Moran similar).
    Game changers, they do what’s written on the tin. Two balls final ten minutes 1-1, “y’know what ye can all do, eat that 1-1 because that’s what I do”. A game changer can be quiet for 60 minutes and then launch into “take the win away from them” mode.
    A lot of it is around goals or elite accuracy outside 30 yards from play.

  24. Good Mayo minor team last year and good again this year. So the Mayo U20s should win at least 1 Connacht U20 title in 2025, 26

    Next year could well be Sligo for a 3rd year in a row as they minors won the Connacht title in 2021.

  25. Underage players from that era I thought would of made it , Eoin o donoghue, Liam Irwin , Fionan duffy, cathal Horan and possibly Cunniffe from town.(full back in 16 for under 21s)

  26. I suppose lads fall through the cracks for different reasons. More recently our 2 standout minors from the ’21 team who actually made team of the year didn’t figure for the u-20s which would be slightly surprising .

  27. @2hops I checked and we didn’t have any player on the 2021 Electric Ireland minor football team of the year.
    If thining of last year, Rio was a year too young and Ronan Clarke was on the panel, possibly got a late injury.

  28. @Jp possibly ’20. With the COVID years I could be missing one.
    Our full back & midfielder. Haven’t seen them in the green & red since.

  29. @ Sean Burke , Cunniffe played for the seniors before he emigrated, I remember him breaking Peter Harte’s collar bone with a shoulder in Croke Park.

  30. Probably Seamus Cunniffe from Ballaghadreen is the man in question. A very good under age f.b.who I was sure would push on too.

  31. Oisin Tunney and Ethan Henry were part of the u20s.
    Tom Cunniffe is being mixed up with Seamus Cunniffe in above match with Tyrone.
    Seamus Cunniffe never played senior with Mayo.

  32. @Willie Joe, The player search is great.
    I am 99% certain Frank Molloy Moy Davitts came on as a sub against Leitrim in the Connaught semi in 1997. His only senior representative appearance.
    I can’t find a match report to make 99%= 100%.

  33. @Jr, Tom Cunniffe did NOT break Peter Harte’s collar bone with a shoulder. It was a fair if hard shoulder on shoulder challenge and a Peter Harte’s went off injured but his collar bone was not broken.

  34. JP – I’ve just done a quick search of all three Mayo papers plus the Leitrim Observer to check the match reports of that 1997 semi-final (I have an annual sub to the Irish Newspaper Archives, which is an invaluable source for all manner of interesting facts). None of those match reports have any record of a player of that name coming on in that game, I’m afraid.

  35. Thanks Willie Joe for checking, I have enough of a communication connection to the man himself and will revert in time what he says.

  36. Lean Time’s, I stand corrected, I agree it was a fair shoulder, no free given .
    It laid down a marker to Tyrone that we were no softies

  37. On Tom Cunniffe I thought he was a tremendous defender. Not silky skilled, but he was our hardest hitting defender post 2011.
    When he left we missed his physicality.

  38. Named Galway team would remind ya they are a friggin good side this year , I fear they could do some serious damage in 23 . Tierney , Heaney, Cooke , comer , Walsh and Burke . That’s a serious forward unit .

  39. New free pod is up, featuring audio extracts from our Patreon shows over the last week. Audio clips from Seán Deane, Nigel Reape and Austin O’Malley feature on it and there’s chat too from Rob and me about Sligo’s U20 provincial success.

  40. @seanburke. Hold your nerve. They’re not that special probably a good side not a friggin good side yet anyway. I think I’d prefer our forward unit in Croker. (maybe I shouldn’t put that in print) maybe roscommon have a better set of scoring forwards but not quite as good a team tho I won’t be shocked if they beat galway. God is good as the saying goes.

  41. Hard to disagree with Brolly though. #TheMcStayWay have us peaking for round 3 and 4 of the league. Banging in goals for fun, then back to the old Mayo for the championship again.

  42. @David I guess yeah but even if we did and I’m sure we will cross the line one day brolly would say its a fluke or something stupid never any love for mayo haha

  43. @No doubt agree with you they are not that good of a side they are no where near dubs 6 in a row team or anywhere near our team that could only keep up with the Dubs for the last decade when no one could get near them Galway aren’t as good as either of those teams .

    They aren’t a bad side but I don’t think they will win Sam this year . It’s really hard one to call this year in fairness Derry could win it never write off Tyrone either.

    Wide open this year which is more exciting then knowing just 1 team will win it!

    Sorry for the double post !

  44. Calling the winner now is very difficult this year granted . If you were to take it from a Galway perspective they will see it as their best chance in donkeys , they have the experience of playing in a final last year , the contenders have evened out too. Be foolish to write them off that’s for sure .

    I don’t think Derry have the depth or tactical versatility to take it , We have been beaten by Roscommon alresdy, Dubs don’t have the same dynamic about them but still a threat , Kerry are certainly not firing but we all suspect that will happen by the time the qf comes around .

    In a nutshell imho it’s between Kerry , Dublin and Galway unless our bucks have something in them I haven’t seen yet .

  45. Sean Burke – You are right, Galway on paper have as strong a 15 as anyone with everyone fit and will fancy their chances to win Sam this year if they can get the rub of green with injury’s.

    Not sure why ya haven’t seen anything from Mayo to consider them contenders. We went about our Business in the league and have a good break now coming into the Round Robin. If we are writing Mayo off as contenders after one game in storm like conditions a week after winning a league final then every team deserves to be written off for losses on their league form.

  46. Interesting decision from PJ to change goalies.

    Thinking about it, it would suggest to me that they don’t expect the Rossies to press their kickouts, or they feel very confident of Power finding his men and want to suck the Rossies up the pitch.

    Eamon fitzmaurice on the rte podcast was very complimentary of the Roscommon forwards work rate.

    Very risky from PJ imo. If it’s a calm day, fair enough, but anything approaching a strong wind and Galway could struggle to get out of their own half for long spells. In a tight game those spells could make all the difference.

    I’m struggling to call a winner. The goalkeeper decision suggests Galway are going with a very specific gameplan for the Rossies. The converse of this is that you’d expect to the Rossies to be the more comfortable in what they’re doing. Normally in this scenario I’d plump with home advantage but there’s been 5 competitive meetings between the Connacht big 3 this year and not a single home win.

    The other side of those stats is that Galway haven’t beaten a fellow Connacht side competitively all year.

    I’d prefer to see the Rossies win, so I’m basically going with that.

  47. @ sean Burke good points so your not throwing our name into the mix at all ? If Galway are in the running we definitely are to our backs need work for sure but Galway said last year was their best chance and they blew it if that was us we would be called chokers ha yet Galway lost the last 2 league finals also and they apparently still don’t blow finals like us.

    But yes wide open should be a good one hopefully ha got pretty boring there when you knew it would just be the Dubs haha!

  48. @ sean Burke

    Disagree with you regarding us being contenders

    But would agree with you in that we haven’t seen anything to suggest that we’re a significantly better team than the last few years.

    What we’ve seen is new ideas and a restoration of morale but whether that’s enough to get us over the line remains to be seen.

    There’s certainly been nothing to suggest that we won’t at least punch our weight imo

    So maybe one positive and one negative from our year to date:

    Positive: I think we’re playing much more consistently then we were in previous years. Yes we made a final in 2021 but people forget that we were pretty inconsistent within games for all that year. While we haven’t hit the heights of performance from that year (yet), we do seem to be less up and down within games. Sign of a maturing team imo

    Negative: How quickly we appear to have become reliant on David McBrien at fullback. Hopefully it’s simply a side effect of Rory Brickendens injury but it would be a concern going into championship. Particularly when you consider that while David has been around the team for a few years now, I don’t think he’s actually made his championship debut yet. There is though still time left to work on this, I’m not expecting games 2 and 3 of the group stage to be against top opposition, giving us some scope to trial someone there

  49. FrostThammer ids risky alright but he’s making changes to try and counteract an oppositions perceived strength.

    I’d like to see our management change things up when things aren’t working.

  50. Thought provoker.
    The league, first championship game and 2021 final, certainly showed we are not strong in the air.
    How can we be more ready for top teams who are strong in the air later in the summer?

  51. JP I presume you mean at midfield? I had thought we had good mix of legs and height in there but now I’m not so sure. Carney & Flynn would be our best pairing from a fielding point of view (Or Touhy), but the modern game is almost all about short or mid range kickouts. Very few contests anymore but we have struggled badly in last few games. I couldn’t believe what I saw against Roscommon. Enda Smith was lording it without a glove laid on him (and the Roscommon goalie in first half just pumped it down the middle, so it wasnt anything revolutionary).

    I think on our own kickouts, we need to go long and fight for it or pick off runners in space around 65. If we go short all the time, opposition gets back too quick and we can’t break them down. Of the strongest teams out there though, I don’t particularly think our midfield is that outmatched. It’s about workrate, being clever, communication, quality runs and kickouts. We malfunctioned badly against Roscommon. Maybe Rochy & co are working on something behind closed doors (I bloody hope so)

  52. I think Billy Joe was on the money when he said it was a game for Aidan out the middle.

    I’d assume that this wasn’t done because management thought he was too leggy playing a fourth game in as many weeks.

    I also think it was managements first real game in heavy weather, and, from seeing their approach earlier in the year, I think that there was an element of “wait and see”. I don’t think they’ll be as reluctant to make changes in future

  53. @Gizmobobs

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

    Previous experience from when rochford was in charge suggests we will. Just not in Connacht

    League final you’d have to think we did

  54. My memory of that Mayo Ross game wasn’t that Smith Lorded in the air but that Ross seemed hungrier and committed more to the breaks. Maybe I’m wrong. Conroy, Maher, Cooke and Tierney are all well over 6 foot and Power has a good short range kick out. Can’t see Smith having the same impact, he was well marked last year but that was by Kieran Molloy so we’ll have to wait and see.

  55. Aidan o Shea and Liam McHales time with mayo is so similar.constantly switched from midfield to full forward and back again.the modern game has changed the way midfielders operate but they should still be strong in aerial contests.a classic example is Tyrone’s con kilpatrick ,very mobile but classic fielder .our main midfielder is simply not a ball winner and won’t be converted into one at this stage.Roscommon recognised this and so did Tyrone in 2021 final so pressing a kickout is pointless in those circumstances.we no longer have the two o sheas Barry Moran and Tom parsons in that area

  56. We wont know the lay of the land til we see the groups. Realistically there a 3 Connacht teams, 1 each from Leinster and Munster and Tyrone, Monaghan, Armagh, Derry in Ulster. No one else will win the All Ireland. Favs as always are Dublin and Kerry for the other 7 teams its a battle to get to the final. I hope we win Connacht and get the top seed giving us an easier path but its a convluted process but 3 teams then qualifying from each group is a joke.

  57. Possibly two teams qualifying from each group might be worse with two or three groups already settled by round three. Super eights had dead rubbers which were a shocking spectacle at the height of summer.

  58. Ah maybe you are right time will tell but yes thats what happened with Super8s lots of bad games.

  59. Well done to Sligo. Lets hope they can hold on to most of them for a few years. It would be great for Connaught football if they could. And it would really benefit Sligo. I hope they can, and all Mayo should wish them well.

  60. A lot of the reason I thought for roscommon so dominant at midfield was mayo pressed so high the ros goalie kicked over the press and so roscommon had more to flood midfield and pick up breaking ball. I had a conversation with galway people today and their feeling was mayo are better off having time off and getting ready for the groups and reckoned probably even planned by management and also didn’t rate galway as high as some on here

  61. @chesneychet connaught championship is still pretty meaningless now with the new format mayo are in a much better position now then if we won.

    Even if ye do win connaught ye will face tough teams to the likes of Tyrone or ourselves and there will be other few tough teams as 3rd seeds and 2nd seeds this year .

    Its really wide open so there isn’t really an easy route to sam but thats just the way I see it . I am glad we are able to just sit back and relax this weekend and not worry so much over injuries over the game that in the long run does not mean much anymore. Tyrone didn’t look upset either when they went out to monaghan and won’t loose sleep over it like us.

    But sure anyway all the best to Galway & The rossies I think Galway will have to much for the Rossies .

  62. @ Clare, I am inclined to agree with you.
    Being in seed 3 might be a blessing in disguise, avoiding a lot of Division 1 teams.
    A lot of teams going forward will not be too worried about the provincial championship.

  63. @JR totally agree with you to!

    It will be long weekend for us mayo ones ha but it will work out better for us come summer !

    See loads of Rossies calling keegan a so and so for saying Galway will have to much for them he calls it like he sees it he always has.

    The Rossies caught us on a bad day and they needed the win more then we did .

    Still going Galway by 5 or so and that’s not sour grapes not like I love Galway either or keegan does haha as some Rossies are saying about us mayo folk haha

  64. Connacht championship is only meaningless this year because we are not in it. Lots of people saying league title was meaningless as well. Personally think all titles are meaningful and Sam is the most meaningful of the lot. Inclined to agree with Sean Burke that it will be won by Kerry Dublin or galway

  65. My own view on us reducing the issue of not being strong in the air on kickouts, we’d simply have to get as much height on the field jerseys 5-12. Obviously some ability to catch or break kickouts too.
    I think it’s one of those cases of reducing the problem, I don’t see a full solution.
    The return of Rory Brickendon might help a bit.
    Mattie to wing forward where he might outmatch a wing back.
    Possibly springier Jack Carney to midfield.

  66. @to win just once disagree your entitled to your opinion of course but that’s not why people are saying it just cause we’re not in it that’s not true .

    Sure it was even on rte news a few weeks ago and they were asking managers from different counties about it and they said it should be got rid of as it is pointless and they said but sure we will go play it even though it is pointless now so no it is not because we are not in it why some think it’s meaningless it’s just the facts .

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but let’s be real here you ask most people and they will say that they don’t matter really now not that it wouldn’t be nice to win it but they are meaningless now were still in the same position a much better position to be honest I’ve seen on other forums to that people saying were in a much better position for being knocked out and these are not people from mayo either.

    The league is not pointless as it connects to sam now with the new format and the competition to stay in division 1 is huge now and our guys did everything they could to secure that which they did. Still don’t think Galway will win Sam either and that were in the mix to Dublin have been poor so have kerry wide open this year .

    But sure everyone’s entitled to their own opinions of course!

  67. JP – good point on Rory Brickenden. In the Armagh game earlier this year he won a couple of long kickouts clean. I wonder what the story is with his rehab? It’s 9 weeks now since he got injured vs Kerry so surely he’ll be back in contention for the group games.

    A lot of our midfield struggles vs Roscommon came down to breaking ball. That’s easy enough to fix TBH as it comes down to hunger and sharpness. Without making excuses, there were reasons for us to be lacking in that regard vs Ros.

    Even if we don’t have an outstanding high fielder, Diarmuid, Mattie etc are more than capable of breaking long kickouts and making it a breaking ball contest.

  68. Clare, our Manager was the one who stated the way to Sam is through the Connacht Championship. So the Roscommon lose was a big blow. While technically not fatal with the new set up, they built themselves up for a fall and got it.

    Hopefully they will learn from it, but for such an experienced management team, and the money being spent on team the Roscommon game was a worrying one.

    We have the players to mix it with Dublin, Kerry and Galway. Neither of the 3 are as strong as Dublin team of 5 years or so ago.

  69. @Gizmobobs yes I know he stated that I saw it to its just my own opinion on the matter your entitled to your own opinion as am I .

    I don’t think it was a big blow to us a blessing in disguise actually but each to your own.

  70. @gizmobobs.i wouldn’t have expected mcstay to say anything else. Couldn’t be seen to be dismissing the provincial championship and I’m sure would have preferred to win it but will know they will possibly be fresher heading to the group stages this way as opposed to winning the province. If mayo pull off the big one and win Sam the provincial championship loss will like the league win be a distant memory.

  71. @Gizmobobs they definitely did want to win it I wasn’t saying otherwise I was just saying that it is probably better for us in the longer run with no injuries to worry about unless in training .

    And it gives them time to get back on their feet after going 100 miles an hour in the league .

    Let’s see how they do in the round Robin but I have a feeling they will be a different animal then against the Rossies hopefully ha!

  72. Clare, I’ve no doubts if we meet Roscommon again it will be an extremely different story.
    But I have doubts over management tactics, that I would like to see addressed sooner rather than later or it could prove costly in the long run.

    They had a seriously long session today.

  73. @Gizmobobs wow that is long alright !

    Guess it worked for the league but I think what happened against the Rossies we ran out of gas looked dead flat on our feet and after the big game week before didn’t help and then the guys knowing they had a safety net maybe why they didn’t put 100% into it .

    Your right though as others have said mcstay gets teams bouncing to soon maybe . Time will tell I guess feels like a long 4 weeks is it? To wait ha!

  74. On another note feel awful bad for Tipperary 21 to 5 to kerry munster championship is a joke really !

    Sorry for the double posting.

  75. RIP Dr Mick. What a long and varied life he had.
    Refereeing an All Irl final which contained a county from your own province mustn’t have been unusual years ago, like Dr Mick did in ’65.

  76. RIP to Doctor Loftus.
    He accomplished an awful lot in his lifetime.
    He enjoyed a long and full life.
    Condolences to his family.

  77. @David yes but they caught us on a very bad day at the office then we were just flat out and after the final week before don’t forget the rossies had more time off then us guarantee if we meet them again result would be different. I am guessing your talking about the Galway/Rossies match? Here haha.

  78. Good enough game between Rossies & Galway, I feel Roscommon could have beat Galway, a lot of turnovers & poor handling errors led to a Galway win who impressed at times but not the great display I was expecting, they have a bit to do yet.

  79. @Left Boot the Rossies are a good side to be sure but I still feel we could have beaten them we are a better side and I stand by that ha.

    I don’t know what happened weather we were just dead flat off our feet after the league and with the safety net but sure we have time to work on it the next few weeks time will tell.

    Good luck to Galway I would say they will win connaught now can’t see who would beat them !

    .actually felt sorry for laois against the Dubs today

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