Sligo on Sunday coming into focus

It’s Monday so the countdown to our opening fixture in this year’s championship is on in earnest. Forget the Dubs, forget Kerry, Roscommon or Galway or any other potential opponents in this year’s championship: the only opposition that matters for us right now is the team we face this coming Sunday. That team is Sligo and the ball is set to be thrown in, by ref Seán Hurson from Tyrone, at MacHale Park next Sunday at 2pm.

It’ll be our first meeting with the Yeatsmen in the championship since the 2015 provincial final, when we overwhelmed them at Hyde Park. Aidan O’Shea banged in three goals on a day where we completed a provincial five-in-a-row. Since then, though, we’ve only won one match in Connacht – over in Ruislip against London last May.

Prior to that 2015 final our most recent encounter with Sligo was the 2012 decider, also at Hyde Park, we were emerged with a very nervy two-point win. The Magpies won the time we met before that, in a preliminary round tie at Markievicz Park in 2010.

Looking back at the archives it’s obvious that the Magpies have done best against us on home turf. As well as that win seven years ago, they also bested us in the shadow of Ben Bulben back in 2000. Aside from those two wins, however, the last forty years have seen a slew of wins for us. You have to back as far as the 1975 Connacht final replay (I remember it well) for the most recent time that Sligo beat us in Castlebar.

We beat them at Markievicz Park in 1980 (preliminary round), at MacHale Park in 1981 (final), at Markievicz in 1983 (semi-final), at MacHale in 1987 (semi-final – a right paddling that was), at Markievicz in 1988 (semi-final – another thumping), at MacHale in 1992 (semi-final – a one-point win), at Markievicz in 1993 (semi-final), at MacHale in 1994 (semi-final), at Hyde Park in 1997 (final, an extremely nervous one-point win), at MacHale in 2001 (semi-final, another one-pointer), at Markievicz in 2003 (semi-final) and at MacHale in 2008 (semi-final).

That latter one, nine years ago, was also the most recent time we faced them in the championship on home soil. David Clarke, Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins and Tom Parsons all featured for us that day and my report for the blog on proceedings is here.

Looking at Sligo’s more recent form, they come into Sunday having successfully negotiated a tricky enough preliminary round tie over in New York two weekends ago. Many were predicting their demise over in the Big Apple but it’s clear that they trained diligently for that one – frequently on the astro at Bekan, as I learned last week – and when the pressure came on at Gaelic Park, Niall Carew’s charges were well capable of upping their game and securing the win.

Their spring form was, no more than ourselves, a bit all over the shop. Their finished fourth in Division Three of the League on seven points but it was noteworthy that they beat both of the promoted counties – Tipperary and Louth – and drew with Armagh, who finished third. It was the results against the counties who finished below them that proved costly: they lost three of these four games, including to relegated Antrim.

Last year’s championship campaign was also a so-so one for the Yeats County. Leading by eight points at half-time in their semi-final against Roscosmmon, they appeared well on their way to inflicting a provincial beating on the uppity Sheepstealers for the second successive year. Instead, outscored in the second half by 4-10 to 0-5 they ended up losing by nine. They then beat Leitrim in Round 2 of the qualifiers before bowing out tamely in the following round to a rising Clare team.

Right, then, that’s all the back story to this one, a match where we’re clear favourites to advance. The bookies have us at 1/14 to prevail, with the handicap at nine points – odds from Paddy Power here.  Let’s finish with a poll, though, who do you reckon will do it on Sunday?

How will we do against Sligo?

  • Win (88%, 529 Votes)
  • Lose (10%, 61 Votes)
  • Draw (1%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 598

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68 thoughts on “Sligo on Sunday coming into focus

  1. Good preview there Willie Joe. Sligo can’t be taken for granted as you ably maintain. And while they were inconsistent in the league, wins against Louth, Tipp, and a draw with Armagh ARE impressive.

    As I said before, we have this tendency to hit a purple patch and then go to sleep. Connaught is a very completive province this year and focus from throw in to 76 minutes is imperative. Early goals would be great, but Sligo will be looking to do just that, and are capable of it too.

  2. I don’t believe that Sligo will cause us any problems; I’m taken it for granted that we’ll win. My worry now for the remainder of the championship is the full-back line. Harrison’s loss is a big blow, there’s no guarantee regarding Cafferekey’s return to form after his long inter-county playoff and Higgins’s man-marking abilities are a little suspect now (think he’d be better in the half-forward line). We certainly don’t want an injury to Chris Barrett, who to be fair, is a very under-rated corner back. Also, there does not appear to be any real replacement for Cafferkey at full-back which is another concern.

    Anyhow, let’s hope this is a long and fruitful season?

  3. Mayo can win this one, and easily, if they turn up in the frame of mind that they want to avoid the qualifiers route in 2017. There’s just too much power involved with Mayo and if it’s not all going well, they stick AoS into the square with Kirby and call in a few airstrikes. Even taking off my Mayo colored glasses for a minute, it must be remembered that this Mayo team were 1 point on the wrong side of a score line against ” the best team in the history of the game” after 2 games and being shafted by a ref/ Dublin media in 1 of them and 2 terrible own goals in the other. And for that reason, I believe it could get messy for Sligo next Sunday.

    Mayo 4-15
    Sligo 1-10

  4. I would love to see us establishing game changing impact from the bench and maintain that for the season.
    The pattern of our big game defeats have been us losing leads or unable to turnaround deficits in the final 15 minutes of games. The solution is to really be in control of the game around the middle coming down the stretch.
    If we could keep some physically big athletic players in reserve to really win the battle in the middle of the pitch when bodies are tired and opposition players are on yellows.
    Donal Vaughan, Stephen Coen, Conor OShea, Diarmuid OConnor and Danny Kirby give you a physically big bench that can come in and overwhelm the opposition with running power and size.
    Hold in reserve very late a goal poacher like Evan Regan or Conor Loftus. It would be the fact that you are committing to almost all big strong men that doesn’t let the opposition off the hook when they are tired. Too often we put in a mix and match of players with limited impact. Let’s just guarantee that we do what Mayo do best to close out game. What we do best is in having an abundance of big men with some football about them.

  5. Hard to see anything other than a Mayo win….however with 9pts from the Bookies I’ll be having a bit of that on Sligo. I think it will be a tad closer than that. Lot of these lads still smarting from the humiliation in 2015…if they channel that the right way they could make it an interesting afternoon. Inconsistency in the league was major problem as noted by WJ so it definitely needs to be a good side of inconsistency if we are to even come within the handicap. If we can get ball to Murphy, Marren and Kelly in the forwards I rate them as good as anything out there…even if the latter 2 are getting on. But getting it to them could be the problem.

  6. As James Horan famously said before Sligo downed the Rossies, “sligo have a few streaky forwards”. We need to contain them and get our own forwards off to a good start.
    cant wait !

  7. @catcol
    You wouldn’t think Connacht is that competitive reading Paul Galvins championship preview yesterday. He reckons New York have their best ever chance of winning a provincial title in the next 5 years and they are the most attractive package for any prospective manager. Maybe he’s just letting the powers that be know he’s interested in the start or maybe he genuinely doesn’t have the mass of a dog on football west of the shannon.

  8. Could we be in a bit of bother at full back on Sunday? Pat Hughes is a big physical man who I remember gave the rossies a lot of bother last year. Can we chance ger caff after being out so long. Higgins hasn’t the size for him. I can see Higgins listed as full back but maybe Vaughan or coen ending up back there.

  9. Has to be Mayo. Margin could be anything.

    Interesting reading your report from our semi final with them at Mchale in 2008.

    David Clarke pulling off fantastic saves from 1 on 1 situations when a Sligo player was in on him (twice) when the scoreline was still close. No change there then.

    Also a piss poor attendance of 12,000 on a shite day weatherwise. Hope there is a lot more there this time. How about 30,000?

  10. Great summary on the next game there WJ. Sick to the teeth reading about how we will sail through Connacht and ambush Kerry and Dublin after that. That’s after we have converted some of our best defenders to attackers Attackers to defenders/sweepers. Midfielders to an unknown, unknown. Days like this I am glad Rochford is making the calls. I think we will squeeze past the Magpies, and that is all that we need. I would not be too surprised if they pull off a big shock. Mayo in May is not a 1 – 14 shot, so I believe there is a few euro to be made there if you like. They have made a habit of beating Galway, Leitrim and Roscommon in recent times. They are bringing through a couple of good players every year, and their underage teams are decent. If we prevail I don’t Galway as being the big step up that some are predicting. For me Tipperary (football) put that one to bed.

  11. Will the 4 people who voted for Sligo give me a bit of what they are smoking? It must be great stuff ? . JIMFLAG. . I really hope we get 30k, however i think 17 -20k is more realistic. Like the players, I hope our attendances peak in autumn.. Mayo by 7 -10 on Sunday, in third gear.

  12. That’s true, Jim – interesting also that Keith Higgins standing a bit too much off his man was also a point of discussion in 2008, though Keith’s pace back then made it less of an issue. On the likely attendance for Sunday, John Prenty reckoned (this may or may or not feature in the podcast – I haven’t got to that bit of it yet) on a crowd of around 14,000.

  13. But I think the point stands that Keith Higgins is no longer one of our best defenders in terms of pure defending. Once we face a division one/two team in championship he often struggles.

  14. It doesn’t have to be Mayo but it is very likely to be
    Someone queried bringing on a goal poacher late in games. Mayo have a goal poacher and played him in the half forward line last year playing in a defensive role (and he still was the second highest scorer from play)
    Its a big year for the manager (and some players) without the run in that last year provided.
    I think Mayo will be happy to do enough to get to August with the high tempo performances required then.
    The team selection for Sunday will be very interesting.

  15. Liam – I think Galvin talking up NY supports my point about Connaught competitiveness. Even NY and London are no longer pushovers. Sligo are no mugs, Rossies have been in Div 1 and Galway are arriving there.

    Every one of these teams shout RESPECT!

  16. On an unrelated topic, I see a frequent poster on this blog has recently penned a book about his life working in the prison service. Congratulations…I’m sure it will be a great read. (FYI….I tried to order it yesterday online and it’s currently not available either electronically or hard copy).

    (I’m currently off Facebook, so I hope you don’t mind me posting this on here)

  17. Wayne Scales,.. If you expect Mayo to beat Sligo by 7-10, eg 7 goals & 10 points, can I have some of what your smoking?. On the other hand if you mean 7 to 10 points, your probably on nothing stronger than ‘Woodbine’.

  18. Visiting Westport with some friends this coming weekend (4 dubs)

    Going to head in to the game on the way home, Sunday.

    Would there be any issues with tickets for this game you reckon, or will I be okay rocking up on the day?

    Looking forward to the game, huge passion in Mayo be good to experience a game on your home patch.

  19. Keegan_Dub – Tickets will not be an issue. There will be a van outside the ground selling them on the day.
    Interesting name you have there….I assume Keegan is your surname and not some love in you have for our own Leeroy 😉

    Welcome to Mayo and enjoy your stay.

  20. I don’t think there’ll be any issue at all, Keegan_Dub – there’ll be tickets on sale on the day outside the ground. You could alternatively pop into any Centra or SuperValu and get them there in advance.

  21. Thanks lads,i’ll get the tickets outside on the day so.

    Haha I’ve no problem with Keegan or any other Mayo player by that token.

    All these guys are willing to go above and beyond whats required to deliver an all ireland so I respect that. Connolly Keegan all of them want one thing.

    I say it every year that if Dublin are knocked out I want Mayo to get over the line, the passion for our game out west is heartening to see.

    The less of the soccer element that i’ve seen creeping in i.e animosity between both set of fans the better I think.

    Of course in the heat of battle I’ll call O’Shea & Keegan every name under the sun as the passion take over similar to what i’m sure you’s will say about our lads.

    What makes us different from alot of sports is the ability to wish the other side well and genuinely mean it.

    I hope if/when we meet later in the year there’s less of the mud slinging between bothsides online as I feel adds a nasty side story to the whole affair.

  22. yew_tree read your comment wrong regarding Keegan comment so my little rant above seems silly now haha

  23. keegan_dub – you’re one of the best – the type I love meeting in Fagans, The Palace, The Gravediggers, and a lot more places besides.

  24. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, Keegan_Dub, about the online mud-slinging, which last year went way overboard (on both sides) and was in no way reflective of the mood in the real world. Agree too re the need to keep the soccer-style animosity out. So much about the GAA experience is unique and the way rival supporters mix and mingle is one of its best elements. We all need to do what we can to keep it that way.

  25. 8 Point win, while Sligo play out of their Skins, and Mayo amble around in third gear.

    I just can’t see it any other way, it’s a mis-match, plain and simple. The best to be hoped for from a neutral perspective, is that Sligo can live with Mayo for 55-60 minutes.

    The last 10 could very well be a bloodbath.

  26. Sligo usually spring their surprises at home, but by the same token McHale Park is hardly a fortress for us.

  27. The highlights of the New York and Sligo game were on TG4 yesterday evening and from seeing the goal that Sligo conceded, I’m sure it will be very tempting for Stephen Rochford to put a big man at full-forward against them.

    There was a high ball booted into their goalmouth that was batted down by a New York forward and the ball was finished to the net by the corner forward. It was a very bad goal to concede, although there was a hint of a shove on the Sligo defender by the New York forward. It was reminiscent to the goals that we scored against them in 2015. Charlie Harrison seemed to be wearing the no. 3 shirt, so that’s a bit like us playing Keith Higgins in that position. I think I heard the Sligo manager say that they lost Brendan Egan in the game, so he was an experienced back to lose as well. The thing is though, a big man at full-forward might work against Sligo but we need to have more strings to our bow as well going forward.

    I remember back to the game against them in 2012, we missed a few great goal chances early on and had a goal disallowed as well, then the game turned into a right battle. While in 2015 the goal chances were taken and we ran up a big score.

    As has been said above, we seem to move up and down through the gears under Rochford. From going up to fifth gear and bagging a no. of scores to going back down to second gear, with the opposition getting back into the game. Again as was said above, you’d love to see using our bench much better. I think I read a stat that the Chelsea manger set a record in winning the Premier League by bringing on 3 subs in every game. This is something that Jim Gavin does as well, bringing on the fully allowed allocation of subs in every game. While for us sometimes we end up bringing on a few of our subs with only a couple of minutes left on the clock.

  28. As someone living in Sligo, I’d be disappointed if we don’t beat them by at least 10 points. Physically there should be no contest between the teams. Pat Hughes was mentioned as a physical full-forward but I understand he’s injured from the NY game. We should be asking ourselves what would Dublin do to Sligo if they had them in the first round? We should do the same, and move on

  29. keegan_dub Really enjoy the banter with real Dublin supporters on the trains and buses. The competition is more glamorous when they are team we are all trying to beat.

  30. I hope to see Ger Caff start – and finish – on Sunday. If he does not it seems unlikely that he will play a real part in our championship campaign and we do not seem to have a ready replacement for him. Reminds me of 1997, twenty years ago, when Kevin Cahill was so badly missed. We got away with it last year, particularly as Diarmuid Connolly was not playing as a classical full forward.

  31. Acccording to the Connacht Telegraph, Keith Higgins is a doubt for the game. He didn’t take part in the A v B game at the weekend. They also predict that Ger Caff will start at full back and Seamie will line out at midfield alongside Tom P. They’re usually fairly accurate with news.

  32. I looked back at the archives earlier to see what posters were saying prior to our first outing last year.

    The bulk of the posts were concerned with how we might deal with Cluxton’s kicks out – Galway were hardly mentioned, as we focused heavily on the business end of the championship. Have to say too that the gaffer encouraged that kind of talk – let posters speak their mind he said as he waved away a protest about the off topic nature of the discussion!

  33. Willie Joe

    Begging your patience.

    For Whiteys Attention.

    Whitey . Sorry you are experiencing difficulty getting my book Indide The Monkey House. My life as an Irish prison officer. My email is and you can contact me on it to sort you out. Also can you tell me the site you tried to get book of because there should be no Great problem. The book can be got in any good book shop and direct from Collins Press by emailing its online book ordering section

    John Cuffe

  34. – The national media in the main has gone along totally predictable lines with a Dublin V Kerry AIF with Dublin probably winning their 3 in a row.
    – All of the other teams are playing for Provincial medals at most except for the Leinster counties who will be concentrating on damage limitation against the Dubs.
    – So far so like the late seventies/early eighties where Kerry dominated and AIF winner was a foregone conclusion.
    – And yet things could turn out very differently IF…..
    1) Dublin were to be beaten in Leinster by a combination of themselves taking things for granted and a peaking Kildare matching them for Fitness/Conditioning OR a Meath team deciding to revert to type and taking Man and Ball regardless of how many black or red cards they receive.
    2) Kerry could be sent thru the back door by a Cork Team who gain a few Graham Canty type leaders

    – The other sideshow will be tracking referee appointments to see if Paddy Nealon gets to ref a Dublin match this summer, I think he will because I believe Gavin’s comments will backfire on him.
    – I think Sligo will be ultra-defensive on Sunday which means a ragged, free feast of a game and assuming Mayo turn up with the right attitude it should be a 6 to 8 point win.
    – SR has missed a trick with regards to sub goalkeepers and that is the one thing that really disappoints me about the panel.
    – For now, win and move onto next game v Galway.

  35. Olive, the media are correct in predicting a Dublin v Kerry final. Dublin are rightly favorites and as Kerry are league champions and the only team to beat Dublin in ages they would rightly be second favs. Like it or not Mayo havent beaten either Dublin or Kerry in a championship game since 2012, until that changes we will correctly be rated behind them.

    Dublin will not be beaten in Leinster, cant see any team getting within 10pts of them. Cork are very poor and wont trouble Kerry, in fact there is a good chance Tipp will take care of Cork and ruin the whole Cork v Kerry Stadium opening thats planned down there.

    I think enough has been said about keepers, lets not go into another season dragging up that keeper discussion which has been done to death.

  36. Niall Murphy and Pat Hughes missing for sligo is the equivalent of Mayo missing Cillian O connor and Andy Moran…massive losses and puts a damper on it now for me.

    I see someone above saying Sligo will be ultra defensive – I hope he is right and we stop playing naively….the Tyrone v Mayo match last year was the most defensive affair you could see from both teams….we need to learn from that approach.

  37. I think Olive is spot on with the sub keeper issue, the Westport keeper should have that spot, he does have an all ireland in his pocket afterall, and doesnt flap under the high ball., like someone who has a torch being shined in his eyes.

  38. I would have liked to have seen Patrick O’Malley in with the U21s. I cannot understand how at underage we are still going with keepers who hit the big hanging kickout. At minor and U21 we got hammered by this.
    He’s one of the better lads around for hitting 45s as well.

  39. I see Michael Darragh Mcauley could be out for the championship now with injury ….If anything happened to Brian Fenton the Dubs could struggle around the middle….Best of luck to Mayo on Sunday and all involved expect a good open game with Mayo to win by 6 pts…I expect us to save our sweeper system until Galway game…

  40. If MacCauley was to be out of the reckoning for the Dubs, I suspect that James McCarthy would move to midfield. Now that Jack McCaffery is back and John Small is established as a first 15 player, such a move would actually strengthen their midfield.
    Concerning Sunday, I would like to see Mayo play as if we were playing a top 5 team. We need to get consistency in the way we approach every game. Sligo will have their tails up after the New York game and they will come with a positive attitude. We should go toe to toe with them from the throw in.
    There are several ways that SR can lay out the team and from the Mayo News podcast, he seems to have an almost full deck to pick from (with Harrison being the possible exception). He might choose to give lads like Newcombe a run in the corner and experiment a bit with the full forward line. I’d like to see Boland start as well. A feature of the league was the use of a strong bench. This might leave Shamie O’Shea on the bench at the start, but featuring from the 40th minute. Similarly, Nally, Vaughan, Coen and Regan might be in the top 20 rather than the top 15.
    Really looking forward to this one.

  41. Ya think another keeper should be on the bench instead of hennelly if I honest

    Would have like to seen byrne or Flanagan given a run?

  42. Why is a debate starting (now) on the sub keeper?

    The panel has been chosen, Hennelly has been no 2 all league, Bryne was tried and discarded. End of story.

  43. Well said, Catcol. I really think that goalkeeper debate needs a rest at this stage.

    I can assure you, yew_tree, that Cillian didn’t just sound focused and determined, he looked it too. Man, is he pumped.

  44. Don’t see Boland starting myself. I felt he had the legs at the start of the league but he became more and more peripheral as the league went on. I’d like to see more of Nally though.
    I would like to see a sweeper in place. We won’t need it for Sligo but we will against Galway and that system needs to be well tried and trusted by that time.

  45. Management seen enough of Boland in first few games and realised he was championship material they changed his training so his strenght and fitness would be peaking come championship ,hence the dip in his form in the latter stages of the league the management knows best

  46. Interesting Norris re Fergal Boland. You would imagine he is on a program to gain a few kilos.

  47. The type of strength and conditioning required takes years rather then months. I don’t see fergal starting if we make it to August although I hope I’m wrong. He certainly seems to be well ahead of reape who has an advantage over him in terms of size and strength.

  48. I never worry about the attitude or focus of COC. It’s one of his greatest strengths.

    He’s been hindered by injury over the past two years and there’s no doubt this impacted how quickly he could build up some form through the summer.

    That’s why I was really bouyed by his comments on the podcast in relation to playing a full league and taking part in all the prep sessions since. I’m really looking forward to watching him go at it fully fit for the first time in a while.

  49. The other thing about Cillian, in addition to the important ones you mention Rock, is that he is now based in Mayo, teaching just a few miles from home. This should also make a difference to his overall sharpness and freshness.

  50. You’re right about that Catcol. AOS said as much when he managed to get a post in Allergen.

  51. Cillian with bounce in his legs would really help him massively. He has looked hampered in his running in previous years.

  52. Catcol – Cillian on the podcast said working in Mayo now was not much of a difference but I suspect he was just not giving anything away. I used to drive long distances every week and it does knock hell out of you. While I am far from a top athlete, I found the tiredness usually hit me at the weekend.

    It can only be a good thing that one of our best players has more rest time. There used to be a rule in Kerry, if you wanted to play for Kerry you had to live there. I doubt that is still in effect however.

  53. Jack O Shea used to live in Leixlip but I guess he was worth making an exception for.
    They had someone training them in Dublin. I’m sure when they can locate at home they do but that probably goes for all county players.

  54. Which players are now based in Dublin?. I know seamus O’Shea and diarmuid O’Connor are/were. Two important players. It def makes a difference having to do all that traveling. Up to the end of the league the whole panel isn’t training together.

  55. Seamie O’Shea, Tom Parsons, Jason Doherty and possibly Chris Barrett are based in Dublin. Not sure if anyone else is. Diarmuid is a student in Dublin so will be home for the summer presumably. Same goes for Durcan, Coen, Loftus and Boland.

  56. Looking forward to the game’s the start of what will hopefully be a long enjoyable summer. Nothing like having a bit of banter with the Sligo lads at work.. believe me they are well able to take it and give it.

  57. I see the Bookies have us at -9. To be honest I’m not going near the bookies with any of my money on this game.
    Sure, we should win, but it’s hard to know if it will be a trimming we’ll hand out, or something by a narrow margin. I’d go for the latter to be honest, we’ve not been handing out the 10 point defeats we used to under Horan. Sligo have a game under their belts and will have a few more than travelled to NY too, so it will be a different kettle of fish.
    I’m sure Rochford won’t want a repeat of last years first Championship game at home, and will have prepped accordingly, with the benefit of over a full year under his belt at this stage too.
    Mayo by 5 I reckon.

  58. The margin of victory for Mayo will be dependent on what tactics Sligo employ. If we play an open game (which is game Carew favours to maximize our good forwards) with no sweeper or defensive tactics then the result will be similar to Connaught final 15. The Sligo defense is the weakest part of the team as shown in 15 and second half against the Rossies last year with 2 members of the full back line in their mid 30’s. If we pack the defense and get players behind the ball and frustrate Mayo then the scoreline hopefully will be relatively tight. Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal used these tactics during the league with victories for the Cavan and Monaghan in McHale Park. Injuries to Sligo’s 2 best forwards Hughes and Murphy will probably force a more defensive approach.

  59. Mayo will be looking to regain the Connacht GAA title they last won in 2015 when their 2017 championship season gets underway against Sligo on Sunday in Elverys Sports MacHale Park at 2pm.

    Manger Stephen Rochford hands out just one debut with 2016 All Ireland U21 winner Fergal Boland starting in the half forwards. Having missed most of last season through injury fit again Ger Cafferkey returns at full back.

    Interestingly both Colm Boyle & Tom Parsons both made their championship debuts against Sligo on the same day back in 2008.

    1. David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites)
    2. Chris Barrett (Belmulet)
    3. Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites)
    4. Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis)
    5. Colm Boyle (Davitts)
    6. Lee Keegan (Westport)
    7. Patrick Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels)
    8. Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy)
    9. Tom Parsons (Charlestown)
    10. Fergal Boland (Ballyhaunis)
    11. Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber)
    12. Conor O’Shea (Breaffy)
    13. Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore)
    14. Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain)
    15. Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

    Team Manager: Stephen Rochford.
    Selectors: Donie Buckley, Peter Burke & Tony McEntee.

  60. Just seen this on fb. No aido or donie or Nally starting is interesting

  61. Will have to wait for the start of the game to see both starting lineups. Both dummy team imo. Sligo will be hoping the AOS doesn’t start. Unless he is injured its unlikely he wouldn’t pick himself ….. i mean its unlikely he wouldn’t be picked.

  62. the start of championship is finally here,interesting team selection,could see some changes before throw in,
    Aido was some impact in our league matches against tyrone and donegal, is this the best way to utilise him ?
    hard to see him not picked to start in my opinion
    any idea who has the whistle for sunday ?

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