Snow joke – weekend’s matches all OFF

I’ve just been out for a tramp in the snow – the photo above is of the Clontarf seafront a short while ago – and have come back home to see an email from the GAA season ticket account confirming that all matches scheduled for this weekend are off.

The official announcement from the GAA is here.

As expected, everything shifts back by a week. The Round 5 football games will be played on what was supposed to be a free weekend, 10/11 March, but the schedule for the NFL is otherwise unaffected. In the NHL everything – including all the play-off dates – is pushed back by one week.

90 thoughts on “Snow joke – weekend’s matches all OFF

  1. Cillian will have had four weeks off since the Galway game, will do him no harm to have a rest. Looking at player profiles recently and noticed his birthday is on May 13th!!!

  2. Because of a dearth of entertainment options I wrote a few words about the Dubs. It must be understood that any resemblance to reality is only in the eye of the beholder .

    6.30 tonight on R.T.E. Fair County

    Program begins with sound effects of howling wind , lashing rain , creaky gates and thunderous bolts of lightening .

    Episode 1. The Master Falconer

    Back at the lab in Glasnevin Whelanstein has had the cranial bolts loosened and his brain removed and has been laid in repose until the next round of the Allianz League against Kerry.

    Secretly The Master Falconer has been very pleased with the progress Whelo has made. The funny thing is he observed , Whelo’s operant conditioning involves the word conditioning itself which made The Falcon nearly pee in his corduroys laughing at the irony . Well not quite laughing cause that would be inappropriate but you know what I mean .

    The laugh however was on everyone else ( just like the empurpled spluterer had once suggested about Jim’s observations on free speech in the republic ).

    You see Jimbo had wired Whelo to say the word “Froyghtenin’ every time the phrase “The Dublin Teams Conditioning “ was mentioned .

    Jim admiringly reflected upon how he himself had programmed Whelo to feel a jolt of electricity when that trigger phrase was uttered and then Whelanstein would automatically make the observation that for this time of the year The Dubs Conditioning was Froyghtenin’ , as in the inner circle of Dante’s inferno Froyghtenin’ .

    This , he was suggesting , was no place for other teams to dare to go and contest with the Dubs lest they be immolated . It was a warning to teams like Mayo and Kerry and Tyrone that however much the Boys in Blue tolerated other teams alleged misdemeanors in the past , this year would be different .

    Even Senanbutnutheard ventured that even at this very early stage of the season , February, it was the Dubs championship to lose.

    This was the year for the Foi’ve in a row and no BS would get in the way of what became known as The Process , an all encompassing term for total spectrum dominance of the COYBIB.

    Indeed The Process was now even being highjacked by projects like the Hunger Games to make movies about it starring John Small.

    This pleased the Falcon who wryly remembered how he came to be called Jim “Falcon “ Gavin by , of all people , the loathsome Mayo fans as they dejectedly left Croke Park after yet another one point defeat at the hands of the Dubs . That was very graceful of them he noted to himself.

    It was ironic he thought that they should think so highly of him considering the unmerciful beatings he unleashed on them on a twice yearly basis. He pushed back against the idea though that the Dubs were always held back in third gear and never wanted to beat Mayo by more than one point because that meant they would continue to hope their day might come as they were “so close”. No he observed , while appearing to bite his cheek lest he smile , that would be cruel.

    This name Falcon , as Vinny Murphy ( King of the Hill ?) might say was “ besthowed” upon Jim by the Mayo fans and pleased him no end because of the Falcon’s reputation for fearless flying at high speed and the ability to change direction rapidly . He saw his own reflection in that piece of symbolism.

    He added the “Master” bit himself in order to keep some distance from John Small ( aka Hannibal Lecter ) who often looked to be considering devouring him whole.

    That nom de plume and espirit de corps ( Jim loved these romantic French phrases ) dovetailed well with his day job of flying for the state ( the state in which free speech was not absolute when it concerned Diarmuid Connolly’s shenanigans )

    Nothing could stop the program now even in the unlikely event of the Master saying “ argh shure why don’t give it to Mayo this year “?

    No , there was no room for this kind of sentimentality and The Process could not be stopped now . Not with the Foi’ve in a row and a date with destiny within touching distance of being besthowed upon Coybib.

  3. Excellent Swahili. You’ve been working hard in the laboratory I see. Very enjoyable read and completely football related which qualifies it nicely for the blog. Funny stuff.

  4. I suppose there is no chance that Mayo could be awarded an owl “walkover” seeing that we are going to win this owl fixture anyway.!!!

  5. I’m a long way away but looking at some pictures of Ireland and the lack of “warmer “weather over there it could be a while until pitches are ready to use again. I suppose we should be thankful we don’t get real winters in Ireland.

  6. A decent thaw due in Newbridge this week so should be fine but waterlogged pitch could be an issue

  7. @Mayo Exile, unfortunately sometimes some posts go far and wide, i.e. like ending up on other counties fans forums, saying this is what the Mayo supporters are thinking, e.g. being very overconfident. This gives the rest of us a bad name. What can you do, as they say there is always one or two!

  8. Id say we’ll win the all Ireland handy enough this year tbh, Hanleys back to win two in a row and head back to OZ then . Peasre hanley will be back then to make sure we get the three on the trot. But it will be back to rebuilding then im afraid.

  9. seems to be an issue HSE, there seems to be an obsession with fans of other counties wondering what it is we might have to say, and sometimes noe even about them.
    You’d have to wonder what else they spend their time doing with their hands.

  10. Without doubt, we are feared and opponents will attempt to discourage our efforts.

    Something we really should be thinking about is our left footed free taker. Someone needs to take Kevin McLoughlin and simply get him practising. Memories of Conor Mortimer’s last minute free from way out on the sideline in ’06 to win the Connacht Final. Why can’t someone like Mortimer take him as his kicking coach? Not to undermine Mortimer’s contributions, but God knows he sold us short in the end.

    Also whatever happens in Kildare, we’re going to be facing the Tyrone blanket at home. Something we have struggled with before. I felt last year, in the last home game against Donegal, early in the game, we used the tactic of the long ball into the goalmouth very well. The “dropgoal” from outside the blanket into the danger area got us a penalty and 2 or 3 landed just over the crossbar. Donegal really slowed things down that day, but we were within striking distance when O’Shea entered the playing area.

    We need to be able to vary our tactics. If we don’t get the opportunity to score directly on the counter and the ball has to be recycled a number of times, we really should look to get an accurate player in that “dropgoal” position with someone inside to flick it on.

  11. It’s been interesting looking at the comments on the blog since the league started, and particularly the two extremes of opinion on our chances for the rest of the year. On the one hand, we are told that we won’t do any good this year, and this team have come to the end of an era. The other line of thinking is that it is only the league, and when we get all our players back, we’ll be fine. As for my own opinion, while I would be somewhat worried by our present form, I think there will be a big improvement when we get our full team back. Whether that will be good enough to bring us to the promised land remains to be seen. Like other contributors, I am disappointed we haven’t brought some more new players through, particularly in the forwards.
    I have been looking at some of the stats from the first four league games, and, even though, we have had issues in the backline and midfield, I think it is fair to say, our main problem by far, is in the forwards. By my reckoning, our forwards have scored 7 points from play over the 4 games. That works out at approximately 1 point every 43 minutes. While I am aware that Mayo have always had a good spread of scores from all over the field, and the rest of the team have contributed 9 points in the 4 games, this is a very poor return from our forwards. In fact, I’d say it would be hard to find another team with a poorer record in the whole of the league.
    So, while we all look forward to getting our missing players back, I think we have to hope that our forwards find their shooting boots sooner rather than later.

  12. The only thing I would take from this year so far is that the fbd is of no benefit to us. Actively damages our survival chances in the league. We’re better off dropping out of it and simply training.

  13. Don’t think you can just drop out of it JP. Didn’t we get a hefty fine a few years back for not goin on the holiday away after winning it. It does seem more of an inconvenience to us though than anything else I’ll agree with you on that. We didn’t gain anything from it this year.

  14. Kerry didn’t compete in McGrath cup this year so can’t see why Mayo could not pull out of FBD if they wanted too.

  15. Lots of scores over the last number of years have come from our defenders Keith has often made the trek up the field to land a score Leeroy has amassed a huge amount of scores Boyler and Vaughan have scored frequently and Paddy Durcan has kicked lots of crucial ones for us. Midfield need to chip in with more and we simply can’t expect Andy to repeat last year’s heroics. In fairness in the summer our forwards have done reasonably well but they always seem to struggle in the league. I see Liam Irwin will probably be playing for London this summer It’s a pity he didn’t make our seniors as I had high hopes for him Think he scored 4 points in minor final and 2 2 in u21 final.

  16. The FBD league is of no use really. With so many of our squad in Dublin Monday to Friday, it would be much more beneficial getting a few group training sessions during daylight hours. However, the FBD is a nice little money spinner for the county board so I don’t think we’ll be pulling out of it anytime soon.

  17. All calm after the storm. The Beast from the East is getting stronger. They devour all who dare to stand in their path. They will not give mercy. Nor will they even entertain the thought that mercy can be given. The Beast from the East demands that all lie down. The Beast believes. All hail the Beast. What a load of bollix. I know a small bit about this. You have to really believe that you can beat the best of the best even though nobody really thinks that you stand a chance. Especially those who support you most. When, thick in the heat of battle you realise, I can do this, it’s frightening. It’s frightening because you doubt the doubt. You question you’re own right to believe.That’s the time when you are most alive. That’s the time when you really need to turn the snow to slush. That’s the time when the hard road becomes the road again. We are going to need something special this year more than any weighted words can deliver. We’re going to really need to believe , when the believing time is here.

  18. —The Ardguggle free taker continued—

    Joseph Sugain had just finished his rounds with the ball around the back field. He did a light work out on the weights. It was Saturday and he had a match the next day. No point expending too much energy.

    He went half way down the hayshed and placed the ball on the floor of the shed. Time to thump a few against the bales.

    Willie Sugain had left the long aluminium ladder leaning up against the the bales. Joseph wondered what his father might have been doing with the ladder but didn’t give it too much thought.

    Joseph stood back from the ball. He’d have a go and see how close he he could.come to hitting the ladder. It would give him something to aim at.

    The ball hitting the ladder made a loud clatter and Joseph smiled with satisfaction.

    He moved the ball back a few yards, stood back, set his eyes on the ladder and bang, the ladder trembled again from another belt of the ball.

    He took 20 kicks, 10 off each foot, and each kick from a different position off the shed floor and rattled the ladder each time.

    Willie watched from the house as his son hopped in to the car, placing the ball on the passenger seat. He was on his way to the pitch. He wanted to try a few kicks from the holy ground, the Ardguggle football pitch.

    He placed the ball on the 45, stood back and relaxed. He breathed deep through his nostrils and looked towards the posts. He forgot about the goalposts and imagined his father’s ladder standing straight up in the middle of the goal, running right from the ground up through the black spot on the crossbar.

    He watched the kick as if in slow motion. It sailed over the black spot. He moved the ball out to the left hand side of the pitch, 8 yards in from the sideline and kicked with his right. The ball sailed and curled and crossed over the black spot once again.

    He then kicked from the other side of the pitch with his left. Same result.

    He counted 28 attempts from all over the pitch. Every one of them had crossed the black spot.

    He drove home from the pitch, his heart pounding. He had never had this warm confidence he was feeling right now.

    Throw in was at 2pm on Sunday and Joseph Sugain couldn’t wait for the game to begin. Ardguggle football was his life and he was their free taker.

    —to be continued—

  19. Revellino , Let’s hope that’s Cillian you’re talking about. We could really do with that kind of accuracy and consistency again . Keep it coming.

  20. —The Ardguggle free taker continued—

    The 1st free to Ardguggle was a full 50 yards from goal. The usual off putting comments from their opponents. “What direction are yea goin to kick this one Joseph”.

    By half time Joseph Sugain had put 6 frees over the black spot. 6 from 6. Ardguggle led their neighbours Killanty 9 points to 7.

    With 10 minutes to go in the match, Joseph had put over another 5 frees. The word came in from the Killanty sideline, no more fouling. Sugain hadn’t missed a free all day.

    The next ball that came to Joseph, he soloed toward the Killanty goal, left footed, then right footed weaving in and around players. The ball ended up in the Killanty net, an easy enough finish.

    In the dying embers of the game Joseph was upended in the Killanty square at the end of another weaving solo run. He placed the ball for the penalty. He backed from the ball and raised his head. He pictured his father’s ladder standing just inside the right hand upright and picked out a small area, just between where the 5th and 6th rungs of the ladder would have been. He ran up and buried the ball between the rungs. The Killanty net lifted.

    Joseph Sugain scored 2-11 of Ardguggles 2-18 total. They had beaten Killanty 2-18 to 12 points.

    That Sunday was the start of the most successful spell in Ardguggle football. They were promoted that same year and eventually went on to win 2 senior county finals.

    Willie Sugain was watching his son circling the back field with the ball the following morning when the phone rang. “Hello, could I speak with Joseph please”. “He’s outside at the moment, could I take a message for him” Willie asked.

    The Mayo manager introduced himself. “Will you tell Joseph we have a challenge match against Fermanagh next Saturday. I’d like him to start. I’m looking for a good free taker”. “I will surely”, a choked up Willie replied before leaving down the phone. He pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his eyes as he watched Joseph making his way to the hayshed.

    Joseph Sugain went on to win 5 all stars with his county.

    He scored 7 points, 6 from frees in the All Ireland final to help Mayo lift Sam Maguire and won that years player of the year. Sure it’s all documented in the Gaa history books, you just have to look hard enough.

    If yea ever happen to be in North Mayo take a spin up to the Ardguggle football pitch. When yea go in the entrance gate you’ll see a beautiful bronze statue on your right hand side just in front of the clubhouse.

    A man looking out towards the goalposts with a ball at his feet. It’s Willie Sugains son. Inscribed at the bottom it reads.

    Joseph Sugain
    The Ardguggle free taker.

  21. I’ll gladly take whatever you’re smoking Revilino because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  22. Can we stick with the ‘Westerns’ Revellino!!! led by Leeroy and Cian Hanley!! Thats my only thoughts on the Blog due to cabin fever from the snow!!

  23. ‘Revellino’. Don’t worry about the comments.. I get it, so, so true and badly needed. Some posters still don’t get why Mayo haven’t won Sam!!! With some of the comments here, they never will. 😉 🙂

  24. That’s a good idea, Ger Bohan! Back playing on our favourite pitch and, from my own selfish point of view, an easy walk for me to it as well (though, to be fair, Newbridge isn’t exactly long-haul travel from here either).

  25. Hope you all got through the last few days ok. I think the weeks break will benefit your lads a lot, and also give the management team a chance to sort out several selection issues. Just thinking, Jim Flag, a couple of Owl Odlum bags of flour would be welcome thus week.

  26. Jim Flag, its “oul” your trying to say/type not “owl”. Sorry, but it had to be said.

    The extra week should help the likes of Keegan and Seamie no end, extra recovery and all that. I know its the same for both teams, but Kildare are miles fitter than us so the 2 wk break increases our chances. Biggest game of the year by a mile next Sunday.

  27. Lads i just checked the owl oxford dictionary there and its definitely spelt O W L.

    The meaning of the word owl is given as “something or someone opposite to new or of a big age”

    Cant find “oul” or “auld” mentioned anywhere. Only saying like.

    Anyway going off topic here. Will be glad when we have a game to preview again.

  28. I could never get to the bottom of that owl, owl, on the front of the bag of odlums flour. Is he surprised? Is he creepy? Is he just pissed off and bored? I’ve never seen an owl smile, not even in the cartoons and that’s a fact. I was fairly well entrenched in the auld camp for a long long time. Thanks for clearing that up Jim. Back to the owl bed for me.

  29. I wonder how long it will take for the knives to come out for Tony McEntee after he wrote a character reference for the guy charged with Adrian Donohoes murder

  30. Nothing at all to do with GAA matters, its an amateur game, personal lives should be both separate and private.

    Just reading a small piece by kieran cunningham in the star. Kerry v Dublin ,they dont half take comfort in blowing smoke up each others h…

  31. Lads he gave a reference for somebody who wasn’t charged with murder at that time. It is separate to any Mayo GAA issue and we don’t even know what any reference may have said. We have enough people looking to take a pot shot at Mayo football without trying to sensationalise things ourselves. Not an appropriate forum

  32. Joe Ruane,

    you are welcome sir. Glad to clear that matter up. Amazing what ya learn in this place. Hoot hoot.

  33. WJ… might be so good as to delete my previous post in relation to Tony McEntee please. It might be best to leave that issue alone for now or until all the facts emerge.

  34. My Team for Kildare
    1.David Clarke
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.Ger McDonagh
    4.Caolan Crowe
    5.Lee Keegan
    6.Patrick Durcan
    7.Colm Boyle
    8.Shane Nally
    9.Tom Parsons
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Aidan O’Shea
    12.Diarmuid O’Connor
    13.Jason Doherty
    14.Andy Moran
    15.Cillian O’Connor

  35. Done as requested, diehard.

    I was caught up on other stuff today so didn’t have a chance to see the comments on this issue. I’d just repeat what has already been said, this isn’t an issue for airing here, not least given the fact that it impinges on serious legal proceedings.

  36. No surprise I know but the Kildare game is confirmed for Sunday at two in Newbridge, a straight swap. Dublin and Kerry on Sunday instead of Saturday evening.

  37. Wonder if this could be a game for Big Barry at midfield .We got cleaned on high balls from kick outs the last time we met . Would be nearly inclined not to start Cillian . Give loftus another run out and Cillian would give the team and crowd a lift to see him come on if needed. Would also start Coen at 6 and leave Keegan till needed – only back from injury

  38. Gallagher & Loftus need more game time. Start them and leave a couple of the more seasoned campaigners to come into the attack for the last 20 mins.

  39. DecM, I’d be giving Lee every available minute possible at this stage. We need that man ready to go in May and, to be fair, he looking unbelievable for a man who hadn’t kicked ball in 4 months last week!

    Really looking forward to this trip. Hopefully a nice day to kick off the spring!

  40. Ye are lucky to have a 2pm throw in, we have been pushed back to 4pm in croker. HQ have stated that the Gardaí made the request due to manpower issues, what a crock. This stinks of tv coverage and supporters from south and west Kerry will not be back home till 10.30 or 11.30 if they stop for a bite. To expect people to drive in the dark for more or less the entire journey is a disgrace. The motorway stops in limerick so for those living in the south and west of the county that’s three hours on an ordinary two way road, most uncaring by the powers that be and there is no way that Dublin would be asked to start a game in Kerry at 4pm at this time of the year.

  41. Well said Game changer. When games are played in Croke Park involving counties with long distances to travel (Donegal, Mayo and Kerry). There is never any consideration given to their supporters. Game time is fixed to suit Dublin (supporters and city) and tv. No respect for supporters travelling long distances. Do you think Dublin would have a game fixed for Killarney, Castlebar or Letterkenny at 4 pm on a Sunday this time of year – not a chance.

  42. Absolute disgrace the scheduling of the Dublin Kerry game Gamechanger 10 you are absolutely right to be annoyed.
    As for our game that it is a must win goes without saying Its now or never or Division 2 here we come.

  43. I see from the Division 1 table we have scored the least – 51 and Kildare have conceded the second most – 73. So lets hope that our forwards will be getting a bit more space in this game and get a few more scores on the board compared to the first 4 games. You’d think that we won’t be facing a blanket defence anyway.

  44. Ye are forgetting that the new Gaa President is Dub, I know him to see from the Gaa club, another little advantage for them in their quest for the 4 in a row.

  45. Giving players gametime goes out the window Sunday .We have to start our best 15 for this game its a must win for us to ensure 21 years of top flight football in Division 1.Going down to Division 2 would set Mayo football back 5 years as it is a very hard division to get promoted out of plus the fact we have too many players based in Dublin.Mickey Harte said before that No division 2 team or lower would win Sam Maguire in the modern era.

  46. I’d say a Donegal win without a doubt.

    If we win and Tyrone lose, then we play Tyrone the following week, a win should be good enough to see us safe as far as I can see? With a game to spare?

  47. Willie Joe, A comment @10.30am this morning, might require some attention.. First time for a few days that I have visited the blog…. Very little to comment on,… Heard it said somewhere that a vacuum is a dangerous thing!

  48. Thanks, Leantimes, I think that one was dealt with by a number of subsequent comments. There was nothing wrong per se with the substance of the original comment (although the person who posted later said he was happy to see deleted should that have been considered the right thing to do) but as others said – a sentiment I agreed with – discussion on this case isn’t appropriate here.

  49. Willie Joe,… No bother, Just taught you might have missed it.. I didn’t see the original comment so I can’t comment on it…. All (Alleged News).. to me, but absolutely nothing to do with Mayo Gaa in any case!

  50. Without stating the obvious (i will do just that), we must beat Kildare to get the show back on the road. They have been playing well, but just don’t know how to win. We have been playing poorly and just didn’t deserve to win.

    2 months out from 13th May, we need to start showing form. Winning is a habit which is why we came out on the right side of a few close encounters last year.

  51. I don’t think everything Micket Harte says is Gospel Westport218, and how would going down a division set us back? If we did go down (which i don’t expect we will), i would be very confident we wouldn’t be there for long. Also, i dont think it’s that hard a division to get promoted out of.
    Plenty of teams (ourselves included) have played div 2 football in the spring and then made serious assaults on the championship later that same year, in some cases winning it!
    My own opinion is a spell in the next division wouldn’t be all that bad. We could play away and prepare with less of a glare or less pressure on us, and then attack the summer with all guns blazing!
    But as i said earlier, i don’t see that happening, i feel we are coming good again, and will stay up.
    We’ll begin with a 4 point win v the Lillies on Sunday.

  52. RP Murphy want to hazard a guess at the number of All Ireland winners from Division 2?

    Look at how long it took Galway to escape. Look at the likes of Meath and how they have been stuck down there. Nothing beats the big days playing the best teams. To go down would be a massive blow and a serious blotch on the manager.

    We have a proud Division 1 record. Nobody has spent more time in Division 1 than ourselves. We have 3 games to cop on and start winning. As said above we are two months out from Galway it’s time to go big or go home.

  53. No good would come out of being relegated. You would get players not committing as playing division 2 football is not as attractive. It’s happening in every county bar 3 or 4.

    We’re getting home crowds of 12-15k so far this year. In division 2 that would be halved at least. That would be a decent hit to the CB finances. The MacHale Park repayments have to be met regardless of what division we’re in so cuts would have to be made elsewhere. Maybe the new underage coaching plan would be put off for a few years.

    It’s a slippery slope once you get relegated.

  54. Have to say I’m with Gamechanger on this. There’s no way in hell you’d have Dublin playing in Kerry or Mayo or Donegal at such an inopportune time. It’s thoughtless and disrespectful and shows contempt for the average country punter. Only thing to do is burst their bubble again by beating them…
    This snow break has been hard work… I keep logging on to feed my habit but there’s nothing to satisfy me… come on Mayo… division 1 is the place to be.

  55. 6 games been shown on the box on Sunday including deferred coverage of Kildare Mayo..
    Herself will be delighted with her Mothers day!

  56. likewise Axle,im checking in constantly too,missed the monday match reports and the podcast,
    really looking forward to Sunday,i reckon we will see a big improvement on recent outings,we need to get two points ,
    there is no question about the Division status,Division 1 is the top tier,playing the best teams,we need to be there ,
    does anyone know who has the whistle sunday ?

  57. Just got my tickets for Sunday.. cant wait! a good strong positive performance is needed …. alongside a win of course

  58. Agree that long to medium term relegation is not good. From a purely financial and commercial standpoint it would be a disaster.

  59. Tg4 have deferred coverage of our game on Sunday so we can re-watch it after getting home from Newbridge. You wouldn’t get that in Division 2! 🙂

  60. Just got tickets for Sunday. Expect it will sell out. Looking forward to the real Mayo starting in Newbridge.

  61. We’re about 8/11 to win at the weekend with kildare 2/1. A chance to have a punt. The pain of losing this weekend would blot out the pain of losing a few bob.

  62. It must be hard writing up the match previews these days with little idea of who is playing and who is not. God be with the days when you could try and name 1 to 15 and you’d be nearly sure you’d have them all correct.

  63. How.come nobody ever know who is in and who is out of the panel ?
    Do the Mayo supporters not deserve to know what is going on ?
    There should be a weekly update from the camp on who is still on the panel and there should also be an update on injured players fitness and how close they are to returning.
    The people following Mayo around the country deserve to be kept fully up to date with team personnel and player fitness.

  64. Edwin McGreal wrote the below in the Mayo News today:

    Stephen Rochford will be hoping that the extra week will allow Paddy Durcan to recover from a quad injury that looked set to rule him out of the original fixture last weekend. Tom Parsons should also benefit from last Sunday’s postponement and, assuming he recovers from a recent calf strain, is in line to feature in his first game for Mayo since last September’s All-Ireland Final. Cillian O’Connor will also return to the Mayo squad after sitting out the defeat to Dublin but the game will come too soon for both Chris Barrett and Donie Vaughan who are still rehabilitating from their respective injuries. Brendan Harrison has been ruled out of the remainder of the National League due to a hip problem.

  65. Alan Freeman isn’t on the panel anymore. The Mayo News usually give a decent injury update every week. Management are always going to keep their cards close to their chest with injuries e.g. Keegan the last game. It’s far worse in Dublin – Jim Gavin won’t tell the media anything.

  66. I can see your point Revellino, but is it not better to keep the opposition guessing.

    Thanks for the super service Willie Joe. I must admit I read far more than I write!

  67. Good point Gamechanger 10, it is not fair on the travelling supporters from Kerry to be travelling such a long journey after dark. Forget about the Dubs supports and the media, this stinks of money talking from the Grab All Association. I believe Mayo will win on Sunday, just because they have to. I have a sneaky feeling we might get something from the Donegal game as well. The game on the 18th is harder to call IMO.

  68. The players reported in local newspapers to have been released in recent weeks are Kevin Keane, Brian Reape, Michael Plunkett and Alan Freeman.

    The following players were released to the Mayo Under 20 panel
    Paddy O’Malley
    Oisin McLaughlin
    Jordan Flynn
    Nathan Moran
    Ryan O’Donoghue
    Ross Egan

  69. Revellino I think some of the blame has to go to the local media journalists who should be on top of all the Mayo panel information , I am sure Stephen Rochford would release that information to journalists if they asked him.
    Up Mayo your right about the Western people it had nothing about the Mayo v Kildare game this Sunday very dissapointing.
    The Mayo News is now the best paper for Mayo Gaa ,They usually have the best info on the Mayo squad plus they have the most reports on club games, 2 South Mayo O’Mara cup games covered this week.
    The Connaught Telegraph probably the next best for Mayo coverage with John Melvin and Martin Carney always having good well informed articles but they do not have as much coverage of club games.
    The Western People Gaa coverage has declined in recent years as it used to be the best years ago.

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