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The sun is shining and the sky is blue this morning and although yet another bloody storm is on the way for later on it almost feels like spring right now. I’ve good and bad news to relay today too but, like the weather, let’s leave the negative stuff for later and start with the positive.

The good news relates to Elverys, with confirmation yesterday from the County Board that the county’s sponsorship deal with the company is indeed secure and has been in no way affected by the temporary receivership into which the company went late last week. That decision was explained at the time as being purely a technical move, as a precursor to a management buy-out, which has now been completed. It was confirmed yesterday that not only is the sponsorship unaffected but so too are the 650 jobs within the company.

So it’s good news on the double. It also means, of course, that the inflatable elephant that we’ve all grown to know and love at big games in MacHale Park (try as I might, I have to say that putting the sponsor’s name in front of the ground is a step too far for me) should remain in place, going forward as they say. I know poor old Nellie has been the butt of jibes about white elephants and what-not – I’m colour-blind but even I can see she’s not that colour – but you might be interested to know that this particular Heffalump has a proud literary heritage. Elvery’s Elephant House was a well-known landmark in Dublin’s O’Connell Street, formerly Sackville Street, going back over a hundred years (I don’t honestly know if it’s still there – I think it’s gone but I’m not sure) and it even gets a mention in Ulysses. So there.

Elverys Elephant House


Other good news on the wider GAA front from yesterday came with the news that, more than likely for the first time in its history, Croke Park is now debt-free, with the cost of the enormous redevelopment of the stadium completely paid off. That’s a hell of an achievement, not least given the times the country has gone through of late, and HQ should now become a major cash cow for the organisation in the years ahead. To boost the coffers still further, one thing I think they might look at is to start charging the Dubs some serious rent for using the stadium as their home venue, now that it’s clear they’re never going to have to play an away championship match ever again. Apart from anything else, a nice, fat rental bill might go some way towards kick-starting a bit of financial fair play within the association.

Okay, onto the bad news. The Mayo News (digital  and paper versions) have confirmed this morning that Tom Parsons has been told to avoid all contact sports for the next 4-6 weeks arising from the injury he suffered early in last Sunday’s match. Realistically, that means he’ll be doing well to be back in contention for selection for our final league match against Derry in early April, which is such a shame given the hard work he’s done to get back into the squad. We can only hope that his recovery goes well and that he’s fighting fit once more as soon as possible.

That’s it for now. Keep those votes coming in, as well as the comments, on what to do about the players’ rating feature – the way I’m thinking now is that it’ll require a GAA Congress-style majority to pass, as I think something like a 51:49 vote wouldn’t be a sufficient mandate for pursuing something like this. As I’ve said already, I’ve a completely open mind on the issue but I do think a clear majority will be needed to go ahead with it in anything like the format proposed. So if you haven’t already voted, then please do – every opinion counts.

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  1. Can I just pass a comment here, outside the context really.
    I am a bit wooley on this but did anyone notice that about half way through the second half, 4 or possibly 5 Mayo players were standing still in a straight line half way between centre field and the goals as Kildare raced through? A few others were slowly trotting back to cover. Kildare were well through at this stage, it may have lead to their goal. I was gobsmacked. What does that say???

  2. They were playing last man back 🙂

    Very interesting on the Elverys Elephant. I always wondered where the idea of the elephant came from, and Ulysses no less!

  3. That is really hard luck. As you say all the work and hope to get back and then….tough shit!!!

  4. You are a mine of information WJ. Elephants. On O’Connell St. On a tuesday. Brilliant stuff. Best wishes to Tom Parsons. It really brings home the enormous sacrifice these young lads are enduring for our quest. Think Keegans finger, Kilcoynes knee last year and previously his collar bone, Cillians shoulder, Andys knee. Etc etc. Speaking of Andy. What a crossfield pass to set up Coen for first goal. Both Kildare goals however were of the extremely soft variety. We need to tighten in this area. Kildare crowd were great. Real GAA people

  5. Get well soon tom parsons. At least it’s not a broken limb or ligament damage so he can keep the conditioning work going.
    How can elverys pay out to sponsor Mayo and at the same time be under such financial straits?

  6. On that point what is the story with kilcoynes injury?
    Also agree Kildare gaa folk very decent people always were

  7. I always wondered what connection the elephant had with Elverys. I saw that photo a few weeks ago and I twitted them about it.

    @mayo_mick Jan 20
    @Elverys @OldDublinTown Whats the story with the elephant mascot?
    I wondered that seeing it in McHale park. What year photo taken?

    The responce I got;

    Elverys Sports ?@Elverys Jan 20
    @mayo_mick @OldDublinTown Hi Michael, not sure of the year. Elverys imported goods from India in the 1800’s, Elephant was a symbol for that.

    I think Supermac’s is it that are now in that building. Brilliant old photo.

    Back on topic, sorry to hear about Tom Parsons. Hope he has a quick recovery.

  8. Thanks for that Michael – just looked at the building on Google Maps now, that’s the one alright though poor old Nellie isn’t there anymore. Incidentally, that annotated Ulysses reference I put the link in for describes the company as “John W Elvery & Co., waterproof and gutta-percha manufacturers” so I think it’s fair to say that the company’s business model has altered a bit since then too.

  9. Must be the smell of spring and that bit a sun Willie Joe that got you going this morning. You certainly were on a roll with that white elephant stuff and now wanting to charge the Dubs for playing in their own field, love it – sadly though the sun didn’t last too long for us poor city dwellers.

    That’s very positive news on the sponsorship front, as the last thing we would want,is to be going cap in hand to source another sponsor at the start of a new season. And poor Tom Parsons, what bad luck on the lad, let’s hope he makes it back to the panel before the Championship.

    On the rating poll, I voted no on the bases that I felt it’s a bit unfair on the guys who finish bottom of the heap. That said it was interesting to note, that it was one of our star player from last yea, that got the wooden spoon this time – don’t think though the same guy will have many sleepless nights over it….

  10. Hard to t parsons hope will be back soon mayo will hopefully beat tyrone is any of ye going to croke park on Sunday to the kiltane match who will win it?

  11. Yeah Joe Mc, your right there, its amazing the number of times Mayo concede goals, just when they get on top or score a goal themselves. I heard someone once say about Mayo, when they are playing well and are on top in a game, they then tend to stand back and admire their own play. Rather than just pushing on until the end of the game. One of the Kilkenny forwards said that he doesn’t look at the score-board until half-time or full-time, when they are ahead in a game. They just keep on scoring, like what Mayo did against Galway and Donegal last year, lets hope we see some more of that this year…. Thats very tough on Tom Parsons, we all wish him a speedy recovery, hopefully he’ll be back playing again really soon, he has great potential…..

  12. Really enjoyed the game on Sunday. Another great performance. I wanted to give all concerned 9 out of 10. The improvement in this team from the game in Ballinlough was excellent. A case of not there yet but definitely going in the right direction. Kildare was the fittest team I have seen in the first week of February for a long time. Our game dropped after 20 minutes and I was surprised by the fight back in the second half. Kildare were rocked after the second goal but we did not have it in the tank to maintain our dominance. I agree the Kildare crowd are great fans to mingle with. I meet a gang from Sarsfields and Allenwood, and we had good craic. They thought we were finished at half time, so it was nice to watch them sweat at the end of the game. Roll on Sunday. Here#s wishing Tom Parsons a speedy recovery to full fitness.

  13. Really sad for Tom Parsons, a continuous run of injuries must be very dispiriting and another now when he seemed to be on the way back. Hope it is a quick recovery.
    Regards Croke Park and the rent for using it as a home venue I quite agree with you Willie Joe. After all Dublin are spared the cost of developing their own home ground wile the whole country has helped develop Croke Park. The recent redevelopment did not involve clubs contributing financially but past developments did. Not many will recall the Ceannaras development in the 1970’s which every club in the country was levied for. It was demolished to make way for the new Hogan Stand

  14. On the ratings poll/issue, I voted no but I think Roger Milla’s proposal on the previous thread is an excellent one and it prevents any chance of dunce status or the severe slating witnessed after Sept 22nd last.
    MaighEo ABú

  15. hope tom parsons is back soon , but what a great chance for jason gibbons to push on and show us how good he is,

  16. Agreed. How ironic and “Irish” is it that the wealthiest county board in the country with the biggest sponsorship deal also has the smallest bills!!!
    It’s time Croker started charging the Dublin county board for the use of it’s facilities. We can’t use one of the back training pitches at MacHale Park because Mitchels don’t own it yet the Dubs (with a shed load of AIG money) can use Croker free of charge!!! If the Dubs were charged, some of that money could filter down to county boards and clubs to help clear their debts and loans.

  17. Pity about Parsons but when he comes back and after some training he will have fresh legs for the later games of the Championship. If we tightened up our defence then Sunday’s performance bodes well for us. I say no on the player ratings, a bit unfair on the players who are making an honest effort.

  18. Supposing Keith Higgins was brought back to his old position, (he is one of the best attacking corner backs in the country) and Jason Gibbons got CHF; would that not be very interesting???

  19. Yeah, you’d also wonder did that spur Jason Gibbons on, when Tom Parsons was selected ahead of him, even though Gibbons was in the squad for the last few years. He seemed like he really wanted to make a statement, when he came on. Hopefully he can keep up that good form now…… I was also just wondering, how would Kevin Keane get on at CHB. Maybe swap Shane McHale back into corner-back then. Keane’s biggest problem seems to be getting isolated one on one. If he was playing CHB, he would have more support around him. Remember he did score a great point against Donegal, when coming forward from the back. It might be worth taking a chance on him there. Although his lack of pace might go against him there too. I know he has played in mid-field before, for his club but am not sure if he ever played CHB.

  20. Yeah, fair enough, but watching Gibbons he was fired up and really wanted to go forward, got a great goal and is big. Remember Keith was always a success at corner back and ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. Who would Shane McHale replace?

  21. I think you need to be very mobile at CHB. Pace ad stamina are a big asset as well. I think Keane has the stamina. not sure about the pace. Might be worth a try. I’d worry about if his man got inside him though. Was shown up against Paul Mannion last year. Where is his preferred position.

    Not that that should make much difference. was listening to Paul Galvin on today FM yesterday evening and his preferred position was in the 1/2 back line. But he was converted to 1/2 FW for the county.

    Turned out to be a master stroke for Kerry.

  22. Yeah Joe Mc, I know what you mean about Jason Gibbons too, I seen another poster mention about him playing a role like Paul Flynn plays for Dublin on the half-forward line. He is well able to score, he scored a beauty when he came on against Donegal in the 2012 final. It would be no harm to try him on that line anyway, as he’s not really your typical mid-fielder type, like Barry Moran, Aidan O’Shea and Seamus O’Shea. Now’s the time for experimentation!……. In relation to Kevin Keane, I meant for the next game, swapping him with Shane McHale. Shane McHale started at no. 6 against Kildare and Kevin Keane was no. 2. So maybe just for the next game play Keane at no. 6 and McHale at no. 2. Keane is kinda in the last chance saloon at the moment so maybe just try something different with him, in one of the upcoming games. I’d actually be in the same camp as you too, Joe Mc, in relation to Keith Higgins. I’d prefer to see him corner-back in the long run but again at this time of year its no harm to try him up front. I think the last 10 or 15 minutes of a game would be the time he could do some more damage up front, when your chasing a game…… Yeah JPM, Paul Mannion really skinned Kevin Keane for that goal alright, in the league semi-final. I suppose his build would be similar to Donal Vaughan so as I said, even just for the lad himself, a change might be good for him….

  23. The elephant never forgets. Now if Mike Ashley the Newcastle owner gets Elverys , finally the marriage of those old maudlin romantics from the 1950s Mayo and the Toon will be complete.

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