Some news from our side for a change

Tyrone have been hogging the media all week – making rather large asses of themselves in the process – and, as a number of you have already noted, it’s been good fun to let them at it while we quietly continue our prep away from the spotlight. There’s some news, though, from our side of the fence today – which I think is the first news story in the nationals about us all week – with some quotes from James Horan that must have been imparted at the media night the other evening.

The quotes are in this piece in the Irish Independent where James goes out of his way to rubbish any notion that all the noise about Tyrone in recent days (a lot of which they stoked up themselves with their ridiculous Fact! Sheet) will have any impact on how Maurice Deegan will ref Sunday week’s semi-final between us. James had this to say on that point:

Maurice Deegan is reffing and I don’t think anything that is said in the papers or at media nights is going to influence him. He is his own man and will ref it as he sees fit. I don’t think there is any fear.

James then went on to talk in a rather knockabout fashion about the difference in attitudes to the reffing of hurling compared to Gaelic football and the levity continued when he made this observation about the big ball game:

Gaelic football is a mad game. There are 28 guys running around the field in peak physical condition. There are going to be bangs and bashes and wallops. I don’t think any team, or any team that I have been involved with, goes out intentionally to make sure that they stop people first before they start playing.

He then goes on to pour some more oil on troubled waters with his take on the cynicality debate:

Cynical fouling is a buzz word at the moment. It is not something that has developed in the game in the last 10 years – it is there since the day dot. If you look at ‘TG4 Gold’ you’ll see what the definition of sledging is. It’s just the game is more analysed now.

There are a few clever layers of meaning hidden in that last quote, I reckon. Or maybe that’s just me seeing it as some kind of deep sports psychology game that’s being played.

Maybe it’s best to leave that one hanging there. Elsewhere, the Hogan Stand have a report based on a story in the Western People in which County Board Chairman Paddy McNicholas calls on Mayo supporters not just to turn up at HQ on Sunday week but to do so in good time as well so that the minors’ feel the love as the seniors. He has a point, you know, though seeing as I live less than half an hour from Croke Park I guess it’s easy for me to preach on this particular topic.

I know that Terry Reilly of the Irish Examiner was tweeting last night about “good injury news for Mayo” in today’s paper but the clever newshounds in that organ haven’t put this story online as yet. However, I’m not going to be heading to the newsagents any time soon today so, unless anyone else knows something about it, this one may have to wait for a bit longer.

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  1. That good news is at the end of the Gormley article – and the news is that Mickey C is fit and well. There’s also some not-so-good news, in that both regular goalkeepers are still out:

    Meanwhile Mayo manager James Horan expects corner-forward Mickey Conroy to be fit for the game.

    However, the news isn’t so good on the goalkeeping front where David Clarke’s hamstring injury remains a long-term problem with his deputy Kenneth O’Malley also a doubt.

  2. I think Horan has being very clever the way he handles the media and getting his point across subtle but effective

  3. Thanks Tubberman – I scanned through that piece quickly but too quickly as it turned out! I thought it probably was about Mickey Conroy and it’s great to get confirmation on this.

  4. Thats fecken fantastic news. 20 mins to go, another man to bring off the bench that tyrone have to worry about.
    Not saying its going to be easy, but logic would dictate that we should win this one. We just have so many players who can win dirty ball and scores coming from so many places, barring a catastrophic series of injuries or a referring performance to bate all, we should win.

    When people talk about hype, hype to me is a blind view that your team is going to win, when you really dont have a clue or the facts dont stack up to say they will.
    We were hyped in 2006 when we got carried away by the Dublin victory and didnt really think about how we could logically beat Dublin.
    This team is different because, the stats between the two teams show that Mayo should win by a few points. the stats in sports dont lie, but you can never rule out injuries or a crazy referring decision or decisions (Pat mcEnany, you will never be forgiven). You also cant rule out bad form, but the good thing is you cant just point at one or two players and see, if he has a bad game we’re screwed. Aidoxi maybe, but even if he was operating at 70% of his Donegal performance then he’d still be enough for most other IC midfielders.
    That isnt hype or bluster its fact.
    if we get to the final, thats a different story with a different set of stats, however I think a final is a seperate game in its own right with alot that has gone before gone out the window.

    The only thing that still concerns me about Mayo, is have we learned tactically on the line. Make no mistake, thats where we lost last years final and we havent really been tested tactically since then. Have james and the boys learned and learned to react quickly if there is something unexpected that is hurting us?
    We knew about the

  5. i hear you east cork good post,

    the fact is that until mayo win another all ireland we will have to live with “hype” and also the “bottling” “choking” tags that are easy for the lazy pundits and their lazy readers unable to form their own opinions .

    i am at the stage now where i couldnt care less about the views of others , its pure tunnel vision now , coming out of the all ireland last year i knew we would be back , if we lose on sunday i will be heartbroken beyond belief as this year is a massive chance, but i as long as james horan stayed on i would expect us to launch another big challenge next year, three semi finals in a row with three connacht medals in the arse pocket is some achievement , we are in an ” all ireland cycle “

  6. east cork exile,
    You have raised some interesting points but I believe the Donegal game showed where, tactically at least, there has been an improvement. OK, the decision to switch Higgins was leaked but the tactic still worked a treat. Also, the way our defenders man-marked their front 2 (tigerishly in the case of Barrett) but we also held 2 more unmarked in a central positions around 30 to 40 yrds out as defensive cover. Depending which side the Donegal attack was coming from, one of the defenders went to meet it and the other held his position to prevent a diagonal ball across. Also, the way our lads “passed off” the Donegal players from one to another as they were running through displayed great on-field communication. Finally, our forwards really pushed up on the Donegal backs to prevent Durkan kicking short kick-outs when they knew they were beaten at midfield.
    These little instances of on-field and in-game intelligence and communication are the inches that are going to take us over the line this year.
    Hon Mayo.

  7. I am a big fan of Micky Conroy but think we will realistically be looking more for his worth for final if we get there.

    We havemade great progress this year but it s enough. If we beat Tyrone could we beat the winners of Kerry?Dublin. That would be a huge ask but lets deal with Tyrone first.

    People saying we will win by 12/15 points are extremely foolish bordering on mad in my view. Tyrone will be dogged and will use defensive tactics. O Neill and Kavanagh are serious footballers and we will not have the dominance at midfield we had against a tired Donegal team coming off defeat not victory like Tyrone.
    Believe what you like. I think we will win…just. A point will do.
    Going in cock a hoop is handing an advantage to Tyrone. I hate over confidence -12/15 points? Is that not overconfidence fom supporters who leave Croke Park often humiliated. Its madness.
    There is a huge difference between hope,confidence,over confidence,and arrogance.
    Im confident but things must go right. Take it down a notch lads. Lessons can be hard learned.

  8. A lot of people mainly other countries seem to forget that we didn’t bottle last years final.Jaysus i was so proud of lads even with the loss.Having seen Mayo teams play in finals since 96 last year was the first we performed and could held their heads high and i didn’t have to go burning my jersey 🙂 however i was still depressed for about a month.i didnt talk to the missis for 2 days.This year in hoping to be celebrating and not to sober up for a week.what we can say for sure is we are in a semi final.We have a team and bench .We have performed in our last match.If we do the same Sunday week we will beat Tyrone i have no doubt.

  9. The opening quarter of championship games have never been as important as they are now. If we get an early run on Tyrone like we did against Galway and Donegal, that will force them to come out and play and I think we will be comfortable. If Tyrone can keep it tight for the first 20 minutes or build up an early lead we will have a tough game on our hands.

    I am heartened by the form lines though. Comparing our result and performance against Donegal to theirs (six point defeat v game over at half time) and likewise comparing our result and performance against Roscommon to theirs (two point win v game over at half time) you’d have to be hopeful that we will have too much for them unless something goes drastically wrong on the day.

    Hopefully no more injuries at this stage, we’ve already had more than our fair share this year.

  10. I am convinced some don’t know the difference between the bravado element in our support from previous set ups and genuine confidence of this set up .

    There is a major difference and maybe a lot of it comes from experience as a Mayo fan up in hq etc but I genuinely put it down to the difference in this teams attitude and this is where the supporters confidence arises from , it’s not a team with a star or a bad boy personality , it’s a squad of honest men that have an attacking system they all play their part in.It gives you such pride because they will give it their all and everyone of them will give the green and red a pound of their flesh.

    We will beat Tyrone because we are a better side and better sides win most of the time if they apply the right attitude with it .

    Again I repeat myself to anyone out there that is a Mayo supporter , get to Croke park ffs. This is the only way we can make a difference, Andy has said it, Colm Boyle also said it after the Donegal game, we do make a difference. They won’t say it but I’m near convinced these calls are related to the way Donegal roared their heros onto victory last year.Paddy mcnicholas also made the point of supporters getting in for the minor game , this will certainly give them an edge. You can have plenty of pints after, just make sure you’re in there for the young men.

  11. I think the approach by Horan to the media is again top class- low key, non confrontational but getting the point accross.

    Great news too on Conry, he may be very important yet.

    One thing on the game, I agree with the posts above about the silliness of predicting a 10-12 point win. Tyrone have been at the top or near for the last ten years. They’ll have no fear of Mayo. The Donegal game in a way was a once off. Everything went perfect for us and Donegal gave up after the 2nd goal. Mayo’s test will come if we’re a point or two down mid way through the 2nd half.

    Only then will we see has the team and JH learned from last year.

    Optimistic but realistic….

  12. Good analysis Pebblesmeller, but everything that you mention was essentially pre planned and was good pre match tactical analysis and excellent execution by the team.

    What I am talking about is how we react to when something different is thrown at us, its very difficult for players to recognise a tactical change quickly (a positional change, of course) and that has to come from the men on the line. They then have to quickly assess it and decide how to react, or indeed even if they need to react at all.
    Last year we had tactically decided that Murphy was going to roam as he had all year, putting Kev Keane on him made sense, as he is very mobile, has great speed and stamina and is “sticky”. However from the first two attacks you could see that Donegal were going for the Kerry Donaghy tactic on us and probably couldnt believe we had back on Murphy who wasnt your typical ariel gladiator full back. We didnt react to that until it was too late.
    This year, given the margin of the victories and the fact that all of the games have been over at half time pretty much, I think its fair to say we ahvent had anything thrown at our line “on the fly” as they say. So I think its a question that is still unanswered.

    For example, if I was Mickey Harte I’d name Sean Cavanagh at midfield and then switch him in full forward, all kick outs would go out the wings (stretching our midfield) with a man running off the primary receiver of the kick out whos job it would be to recieve a quick pass while running torwads goal and lash an accurate 40 yarder into Kavanagh. The other forwards would be on decoy runs to give him space or timing it to get on breaking ball. Have we prepared for that kind of tactic OR if it was thrown at us would we know how to react. I have confidence in Cafferky, but what does he do if say Cavanagh goes into one of the corners and Stephen O’Neill is in at full forward and decides to go out to give Cavanagh more space. Does Cafferky follow him? Then you’ve arguably got no-one to go up in the sky with Cavanagh. Hes in such form this year he could have 2 goals bagged before we’d know what was going on.
    Sorry to give you all sleepless nights 🙂

  13. Interesting analysis east cork exile.I do think that o neill will play further out the field than he has of late.not sure if he has the pace but they might give him a run for 50 minutes.I take your point about Cavanagh even though i cant see that happening. but if they do put cavanagh in full forward i think we could do handle him.Donegal tried knocking ling calls into their forward line 2 weeks ago and as far as i recall we won most of them and in fact i remember ger caff coming out after winning a high ball with Michael Murphy.Another thing is for Tyrone to get the ball into Cavanagh which will not be easy.their build up play from back line has being slow and laboured .If they do that against us they will get turned over.Cavanagh likes being out the field being free and creating havoc.he wont get a free reign next Sunday Young harte on his day is a good footballer and if he is on form he will play fuck .One big difference between us and Tyrone is we have leaders all over the pitch. Tyrone have one maybe two .They need to be kept quiet.I don’t think it will be a hammering but i do think 6 maybe 7 points we WILL win by

  14. [Deleted]. Kevin Keane is not a mobile back, very slow, cant turn quickly, as was shown in last years all ireland, i think horan knows that aswell, how many games has he started this year in backs. Zero. Tom Cunniffe is 10 times better playing in backs, has pace, can read the game and can make runs from defence.

    I was looking at Mayos bench, and they can put on 4 top subs who will score.

    Carolan. I like this lad as hes a trier and can score, good engine in him and never say die attitude.
    Varley. Can score at least 2 points if brought on as an impact sub.
    Conroy. Great player who can score, i hope he gets 20 minutes against tyrone if hes not starting against him.
    B. Moran. Great midfielder and an option if we want to flood the midfield and work hand passing as an option b.

  15. All (and in particular in this instance achillmanindublin) – I’m getting more than a little hacked off by commenters who think it’s okay to have a go at others when posting responses. The rule is very clear – play the ball, not the man/woman. Disagree all you like with each other but please stick to the point of disagreement and avoid making personal digs. I’ve adopted a fairly hands-off approach of late and would like to continue doing so but as this is an increasing trend I’m getting ever closer to the point of deleting entire comments from individuals who cross this rather obvious line. If anyone is in any doubt about what’s allowed and what isn’t then please read and take note of the house rules – here.

  16. WJ, is one of the house rules that I am allowed not to agree with the CHC Gormley decision no matter how many times MO2013 tries to convince me I am wrong?

    By the way, that’s a joke MO2013.

    Hon Mayo.

  17. Sean cavanagh will play midfield, no question. He wins a ball and 5 seconds later he’s shooting after taking a give and go pass. Done it numerous times against monaghan, stop those runs and you are halfway to beating them. Forget about 10 or 15 point wins, a couple of points would be just fine and keep the big performance for when its needed. September.
    I am happy to hear conroy is well again, he would be a tough customer for a tiring defender to hold.
    This is one Mayo can win but sport being sport a team can have a flat day too and make us look like clowns.

  18. I agree with achill man about Cunnife/Keane.

    I also think that Horan was a very cool in the way he handled the media, but then again i probably haven’t a neutral bone in my body (does anyone on this bog?).

    Good to see Mikey Conroy back. I think its important that we get off to a good start, like Declan said. A goal from C. O’ Connor or any of the boys inside 10mins would do just fine.

  19. Very very good statements from James about Maurice Deegan been his own man who will not be influenced by external goings on and all that.. it is hugely important that Maurice allows the game to flow the next day and not be blowing up for every little thing and hand out early yellow cards.. Mayo have evolved over the past few years and now have a more physical steely edge which when combined with the natural talent we’ve always had makes us the formidable force we now are. We have a stronger, fitter and more talented bunch of players than Tyrone (Fact) and IMO they only way they have a chance of beating us on the day is by acting up at the contact (ie, throwing themselves to the ground, holding their head in their hands etc.,) so that key mayo players are sent to the stands early..

    Brilliant.. 28 guys running around the field.. sure there’s bound to be the odd bang, bashes and wallops.. James is playing the whole thing down which is exaclty what is needed.. we will meet Tyrone on our terms and run them ragged.. Jaysus I cant wait..

  20. Has there ever been a longer build up to a game, our nerves will be gone by Sunday week. I am expecting a big challenge from Tyrone, it will be a result we will have to grind out. 4 or 5 point margin, no more. I agree with some other posters, very confident but very cautious. Finger nail transplant needed by the end of September hopefully.

  21. Mayo forever

    My thoughts exactly.Im knackered just thinking of it.
    For a diversion putting a few bob on Mayo/Limerick double!

  22. I know the feeling Mayo Forever, I have to temper my excitement otherwise I would be a nervous wreck by Saturday evening.
    9 more sleeps.

  23. Mayo Forever, whatever about the finger nails, you’re spot on with your assessment of the match. Like you I’m expecting a very tough and physical match with Tyrone doing what they have to do to win the match and anyone who thinks it will be easy better think again. These guys have been around the block to many times and know a thing or two about grinding out a result, I’m not saying Tyrone will win but you can bank on one thing, they will go down fighting. Anyway it should be a great match and assuming we come through it with a bit to spare, should give us a great boost going into the final…..

  24. 9 more sleeps pebblesmeller? That sounds like an eternity .If i was in college it would be sound i could be occupied for most of day.As it stands i have too much time on my hands.Anyway great turn out at the Achill GAA pitch for the 24 hour walk in aid of the Irish cancer society.If anyone around pop lend your support.Will be on till 7pm tomorrow evening.

  25. You couldn’t be walking in a better spot or for a better cause. Sweeneys for the choc ices and Teds for the porter!!

  26. I think we are forgetting that, on the injury front it’s good news and bad news.

    The Connaught Telegraph reports this week that Tom Cunniffe hasn’t trained since the Donegal match, and that a decision won’t be made on him until next week.

    The same paper reports that Clarke and O’Malley have resumed light training, but are not likely to feature in the semi final.

    The Connaught also reports on the positive situation surrounding Conroy.

    The Cunniffe injury is a worry; there is no doubt that Barrett had a stormer against Donegal, but you can’t have too much cover. I noted that James Burke did not feature on the subs list in that match; that’s according to the programme, but I think those lists can be taken with a pinch of salt, viz Mark McHugh (28) making a surprise! appearance for Donegal.

  27. I wouldn’t go into Sweeney’s unless it was absolutely necessary! Haven’t enough room to swing a cat.

  28. Have to agree with you Mayo mchale, my head tells me we’l be grand, probably win comfortably but theres a devil on my shoulder whispering in me ear reminding me how dirty Tyrone can be and they wont go down quietly. We need every man woman and child from home and away to fill as many seats as possible and like others were saying be in early for the minor match as well and give them all the support they need and deserve. Envy the people that arent suffering the nerves i am, tis bad for the heart so it is

  29. Here is a question lads.How would ye sum up the standard of football so far in this years championship compared to say last year and year before? Normally i can tell how good the standard is overall but this year is different and i was trying to think why and i came up with this answer.Every championship i can remember there have being teams in it or that Mayo would have came up against and of coarse my heart always says Mayo even though sometimes my head would say the opposition is better.This year and its not bravado or over confidence I cant honestly say there is a team left in championship that are any better than our lads.I can back this up by performances of all 4 teams left.Dublin in last 3 games i felt were there for the taken.i thought if Monaghan played as they did against Donegal they would have beat Kerry.Kerry had a soft game and they still looked less than impressive.Tyrone were nearly beat by Roscommon.Roscommon lads? Meath i thought could have given Tyrone a better game and indeed prob should have won only for Cavanagh pulling down the Meath lad.Some probably dont have sympathy for a he royal county.Louth people to name just one county Anyhow i think Mayo gave looked the most impressive in my opinion ok you can say our performance against London was poor.But i believe comparing us in a logical and realistic way i think our lads have performed the best out of the 4 teams left and hence making it difficult for me to asses just how good the standard of football is this championship.Not sure if anyone agrees or indeed understand what in trying to get across.But the bottom line here is we have logic behind our believe and i think if people are being honest with themselves they feel the same compared to in the past where it was more hope.

  30. I don’t think the standard has been a high as other years. I could probably count on one hand the amount of good close contests this summer and how many players have really stood out? From a Mayo point of view they have played as well as i ever seen however the self doubt is still in the back of my mind as to how they will react when they are faced with close contest.

    In regards to Tyrone they only beat Monaghan,Meath, Roscommon (all teams from div 3 this spring) by 2pts their most impressive win was against Kildare away however they hadn’t recovered from the heavy defeat v Dublin, on that form Tyrone are unlikely to cause upset. On the other side of the draw it’s the clash of GAA heavy weights plenty are tipping the DUBS however it’s never wise to write off Kerry and think their forwards will have plenty of joy against Dublin back line thats anything but watertight.

  31. Like a freshly painted high gloss bank front door, I can still smell and taste the defeat of 96. 96 was the only All Ireland final (in my living memory) that Mayo competeted in that they deserved to win.In the aftermath, the snide undignified comments about “Nice guys finish last” still gnaw in me. Yes I do have issues. That’s the price I pay for supporting my county, my beloved red and green.

    Emotions run high, things are said and unsaid and said again. All of us in here yearn for the same thing, that yet unfelt euphoric moment when the final whistle blows and Mayo are crowned, The All Ireland Champions. i never openly cried when my Father passed away but I feel it bubbling inside of me when I dare to dream about Mayo winning on the penultimate day, when October looms over September.

    The for sale sign is in the same hole in our front lawn, the same hole my Father put the flag pole in each and every year. Mam standing at the front door watching on. ‘Is she straight Mam, He’d call out to here, Is she flying straight.” All gone now.

    My uncle Mick died when I was away. Before I went to visit his grave in Straide on a raw and windy January day, I asked my Aunt Nancy where Mick was buried. “You’ll know, Nancy reponded egnimatically, “You’ll know” I walked up the slow incline, passed the low stone wall and opened up the rusted gate. Sure enough I heard him before I saw him. The sound of the Mayo flag flapping in the wet wind. A lonely sound. Mick lay underneath. All gone now.

    For the old man in 97, making the long walk down The aisle of The Irish Cultural Centre,aided by a younger version of himself. A confused look in his eye, the eye where a trapped tear finally leaked. All gone now.

    For all of them. I want to rip that door from its hinges and burn the living shite out of it and walk on through.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  32. In terms of Bomber Liston’s ‘analysis’ of Mayo in the indo today, while I’m guessing most posters will agree that it is lazy, clichéd, rubbish, I’m actually happy enough that we’re continuing to be written off in this manner for no reason other than that we are Mayo.

    I believe we will beat Tyrone (as does he) and I believe we can win the AI if we get any bit of fortune at all over the next few weeks, but a bit of cute hoorism here might be no harm at all – let the likes of the Bomber build the others up as much as they like, the more the pressure, focus and expectation is taken away from us, the better the position I think we’ll be in.

  33. For anyone who wants to see the Bomber’s erudite analysis of the last four, it’s here.

    He’s so right, you know – without a marquee forward (say, a lad who could score 3-3 off the bench in the Connacht final and then stick 3-4 to the All-Ireland champions – and none of those goals palmed into the net either like they were allowed do in the Seventies) we haven’t a chance. What we wouldn’t give for a Paul Mannion (taken off against Cork the last day) or a Bernard Brogan (didn’t score from play against Cork despite numerous chances) … Let’s face it, lads, we’re only there to make up the numbers, haven’t played anyone yet, can always be relied on to flop when push comes to shove, [insert your own cliche here] …

  34. Ah Joe Ruane I’m balling my eyes out here !!! Great post . everyone that loves Mayo can relate to that We all want to knock down that door just once just once .

  35. Jesus Joe that piece just finished me off altogether,wj you need to shut down the site…we will all be emotional wrecks come Sunday…LOL

  36. Liston says Dublins defence is sound.Well they didn’t look that sound to me especially under the high ball.and they certainly haven’t seen the wow factor from Dublin since the league .So i don’t know think its not the real picture.

  37. Well spoken Joe, well spoken.

    Re: Liston’s Mayo have no marque forward – regardless of whether we do or not, Tyrone won 2008 without a natural marque forward. Instead they had 10 scorers in the final. Every other year though in the last decade has had a marque forward – Cooper, Brogan, Murphy, Goulding (0-9 in their final, pity about his subsequent cruciate), Canavan, McConville, Joyce.

  38. Holy god Joe, great post, it means so much to the Mayo faithful , I often wonder is it just a Mayo thing ,the way we are just stone mad about the county team.

    When you mentioned the grave with the Mayo flag, it was only last week I was walking past the graveyard in Kilmovee and seen several green and red flags flying from different graves. There is definitely something unique about supporting Mayo.

  39. Ahh grand ! I’m much more comfortable now ,thank God for Eoin Liston,putting a bit of normality our way. I can relax now and enjoy the week knowing the old order has been restored and were back in our box.

  40. Joe Ruane, a beautiful piece that we can all relate to, so full of emotion and spoken from the heart –

    “burn the living shit out of that door and walk through” – Joe I love it !

  41. Lovely written piece Joe.I think i will for sure share tears with so many other Mayo folk if we can go all the way.

  42. Hi,

    Going of topic. May I ask what section Cairdre Maigh Eo members got their tickets for? In section 302 myself lower cusack. Thought it would be a bit more central.

  43. Delighted to read the Bomber’s piece in the indo today!! Not only that but the headline on the front page of the paper saying we haven’t the firepower to do it.


    I’m sick of reading how great we are! The unstoppable juggernaut etc etc! C’mon Mayo many years are we reading about how great we are in the national media in mid August!?? 96 after Kerry, 04 after Tyrone, 06 after the dubs… I welcome all the praise in the world but only when we have the cup in our hands. Then and only then should this souped up ‘praisefest’ begin.

    Key players from the other remaining teams have All Ireland medals to their name. they have proven themselves worthy of the praise. Until we win it we are the same as every other team who fails to win. Until then, we have not proven a thing.

    Ps: nice writing Joe.

    Pps: I do think there’s an element of ‘building up the jacks’ by Liston, but I’d say most ‘pundits’ wud put the Dubs top of the pile at the moment. And I agree that we haven’t been tested.

  44. Just as I thought I was keeping it together your man Joe went writing that! I’m not usually emotionally hit over a piece of writing but that, that was something else. Fair play Joe.

    8 more sleeps.

  45. The piece written by Eoin Liston has raised an interesting point.. I would counter his argument with the following.. every All Ireland wining team has brought something different to the championship (be it good or bad) or has been able to adapt quicker/better to an ever evolving rules set-up. This can be marque forwards, blanket defences, swarm tackling, sweeprs etc., but it has also to be combined with a group of talented players (not always the most talented but a group who can apply that winning system).. and most of all.. that little bit of LUCK..

    What Eoin and co don’t realise (and the longer they don’t I hope the better) is that Mayo are bringing something different to the table this year. We have a team of players who can adopt a style of play to counter any system that is placed in front of us which potentially allows any player from 1-15 to get on the score board.. The day of over reliance on any one player or marquee forwards is gone.. you need a team of Marquee players who will die for each other to achieve the ultimate goal..

    You can make your own luck.. but by god we are surely due a little bit.. would it be too much to ask for all our players to be injury free and able to play to their maximum potential.. We’re not asking for much just the opportunity to show what a Marquee team can do.. Maigheo Abu

  46. Someone should tell the Bomber that the problem with marquee forwards is that they can be shut down by a good defender. “Star” donaghy was taken off against Cavan, hardly touched a ball due to tight marking.
    Lots of lazy journalists in the indo.
    And just because you have a medal doesn’t mean you are an expert,
    Look at brolly, pat Spillane and tony Davis.

  47. Liston is just talking shite in the Indo and trying to stir the pot. We have ten top class forwards in our side, when you consider that Jason Doherty cant make the team after his injury then you know things are going well up front. in COC we have the single most clinical forward in the championship this season.

    Let people like Liston, Brolly, Hayes etc… talk all they want about how Debin or Kerry are gonna win the all-ireland and Mayo are gonna choke again. We shall have the last laugh come September.

  48. What a beautiful post Joe R, have to admit i had lump in my throat reading that. Such a lovely tribute to your parents and uncle, so touching that you keep their spirit and happy memories alive.Its lovely to see a man express raw love and emotion, both for them and our beloved county, fair play to you..

  49. Joe Ruane. Well written. Mayo could do worse than print that out and stick it to the dressing room door and read it before emerging on to he field the next day. Nice words too by the Bomber. Just what we need. No class forward?. Having scored 13 goals so far in the championship and now heading into “the other” semi final while the real final is between Dublin and Kerry. May as well just give the thing to the dubs and their class forward Mr Cluxton. Thanks Bomber. More of the same please. Yawn.

  50. spot on toe to hand, the lack of actual technical analysis of football is shocking in the media, the only one I have any time for is Dara O’ Cinneide.
    On your point on systems, its only after a team wins it do they recognize what system they are using and then they talk about it in breathless terms as if its the greatest thing ever. Then the next year you have them thinking every other team is trying to ape it and the experts will be convincing themselves that they are.

  51. Just got back . Delighted that people got something positive from the post. Two hard shifts left and much work to be done.We definetly have the door under a savage strain. Keep the pressure on.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  52. Liston is only saying that the Dubs defense is fine because it will put more attention on them as a unit and take a bit of pressure of the Kerry forwards. He is a Kerry man after all. Nice point WJ about the hand passed goals, let them all talk their shite and let our lads do their stuff.
    As we have all said before, until we win that cursed Cup we will never be credited with anything. We will only be known as “nice footballers but chokers”. Well, chokers don’t keep coming back for more. And more. And more.
    Hon Mayo

  53. Joe you sure have stirred something inside of me and I just can’t get that fn door out of my head, you are a master of the written word.

    Jim Flag I was thinking the same thing myself, Joe’s piece should be copied and given to every member of the Mayo panel….

  54. Lads and lassies, this is why Mayo will win next week. I saw the Sam winning team all those years ago but being very young I can’t assess them.
    This Mayo team have four critical attributes that I have never seen in a Mayo team; physical strength, loads of skill, confidence, and determination to win.
    The evidence:
    1. they out-muscled Donegal, one of the biggest and toughest teams in the country. Don’t give me crap about Donegal being tired etc; Mayo hit them from the start before they were able to be tired. Remember in the league in 2012 Donegal “bullied” Mayo out of it; a quote from a paper. How things have changed.

    2. they have loads of skill as has been proven. They have a team who can score.

    3. they are supremely confident. This team played with a swagger, not arrogance. This proves they know just how good they are and are capable of beating the best, great self belief. Look how calm and relaxed they were.

    4. they are totally determined to win. They fear no team.

    Any team that Mayo meet now will have to contain them and it is very difficult to attack a team when you have to defend all over the field.
    I was one who was critical and very dubious about this team but now “I BELIEVE”.

  55. Great post Joe Mc, hate myself for those niggling doubts but your right in every word you said, thanks for reassuring this ol woman, come on Mayo!!!!!!!!!

  56. i saw somewhere that jack mccaffery of dub is fav for young player of the year cant belive it would put cillian o c ahead of him what do ye think hope mayo beat tyrone.

  57. Jack mccaffery up for young player of the year?Wtf has he done? He made a few runs up the field and scored a goal.Any gobshite can run the length of pitch if there let .Arragh lets do the talking against Tyrone and who ever we meet in final think jaysus how are we going to get the better of Mayo.

  58. Thanks for that Mayo Mchale but this mayo outfit don’t need mine or any others personal warblings. Heightened emotion is strictly a luxury for the true supporter. This Mayo team collectively need to stay focussed, train hard and be properly prepared to face the challenges ahead. I believe that the more this Mayo team can remain aloof from ‘the reality of what’s at stake” the more powerful and dominating they will become.

    Time will tell. One thing is for sure, this squad, under this leadership have the potential to go all the way and then some.

    After the last week in September and all is done, I’d be priviliged to let them know about
    rain soaked flapping flags and doors bursting through the frayed hinges of those who have etched their mark, long gone, never forgotten…

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  59. Of course Jack McCafferty is a favorite for ypoy.He has played all thro the league and has been very impressive in the championship.Cillian O Connor did not play in the league thro injury and has only played two and a half champ. games.I do not think we should be worried about individual awards just yet as we still have a very tough semi final to get through.

  60. Exactly Tom B

    Emotions r running very high here… Too much talk of September.

    U ask any Tyroneman, they think they’ll win. We have our hardest game if he year so far next Sunday. We must not play like we did for much of the Roscommon match or we’ll be in a bother.

    Time to cool the jets on the September talk…it’s foolish and serves no purpose.

    With 7 days to go its time to focus and keep tight lipped!

  61. Joe ruane,
    Words like that touch deep nerves in a lot of people, well trained athletes and fellas drinking pints alike. You really have a talent with the words.
    Well done

  62. very impressed how running up and down the pitch all day and scoring one goal how man goals did cillian o connor deserves it exp after coming back through injury.

  63. Tyrone are very confident of beating us and thats the way i like them to be. If we can replicate 75% of our performance against donegal we should win this game.

    This might seem crazy, but if this were a horse race,and predictions based on form, mayo have pulled well clear with 2 furlongs left in all of their 4 “races” and won pulling up so to speak, tyrone on the other hand have just sneaked past the line on their last 2 “races” and look a very vulnerable “horse”. Now the bookies are no fools and they seem to have placed mayo as a grade 1 horse and tyrone as a grade 3/4, and the respective odds reflect this.

    This is why i firmly beileve we will beat tyrone, it might not be a canter but we will be first past the post. We’re too good of a team our form proves that. Our players just need to keep their focus and we will be fine. We’re a different breed now, a higher class team, the bookies are scared and by god they have every right to be. C’mon Mayo!!

  64. Juan, just to draw you back to our last game against them in February which would indicate that we’re far from a higher class team…we were second best in virtually every position on the field and were deservedly beaten. They finished ahead of us in the national league table and were only narrowly beaten by Dublin in the final, unlike our comprehensive loss in the semi final. So before people start getting ahead of themselves thinking that we are somehow a different breed – you might need to think again! Tyrone are no mugs and will seek to completely spoil the play and use their well-perfected craft of cynical / off the ball fouling to disrupt the game. We will do very well to get a run on them and manage to win this certain dogfight..

  65. @45, very valid points there. I understand what your saying, im not for a second saying we are going to hammer tyrone, but i do think we will win this game. Im not being over confident, i just think we are less reliant on indivduals compared to tyrone and maybe thats what seperates us from previous mayo teams.

    With regards to your comments about the league match, i was at that game and agree tyrone wer a far more impressive out-fit on the day. But that was the league and that was february an entirely diffrent ball game. I beileve harte/gavin/McGeeney had their teams alot fitter than us and others from the out set of the league and really wanted to build confidence within there squads before the championship, it was clear to see that tyrone and kildare we’re far ahead of us fitness wise in the early spring but everyone else caught up come championship time, kildare were basically non existant (as per usual) in this years championship, yet they still bet us in castlebar in the league. I just dont think you can draw much comparisons from early league games to high octane championship matches in late august.

  66. Things have gone well for us, no doubt ,this summer, but we must keep the heads. Whatever breaks were going, we got them against Donegal. OK, you can often make your own luck, but how often have we seen us suffering in that dept. A good test against Tyrone will do us a power of good and a win by anything will be grand. Then think about the final. Confidence is a huge asset, over- concidence a huge liability. But I think this outfit ( panel and mentors ) have got things right in that regard.

  67. Juan, agree that fitness wise they had the advantage back in Feb and we are a different team now in that regard, however, they also won the tactical battle and that’s what concerns me most. They are a wily team as everyone knows. We certainly won’t fear them but we must not underestimate them and I’m sure Horan will have his homework done to keep the team fully focused and fully prepared.

  68. I agree with you Juan, re Mayo’s fitness in the league. I was at all those matches and Mayo still could have most if not all of them, even the Dublin one . We were two points and a man up but we got lazy, it was like job done , no need to work. Now for the league semi v Dublin , when we made subs it was three new lads James sent on. Hardly the actions of a man trying to win a game. He was happy to get a good workout and let the young lads play in Croke Park and get ready for Galway.
    I think James Horan wouldn’t get out of bed without thinking about it first.

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