Some stats for the New Year

Annual hits


With another year done and dusted, it’s interesting (well, it is for me at least) to look back on traffic stats on the site for the year. It’s been another amazing year in this respect with a 54% increase in hits recorded compared to 2012 (which itself saw a 97% rise relative to 2011), driving the annual hit count above the one million mark for the first time, as the chart above illustrates.

September, not surprisingly, accounted for the lion’s share of this traffic – just under 218,000 hits or 21% of the annual total were recorded that month. The busiest day was September 23rd, the day after the All-Ireland, where 13,555 hits were recorded over the course that mad, mournful 24-hour period. The quietest day all year was, predictably enough, Christmas Day, when the hit counter topped out at just 499.

Cumulative hits


In cumulative terms, the total hit count is now – as the graph above shows – closer to three million than two million, with the next significant milestone set to be reached at some point over the coming year. Providing, that is, that you lot keep swinging by this locality in the same kind of numbers.

8 thoughts on “Some stats for the New Year

  1. Great going WJ. Onwards and up for 2014!! Quietest day was “only 499” I’d be happy with them stats on my site any day!! 🙂

  2. No surprise, Willie Joe, given the quality of the site and your input into it. I don’t know of any site to compare with it from any team anywhere, club or county. Suppose it has something to do with the effort and commitment of the county teams as well.
    Onwards and upwards. Maigh Eó abú.

  3. WJ keep up the good work – much appreciated by all!

    Maigh Eó abú – did any one see the Mayo for Sam 2014 on the darts game during the week?

  4. Great stuff WJ – you’ll need to re-scale that bar chart when we finally reach the promised land – in 2014 hopefully !!

  5. Congrats WJ, truly a testament to the time and effort you have invested in this. I know it’s not an enterprise, but a labor of love for you, so not unreasonable to consider subscription at some point, just to cover op ex.

  6. Thanks Mister Mayor – a labour of love it may be (and it often feels that way) but one thing I’d never consider doing is going down the subs route. Ads would be another option, I suppose, but I’ve never felt the need to do that so far either.

    Love your suggestion for getting the material for match reports, by the way!

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