Stand up for the Mayo men – be the 16th man!

This Sunday, we don’t play Kerry, Donegal or Tyrone, we play big powerhouse COYBIB Dublin. So I have a tactical question for our supporters from Mayo. Can you sing? Can you sing and chant loudly?

Come on you boys in blue;
Come on you boys in blue
Come on come on come on you boys in blue.

Remember how it feels when that noise takes over? If a chant is good enough for the Blues it’s good enough for the Green and Red. It could be the difference in a tight game. We the supporters could be the difference. We could be a tactical addition.

Singing, chanting and shouting our team on has everything to do with tactics – when you are not on the field! It is about us being our team’s collective 16th man. Not the ref! Not that incredible noise from the Hill and everywhere else when playing Dublin.

If we were playing Kerry, Donegal or Tyrone or anyone else for that matter, I would not be making such a fuss. Those teams do not outnumber us when in Croke Park and they do not come with a massive chant and a whole section of the pitch to themselves. It is intimidating in there and I’m only a supporter.

Don’t underestimate what we as the supporters can do for our team. Mayo supporters are great supporters, possibly the best. However, as a collective, maybe we could have been more positive and vocal in our last final.

We are not normally like this. Maybe we got crippled with the fear of losing for a second year in a row. We lost by ONE point. Maybe we could have bridged that gap if only we believed and let our men on the field feel that belief and gain strength from it.

How could that second half silence not have a bearing no matter how small?! A point!! How could this silence, contrasted to “Come on you boys in blue”, not matter to the players on the pitch?! Maybe an easy, happy chant would have gotten the disheartened supporter like me up and going again. “Mayo Mayo Mayo” is perfect against anybody but Dublin in the big matches who must have the most vocal supporters of any team.

So I ask you to support this chant. Stand, roar and cheer as normal when the team enter the pitch. Stand and sing “Stand up for the Mayo Men” when they sit for the team photo.

Sing it during the match, especially when it’s needed. When such a simple and catchy chant is sung by many together it will be powerful and will help our Mayo team silence the damn Hill.

How could it not give our lads that little extra they need? Always fine margins!! A great man we all know once said “We are Mayo and we are in this together.”

Make that team photo a winning one!

Stand up for the Mayo men;
Stand up for the Green and Red;
Stand up for the Mayo men;
Stand up for the Mayo men!

Go West with Sam Maguire;
Go West with Sam Maguire;
Go West with Sam Maguire;
Go West with Sam Maguire!

Watch the kids in my old school at Rathbane National School, Bofeenaun sing it:

Another version:

Mayo for Sam! Up Mayo!

50 thoughts on “Stand up for the Mayo men – be the 16th man!

  1. Jaysus, the Hill wont know whats hit it.

    Sinead. Fair play to you for organising this.

    I just wonder will our crowd take to it at such short notice. Some might stick with the traditional “Mayo Mayo” chant. Others might go with this. What we cant have is a split. Every Mayo person in there on the day has got to be singing from the same hymn sheet (literally).

    Can we get everybody on board in the next 5 days? Top marks for your efforts.

  2. Sinead, thanks for the reminder about the chant.
    Well that’s not too hard to remember, is it?
    I’m not normally in favour of bringing things from soccer into Gaelic games but when I hear the chant I will join in. You can be assured of that!
    Maigh Eo go deo!

  3. Sinead you are a marvel and well done again and again WJ for recognising the value of what Sinead has to offer. I had planned to set up here at home for this match for particular reasons but now I think I’ll shake me self and go foraging for a ticket.I could see from the very first moment Sinead mentioned her plan that she was onto a winner and that it will be. With the help of someone who has my ticket I’ll be there in whatever section or platform or outside whichever pub to add my hoarse swacks to the proceedings. I can hear it from here ….. Jeeeeez!!!!..what a sound!!!
    Come on the Green and Red!!

  4. Thanks be to God. We have a chant. I like it. Am I right in saying it is from the song Go West. How appropriate. I seem to remember the term ” together” being used. Yes it was the Pet Shop Boys. Well if we get together behind “Stand up for the Mayo Men” I can certainly see Sam going west. Well done Sinead

  5. Thats great Sinead

    can Midwest get this on the airwaves and can we get a signal to get it going on the day?
    after all their efforts the team deserve at the very least to hear the appreciation on the big day.

  6. It’ll be hard to match the intensity of the Rathbane pupils (& my two future MayoRoosters!),I just fear the high percentage of Johnny come lately / bandwagon fans who don’t wear ANY green & red won’t bother with this; they’ll be too bothered muttering their observations to a complete stranger beside them!…you know the type!
    Hopefully there’ll be enough genuine fans to make it work on Sunday …& long term!

  7. Hate to burst anybodies bubbles but do ye realise that is a tune started by the Dublin fans that has been used at Ireland’s soccer matches too? (stand up for the boys in blue/green. Sit down for the boys in blue/green and everybody takes their shoe off and waves it around).

    Even if it is heard throughout the stadium, it will sound as if Dublin are singing it.
    Sure noise is noise anyway so no matrer what kind of roaring and screeching Mayo fans do, make sure the palyers on the pitch know it’s coming from us.

  8. It was hard to be vocal with some of the earlier games. Especially Westmeath and Tipp.

    If our boys get our `mojo` back I think we can out shout anyone.

    I think Kerry oddly enough that Kerry have given us the template. It will have to be a

    “full court press” And very aggressive but within the rules of engagement. If we let

    these boys in blue get into their rhythm we`re sunk.

  9. I absolutely applaud your enthusiasm and drive to implement this, however I’m being pragmatic here, chants and songs come from a culture of vocal support for teams, it starts small and follows on and eventually grows. No county outside the pale really has this culture. It’s not something you just roll out on all Ireland final day and expect it to work. But hey if I hear it starting I’ll join in, but it’d be more beneficial long term to start these things in a group during the league and over time!

  10. Sinead.

    I’m in!!!!

    It’s been going through my head all morning. We need to get it on the airwaves, up for the match etc…

    Can someone do a recording? andrea bocelli style!

    Jim McGuiness has nailed it in his article this morning.

  11. Well I must have a read of that, seeing as he is supposed to be on with us on a consultative basis since the semi I hope he hasn’t given away whatever game plan has been put together

  12. Jim mcguinness gets the pulse racing today in the times, jaysus let me out of here and let it be Sunday!!

  13. I predicted a couple of weeks back that a media row back to mayo would begin this week and all the talk of a Dublin forgone conclusion would start to be eroded. I think it will be 60:40 against by Sunday and thats about fair.

    This is good news for Mayo overall i think…

    Looking forward to Sunday big time. First 10 minutes will be vital in this game i think. If Mayo just keep it level in that period then its game on.

  14. proposal for a song by the way….

    why not the darts tune…really addictive and gets people going.

    dah, dah, dah,….etc….ect……MAYO! Can’t understand why it has taken on for a lot of counties before. Would be very easy to get others join in too!

  15. If this is true that JmcG is on board with the since the semi-F, well, it can only be nothing but good judging by the way he has gotten me fired up on Tues morning from just reading a newspaper article!!


  16. Sinead,

    Well done I think it’s a great idea. Keep the focus going and don’t let the pessimists out there get to you.

    Lookit The Dubs on the Hill for all their hype and Mass in numbers have only the one real song as I see it COYBIB and they do go quiet during spells especially when it’s not going their way.

    Let’s take them on with this. It doesn’t matter Erris Head if it sounds like Dublin are Signing it. If we all stand up at the same time no matter where we are in the stadium all in Green and Red, there will be no doubt that its coming from us.

    Also can everyone bring a flag and wave it like mad we also need a Hugh visual presence that the team can see. Remember Donegal they had all those flags and we looked out numbered big time that year.

    Our Colours when we are not together in large numbers seem to disperse easily. I think it’s the darker shade of green that causes the problem.
    I think the Portugal Red and Green stands out more dominantly than ours. Something Mayo Co. Board & Eleverys need to look at the next time our jersey changes – make either the Red or Green more vibrant.

    So let’s all stand up no matter where we are and create that mass.

    We owe it to our team so get the Red and Green colours to be seen, not just the piece of wool you see around the neck sometimes.

    Bring a flag and shout like never before
    “Stand up for the Mayo Men”

    Thanks Sinead.

  17. Hi all there’s a great buzz here on this forum all week full of positivity and belief that we could just do it this time.

    Right worst case scenario what if we lose ,will it be any different than any other loss? Well I’ll be like a bear with a sore head for a couple of days, well pissed off ,but I’d say by the weekend most of the bad feeling will be gone.
    So for me it wouldn’t be any worse than any of the other day we came up short, in other words i feel we have nothing to loose, we are completely written off by most people outside the county.

    I want to tell a story i told here before a long time ago when this blog was but a pup!

    After the time of the Peace Process in the North we decided to go up North to visit Armagh (which is a City no bigger than Ballinrobe! ).
    The first night we were in the hotel we headed for the leisure centre which had a fantastic gym.
    After a swim we were leaving we came around a corner in a corridor and there in all his glory ,built like a brick shit house was Kieran Mc Geeney.
    Straight away ,being star struck to see such a legend of the GAA world, i shook his hand and told him what an honour it was to meet him and what a great ambassador he was for Gaelic Games.I could see he was a bit taken aback so i added that i was from Mayo and I wasn’t sure if we would ever win the All Ireland having just lost 04 and 06.
    He said ‘We never thought we’d win it ‘ !!

    Now Mayo 2016 remind me very much of the Armagh team of 2002 .They were there or thereabouts for a good few years not quite good enough but in that 2nd half, after Joe Kernan showed them his runners up medal and asked them was that the medal they wanted ,they came out and beat Kerry after beating Dublin in the semi.

    Sometimes the team that you would think God Almighty couldn’t beat can be beaten on the day.Remember Galway in 2001 ,Meath had destroyed Kerry in the semi ,they were unbeatable according to all and sundry, Galway destroyed them in the final.

    I’ll finish with an interesting statistic, the last time the double double, league championship league championship was won was 1932 the year my father was born.

    I think we just might do it this time if most of our men come out and play without fear whether it be fear of winning or losing. This is our best chance so far.

  18. Cool Sinead. I’ll be ready to join in on that one.

    Also, how about this old one during the game?

    “I say boom boom boom let me hear u say Mayo..

    I say boom boom boom now everybody say Mayo..

    Strong and catchy no?

  19. Let this be your guiding principle between now and Sunday, courtesy of Jim McGuinness:

    “Hope as nothing to do with it. Mayo have to bring a lot of things with them from the west but first and foremost is an absolute bloody-minded belief: 2016 is going to be our year because it must be our year. Sunday is going to be our day because it must be our day.”

  20. Not a good year for teams retaining their titles:

    Kilkenny lost theirs in the hurling
    Cork lost theirs in the camogie……

  21. The Jim McGuinness article in today’s Irish times is inspiring. It has me wired and pumped now and it’s only Tuesday. Thanks for retweeting it WJ.

  22. I think ( Mayo for Sam) (clap) (clap)(clap) Mayo for Sam (clap) (clap) (clap) would be something to do coming into the last ten minutes!

  23. the hype has started again, we have got to the final and the hype crowd are out, they seem to have left the paint and brushes behind this time,now the singing mob are out, now its lets get organized get our signing or chanting together, direct it towards the dub crowd and drown them out, why not climb over the barriers as well and point your fingers in the dub supporters faces, that might shut them up, now that will win the all Ireland for us, or it might not, some people watching to much soccer, by all mean let the players know the supporters are there in numbers, and the best time to do it is when they come out onto the pitch,mayo mayo mayo for ever, i guess i will get slapped for this

  24. Well it was an ulster rugby song long before it was a Dublin or Ireland soccer song.

    Hope it works out, think it just depends on if enough ppl have heard about it by Sunday.

    I hear jim mcgunness was with the team in Limerick last week. If it’s true it’s good that Rochford is so open to others opinions. We really are giving ourselves the best possible chance this year. Nothing has gone against us.

  25. Too many different chants been suggested. The prospect now of everybody going off trying to start his own chant and 3 or 4 people beside him joining in and the whole thing becoming fractured and disjointed and dying out like a damp squib. Rather than having 40,000 agreed on one chant.

    Anyway it wont matter. The result of this game is already a foregone conclusion. I know that you are only supposed to take it one game at a time but i’m already thinking ahead to our opening FBD game in January. Surely it will have to be at Mchale park to accommodate the crowd. No doubt Sam will do a lap of honour and it will be the first opportunity to see the new All Ireland champions in action. Places like Ballinlough or Bekan wont do. Mchale could be sold out actually.

    Also thinking of the Connacht championship. Others will raise their game to try and knock the All Ireland winners off their perch. However i think James Horan was right. The gap between Mayo and the rest of Connacht is growing. We have had our “off day” in Connacht in 2016 and i expect we will sail through Connacht in 2017 and indeed the next 4/5 years again. The semi final v Kerry next August is where the bid for 2 in a row could well die. Anyway we will enjoy it from this Sunday onwards.

  26. Village People were first with the tune in 1979. That’s the history lesson. Now it’s a new age.., catchy tune, short and sweet. The Blues are all on the Hill-the rest of us will be all over Croke Park Mayos and Neutrals. It will be a walkover…Well done Sinead!!

  27. Jim Flag the Stand Up Chant at this stage has taken over and most focus on it and it will build towards the weekend. It is going viral as I type. I like your forward thinking very much…keep it up! Your imagination gives me the heebeejeebees and well done you too!

  28. Well done,. Sinead… A bit of organised Razzmatazz, like ‘Stand up for the Mayo Men’ can only help our cause… Let’s stick with one chant for the match, hopefully we will all be in the humour for many songs come 5pm Sunday. Last week I think I saw that this site had over 11,000 hits a day, this week it will be even more. If that people reading the posts here, knew where you were sitting at the match Sinead, I think your enthusiasm in getting this chant going can only be infective…. So Mayo fans, where ever you are in Croker on Sunday, help Sinead out, help your team out, let’s do our bit.. We will all enjoy it once we get going! “Stand up for the Mayo Men:

  29. True, Turnip Head,
    You will get shouts of “hey, sit down, we cant see” coming from behind you. Remember some are unable to stand up due to health etc.

  30. Aye! ‘ sit down sit down sit down’. Or better still ‘ put down the f…..n thing or I’ll shove it …! ‘
    I really don’t think it ll be compulsory on anyone to do anything or even shout but maybe it might be an idea to check it out with the boss herself. Come on Sinead!!!

  31. You can sit and sing or stand and shout or stand and sing or sit and shout. The main thing is to be about,for this great chant to carry clout!!!

  32. A little tweek to the chant to make it easier to remember

    Stand up for the Mayo team,
    Stand up for the red and green

    Because it rhymes it’s easier but full credit to Sinéad.
    Hon Mayo!

  33. Any campaign like this to encourage support on the day has to be applauded.

    Whatever the chant, I think the most important thing above all is that we are persistently loud for the entire match. If the chant contains the word “Mayo” it will suffice. Let the dubs know that, just like our team, Mayo supporters will not go away.

    As mentioned by other posters, it’s also vital we load up on colour and that as many people as possible bring a flag of some description. One of the things of the 2012 final that will be forever etched in my mind was the dazzling Donegal colours when they came out on the pitch and when they got their scores. I think we were taken aback by that. We weren’t expecting it.
    If needs be, buy two or three flags if you can for Sunday and give them away to a Mayo person who has none! Fly the flags when we score and let the lads see the wall of green and red at every opportunity.

  34. It was ‘red and green’ two weeks ago but someone on Mayo Gaa banter pointed out its always ‘green and red’ for Mayo so I changed it. MWR are going to be playing it all week. Both schools versions. Will have the claremorris one added to the blog post later. It’s brilliant. Made me cry earlier! Sad. I’m trying to get the chant onto national airwaves for a plug. Can’t guarantee it will work but nothing ventured nothing gained. I have a good chance of a mention anyway. More to come.

  35. Yes I meant to say on the radio this morning colour colour colour of green and red everywhere in croke park. Lucky I remembered my own name though to be honest. I did plug this place.

  36. Sorry but will the reply chant from the dubs not be ‘stand up for the champions, stand up for the champions’ etc. etc.
    Nothing wrong with our basic ‘MAYO, MAYO, MAYO,MAYO’ chant. Just need everyone to ramp up the volume to full decibels. No excuse this year, no minors to be roaring for.
    When everyone does it together there’s no better chant and it sends a tingle all over.
    MAYO, MAYO, MAYO, MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAYO, MAYO, MAYO, MAYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Look, to be honest, while I admire the enthusiasm behind these chants and that, it’ll probably be hard to get this going. The Dubs’ chant works in the Hill, generally when they are all on their own and easier to get going as a result. The way the Mayo crowd will be scattered, it will hard to get going, particularly in an All Ireland final, as it’ll be the first time the chant will be tired. I’d imagine when it comes to it, it’ll be the old Mayo, Mayo chant.
    Which is fine.
    The fact is that this campaign will at the very least ensure Mayo people will be aware of the need to get behind the team in moments of need. So as to ensure the second half silence of 2013 doesn’t happen again. To be honest, I actually think Mayo supporters have been excellent in this regard the last few years. The second half against Kerry in 2014, the replay in Limerick, Dublin drawn match last year, Tyrone this year…. I think we’re being a little hard on ourselves in some respects. Galway this year was a bit of an anomaly alright. Still though.
    Anyway, I’ll be there roaring on as always. Roll on Sunday, this feels like the longest week ever already!

  38. Of course the hill will prob retaliate but we can give it back. Come on you Mayo boys, come on you Mayo boys, come on come on come on you Mayo boys ……

    We just got a hill ticket. What’s the plan with Mayo supporters and that? All try and go in together? I know dubs go mad to swap stand tickets for them on the day.

  39. Well done Sinead. Let’s all stand together and roar our heroes on.

    How about this as a response to COYBIB

    Sam Maguire for the Mayo Men x4

  40. Sinead, that’s a great initiative… it’s very important for the Mayo folk to really get behind this team, and afterwards regardless of result, to stay behind them. I am posting a poem that has come to mind, and resonates as the players are facing a tremendous test of character/will which hopefully they will pass with honours…

    Base Details:
    IF I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath,
    I’d live with scarlet Majors at the Base,
    And speed glum heroes up the line to death.
    You’d see me with my puffy petulant face,
    Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel,
    Reading the Roll of Honour. ‘Poor young chap,’
    I’d say—‘I used to know his father well;
    Yes, we’ve lost heavily in this last scrap.’
    And when the war is done and youth stone dead,
    I’d toddle safely home and die—in bed.

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