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  1. Hi All,
    Just a quick mention below on another Mayo legend…..a friend of mine who I attended several games with and an absolute Gent.

    Hall of Fame – Willie McGee

    Willie McGee is a native of Burrishoole, Co. Mayo and is a retired Detective Superintendent. Described as tall and strong and an ideal target at full forward. Willie won an All-Ireland U 21 medal for Mayo, beating Kerry 4-9 to 1-7 in the 1967 final replay. Willie scored 4-1 in the game and earned the nickname ‘4 goal Willie’. This feat has never been surpassed. As a result Willie was called up to the Senior panel. He won a Connaught title in 1969 and scored seventeen goals from play in senior inter-county competitions. In 1970 Willie won a National League title.
    Willie was a founder member of the reformed Garda GAA Club and was active as a player and club officer. He retired from football in 1985, but that didn’t end his sporting achievements. In 1991 he won gold in the doubles handball competition at the World Police & Fire Games and an All-Ireland football medal playing for Kildare in the over 40s competition. Willie McGee is the deserving winner of the Coiste Siamsa Hall of Fame Award for 2014.

    Well Done Willie….Regards, Martin the Dub

  2. On the night that tthree mayo men wer honoured with all stars , another head wrecker just can not stop. Conor mortimer shame on you trying to bring down a former manager. Why not tell people the reason you were dropped, until you do that keep your gob shut.

  3. Great to see. Three All Stars is not nuthin, in a very competitive season. Cillian O’C seems to go up a notch with every game – and it looks like there’s more where that came from.

  4. Was a bit harsh on the mort but he sounded really childish you don’t see keith or cillian behaving like that

  5. Well done Keith, Cillian and Colm! Three super players with great heart. They have never let their county down. I make it eight different players who have won All-Stars for us in the last 4 years. Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Aidan O’Shea, Alan Dillion, Andy Moran and Cillian O’Connor. Add to this another few players who have been very close, Seamus O’Shea, Kevin McLoughlin and Donal Vaughan. Thats a serious amount of raw talent to be working with. If we can add another few players into the mix, we should still be one of the top teams in 2015. Roll on the FBD league games!

  6. Congratulations to our allstars. Hope there’s more of you in 2015 allstars!
    I was always a fan of c mort, but, please someone tell him to stop while he’s ahead.

  7. Congrats to Keith, Colm and Cillian. And well said Martin the Dub. Congrats to the real Fourgoal as well. It’s the heros of yesteryear that inspired tonight’s heros.
    As a man from another county said recently, the production line is intact.

    Keep the Faith!

  8. Nothing but the greatest of respect for ye lads. The best in the country without a doubt. Roll on next year to hopefully add a Celtic cross to the collection!

  9. Congrats to 3 of the finest footballers to wear the red and green. Great players all and fine young men who are outstanding ambassadors for their county. And best of all not one bit of inflated ego about any of them. Hopefully next year will see them recive the ultimate award in Pairc an Chrocaigh. Maigh Eo Abu!

  10. The three lads will be a real inspiration to any player with aspirations to wear the red and green of Mayo in 2015. And if there were ever three perfect role models who epitomizes the spirit and passion required to lift us out of the doldrums after another failed attempt at landing Sam we sure have them here.

  11. Martin the Dub………Thank you for that very.nice piece on Willie McGee……..Saw him in action myself and he was great !

  12. Mayomchale
    Exactly right, and you can add in a few more of the 2014 panel as the kind you’d want the 8 year olds in mayo to model themselves on.

  13. Three well deserved recipients of these awards, nobody will say they didn’t deserve them. Leonardo Dicaprio once said of the same accolade in his trade The Oscar “it is better to not get it and have them saying that you deserved it than to have one that they say you don’t deserve” every year you have one or two dodgy ones but none of the three above, well done lads.

  14. Yeah I suppose the only question mark over this year’s All-Star team was the placing of Kieran Donaghy at no. 14, was he the best full-forward in the country this year? Was it right to move Michael Murphy to no. 11 to accommodate the big man. You’d have to say that Michael Murphy is the better all round player and you’d wonder does he feel that his All-Star award is devalued by been picked at no. 11.

  15. Wonder who will be next years mayo captain what do you think should j McCarthy have got an all star what your opinion s on it.

  16. Ah HopeSpringsEternal, you do realise gamechanger’s going to have to come back on here again now and write a mini thesis on how Star did indeed thoroughly deserve his all star.
    I agree with you by the way!

  17. Ha ha Lorrie. Cold analysis will confirm I think. The Donegal full back Lind obliterated all of the expected contenders. After that you have to deal with those on the battlefield that are still standing ,,

  18. They.are 3 of the finest footballers ever to wear the Green and Red of Mayo The entire team are an inspiration to every Mayo supporter. Well done lads. My full support as always guaranteed in the presents of such quality. Nice one to Martin the Dub. Willie 4 Goals was a hero and a legend of his time and you paid a fitting tribute to him.

  19. I see the International Rules Squad is announced tomorrow.
    Hopefully, few if any of our lads will be involved in that organised thuggery.
    Cillian already acknowledged the club will take precedence for him.
    No harm. The sooner they get rid of that stupid competition, the better.

  20. I am sure the club comes for him I hope their will win wonder who will be favs for that need I ask

  21. Let Kerry or Dublin, id pay to see diarmuid Connolly, Owen o gara, star donaghy etc try the hard man thing with Australia. If I was Connelly I’d tell my players to say no to it, it’s a bollox of a game that will only be stopped when someone from Ireland’s team gets paralyzed or worse.

  22. I was reading an interesting Article by Ronan O’Gara a while ago in the Examiner, about the way champions think like champions long before they become champions. I always think of Cillian O’Connor when you look for a player with the attributes of a future All-Ireland winner. He always seemed to have the right mentality. You could say that Colm Boyle and Keith Higgins are players who have that kind of mentality as well. O’Gara’s point was that even if you are home and hosed in a game, you should not concede a sloppy score in the last few minutes of the match etc. I remember watching Roy Keane in a game for United in Europe. United were 4 up in injury time and one of the defenders gave away a sloppy throw-in. The game was over but Keane went mad at the defender. Thats the mentality of winners. It’ll be interesting to see who our captain will be next year. Keith led us to glory in 2006 as the U21 captain under Holmes and Connelly, you’d wonder will he get the nod again to try and do the same with our senior team in 2015!

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