Stephen Rochford meets Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E16

Mayo are back at the business end of the Championship, with another showdown against Dublin set to take place on Saturday week. In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we start the countdown to the big match, in the company of Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden and former Mayo manager Stephen Rochford, who together take a fascinating deep dive into the tactical planning and thought processes that go into preparing a team for a match like the upcoming All-Ireland SFC semi-final.

They discuss Dublin’s recent form, including their display in last Sunday’s Leinster final win over Kildare, and Stephen outlines why he feels that rumours of the champions’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. He explains how Dublin do what they do, why the third quarter of games against them is so important, and why it might not be such a good idea to bet against them playing in this year’s All-Ireland final.

Stephen also talks about Mayo’s season so far, what they will need to do (and probably will try to do) to beat Dublin for the first time in nine years, and why he feels there are reasons to be optimistic about Mayo upsetting the odds on Saturday week.

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95 thoughts on “Stephen Rochford meets Billy Joe – Mayo News football podcast 2021 E16

  1. Rochford was our best manager. Don’t understand the hatred towards him from many on here. Granted, Horan has brought on more players and puts good structures in place. However, for tactical ability, Rochford wins every time. He was incredibly unlucky in 2016 – had conor Lane acted on Denis bastick’s pick up off the ground in the last second of injury time, Cillian would have had a tap over free to win the game.
    He produced tactical master classes to take out tyrone and kerry in different years. Changing goalkeepers in the 16 replay will always be a mark against him but he overall, I think he was class and was treated horrendously by the county board.
    Would love to see a system where Horan was in charge of academy and player development with Rochford as Head coach of senior team.

  2. I haven’t seen any “hatred” expressed towards him. He was tactically very astute. I think Horan is better at rebuilding teams and implementing a running game style (which does and doesn’t work depending on the opposition). But I don’t think anyone would deny that Rochford was tactically smart and definitely tightened us up at the back.

  3. Rochford is a great man and was a great manager – very tactically astute and brought us as close as anyone. Hope he returns to the Mayo set up either underage or senior in future. Would hate to see Galway get him as that could damage Mayo’s progress. Would gladly welcome him back. I do also have great time for Horan

  4. If you had Horan handling the setup, and Rochford on the line – that would be about as perfect a pairing as you could hope for. As a Dub, I’d be more wary of Rochford than Horan. His reading of the game as it progressed, and his ability to envisage and manage tactical battles was really his forte.

    As an example, if Rochford was there in 2013, the last 15 of that final would have likely ended very differently. He’d have exploited the de facto numerical superiority ruthlessly.

    That said, you have to be impressed by what Horan has done as regards the squad since he took over again.

  5. Tommy Joe I would not have seen the keeper switch as a black mark against Rochford. I’m just listening to another podcast from OTB with Paddy and Andy, Paddy Andrews mentioned that the Dublin camp had gotten wind of the potential change during the week. That was where things went wrong for us and there was a reason Rochford made the switch, as Dublin had been planning against Clarke’s kickouts and then knew they had to make a change or have a plan to setup differently.
    I heard about that change it myself the morning of that All Ireland replay, which had come via a source (a former Mayo player) that really should have known better than spouting it around Ballina before the game, but the same fella can’t see to help himself from talking and talking shite. The plan to change keeper itself was fine and the reasons for it were sound have been done to death at this stage.
    The fact that that was out in the public domain was something that we should really be questioning – there should always be a 100% code of silence and anything around the game should only remain within the players and their coaching circle. If a player decides to break that circle, then they deserve to be dropped themselves.

  6. Didn’t realise that fdbinashui. Interesting to hear that. I did feel he made the decision for the right reasons. He couldn’t have seen what the player would end up doing.

  7. We have a great manager in James Horan but like Horan I would like to see Rochford come back some day and get another chance. I think we will perform well against Dublin and up our game but I think Dublin will up their game from the Kildare match and have too much fire power for us. We need to give nothing away cheaply and there’s absolutely no room for giving away soft goals. I give a hesitant vote to Dublin even tho it kills me to say it

  8. Great listen .Fair to say he definitely doesn’t agree with me on my opinion of the Dubs this year. Brought up some very interesting points on the dubs game always fascinating hearing from a manager’s point of view .
    On a light hearted note he does say the word “am “ annoyingly a lot 🙂

  9. FDB, I think the problem of leakages has been solved. Omertà seems to be the order of the day, and we know nothing of what has been going on: COVID and who got it, close contacts and so on; panel, although take a look a the programme for the CF and they seem to be all there; injuries, progress on same, and what stage of recovery players are at.

    God be with the rumour mill. Another fine old tradition swept aside.

  10. Rochford was about to switch goalies in the last 5 minutes of that drawn final and if he had we would have won.

  11. Jaysus Craggy boglands, your been very harsh there, as a outsider and Dub have to say always feared Mayo a bit with Rochford in charge, not so much with James there, although that could change over next two weeks I’d say bigger calamity was 2013,Horan not realising Dubs were down to 13 for last ten.. Anyway here we go again, see you in two weeks

  12. Craggy I think that you will find that he brought plenty players into the squad,some have become part of James Horans team,don’t know why you are so blinkered

  13. Don’t forget a few All Ireland titles with Corofin .. in hindsight I could spend the next hour writing about mistakes every Manager has made , even ones who have won All Ireland titles.. Jim Gavin for instance was very lucky to get away with NOT starting Dermot Connolly in 2016.. it took such outrageous bad luck with two own goals for Mayo for Jim Gavin to get away with that mistake!

  14. great podcast ,always interesting listening to rochford. On another tangent all-together i watched the ladies match in mchale park yesterday ”WHAT A GREAT WIN”. but i thought the redevelopment was to commence the day after the connacht final or am i dreaming.

  15. Really odd coincidence this , im on my way home from work in the capital as i live up here , im reading these comments as i get off the bus and fook me theres stephen Rochford on the footpath . Had a good aul chat with him , really likable guy , talked football for a good ten mins with me. Had to mention it here .

  16. Lovely post, Séan Burke. Also an incredible coincidence. Hope you enjoyed the chat.

  17. Rochford was lucky it was you that met him Sean and not Craggy Boglands by the sounds of his/her ridiculous outbursts above! Rochford brought us closer than anyone, and if Conor Lane had the balls to pull bastick for his blatant pick off the ground in 2016 injury time, we’d have been all Ireland champions. We’re as well to let sleeping dogs lye however and move forward rather than looking back in anger. I have great admiration for Horan but he has made errors too. Still these great men deserve our support for taking on the mantle and giving it their all. If you’d listened to the podcast craggy boglands, you’d learn that much of the youth James has been credited with bringing through, were actually brought on the scene by Rochford first in the FBD league etc.

  18. Craggy, Corofin were struggling when he took over,he won the All Ireland by a landslide,,some of the p!Ayers he brought onto the panel EOD,S Coen,M Plunkett M Ruane,F Boland ,DOC ,J Carr in addition he added players to the strength and conditioning panel,he must have given you an awful run around on the football field some time

  19. Craggy boglands – while criticism of individuals is allowed here, it needs to be reasonable and measured. The diatribe you’ve come out with over the last two hours is neither so I’ve consigned it to where it belongs, which is the bin. You’re now in moderation for good measure and that’s where you’ll be staying too in light of that ludicrous outburst.

  20. Good podcast, I find it hard to disagree with Stephen regarding the Dubs, they have earned the right to have a few unimpressive performances but have previously shown great leadership so I think that many of them will step up again,

    I do wonder if they still have the hunger to bring it across the line if we are well in the game going into the last 10 minutes. Do they have the same respect for Dessert as they did for Jim? They may well do but I think that their bench does not have the guaranteed presence as in the past, whether we are close enough to test that needs to be seen.

  21. Stephen Rochford was a brilliant Mayo manager and we were never as close to the holy grail as under his stewardship. He got far more right than he got wrong in his time and I for one hope he returns at some stage in the future for Rochford Mark II.

  22. Don’t know what Craggy boglands Said But I presume it was some criticism of Rochford. Can’t say I m a big fan of criticizing managers who have done so well for Mayo and I definitely feel Stephen did well with Mayo No Connacht title but some amazing days for us supporters. Still remember Journalist in Indo with headlines of Lions led by donkeys when Rochford put Aiden to mark Donaghy in 2017 Semi Aiden dominated him in replay when we beat Kerry and it was the journalist who looked like the donkey .Switch of goalies in 2016 will be debated until we are all dead but though it didn’t work it was done for correct reasons. SR was not afraid to take a risk or try something different and fair play to him for that Having said all that I am more than happy with what JH has done for us in his two stints as manager so I for one think we have been lucky with the quality of managers since 2011.

  23. Interesting that Rochy thinks Costello might be held as an impact sub. I’d love to see Lee on him from the start, getting under his skin. Costello strikes me as a confidence player. Here’s hoping that we knock that out of him. Similarly I’m sure Dublin will feel they can target a couple of our bucks, ie Tommy and Ryan as Rochy references. In this context he cites the loss of Cillian, a beast for the battle. The winning and losing of the match likely rests on these types of dynamics and outcomes.

    Alan brogan made the Interesting point (gaa hour podcast I think) that the difference between Dublin this year is that there’s a sense that the starting 15 are ‘safe,’ in their positions, whereas in the Jim era no one was safe, no one had a guaranteed start and this naturally created competition for places and kept everyone honest and on their toes. Of course Dessie hasn’t the same strength in depth so it’s understandable, ie bringing on a Kevin McMannamin or a Michael Darragh. So hopefully this will lead to a little complacency, but again, its more clutching at straws than anything because many of Dublins current bench have multiple All Ireland medals. Its nuts.

    Key point Rochy made was that against Dublin, Mayo will attack the ball, as will Kerry against Tyrone. He also mentions the importance of coaching defenders and this is how other teams can learn to take on the Dublins. Defenders need to trust themselves, but need to have the skillset to do so. You simply cannot sit back and let them play keep ball.

  24. hill16 is to be open for the game (twitter freelance journo coilin duffy) .

    “BREAKING: Hill 16 tickets are going on sale to supporters via clubs for Dublin v Mayo on August 16th. This will be the first game to have standing in operation at Croke Park since pre pandemic #gaa”

  25. Great interview lads.

    Rochford did a great job with Mayo.
    17 was the closest we came to winning it outside of 96.
    The win over Kerry was a big achievement aswell our only win over them in championship in last 25 years.

  26. Sean, ye mean Hill16 is to be opened up for the Dubs only, I wonder will there be Dublin live music before the game or at halftime to get the Dubs revved up for Mayo. Have Mayo Board any say in the match times ?, they probably must go along with what the Croke Park Chiefs decide.

  27. There is surely no way the Hill will be open ?
    Would make a mockery of having the rest of stage stadium like a graveyard

  28. it really is mind boggling , reduce capacity cause of social distancing , open hill16 , a terrace ?? How do they police that re social distancing ? Its farcical .

  29. Having people on the Hill should make it a bit easier for forwards to shoot into the goals. An ex Mayo player told me that it was hard to see the posts when the hill was empty when you were shooting under pressure from distance. It will make me feel like we are a step closer to normality to see a few Dubs back on the Hill, especially the tall lad with the bodhrán!!

  30. I just can’t get my head around this if it’s true !
    Whole sections of the stand more or less empty .
    The Dubs make a semi and suddenly the terrace is safe again ???? All the while the stands remain at similar capacity
    I don’t know . It’s madness .
    If the Hill is open then stadium capacity should be AT LEAST at half . If not more …..

  31. People forget the input of McEntee and to a lesser extent Buckley in the Rochford era.

    McEntee had serious credentials it was him that masterminded that win against Tyrone in the 2016 quarter. The Crossmaglen blue print was all over that game.

  32. Did the management really mastermind a win over Tyrone in 2016? To my mind we had a much better side and should really have won by more than 1 point. People go on about the masterstroke of starting Alan Dillon yet the scores were level at half time when he got substituted.

  33. Agreed Wide Ball. Any dog in the street knew to position Dillon there and the possibility was well mooted pre match. It was no masterstroke. We were a better team than Tryone. I am fan of Rochford all the same given how close he brought the team. He has many excellent attributes and should be proud of his time with Mayo.

  34. @Wideball, Partially agree with you on that one, we might have had on paper the best personelle but the way the game played out, it was one we got away with rather than a tactical masterstroke, but no doubt Mickey Harte missteps were worse than Mayo’s. 9 times out of 10 Tyrone should have won that game, it didn’t make the Victory any less sweet, but we have to be realistic Things happen in a match, and sometimes things go your way especially the big things.. Sean Cavanagh got sent off, and Niall Morgan missed every single free he took for Tyrone, a very welcome one point win for Mayo could easily have been a 5 or 6 points defeat.. That said, Mayo have been on the wrong end of the scoreline far too often while doing everything but win at times.. Sometimes it seems like that regardless of what goes on in the field, Mayo being Tyrone’s bogey team, could win a game on the scoreboard despite being second best on every other metric of the game…

  35. Come on willie joe don’t block me on the most exciting 2 weeks coming up to the big one.

  36. Tommy + Joe it’s not just that Horan brought on more players. In 7 league matches in Rochfords last year he didn’t give any significant minutes to any new young player. Think he gave 2 minutes to one player under 24. Another first for Rochford no manager had ever left his home county to join a rival county’s backroom team in the same year. It says a lot to me when Horan said many times he could never manage against this current group of Mayo players.

    Corick + bridge Coen and DOC played a lot minutes before Rochford. DOC so much he won young player of the year in 2015

  37. Lucero
    I think that’s unfair on Stephen.He wanted to stay but was booted out.Horan went of his own accord.You can’t expect Stephen to quit management because our County Board decides they don’t want him.
    He was a great manager. My saddest day as a supporter was seeing him in McHale Park coming out of the Donegal dressing room about 15 months after almost taking us across the line.

  38. You’re not blocked, Craggy Boglands, but you are in moderation, which means I have to okay every comment you make before it goes online. That’s what happens when someone posts a comment on here without first engaging their brain so you’ve only yourself to blame on this.

  39. Do ye not see, the Hill is Dublin’s territory. The supporters in the Hill16 will appear to be the only support in stands that are occupied to 25% capacity.
    Ah sure, throw in a Leinster/ Dublin working referee, all local Stewards.
    I have to laugh at that comment Crete Boom, re former Mayo player shooting into the Hill end.
    I can tell you that the Davin / Canal end is Mayo’ scoring direction. This time out many scores will be needed in 1st half if Mayo are playing into the Davin end.

  40. If we are to beat the Dubs then Tommy Conroy and Ryan O Donoghue will have to have a great impact on the scoreboard. In other words they are facing a critical point in their careers – become superstars of the game or just ordinary players. Big challenge – big opportunity!
    Similarly for Eoin McLoughlin and Oisin Mullen. They must dominate and give us something special around the middle third. We know what the rest of the lads will more than likely do and they too need to be on top of their game but it’s the new lads that will make the difference for better or worse. We can talk tactics and matchups all day and listening to Stephen was fascinating but individual performance is the big thing on big days – having the courage and skills to perform when it’s most needed.

  41. I’d be pretty confident the same amount of hill tickets will be given to mayo clubs. They cant be that blatant and just give hill to Dublin clubs . Anyway a fairly seasoned reliable poster on another forum from Mayo posted this morning hill ticket is 15 euro cheaper so I’m guessing clubs are been informed already what they are getting .

    Is there even a remote chance govt could be persuaded to boost the cap of 24 to 40k ?

  42. I’m hoping with this news Seán that this is the case . Up to 40k
    Otherwise it will just be ludicrous
    The stands were more or less empty last game .

  43. I see a lot of clubs are using tonight as a cut off point for ticket orders. does anyone know if there is any specific reason for this as we have received no notice of anything relating to tickets from our club. Charlestown have said on twitter that they received 165 tickets, does anyone know how many tickets intermediate / junior clubs received?

  44. The 1 thing mayo wont have on saturday week is FEAR. We will go after dublin. But our Achilles heel of leaking soft goals may come back to haunt us. Goals are what separated us in the past. If we could hold them to even 1 goal we would have mighty chance of winning.

    How about doing something different . Start aiden at corner forward. Let him use the wing and he could be a target for hennelly also from kick outs. He becomes too easy for dublin to nail down through the middle. We need pace and power through the middle from start to finish.

  45. Mayo v Dublin went up as an option to buy tickets there on ticketmaster but it’s gone now . Fuck sake , what is going on here ? At least give us a fair crack with some notice

  46. So we’re off to virtual Q land again, not knowing what the Q is for , as someone said before the Galway game it could be Little Mix tickets we are in a Q for, for all we know

  47. hurling semi tickets on sale on ticketmaster now. So next wed for our match maybe (if any go on sale online)

  48. Club got 100 tickets
    Juvenile tickets ahead
    Club holding draw for members
    No mention of stand or hill

  49. @FBD, .. You would make a very good advocate. BUT however. In my excitement at a then unexpected (by many) exciting win.. I did say, that I would have to watch the game again, not trusting my own judgement because of emotion. I would definitely settle for the same thing next Saturday week, one big difference being the unlikely event that I will get a ticket for next Saturday week.. Anyhow going back to that game, the All Ireland quarter final V Tyrone in 2016, one we definitely got away with rather than any masterclass… ‘Don’t foul’ have the Stats on the game and I’m afraid they leave us the conclusion that we were very very lucky to come away with a win… So just out of curiosity, check out the ‘Dont foul’ stats on the game!

  50. Stand 50
    Hill 35
    Juvenile/OAP (stand only) 10

    They have learned from the money grab the last game anyways .

  51. I am wondering if the Gaa are opening the Hill to let more fans in or is to keep the Dub fans happy.

    On a completely different note what’s the story with Jason Doherty, is he still injured or out of the fold at the minute. I loved him in our forward line and might add a bit of something to beat the Dubs.

  52. Not sure how much more can be said about that Tyrone game. I’ve read the Dontfoul blog and what I can read of it is that Rochford got his match ups and tactics right – if it was McEntee that helped with that, then Rochford did the right thing by implementing it. That is the role of the manager. Tyrone weren’t shooting without pressure either and that’s where a lot of the match up work is done. That’s not blind luck. Knowing how the opposition is going to play and restricting their more accurate shooters is part and parcel of the game.

    Tyrone were favorites going into that game with the Bookies having Tyrone at 4/6 and Mayo at 13/8.

    The use of Dillon as a sweeper certainly wasn’t something that the dogs on the street were aware of and you can be damn sure that player didn’t leak that strategy either, as it forced Harte into making a substitution he didn’t want to make and to change his game plan. Kavanagh got sent off because he deserved to get sent off. He started handbags with Lee for his first yellow and his second was for a high challenge. If he had a bit more cop on he’d have known he was on a yellow and played accordingly. Tyrone were rattled because they didn’t expect Mayo to have the nous to put up a challenge.
    I really don’t understand the disrespect and lack of acknowledgement of one of the best managers Mayo have had. Rochford is just damned by some, it seems.

  53. I think the majority of Mayo people have a lot of respect for Rochford. However like all managers he still made mistakes.

    Regarding Aido marking Donaghy, sure didn’t David Brady even call this pre match!! In fairness to Rochford, this was still a big call. He made it, had the courage to do so and it paid off. No surprise. Aidan is an excellent defensive player, and Donaghy at the edge of square was nearly unmarkable. Plus, we’d no full back. So Rochy had little choice.

    I wouldn’t consider those switches as a masterstroke though. It’s fair to say we got our match-ups right. Dillons positioning was hardly out of the ordinary for him either. He was part of the panel, so in all likelihood he was always going to be used. He was suited to that match and that was discussed pre game. Not groundbreaking at all. Far from it.

  54. You can get tickets for the hurling games at the weekend on ticket master now. Interesting to see if any make it to general sale next week for the football.

  55. It will be M Deegan, Carrot Face.
    And a more dacent honest ref you couldnt hope to meet!!

  56. But what is that waiting list for Justoutsideballagh, that’s the thing, your never sure what you are in line for till your first in that Q

  57. I was in the waiting list earlier but it’s only the 2 hurling semi finals that are available. From what I can see tickets will be available through clubs first and any remaining ones will be sold through ticketmaster next week.

  58. It’s hard to believe in this day and age that Ticketmaster cant set up there website such that if you are in a queue- they actually tell you what you are queuing for. For example you are now number 395 in the queue to purchase tickets for the Limerick v Waterford semifinal in Croke Park on Saturday.

  59. Placed my order with club today. It’s very unlikely any tickets will go in general sale for this game now with the ladies doubled up, all ladies clubs will now receive an allocation too.

    Our cub secretary said demand is extremely high. Club members will be left disappointed.

  60. It’s very frustrating but shur what can one do only look forward to watching it on the box , I’m sure there will be plenty of tickets available for the league games next year or the provincial championship stages when demand isnt as high .

  61. I have a feeling there will be some tickets on general sale next week but there might not be many.

  62. @KM79, you said 100 tickets to your club. I’ m just wondering is your club represented on the panel. Or is it 100 tickets to every Mayo club or dependent on representation.

    Look, regarding that Tyrone game in 2016 getting the match ups right or positional switches is crucial if they don’t work you get beaten if they do work its a stroke of genius. Just look back to last week against Galway. Kudos were given to management for rectifying the match ups for the second half.

    Scully last year took Eoin Mcloughlin’s and his influence out of the game by bringing him for a tour of the croker pitch.

    Match ups will be another big gamble next Saturday.

    In that Tyrone game, Mayo did a Tyrone on Tyrone.

    Rochford was a good manager but McEntee was his equal. The 2016 drawn final again the Crossmaglen tactic was plain to see.

    There was a reason Dublin struggled to score in that game and it wast the rain because the 2015 final they won that game in a canter in the lashing rain.

  63. Breaffy GAA Facebook saying also that their tickets will be raffled amongst members
    Ticketmaster will then contact the relevant members to complete purchase .
    That would suggest that Ticketmaster May then sell on any that are left over next week

  64. That was a great listen. I’ve nothing but the height of respect for Stephen and all he done. A top class manager. My biggest dread the 2 years ago was that he could end up taking the Galway job. A lot of us were delighted when PJ got it, but if theirs any common sense in Galways Co Board, they’d dump PJ and get Rochford in. Hope to God it never happens!.

  65. Like Stephen, and no issues with the other managers that didn’t get there chance, however the fact remains we weren’t competaive in Connaught after Hoaran left and it’s only now we are seeing that dominance again.
    Although SR got alot right tactically we were living of the fumes of what Horan created and has done so again.
    Tatically JH has made mistakes Same as all managers but over all we would have been close with SR without what he build.
    We were struggling in Connaught when he first returned.

  66. I have been reading this thread with interest especially about the tickets.
    Could it be a case, and perhaps I am Naive, that the clubs in Mayo and Dublin know now how many they are getting, lets say 15k between the two counties, after sponsors are looked after etc. would the GAA not have ear marked a few thousand for general sale, for people not affiliated to clubs etc. Or will all 24,000 be divided up between clubs and sponsors only and if any returned (highly unlikely) these go on sale. Does anybody know for a fact now this will work or are we all shooting in the dark?
    My gut tells me that next tuesday / wednesday there could be a few thousand on ticketmaster and there will be a scramble, but as i said, i could be completely naive.

  67. It’s like the 3rd secret of fatima, Wayne Scales, on what the ticket situation is. Someone, somewhere knows what the plan is,. But unfortunately, us fans will be the last to find out what that plan is.

  68. Corick Bridge – I’m sorry about this but I’m going to have to delete that comment. I decided some time ago that the ventilation of off-field issues here on the blog are not worth the headaches they bring in their wake and so I’d prefer to stay well clear of that particular topic.

  69. No worries at all Willie Joe,your blog,your rules,I am sorry to have posted it,as always thank you very much for your great information about all things to do with our team

  70. Thanks Corick Bridge – you’ve been posting comments here for a long time so you know the story on this. There’s too much rancour and divisiveness in relation to off-field events that I feel these issues are best avoided here altogether. Thankfully, we’ve more than enough on-field stuff to focus on right now.

  71. As “To win just once” says we’re very lucky to have (had) 2 great managers. Stephen catches some flak for goalie change in 2016, and it didn’t work. I hated how he used to hook Boyler early in the game while he was in the thick of it – would love to see a cameo from the said Boyler against the Dubs in just 9 days bow. Maigh Eo Abú.

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