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Don’t mind me – I’m still away and only just sticking my head around the door to check that the place remains in one piece, which I’m happy to see is the case.

I’m not even going to try to grig you about the weather because I’m well aware that, happily, this would be to no avail. Some dog-in-the-manger types might declare their unhappiness to see the Native Shore bathed in warm sunshine while they’re away enjoying similar conditions somewhere else but I’m not among them. It’s great to see that the Ould Sod is getting a real summer – first one since 1995, isn’t it? – and long may it last.

Plenty of action again over the weekend just gone, with pride of place I guess going to Dublin’s hurlers for their first Leinster title in 52 years. Time to get on that band-waggon when we get home, I suppose.

Over here, Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory on Sunday was roundly cheered and, like others have already said, the sight of all these hexes being unhexed does make you wonder if we’ll add to this trend later in the year. Such thoughts are, I know, a bit previous so having uttered them maybe it’s as well to file them awayand get back to thinking about the Connacht final instead.

We’re still doing the ex-pat thing for another full week, leaving this sun-kissed island this coming Saturday but then doing a three-night pit-stop in Londáin on the way home.

Perfect timing, I think you’ll agree, ahead of their historic Connacht final apperance on the 19th and a good time to see if the county colours will have started to make an appearance there. I’m looking forward in particular to spotting a few cars sporting those ludicrous flag-holders, the London colours fluttering proudly, in somewhere like Hampstead high Street.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun while it lasts as the long run-up to this year’s provincial final continues.

23 thoughts on “Still away

  1. Undercover look at training behind enemy lines and a comprehensive report back to JH is the least we expect after yer few weeks shlackin WJ!

  2. I usually look forward to the cool weather when I go to the old country in the summer ,sounds like its just as hot there as where I live
    Good for the beach unless you have relations with hay and turf, ahem.

  3. Just got an email from my club in Galway with an attachment of a statement from Connacht Council stating that they were ”delighted to announce a 30% reduction in ticket prices”. Now I almost always go to the terrace cos ive a big flag…albany end most times..or the hill in croke park….but anyway, tickets for the terrace are €20. Reduction?? From what!? I’m going to the Munster Hurling Final on Sunday…ive terrace tickets that costed me €20. You can buy terrace tickets for the Ulster Final for €15.

    Who are the clowns in the Connacht Council trying to fool?? Yes, tickets for the main stand are reduced to €25, but that’s it. Clowns.

  4. Last two years i paid €20 for Connacht final tickets and will pay the same price for this final. Reduction my ass! with London it this final all effort should be to get bums on seat but no….

  5. Its a feckin’ farce isn’t it. Terrace tickets should be max 10 euro. I realy feel angry about this. Obviously I will go to the game, but do the connacht council think we are idiots?! I contacted my club secretary to point out this farce but I’m based in galway so it wont carry much weight whereas most of ye are in Gods own county and should make it known to your respective club chairmen, secretaries etc that this ‘so called’ reduction is a joke.

    Im going to write to the connacht council to see what response I get, if any.

  6. I don’t think the ticket price will make a difference, but they should have something like 5 euro terrace for the kids. anyway, Ppl wil still crib about it costing too much, stay home and watch it on the Telly. Only the core supporters will go to this one. The fair weather fans will wait for a semi or a final. Unless they get some big time act to perform for the half time show, I’d be surprised if there’s more than 15k at this.

  7. Its 5 Euro in the stand for kids for the Munster hurling final, its usually 5 Euro for kids in Croker for the quarters (cant remember for the semis)
    Are ye telling me its not 5 Euro for kids for the Connacht Final (i’m too lazy to check)

  8. @ Mayonaze, You call the lads in the connacht council fools. You do know its ran by Mayo lads. McHale Park, I mean Elverys Park has to be paid back some way.

  9. I would not miss this one no matter what the man at the gate is asking for. It has been a long wait, even before my time or yours. We would have taken it back in 1998 if we had a chance. Remember Master Card will cover most of your purchases, but this one is priceless.

  10. Yes rossoneri…I am aware if that, but why hit the pockets of the loyal supporters for their financial ineptitude!? These prices haven’t a bulls notion of enticing any fair weather fans. Really dumb marketing from the Connacht council. A significant reduction in prices coupled with an intensive marketing campaign focusing on the novelty of the occasion and the once off very low prices and they could have attracted a substantial crowd which in turn would in itself be a good advertisement for Connacht gaa having a positive knock on effect for future campaigns. But no… These tools have messed up. Again.

  11. Of course I’m going to go but the council should know they ain’t fooling anyone!!

  12. I’ll be in London that weekend…better not be an omen!Raging I’m missing it, had 100% attendance including league home and away until now.

  13. Get over it lads and stop the moaning, this is history in the making – a great occasion and one to enjoyed. One less pint before or after the match should get ye all back on budget.
    The main thing is that we win well and with some style and hopefully pick up no more injuries.

  14. Well said mayo mchale
    20 euro for a live sporting event is IMO extremely cheap. I wont be there this time but whenever I am it costs a flight into Knock for starters (and at occasions like this they soar in price to suit) so the entry fee is of little concern as you don’t get much for 20euro nowadays.
    I hate to miss the Final but last year I did fly in and attended the homecoming on that wet Monday last year, disappointed as I was at the AI result the day before, I had then as I have now a great regard for this squad and management.

  15. It’s nice to be able to put a name to the person with the big flag…even only a pseudonym! For the record, I don’t think there will be many at the game, unless the Rossies bring a huge crowd for their minor game.

  16. Alf Stewart is full of crap…there’s no way he can commute from summer bay for all those matches 🙂

  17. Just wondering WJ if you have seen any sheep painted in the London colours now that your are in the City…..

    Let’s hope this weather holds for the Connacht Final on Sunday week…..

  18. Not there yet Olive – we’re due to arrive in London on Saturday afternoon – but I’ll report back on any such occurrences if I see them!

  19. JJ and Mayo McHale…I think ye might be missing my point. I agree 20€ is a reasonable price BUT I have a problem with the Conncht Council saying there’s 30% reduction when there’s not! Furthermore it’s 5€ cheaper for a terrace tkt to the Ulster Final. This is not an expense issue.

    Haha yes F’Deelin I’ve had the same flag since 1996. We’ve been through a lot together!!!! You get to a point where u feel a bit old standing on a terrace with a massive flag but as John Mullane famously said…. “I love my county!”(minus the Waterford accent!!) 😉

  20. Good man Mayonaze. Love that flag. Always keep on eye out for it, keep up the good work! I was standing beside you in the pissing rain that time we lost to Fermanagh in Sligo the time.

    PK, less of the abuse ya flamin mongrel!

  21. Fair play Alf!!! Jeez that Fermanagh game was a low point…down there with Longford away!

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