Still want to know about tickets?

Tickets please


Of course you do. Less than two weeks to go now and so, with the hurling final out of the way, time really is ticking down to our date with the Dubs in this year’s football final.

There are now loads of draws and fundraisers and all the rest involving tickets so what I’ve tried to do here is provide a complete list of those that I’m aware of. This time I’ve grouped them into different headings, comprising Mayo GAA club draws and events, Cairde Mhaigheo fundraisers, Other GAA club and county draws and Other draws.

Here goes:

Mayo GAA club draws and events

  • Achill GAA club, two tickets – details here.
  • Ballyhaunis GAA club, Up for the Final event, at which there’ll be a chance to win tickets – details here.
  • Bonniconlon GAA club, two tickets – details here.
  • Breaffy GAA club, six tickets – details here.
  • Castlebar Mitchels have a table quiz fundraiser on 8th September, at which there’ll be a raffle for four tickets – details here.
  • Charlestown Sarsfields, two tickets, lines €2 available in local shops and pubs.
  • Claremorris GAA club are holding an Up for the Match event on 12th September, at which there’ll be a chance to win four tickets – details here.
  • Garrymore GAA club, draw for two tickets – details here.
  • Kiltimagh GAA club have a draw for four tickets (including one for ticket sellers) – details here.

Cairde Mhaigheo fundraisers

  • Cáirde Mhaigheo, in conjunction with the Mayo Association Galway, have a fundraiser at Galway Greyhound Stadium this Friday (9th). Tickets €20 each, draw for All-Ireland tickets on the night –  details here.
  • Cáirde Mhaigheo London event at the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High Street, NW1 7BU this Sunday (11th) from 6.30pm. There’ll be a raffle at this event for two All-Ireland final tickets.

Other GAA club and county draws

  • Ballymacnab Round Towers GAA club, Armagh, two tickets – details here.
  • Castleconnor GAA club, tickets raffle – details here.
  • Club Rossie, two tickets – details here.
  • Curry GAA club, Sligo, six tickets – details here.
  • Donegal GAA, four tickets – details here.
  • Drumalee GAA club, Cavan, two tickets – details here.
  • Drumconrath GAA club, Meath, two tickets – details here.
  • Mattock Rangers GAA club, Louth, two tickets – details here.
  • Owenmore Gaels GAA club, Sligo, two tickets – details here.
  • Skerries Harps, Dublin, have a club fundraiser on 11th September, at which there’ll be a raffle for two tickets – details here.

Other draws and promotions

  • eirGAA have a quiz, which if you get three out of five questions right, gets you into a draw for tickets – details here.
  • eirGAA also have a prediction competition – details here.
  • Knockmore/Pontoon community development draw for two premium and two Cusack Stand tickets – details here.

That list not long enough for you? Don’t forget there are six more tickets to be won in tonight’s GAA Players Welfare Lotto. Play the Lotto before 10pm tonight – here.

53 thoughts on “Still want to know about tickets?

  1. Don’t forget “Kilmovee Shamrocks” draw for All-Ireland tickets. Check their Facebook page!

  2. No sick to the back of my teeth about tickets. And i admit im talking through anger but ffs the amount of draws is absolutely amazing , im not talking about clubs having them either. Considering going off line for a few days as its beyond frustration. How can a registered company be selling tickets for 350 to 1k ? You can buy up to 20 tickets too. Is touting illegal in Ireland ?

  3. Sean Burke,

    You are living in a strange wonderland if you do not know that ticket touting is not illegal in Ireland.
    You are also living in a strange wonderland if you cannot figure how tickets become available to touts. For a start all senior county team panelists are entitled to a ticket for the final. That is approximately 1000 tickets. Many, if not most, have no interest in going to the final and see the ticket as a way of supplementing an often meagre income. Many of the adverts, esp. on the internet, I suspect are scams where there is no real ticket to be had.
    Several proposals have been made through the years to have ticket touting made illegal in Ireland but have not got the green light. The latest is proposed by Dublin TD Noel Rock consequent on the debacle involving the IOC in Brazil. I, for one, await with it’s progress.with interest.

  4. AndyD, Sean Burke, on Aug 25th I wrote 3 rambling posts on the Blog subjects of tickets, I don’t intend to go through all what I wrote again, its under the headline, (Back) the day Willie Joe came back from holiday. Anyone can read them using the same excellent archive facilities on this site if they so desire, . I’d say we are all on the same page more or less. But I want to put this on the record, I once worked with a then member of the Leitrim county team, I know this for a fact about him he was 100% ethical about All Ireland tickets, he either went to the All Ireland final himself, or he sold his ticket to a supporter from one of the competing counties for Face Value, not a penny more. I had my work cut out even to buy the guy a pint.

  5. I’ve never missed an all Ireland and I’ve never had to pay above face value for tickets. They will become available in the last week as thy always do. Just make sure everyone in the country knows you’re looking for one!

  6. It seems so hard to get a ticket I don’t think pat hickey could even help me get one I just hope mayo do the business

  7. Anyone know if the season tickets will be posted out this week? Will they be delivered in regular or registered post ie signed receipt on delivery

  8. Sean (Burke) – I feel your pain and don’t have any at this stage. FYI I got a ticket for the Donegal v Kerry final on the day of the match, from a London-Irish rugby blazer! I asked no questions.

    For tickets everything is in play up to about 3:20 on the day of the match.

  9. Hi WJ,

    one of my colleagues at work is a manager of Balyboden Wanderers first team (the original Ballyboden club that split from St Enda’s in 1980) anyway they have the following offer for tickets for the final.

    He doesn’t mind if the tickets go to Mayo fans

    Pre-Match package including Bed & Breakfast in The Croke Park Hotel plus entertainment on Saturday 17th September 2016 and
    Two Stand Tickets for the All-Ireland Football Finals on Sunday 18th September 2016
    Tickets cost €5!

  10. I know nothing beats being there but im always amazed county board dont stick a big screen in McHale Park for the day of finals. Lots of people cant get tickets, lots cant travel, cost etc. im sure a few thousand would turn up to watch the game at mchale on the field, the atmosphere would be great. Just a thought.

  11. That’s a great idea mayomad. There are five in my family. I don’t think we’ll get 5 tickets so it would be a great family occasion for those that I leave behind.

    While ticket talk is everywhere at the moment one thing to bear in mind is that I don’t think there are many physical tickets actually available today. Unless you get a season ticket or a premium ticket you cannot have a ticket right now. The Board will distribute them later in the week as others will around the country. It is then that you can really start hunting. So don’t panic. Keep the faith. You never hear of a genuine supporter that does not get in on the big day.

  12. Agreed Mayomad. Pretty sure the cinema in Castlebar showed the game last year and I know in Ballina a couple of years ago they put a big screen on Pearse Street for the final. It’d be a nice alternative to the pub for families too.

    Mind you, I’m not sure who’d be left in MacHale Park to man the turnstiles 🙂

  13. Mayomagic, I was in touch with the season ticket people in Croke Park last Friday in relation to my credit card and they confirmed that my card had been debited with the cost and that the tickets would be posted out, but they didn’t give any timeframe. The charge had hit my credit card when I checked on Saturday morning, but no tickets have been received in the post yet.

  14. Does anyone here know how betting odds work? Dublin are favorites and Mayos odds seem reasonable too. My thing is this, Dublin with a much greater population as opposed to Mayos, would the greater amount of money on Dublin be skewing the odds on offer from paddy powers etc. ?

  15. It’s great to be able to think about tactics and team selection at this time of year, but I’d like to read some more about what the Mayo team represents.

    Our football team represents a place, a county. Why are the players are so proud to wear the green and red.

    I’d like to hear about the history of this rural county. What the people have been through down the years and what becoming Champions of Ireland again would mean from a wider historical perspective.

  16. Dave, it would skew the odds to a certain degree as a bookie will shorten odds on a team where a lot of money is being put down to reduce their liability should they win. I have no doubt there is far more money on Dublin to win this game and indeed from the beginning of season to win the ai than mayo.Having said that if you took the amount of money down out of the equation based on form , history etc Dublin would still be strong favourites. I plan on having a punt on Mayo because I feel this game will be far closer than the odds being given would suggest. I.e I feel I am getting value at that price and when you place a bet that’s all you can look for is value because obviously there are no sure things. For example before the Tyrone game, I felt that it was really a 50 50 game but bookies were giving mayo at 13 to 8 so therefor even though I felt I may lose 50 pc of the time the bookies were willing to pay me a price a decent amount more than 50 50. Anyhow that turned out to be a good day! In regard to final I am also adding into my betting that if Mayo win I am going to need a lot of money in my pocket for a couple of nights but if they don’t I won’t so in that regard I feel am hedging my bets to a certain degree by having a punt!! I hoped this made some sense!!

  17. Go to the graveyards next week and see the flags on the graves, winning Sam would be 100 times a bigger deal in Mayo than Ireland winning World Cup in rugby and soccer on the same day. It’s huge.

  18. All this talk of tickets and betting is fine and well, but can we go back to sha, la, la, la song banter. I’ve been in talks with Louis Walsh and he’s going to hold a X Factor show in Kiltimagh the Saturday night before the final to find the Mayo’s greatest talent. The judges include the original Byrne’s Babes, the blind fella from Logue & McCool and the buck who sang “Give it a Lash Jack”.
    All proceeds go towards mental health charities…..

  19. The Mayo flag I have in the garden is in an awful state of disrepair. In fairness it has done several tours of duty in its prime and doesn’t owe me anything. Anyway most of the red part has been torn away by the cruel wind as it has been out prior to the London match but I don’t want to replace it for obvious reasons.

  20. Agree winning Sam result in a bigger and longer party in Mayo than Ireland winning the Rugby or soccer world cup. Gaelic Football is the number one sport in Mayo by a country mile. I sincerely hope we get to experience what winning an All Ireland is like.

  21. Great idea MAYOMAD, Would be thousands in attendance and atmosphere though not the same would be the next best thing. Surely it’s not too late for this.
    Imagine the reaction in croke park, if up on the big screens came an image of thousands in MacHale park urging our team on. Would send shivers up the spine!!!!!!!!!

  22. If we win the All Ireland and if any one starts an Icelandic thunder clap in Castlebar or Ballina like they did in Thurles last night I suspect there will be a new curse put on the team.

  23. I said earlier about tickets coming on Wednesday so need to back track that. I got an update from Season ticket to expect delivery in the early days of next week.

  24. Bowe’s used to have a stained mirror with the Rochford crest on it – conincidence? I think not!

  25. Sean Burke and Andyd – all intercounty Gaelic football panelists get TWO tickets for the all Ireland each year. Quite rightly too In my opinion. That’s approx 2000 tickets immediately accounted for.

  26. Now Liam, some of the drivel, masquerading as music that came out of Mayo, would not do any good for anyone’s mental health. Stick with ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’.. Ger Bohan and anyone else out there, there is no such thing as as curses. They belonged to a time in Ireland before the ESB electrified and englitened the masses in rural Ireland. Win or lose there is still no such thing as’ ‘curses’!. I spoke to a man last night in the local pub. He’s from that vintage alright, he’d remember the ESB coming and Sam’s last visit as well. . He told us all a tale about his courting days. ‘He fancied this girl, and he’ ‘squared’ the girl as he so romantically put it. But he had to be abandon his quite innocent plan (as it would have been then, especially with this man, who went to the confession every week, and never had anything worthwhile to tell) He found out that she lived past what he believed was a ‘haunted house’ and he lacked the courage to walk her home past the haunted house,. Needless to say, that was the end of that budding romance. He admitted last night that he regrets his lack of courage on the night. We didn’t get to find out if the woman in question had any regrets as to ‘Romeo’s, hesitation. Sure the poor man was ‘cursed’ alright, by his own ignorance!

  27. Can any Foxford people confirm or deny that the abandoned house on the left as you enter the town from the Straide side is indeed haunted?

  28. That haunted house shakes when heavy trucks go by it, that’s about the only haunting in it. Mayos only curse has been that they were not good enough on the day of the final. Nothing sinister or spiritual in any of it, let’s just get our match ups right and have 15 guys on the pitch for the whole game and see what happens.

  29. Haunted house at lough beltra as well on the castlebar road from Erris . it was built in the building frenzy of 1951 and locals say mayo will never win an all ireland until they pick a glenisland man or the house is flattened

  30. Ah Now, thats the idea. I remember Munster winning their first Heineken Cup, The big screen at Cardiff cut to a scene in Patrick Street Limerick and the whole stadium went mental.

    Ger, not a fan of the thunder clap? Its a bit of craic really, harmless enough, I doubt a priest will jump out and curse us all

  31. Did any of ye hear of ‘Lorelai’ “a rock that juttes up out of the River Rhine quite near Cologne or as the German’s would say ‘Koln’ . Supposedly turns into a beguiling mermaid luring sailors on the River to their doom. I. don’t know much about sailors, but I do know about German’s, and they charge tourists to go on a boat trip to see ‘Lorelai’. When the fishing is quite wouldn’t that be a good idea for ‘Foxford’ “they even have a River!

  32. Its usually at this stage in the build up that God gets a mention too. I dont think he has shown up yet though.

    Which reminds me. What will our 3 wise men (Spilliane, Brolly and the priest from Meath) do between the hours of 5pm and 10pm on Sunday 18th. As regards their “Sunday game team of the year” choices. As it stands now Dublin (the greatest team of all time) have 9 nailed on. We have 2. However after we catch fire on the 18th for 75 minutes and dethrone the champions, the 3 wise men will be scrambling to get a few more of our fellas chosen.

    Same with the all stars later. Honestly, none of our players have played consistently well all summer. However could one performance in September propel a lot of them into All Stars?. Or will the new All Ireland champions set a new record for fewest All Stars chosen from the winning team?

    Not that it matters a hoot to me. As long as we have Big Ears sitting on the bar in Mick Byrnes, Paddy Morans, Johnny McHales etc, the RTE lot can keep their team of the year and All Stars.

  33. Leantimes….there was a disabled man who used to live right next door to the haunted house in Foxford. You’d often see him in either Ballina or Castlebar…I think he used to sell some type of lottery tickets for charity. One day it was bucketing down and the aul fella picked him up (you’d always see him waiting for the bus along the road) and he’s the one who swore up and down about that house being haunted. I’d say if anyone was an authority on the “curse” it would be him….FFS he might have even invented it

  34. I’m just after passing Mick Byres in. Castlebar, there’s a big television camera outside it. So any of ye good looking Mayo supporters within range, that fancy getting on television, now is yer chance! I seen one or two there, and I’ll put it this way, ‘there not fit for Hollywood either’. Their not ‘cursed’ by any means cursed, but they have faces more suitable for Radio!

  35. The haunted House in Foxford is actually out where is called Clongee. An isolated green two story in a field. Its on the left alright coming from Straide. On its side are no nearby houses all the houses are on the opposite side of the road as the ground on the other side is marshy n prone to flooding.
    When I was young was told someone spent the night in it, woke up and couldnt see their face in the mirror. Everyone in Foxford knows similar type sceals about that house.

  36. Can anyone tell me if all the club’s decided not to raise the €1000 or €2000 for the Co. Board where would all them tickets go to, I estimate if all the club’s participated It would be around 2000 tickets.

  37. I know that house JP, heard from my aunties brothers cousin through marriage that once you leave the house, every time you look in mirror, your reflection is replaced by a clip of the ball bouncing over John Maddens crossbar on a loop…..horrifying.

  38. The stories from that house were shtolen for a film shtarrin Goldie Hawns daughter!!!
    Twas originally meant to be Goldie herself but budgets took a while.

  39. I think Sean Rice has got this Mayo in his piece in Mayo news today,anyway no curse on this or any Mayo team,when we are good enough we will win,and we are this year

  40. Rock – on the crest you will find a latin phrase. “Candor dat viribus alas” think it translates as Sincerity gives wings to strength.
    All these lads need is a lift from all of us !

  41. :Carpe Diem’, everyone, when it comes to Latin phrases that’s the best in my opinion. I wish I was quater as good at doing it as saying it, but it’s undoubtedly quite ‘Sublime’ in its simplicity and truth. MAYO TEAM AND PEOPLE, just ‘sieze the day’ us fans can only do so much, we have shown we have a deep well of hope and resilience, this team is the same,. CARPE DIEM &, every other day as well!

  42. Crossmolina Deel Rovers have a raffle for x 2 stand tickets . Raffle cards in all local shops. Good odds for your few euro

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