Strategic Action Plan published

I wasn’t able to make it to Castlebar tonight, having already promised my little Jackeens that I’d take them to see the Dubs and Jedward perform at Croke Park this evening (and perform they did too).   As a result, I missed out on the formal publication of the Mayo GAA Strategic Action Plan, which was drawn up over the last few months under the able stewardship of Liam Horan and the full details of which were unveiled at a gathering in Castlebar earlier on this evening.

There’ll be plenty of debate, I’m sure, about the plan over the next while and I hope to have more about it here on the site as well in the near future.  Tonight, though, on the night that the plan was formally unveiled, the best thing that can be done is to provide access to the document itself so that anyone that’s interested in it can form their own opinion on it.  I’m delighted to be able to provide such access and so anyone who wants to see it can do so here.

2 thoughts on “Strategic Action Plan published

  1. The document looks very well thought out, well presented and thorough.
    Not sure about “the savage loves his native shore” comment however!
    Shocking that the county board seems not to have cooperated on providing financial information however, if that is the case there is no way I can see them agreeing to one of the main recommendations which is an independent external financial review. Either they are just being pig headed or there’s something else.
    That financial aspect runs through the the thread of the document, so if you can’t prove there’s a major problem (even though the dogs on the street know it)then it’s hard to justify appointing positions such as commercial director which will help harness the potential Market out there and help fix that problem.
    I wonder is that why the county board were considering blocking the immediate publication -that some of the positions were full time paid and might break rules?
    What’s also striking is the number of people involved in the sub committed and having some knowledge of some of them, how suited they are to those specific roles.
    Liam Horan and all involved deserve massive credit for their work. Now it’s time to see if the county boards suggestion about doing this was just a populist empty one or do they really intend on implementing it.
    They can’t be expected to just implement everything blindly but if there’s something that can’t be done they better have damned good reasons why not

  2. It reads well and would be great if it could be implemented. I know the people involved are genuine GAA people and proud Mayo supporters. However, how can we possibly appoint a fulltime coaching officer and a commercial manager when we are already up to our necks trying to pay for McHale Park?
    It seems there are too many recommendations and the downside of this is that it could be overwhelming. Shorter, simpler and more focused on the playing of the game would be better.

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