Some stuff ahead of Sunday

Our first bit of pre-season action takes place this coming Sunday, with a Round 2 FBD League fixture against Galway, so there are a few bits and pieces to mention ahead of then.

The first is that the match is going ahead at MacHale Park at 2pm on Sunday. There was some loose talk on social media the other day that the match was off but there’s no official word of a cancellation so, as things stand, it’s on. The winds that have been howling for days appear to have abated at last so nice, chilly conditions would seem to be what’s in store for our first match of the new year.

Next, as RTÉ and The 42 both reported yesterday, details of the FBD League squad assembled by Stephen Rochford have been confirmed. With the 2017 squad not returning from Asia until early next week, these fringe players – a mix of newbies and returnees to the panel – will be the ones manning the fort for at least the Galway and Leitrim matches.

As Mike Finnerty noted on the podcast, it’s highly likely that some of these lads will also feature both for the remainder of the pre-season matches and the upcoming League campaign too. Mike is right in pointing out, though, that this particular door won’t stay open for everyone – between the two squads you’re looking at upwards of sixty players so clearly not all of them can remain involved over the longer-term this year.

Sunday’s opener and the match on Wednesday evening against Leitrim does, however, give these players the chance to shine. The best of luck to all of them.

No more than the 2017 squad, I’m set to be away from the action myself for the first few games this year. I’ll be in departures at Dublin airport on Sunday while the Galway game is on – sadly, the trip is a work one and not a holiday – so anything I’ll get to post about that match in its immediate aftermath will be short and to the point.

I’ll still be away for the Leitrim game but, like the cavalry, I’m hoping to be back in action for the Roscommon match the following Sunday. The Rossies in January – that’s where the fun invariably begins each year, isn’t it?

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  1. Really looking forward to this game to get back on the road.Cant wait to see how Ciaran Treacy, Neil Douglas and Brian Reape perform in the forwards I feel they have the ability to challenge our forward subs for places in the National League.Ger McDonagh or young Seamus Cunniffe at Full back who will solve or full back problem? Can Alan Freeman and Jason Gibbons come back and improve from where they left off.Its important these players win on Sunday and qualify for the final as it will give them an extra game in Febuary to get attention from Stephen Rochford.

  2. Good luck on your travels Willie Joe. I’m hoping, hoping, to hit a number of firsts next Wednesday: first Mayo midweek match; first FBD actually; first against Leitrim under lights. Maybe also, I’ll be able to say I saw superstar X when he was lucky to get an FBD start!

    Incidentally, isn’t it striking how seldom we play Leitrim. We get to Carrick once in a blue moon.

  3. I’m delighted that Kevin Keane is included in the FBD squad. A fully-fit Keane will be a big addition to our full back line. I’m not ignoring the newcomers but it’s also good to see Alan Freeman and Jason Gibbons back in the fold.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR WILLE JOE, AND ALL UR FAMILY. All Ye well informed and knowledgeable posters out there 2. Keep it coming, its quality entertainment. Does anyone know if there’s a live streaming of Sundays game? Missed marketing opportunity for mayo tv? Great blog Wille joe. Safe trip.

  5. Great to be back. It never ceases to amaze me the hunger, drive and love Mayo people have for football and our team.

    Quick question, is the Leitrim game Wednesday night in Castlebar?

  6. Yes like The Mayo Viking was wondering if there is anywhere one can watch the game??

  7. It is indeed yew tree.

    January is going to absolutely fly. Is it just me or has our extended championship runs the last 7 years turned that time into a complete blur? I find myself matching milestones in my life with certain games, remembering “oh yeah it was 20xx because it was on just after *insert game here*”

  8. @Mayomark.Yes since 2012 I remember a lot of stuff by matches.
    Theres a street I was driving on in 2015 and all around a bunch of other streets while the 2015 minors were getting hammered. At the various points I recall what was said on commentary.
    “James Carr he looked a star during the minor league” still recall the older cocommentator saying that at a place I was parked up 🙂

  9. Yes Mayo are playing on Wednesday even @7 in Castlebar. No I don’t think Mayo tv are showing any fbd games .

  10. Galway team for Sunday in case anyone is interested 🙂
    1 Ruairi Lavelle (Renvyle)
    2 Eoin Kerin (Annaghdown)
    3 Sean Andy Kelly (Lettermore)
    4 Evan Wynne (Salthill)
    5 Cathal Sweeney (Killanin)
    6 Gareth Bradshaw (Moycullen)
    7 Sean Kelly (Moycullen)
    8 Paul Conroy (St James)
    9 Kieran Duggan (Annaghdown)
    10 Eamon Brannigan (St Michaels)
    11 Peter Cooke (Moycullen)
    12 David Wynne (Moycullen)
    13 Dessie Conneely (Moycullen)
    14 Patrick Sweeney (Killanin)
    15 Padraic Cunningham (Headford)

  11. I’m almost certain Mayo GAA TV aren’t showing any of the FBD games. Streaming rights get a bit trickier once matches are inter-county and the yay or nay on this would be one for Connacht GAA to decide.

  12. No 13 Conneelly from Moycullen looked a really good player when captaining their minors. Ye would think Moycullen should easily dominate their County championship with the ammount of players they have in.

  13. That Galway team named has about 2 or 3 first teamers. Thought they would pick a stronger line up for Sunday but maybe their hand is forced with injuries and no Corofin players.

  14. I did reach out to the MayoGaaTV folks on Twitter a while back, they confirmed that they have no plans to stream FBD games at the minute.
    It’s a shame, would be great if this was available, but I defer to WJs note above about this becoming more complex when it’s inter county.

  15. Jumping well ahead here now I know but do we have any information on the layout of the super 8 as regards dates or is it decided largely by draws? Have to start marking that calender at work!!! Any info much appreciated.

  16. Joet1480, download GAA master fixture list. All dates for coming intercounty season are listed.

  17. Moycullen is my home club these days and they have some super young players coming through inc Dessie Connely.

  18. Mayomagic I don’t know where your 2 or 3 first teamers is coming from. I looking at 10 or 11 from the Div 2 league final to the Connacht Final day in Castlebar. I am not an expert on the Galway setup by any means but that is not an unknown squad. Walsh is true to his own roots with some of his selections but is not afraid to roll the dice and will need wins from now until the end of February in my opinion.

  19. Just Googled is mayo v Galway on tv 2morrow. And the irish mirror have all the info on the game. Unfortunately it’s not being telvised. but the mirror is doing a live blog udate. Hopefully midwest radio will be covering it.

  20. Mid west are providing updates only. G bay fm are covering the game live according to a galway poster on another forum but don’t that that as gospel

  21. A happy new year to WJ and everyone on this blog. It’s great to be getting out to a Mayo match again. Christ I nearly had to take tablets to get over Nov and Dec!
    I love the prospect of seeing new talent, new energy and god knows what great players might start to emerge. Hope, hope and more hope.
    Good luck to all the lads who will have the great honour of pulling on that precious jersey. 2018 here we go!

  22. 4 of that team started against Donegal last year (Sweeney, Conroy, Kerin and Bradshaw), while 2 more came off the bench (Brannigan and Wynne).
    Numbers are tight at the moment due to the Corofin club c’ship involvement as well as a list of injuries (Cummins, Daly, O Donnell, O Curraoin, Heaney etc.).
    Some lads also just getting a chance to show what they can do.

  23. Anyone know when our team is announced?. Looking foward to the trip to Castlebar, not expecting a win to be honest. Galway have will have alot more experience in their team. Hope Reape has a good showing, personally think he is our next star.

  24. @PJMcManus where i am coming from is B Power, D Kyne,; G O’Donnell, L Silke,J Heaney,T Flynn, M Daly, I Burke, S Armstrong, D Comer, S Walsh would all be considered starters by their supporters so i’m not sure where you see 10 or 11 of that Galway team on Sunday starting this summer or even v Mayo in the NFL next month.

  25. This game has a lot of the characteristics of a novices chase. Both sets of supporters will be hoping their younger players display a potential to operate at senior level. The one issue with Galway is most of our players are broadely the same standard, so the ones I’d be looking at closely tomorrow are Cooke and Coneely. Other promising young players we have coming through are Cein Darcy (Caherlistrane) Maher – 2 big men, and also the 2 Finnertys – one of which plays with Mountbellew. Sean Mulkerrin also looks a good prospect. Safe travelling to all..

  26. Pj Mc There are 5 starters there from the Mayo game last year in the Championship with another Brannigan who came on, the rest are either under 21 from last year , returning from injury , or a newbie Cunningham who any soccer heads might know is a Galway Utd player who is giving the Gaa a shot for a few weeks..

  27. Good the football season is back and it will be a swift one this year with the short time frame.
    Most of the new guys are probably playing for places in the development squad as we’ve seen in recent years the step up to senior championship standard is huge.
    With 2017 fatigue, injuries the vital may 13th clash with Galway I don’t think league will be a priority this year so I would expect a relegation battle for Mayo. Enjoy the season folks.. .

  28. I see 10 that have been used to varying effect from the Connacht Final 16 to the Div 2 final 17. Agree Walsh Armstrong Flynn O’Donnell Burke first team but I did not say they picked a strong team just the first 10 were familiar to us outside their camp. A couple of defenders you mention there will be holding on by their finger tips in Div 1.

  29. Fair enough Pj. 6 of tomorrows team are making their second appearance in Galway senior colours , their first been last Wed, Cooke also is starting off at senior level which makes 7 newbies. A lot of these defenders will find the going tough in Div 1 but we would be hopng that the likes of Sean Andy will get great expierience against the likes of Mc Manus , Brogan, O Connor etc. I suppose this is the time to find experiment.

  30. Tuamstar I see Sean Andy or someone like that being your number 3 down the road. Div 1 is the only test ground. I didn’t think much of him against Mayo in Tuam but he played a great final v the Dubs. Cooke played well against Mayo but I was not too impressed in the Sligo or Dublin game but you can never tell.

  31. Tuamstar You are correct with your figures and I cannot argue with someone from inside. Do you think Lavelle will be your main man between the posts into the league.

  32. Tuamstar – Cunningham was a footballer before he was ever a soccer player. Was the best forward on a Ted Webb winning team in 2012 before soccer told hold. He was a massive talent at that time but has played virtually no football since 2013 (apart from a handful of club games).
    That lack of football over the last 4 years will surely tell unfortunately at this stage.

    Pj – it’s hard to know who the goalie will be.
    Power most likely will be first choice when Corofin are out – Lavelle or O Beolain in the meantime.

  33. Mayodunphy, I hope you’re right about young Reape. Any particular reason you think he will be our next star?

  34. Goalkeeper is a big issue here in Galway at senior level, the frightening stat is Kevin Walsh has used 6 different keepers in National league and championship in his 3 years and as we all saw last summer young Lavelle who starts again tomorrow has a long way to go. Out of the 6, all have made errors in big games but at the moment Power from Corofin would possibly be our number 1 but we will need someone else to stand up for our league campaign as Power is involved with Corofin. Bottom line we are in for a tough league campaign and most level headed Galway supporters realise that.

  35. I know that regarding Cunningham Galwayman, was a cracking underage player with Headford, but i understand he is back to give it a shot and has declined to commit to Galway Utd for a few weeks until at least the FBD runs its course. Agree it wont be easy for him but you never know.

  36. Dave, Im not a Moy Davitts man, but I’ve seen him play on a few occasions. I was at a college game in Croker a couple of years ago, and he was outstanding, he’s a goal machine and has that initial burst of pace that can’t be thought. He’s in around the 6ft mark, so will be well able to handle himself. He strikes me as a lad who is going to get better and better playing with the cream of the County around him. Im expecting a big impact from him this year.

  37. 1 more sleep!
    Another season begins amd if it’s half as entertaining as 2017 we will be blessed.
    Can’t wait to have a look tomorrow and some fringe players and see who, if any, have what it takes to get Rochfords attention.

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