Summer dreams

It’s Monday, it’s wet and it’s cold – a triad of misery, in other words. It reminds me of that passage in Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds about that bloke who does everything in threes. After a series of threesomes (of sorts), he ends up slashing his wrists three times and then scrawls a message on the wall with his own blood saying “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye”.

November mornings can be shite, can’t they? It almost makes one wistful for Summer. Ah yes, those lazy, hazy, warm days with a long championship campaign stretching out ahead, the melodious, mellifluous voice of Michael O Muircheartaigh wafting through the air bringing news of a fierce championship encounter at a packed provincial venue somewhere, the aromatic scent of cut grass and then . . . and then this happens. Followed by this. And then you realise that it wasn’t Michael O Muircheartaigh you were listening to, it was that tool Brian Carthy. Maybe November days aren’t all that bad after all.

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