Sunday 9th August for our quarter-final

CrokerThe GAA have just announced details of dates and throw-in times for the All-Ireland football quarter-finals, all of which will take place at HQ.  First up it’s a double header next Sunday (2nd August), with Cork and Donegal out of the traps at 2 pm, followed by Tyrone and Kildare at 4 pm.  Kerry and Dublin is a standalone fixture on the Bank Holiday Monday (3rd) with a 2 pm throw-in.  That’s a bit of a pain in the hole, though, as that’s exactly the same time that our minors will be playing Tipp in O’Moore Park, Portlaoise in their All-Ireland quarter-final.

Our (senior) quarter final with Limerick or Meath – who incidentally face off in Portlaoise next Saturday evening (that one might be worth a look, by the way) – is down for Croker on Sunday 9th August.  But so too is the hurling semi-final between Kilkenny and Waterford and so our game will almost certainly be the curtain-raiser that day.  As a result, I think it’s safe enough to be pencilling in 2 pm on the 9th for our quarter-final.  Can’t wait!

UPDATE: The minors’ All-Ireland quarter-final clash with Tipperary has now been moved to O’Connor Park, Tullamore, with a 3 pm throw-in on the 3rd.  The Kerry-Roscommon quarter-final was due to be on the same card but it’ll now be the curtain-raiser for the Kerry-Dublin senior clash that day.

8 thoughts on “Sunday 9th August for our quarter-final

  1. nothing like the smell of the freshly cut grass in croker in august.. i think judging by all our success at underage we can nearly take it for granted for the next decade. best of luck to the seniors and minors.

  2. Senior QF should really be in Hyde Park or other neutral venue – no disrespect to Limerick but I’m expecting Meath – big diff for the Meath fans getting to Croker and the Mayo fans, and on a hurling day, there’ll be feck all atmosphere.

  3. I agree with Summer Supporter to an extent. The Kilk/Watf supporters won’t start coming in until right near the end of our game – I’d say there will be no more than 25,000 in while we’re playing (and that’s assuming it’s Meath, if it’s Limerick there’ll probably be even less). There’s nothing worse than a quarter full Croke Park for atmosphere, I remember the Tyrone game last year being lifeless, on and off the pitch.
    Still, if we were to win, at least we would of had a game in Croke Park under our belts. And seeing as how they seem to change the turf a couple of times a year, it’d be good to have a run on it and get used to it.
    But a full house in a provincial ground would definitely make for a great atmosphere.

  4. That’s true, Dan, but I think the players and management will want to play at Croke Park, not least because if we win, the next one could be with the Dubs at a packed Croker.

    You’re right, though, about the atmosphere. 25,000 in Croke Park makes for a miserable atmosphere for a game like this. It was the same for the quarter-final we drew with Laois in 2006 when we were on before the Kilkenny-Clare hurling semi-final. I remember we were sitting behind a few Kilkenny fans who had absolutely no interest in what was happening in our match. The place only started to fill up as our match was ending – it was all fairly surreal and I suppose we can expect the same the next day.

  5. Appreciate that a game on the new pitch (if it ever gets down at this stage) will be good for the lads. Those of us who are there will just have to shout all the louder! Mayo abu!

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