Sunday it is, then

I may be over 3,000 miles away from home but I’ve just watched, via a live video stream on RTÉ, Enda Kenny’s address to the Dáil proposing the appointment of his new Cabinet.  Suddenly I don’t feel all that far away – they brew Guinness here too, of course, so there’s another reason not to feel homesick.

I’ve also seen the press reports about Sunday’s game, with the final definitive confirmation from the C-we-can’t-allow-that-kind-of-thing brigade at HQ torpedoing any notion that the league match with the Dubs might go ahead on Friday 18th.  Why didn’t they just tell the Dublin County Board at the outset that this was never going to fly?  They would have saved everyone a fair bit of bother had they done so.

It’s also a tad ironic that the same press report which covers the news about the Friday Night Lights Out also mentions an exhortation from the GAA’s Director of Finance to counties to cut their costs.  Raising their revenues would also be nice and a Friday night match would almost certainly raise more dosh than the Sunday afternoon fixture will.

I think it’s time to check out what the local variety of the black stuff tastes like, Ash Wednesday or not.  Apart from anything else, it’s not every day that a Mayoman becomes Taoiseach.

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  1. @Club Mayo, what about us season ticket holders, i see this event is been held in the hogan suite level 5, our season tickets are for 305 lwr cusack?

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