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Photo: (Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile)

Happy St Patrick’s Day all. This one is even happier as we luxuriate in the afterglow of last night’s super win over Kerry down in Tralee.

Winning makes the job of ploughing through the match coverage a far more pleasant one as well. Here’s what’s online this morning about the game.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser.

Nationals: Sunday Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Sports News Ireland, Sports Joe,

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: GAA.

As a special bonus, it’s worth looking again at a clip of Mattie’s goal. On re-watching it what I really liked about the score was the fast-paced interchange of passes in the lead-up. This quick movement dragged the Kerry cover away from where Mattie was steaming through, with Kevin then landing that glorious defence-splitting pass into him. Here, have another look for yourselves:

Right, national holiday or not it’s going to continue being busy here all day long. The ladies are in League action against Westmeath in Mullingar today – note that the venue for that match has now been switched from Cusack Park to St Loman’s 3G pitch in the town, where throw-in remains at 2pm. The best of luck to the ladies in that one – I’ll have a piece on the game later on.

Even as I type Rob is, I know, beavering away stitching together the audio from last night in Tralee for the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast. That podcast episode will be online at some point this afternoon.

And, of course, there’s the Man of the Match poll, where voting is still open – remember you can choose your top three performers – and will remain so for several hours yet. I’ll post the result of the MOTM poll later on this evening.

Off with you now and enjoy the day’s festivities. Up Mayo.

29 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Can someone clarify situation for next week. Several news outlets are saying a win for mayo next week will guarantee a place in the final.

    My understanding is that if we are level on points with galway, by virtue of head to heads, galway would be ahead in the table.

  2. Just reading through report on Independent.
    “Mayo only need a draw against Monaghan to reach the league final”.
    Is it laziness or a lack of understanding of the permutations?
    Mayo could win and win well and not make final.
    If Kerry draw, they are through.
    If Mayo and Galway both win, Galway go through. Should Kerry remain on ten points and Mayo and Galway both win, well then it’s down to scoring difference to determine top two.
    A draw would be sufficient for Mayo should Tyrone beat Galway as Mayo won head to head.
    It’s fair enough for people to make mistakes but you’d expect a bit better than that from the Independent.

  3. If all 3 off Kerry Galway mayo win it’s Kerry v Galway final….If all 3 lose its Kerry v tryone final…If Kerry win and mayo Galway lose its Kerry v tryone final….If Kerry and mayo win and Galway lose its mayo v kerry final…..If Kerry lose and Galway and mayo win then it go’s to scoring difference ..As it stands now..Kerry + 11 Galway 0 Mayo +7….Think that’s right.

  4. The Examiner also have it down as Mayo guaranteed to reach league final if they topple monaghan. Could both papers be wrong?

  5. Both papers are wrong, Liberal role in the tie – Vinny’s got it all correct in his list of possible outcomes. From our perspective we need to win and hope Tyrone do us a favour against Galway.

  6. Had to watch from the couch, but that was sweet. Hands up, I was a doom and gloom merchant after Galway, but I still felt this was one that could be won. Kerry WERE slightly off, but only slightly. Ask Fionn MacDonagh or Matty about some of the tackles they got!

    The balance of the team was right. Aido at midfield set the tone. We adopted the Dublin strategy of crowding the 45 and our whole approach to midfield play went up notches and notches. Even against Tyrone we didn’t do that. We really looked better by at least 5 or 6 points. If free-taking could be nailed down, we would reflect such dominance on the scoreboard. Still, we got a a slew of good points in difficult circumstances.

    Others have commented on the players who delivered. I do think Conor Loftus and James Durcan were unlucky. Conor did some very good things in the first half, but the yellow (same for James) meant they were hampered after that, and it made sense to take them off when subs had to come on. Kerry defence looked very creaky I must say.

    Swallow Swoops (thanks for the mention), referenced Fergal Boland as a foot passing addition. On the money there, and didn’t he do well when he came on. Another very good foot passer we should mention – Aidan. Remember the passes to Fionn in Omagh? Class.

  7. Its a pity some of the posters here don’t work as journalists as they appear to have more knowledge than the so called experts. You would expect a bit of research before they pen their columns. Lots of teams still in the mix. If we win then we are depending on Tyrone to do us a favour and beat Galway. There are 4 teams who still have a chance of getting to final. If Monaghan beat us and Tyrone beat Galway, then a Tyrone Kerry final will be on. Personally I am not sure whether I want us to be in the final or not. The league has been a success , away victories v Tyrone and Kerry especially pleasing. Galway beating us again has been disappointing but we have used lots of players and a few new lads have impressed

  8. If Ros were to beat Kerry by three points , Galway to beat Tyrone by eight points , mayo to beat Monaghan by one point. . What happens then ?

  9. One thing I noticed was Horan’s composure on the sideline – his second coming is inspired, and imo has learned so much along the way. On the other hand, one would have to wonder how Peter Keane allowed Aido, as good and all as he was, dominate the game from start to finish. It reminded me of an u-14 club match, when young kids will look up the line at opposition players warming up, and identity the “big lad”, and lo and behold, he proceeds to walk the game. My point being, the manager must take a lot of responsibility for allowing this to happen. Big step up from minor management to senior IC.

  10. I think in that case Sean they put the 3 teams in to a Wellington and probably end up picking Dublin out.

  11. If it’s a Kerry Galway final you’ll have an empty Croke Park Cos either counties aren’t renowned for traveling. But if it’s a Mayo Kerry final they’ll be at least 14000 Mayo people there if not more. I was lucky enough to be there in 2001 when we last won the league. Foot and mouth or no foot and mouth the history books show we won it and it was all the sweeter beating Galway that day. What a difference 2 weeks make

  12. Man of Aran , what do you think he should have done to stop AOS ? I know Galway have adopted the persistent fouling tactic but what would you advise within the rules .

  13. I’m sure the players want to be in the final and I’m definitely with them. Every game against top opposition is invaluable in the team building process.
    Well done to management team, they got a lot of things right. Kerry were caught out by overcommitting in second half when playing into wind a bit like we were in the first half against Galway. The Horan influence starting to kick in.

  14. Great to get the win .Young lads stood up well .This win will do their confidence the world of good .McLoughlin’s pass to Ruane was class .His speed of thought was excellent .Has Aido ever looked as fit?

  15. I hope we make the league final and win it. All these players deserve a national title. I know everyone wants Sam but let’s start with reaching the league final hopefully and then we can think about winning it if we get there. I don’t think any county would turn their noses up at a league title.

  16. Sean. Keep the ball away from him firstly..Kerry kicked a lot of ball out in his direction, and he cleaned up. He loves playing Kerry, must be the family connection, I see he is in Killorglin today enjoying the parade.
    Backdoorsam I was there in 2001 for the league final, tough to take, but i would have settled for that knowing Sam was coming back to Galway in Sept.

  17. Best time to smash and grab a Sam when theres no strong Dublin and Kerry about . Wish we had done it too when we had the chance .

  18. If we get the chance of playing Kerry in a league final, go for it, great experience for the young players, and when did we beat Kerry in a senior final in Croker ?
    Look at the no.of times they have slaughtered us in finals, its pay back time, and if we lose so what as Kerry themselves would say ” sure it is only the league “

  19. Are we better off playing on tighter pitches.
    We looked lost in Croke Park a few weeks back especially AOS. Is Croke Park much bigger than other pitches.
    Maybe play our home games In tralee

  20. Backdoor Sam, 2001 year the backdoor championship was introduced, and we availed of the second opportunity big time.. @ Sean Burke it was obvious Kerry didn’t have the physicality at mid-field. Jack Barry was marked self-redundant. Could have introduced Adrian Spillane or David Moran – if fit.

  21. This was the first time in a long long time I saw Mayo playing with a spring in their step. This has come about in two weeks. For a change we were winning ball with ease around the centre of the field. New comers were very good particularly Ruane. He Reminded me many times of Fenton with his athleticism and ability. AO’S was very good and I would say once again spring in his step. Now looks like we could contest the final and what a turn around that is. However one swallow does not make a summer so I wait in anticipation to the Monaghan game. Great to be looking forward with hope and a bit of confidence.

  22. Man of Aran and Tuamstar ye won Sam in 2001 and fair play to ye ye fully deserved it but it was nice to win the league in 2001 after having been in a few finals and lost them. I’m sure for Galway it’s always sweet to beat Mayo and for Mayo it’s always sweet to beat Galway. No malice intended in saying it was nice to beat Galway

  23. Yeah, hope for a Mayo win next Sunday… I said during the week that ‘Its not over until the ‘Fat Lady’ sings’… The Rossies will be shouting for us as well.. . They need to win V Kerry and Us to beat Monaghan, or at least get a point more than Monaghan get in the last Match… otherwise it could be a very expensive barging in the Tyrone Player that caused the vital 14 meter free to be over turned… Personally I hope that the Rossies stay in Div One.. It’s allot easier to drive to the Hyde than Clones, and sure We are virtually unbeatable in the Hyde anyhow…. now I will forget my Connacht loyalties in the battle of the ‘Unbeatables (Galway in our case). Versus the ‘Unbearables’ Tyrone cos a Tyrone win and a Mayo win puts Us in the league Final….If it were to pass?. Why on Earth would?the league Final be played in Croke Park…. Saint Patrick knows that the greatest GAA fans (Mayo) have travelled far and wide ,why not play the League Final in a Connacht Venue?… preferably the Hyde where we are virtually unbeatable!

  24. 2001 All Ireland Champions Galway…National League Champions Mayo…Connacht Champions Roscommon. National League Semi-Finals in 2001 was Mayo vs Roscommon & Galway vs Sligo. Was there ever a better year for Connacht Football??

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