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It’s Sunday, the sun’s shining, we’ve beaten Galway and we’re in the Super 8s. That makes it a Super Sunday in my book.

There’s plenty of coverage about last night’s hugely satisfying and long overdue win over the neighbours. Let’s take a dive into it.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph.

Nationals: Irish Examiner (match report, James Horan quotes, James Horan more quotes), Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, James Horan quotes, piece on Super 8s), Sky Sports, The 42 (live blog, match report, James Horan’s quotes, James Carr’s second goal, talking points), Sports News Ireland, Pundit Arena, Off The Ball.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video (match highlights): GAA, Sky Sports.

Bonus video: James Carr’s second goal, go on – watch it again.

In case you missed it, my own post-match audio report is here.

Speaking of audio, the match-day episode of the Mayo News football podcast will be following before too long and, believe me, this is one you won’t want to miss. Along with Rob and myself there’s a host of other voices from the Gaelic Grounds, including Seán Rice, Billy Joe Padden and Barry Cullinane (and fair play to the big man for coming on right away after full-time) as well as Ed and Ger. It’s an aural treat and will be online soon. Stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Super Sunday is right , buzzing after it , it’s such an uplifter following this great team

  2. The sun is shining, Mayo are back in the big time, Galway are out.
    Even a mild hangover can’t wipe the smile off my face today!

  3. Lads & Ladies. One can’t help but feel excited today. Giddy even. I was wondering to myself last night on the drive up what do the people that don’t follow Mayo football do? Now I know there can’t be many. The highs, the lows, the heart racing, the new friends, our warriors representing us. I had to stop myself a few times already today on the whatifs…. DOC, Ruane, and Parsons to come back. The new look forward line. The absolute warriors that never die n our back line. The journey continues for another month (at least) and I can’t wait! Willie Joe you are tremendous in all you do, thank you.

  4. I’d be in favour of playing all ‘home’ games at Gaelic Park. The space and the surface really suit Mayo’s athletic approach. MacHale Park is stifling and suits tho opposition better more often than not. I can’t think of a better Mayo goal than the one I saw yesterday. Honmayo

  5. It is one of the best Sunday this year so far. No doubt about it. I’m just so happy and can’t wipe the smile off my face. Following Mayo football is pure heaven even with the lows. These bunch of lads are truly amazing and their never say die attitude is something I’m in awe of and so proud of. As someome else said at least we have a few more games to look forward to and I’m just so happy we got to the Super 8’s. And yes Willie Joe your blog is an amazing central hub for all us Mayo fans to flock to. Hon Mayo

  6. I came on here in 2016 and was gracious in victory and mentioned how mayo fans wished galway well. Well I come on today i hope gracious in defeat and I returned the gesture to the mayo people around me, told them Coen is a huge addition and ye can stuff Kerry. Thought the ref was poor for both teams. It frustrates the hell out of players as one minute the guy with the ball gets a free when surrounded and then 5 minutes later the same guy gets pulled for overcarrying, on both sides. Finally, on 48 minutes he booked Ian Burke and Cillian O’Connor even though it was O’Laio and McLaughlin who were involved. Got the 13s and 15s mixed up which is unacceptable when they are all miced up. Let me be clear the better team won yesterday but the better team won in 2018 and 2017. The best team always wins. Best of luck for the rest of the summer.

  7. Maybe Big Mike except the 2014 all Ireland semi. That will always remain a travesty

  8. I’m going in to the Junction resteraunt in Ballina today (owned or at least ran by James Carr’s parents) and I’m going to order boxty and chips
    And put his second goal on repeat loop it was the best Mayo goal I’ve seen since James Nallen scored that
    Goal against Kerry in the 96 semi final. Padraig Brogan’s goal In 85 was good too but yesterday’s goal was special well done James Carr he reminds me of a young James Horan

  9. So it’s Killarney, Croker and Castlebar in that order? Is there a break between games 2 and 3?

  10. Thanks, Big Mike, gracious and fair-minded words – fair play to you. Barry Cullinane was the same with us last night after the game, he got over to us right after the final whistle for the podcast and he was forthright and straight in what he had to say on it. I wouldn’t agree with you on 2017 and 2018 but I suppose you wouldn’t expect me to and I can’t argue with the fact either that you won both times.

    Likewise, Tuamstar and the other regular Galway contributors on here. Fair play to you all. I’d like to think that this kind of fair-minded attitude is what makes this place what it is.

  11. Fair play Big Mike….Yes, East Cork Exile…I instantly thought of limerick 14. The best team lost.

    And speaking of that Kerry may think they owe us one but by God all any Mayo player needs to think of is that day and 04…06….etc etc

  12. Yes there is. Great feeling today after that marvellous game last night. I think Stephen Coen had a great game last night. Probably his best as a Mayo senior player.

  13. I went to buy tickets for the Kerry game on line . The match isn’t listed like the other matches for next weekend. Was I too late going looking?

  14. Adore following this team..there is no feeling as good as being there in the midst of it all. Their resilence,never give up attitude is awesome. Wait now for the Kerry ‘media mafia’ to be out in force all week regarding every kind of shite they can think of – we have to be ready.

  15. Just heard interview with James Horan. He says that James Carr will be a good player when he gets fit. I’m looking forward to that

  16. Yes smiles everywhere.

    I got back to where I live in Galway and called in to my next door neighbours (who have a galway flag flying) with my Mayo colours and flag and enquired if they had any word on how the match went. They knew what I was at and took it in good heart. We had the tea and a good chat about the match.

    This morning at 9.30am I drove around the village and waved my flag out the car window and sang a few lines of the green and red of mayo to several galway people (including to the chairman of the local hurling club). I might not be getting a special invite to the annual Gaa dinner.

    Of course the highlight of the week is working in Galway. The war of wits has been raging since our defeat to Roscommon. It has been a brilliant few weeks of insulting the bejaysus out of each other. Well having comfortably dealt with their feeble efforts to belittle Mayo, my time has arrived. I will reign a terror never seen before on my Galway workmates. I don’t remember starting the shenanigans, but Saturdays match will be forever etched in their memories. I’m not even going to charge them for this roasting. No Siree. It’s free.

    Was the Galway penalty a penalty at all ? I thought the Mayo player was lying on the ground in front of the Galway player and couldn’t see how they could have even fouled the Galway player.

    To me the collision that brought Donie down in the Galway box should definately have been a penalty to Mayo.

    Did I not see Comer swinging wild belts at Boyle as he lay on the ground ? Don’t think there was any card for that.

    How many times did Carr catch the ball along the sideline and was just caught and flung out over the line. Sideline ball to Galway each time.

    The referee had a poor game. There would have been pandemonium had we not won last night. I would not like to see Joe reffing another one of our matches.

  17. I see Meath are now playing us in Croke Park in 2 weeks time. TBH they seemed ordinary enough and we should take them. Was kinda hoping for Clare though as they have less Croke Park experience.

  18. Exactly- fair play to all the Gracious Galway fan’s contribute to this Blog, hope to hear more from ye in the coming weeks… Congratulations to the Galway ladies who won the first Connacht Final ever played outside of Connacht (to my knowledge)…. Both Galway and Mayo Ladies hopefully will have a huge say in the Championship yet to come!…. Congratulations also to the Minors of both Galway and Mayo who played out a real classic on Friday evening in Tuam…Both have more to play for this year also… And of course, it’s not all over just yet, as the Under 20’s from both counties meet in another Connacht Final in a few days time, also in Tuam!… Come On Mayo!

  19. A great win but beating Galway is not exactly breaking or bridging the 68 year period in wilderness. Unfortunately self-belief plummets once we get into a 6-7 point lead around the 3/4 game mark. Once again having twice led in the second half by eight points we scrape home – better than losing by 1 point in an All-Ireland final from a similar situation I suppose – how many times have we relinquished a leading margin of 5-6 points and ended up on the wrong end of a 1 point decision. Time to get real guys – we’ve won NOTHING and we cannot put teams away!! The only time I saw Mayo be clinical in their execution was when we gained revenge against Donegal in 2013 for the previous year’s humiliation. btw – go Mayo – no more tomorrows!

  20. @Head down stay goin…same as that. Fitzgerald stadium holds about 44k so I would have thought with that capacity it wouldn’t be a sell out?

  21. Very well done to Mayo,I was worried but thankfully they stuffed my worries down my throat,so many fine contributors on here from other counties From Galway,Dublin,Kerry Donegal and many others it is what the gaa is about,we will try and win and when we do hope we are gracious in victory ,Gamechanger we are after you next week but when the game the game is over we are the best of friends,thank you again Willie Joe

  22. I honestly think that 1st half was some of the best championship football we’ve played in years. Dynamic all over ..albeit we were let play by Galway a bit.. really enjoyable stuff.. hon MAYO!!

  23. Great game tonight and Mayo got a great start unlike some previous games, I thought we were the better team throughout the whole game and we seemed up for it. What a game Carr played, thought he was substituted a bit too early. I also wish to applaud the whole team for keeping their discipline throughout the match in the face of consistent fouling by the Galway men off the ball. This was stepped up quite a bit in the second half. Mayo could not get their kickouts to their men due to Galway players grabbing hold of the receivers before they even moved. Keith was continually fouled by this tactic and no free ensued. Carr pushed out over the sideline, line ball for Galway, point for them. Thought Boyler was poleaxed arriving in the square, no free, score for Galway the other end. There is very little protection for those who want to play ball these days. Hope Kevin Walsh leaves the scene soon and we can get back to having good games where football is the winner again. Up Mayo.

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