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Photo: @Mayo_LGFA (Michael Donnelly)

I dunno about the rest of you but my view is that having the matches back again is just bloody great. Good performances, not-so-good displays – who cares? It’s wonderful to have the games we love to focus on back once again, giving us all hope of life beyond Covid, of a time beyond the time when it seemed that time had stood still for us all.

So, to yesterday’s games. We had three Mayo teams in action at three different locations, against three different counties. Same result, though – three wins from three and the hurlers have a shot of completing a notable foursome this afternoon as well.

I can’t find any match reports on the camogie win over Kildare yesterday. I know that they’re going to be doing a report on the game on the Mayo Camogie website today and I’ll provide the link to that later on. That’s a good website, by the way, and it’s great to see the camogie revival within the county gathering pace online as well as on the field.

UPDATE: that match report is now online – it’s here.

Onto the men’s win over Westmeath, here’s the haul of links from that one.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Mayo GAA, Midlands 103 FM, Midwest Radio (includes post-match audio).

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes), Sky Sports, The 42, GAA Fan TV.

Photos: Inpho.

Video: GAA (match highlights).

Next that thrilling comeback win for the women over Galway yesterday evening. There are reports on that one here: Mayo Advertiser, RTÉ, Ladies Football. Mayo LGFA have a few nice action shots by Michael Donnelly from the game (including the one above) – here.

Speaking of pics, you may have seen the photo of Jordan Flynn (below), feeding the parking meter in Mullingar before the match yesterday. What a glamorous life these inter-county players lead.

Photo: @GAA_Joe (Sportsfile/Stephen McCarthy)

That’s your lot for now. Best of luck to the hurlers today in Donegal, a match that available to view, on a pay-per-view basis, on Donegal GAA TV – here. I won’t get to see that game myself as I’m on the road for several hours today but I’ll have a report, of sorts, on it later on and the result of the MOTM poll from the Westmeath game, voting for which will remain open for a fair few hours yet.

Enjoy your Sunday. Up Mayo.

8 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. I agree WJ great to have it back.

    Hopefully we see Harrison back soon to help shore up the defence.

    Only 5 weeks out from championship now.

  2. Well done to both the Ladies Football team who showed true grit and determination in coming back from behind with 5 mins over a strong Galway team left and also the Camogie team who had a fabulous win over Kildare

  3. Great game between Kerry and the Dubs. Dublin have great patience in terms of waiting for the right opportunity to break the Kerry rearguard and then the ruthless efficiency to taking their chances. Have been helped with a dodgy decision regarding the advantage rule but Dublin are still a little bit better than their great rivals based on the first half.

  4. After Meaths defeat of Down today, Mayo are garunteed a semifinal spot for promotion to Div One.. So the result of the game after next weekend versus whoever is far more important than the game versus Meath.. The same goes for Meath are in the same boat as ourselves for the same reason. So next weekend would be the day for James Horan to try some new players out..For Roscommon the news is not as good, The Rossies are now definitely in a relagation semifinal to maintain their place in Div One, following defeat to Galway and the draw between Kerry and Dublin… Galway concidering their 22 point hammering by Kerry last weekend and todays victory are in serious negative equity on the scoring front, -16 to be precise. A the Tribesmen will a huge game v the Dublin next weekend..They would need to beat the Jackeens by a big score probably well into double figures to avoid the same fate..

  5. Lean times- if Galway beat Dublin – Galway will be on 4 points and Dublin will stay on three points.
    Does anyone know what rule is for venue for league semi finals. Is it neutral venues – or will the top team have home advantage

  6. Correction to myself, Galway only need a one point win next weekend to make the semi’s.. that would put them on 4 points and Dublin would remain on 3, so the news is getting better for our southern neighbour’s!

  7. Well spotted, South Mayo exile, I was writing my correction, but you beat me to it.. On 10 minutes more mature reflection on the situation, the Rossies would be better to have everyone fresh and rested for their game v Kerry next week, and have a fresh team to play whoever they draw from Div One North in their relagation semi, nothing easy on that side of the division either.. Kerry aren’t 100 certain of making the semi either but concidering their huge scoring advantage it would take something else to deny them.

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