Sunday match reports

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It’s the morning after the day before, a day when Mayo came out of the traps fast to blow Sligo away in the opening round of this year’s Connacht Championship. It was as good a performance from James Horan’s team as anyone could have wished for in advance and that’s pretty much reflected in the media coverage of the game.

Here’s what’s online about it.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Leitrim Observer.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, Irish Mirror (match tracker).

Others: GAA, RTÉ, Sky Sports, The 42, Sports Joe, Off The Ball (Tony McEntee post-match quotes), Pundit Arena (player ratings).

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA, Sky Sports.

Onto the hurlers whose Rackard Cup win over Donegal in Letterkenny was far more dramatic than the stroll the footballers enjoyed down the road in Sligo. There are only a few reports online on that game, here they are: Connaught Telegraph, Donegal Sports Hub, Donegal Live.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget that the MOTM poll is still open, with Darren McHale – who enjoyed a dream full Championship debut for us yesterday – ahead of Aidan O’Shea, who was selected by Sky Sports as their MOTM, in the voting. The poll will remain up until this evening and I’ll post the result later on tonight.

35 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Eoin Mc must be an absolute nightmare to have to mark. I was actually laughing at the amount of times he headed towards the Sligo goal full throttle.

    A player that has been going quietly about his business is C Loftus. Some really impressive scores lately. He seems to be able to nail the longer distance scores when the opposition are packing their defence. Ive been very impressed with him.

    I think the last time we played Leitrim we got off to a poor enough start and trailed by 3 or 4 points early. Hopefully we’ll be at full tilt again in 2 weeks.

    Looking at the subs yesterday it was a nice feeling to think that anyone of them would be well up to the task if brought on. Even with all the retirements and injuries we seem to have a very good squad even outside the starting 15. It really is heartening to see.

  2. It would have been nice to see Eoin rattle the net at least once yesterday, but that aspect can be worked on. Its the same channel he runs down all the time, and to be fair the angle is tricky for a left footer.

    Agree on Loftus, a player who is proving this fan wrong, has great ability to break high ball and caught a beauty under pressure as well. If Diarmuid was fit id love to see Connor on the half forward line.

    Don’t want to reignite the Horan stuff on here from during the week, but if he walked away we’d be at a very low ebb. He brings such a professional approach to the team and has done wonders for Mayo football. I hope he stays on for 10 years tbh. He’s a leader and every player respects him. Yeah, a couple of in game decisions have cost him, but his over all contribution as manager is top class. We’re very lucky to have him.

  3. Agreed .MayoDunphy, Horan has a great knack for developing youth into intercounty stars. He has made us consistently competitive for the last 10 years as promised. I had great time for Rochford too to be honest, would love to see him involved again at some stage but sure time will tell. What’s important is we maintain the funding to continue our professional setup and never return to amateur level – the gulf between the top brass (Dublin, Kerry, Mayo, Tyrone, Donegal, Galway, monaghan) and Everyone else is huge and part of the reason for that is the structures that are in place from youth through to senior

  4. Our time has come, absolutely spot on. We need to keep this going, and as you said we’re 10 years now at the top table, lets do everything we can to stay there for another 10. Our greatest asset is the Mayo people itself, the mothers and fathers encouraging their kids to play football and all that goes with it. We all grew up wanting to put on the jersey and kicking the winning score in a certain final!!!!…and once it stays like that we can remain competitive. Their always be a soccer element, and thats healthy too, but when you drive around the County, every second young lad/lady is wearing Mayo GAA gear, and thats the main element to continued success imo.

    The off-field stuff is improving, im not privy to our finances, but once we can keep under age numbers up and be fielding at least two underage county teams, we’ll be okay, the Oisin’s and Tommy’s and Eoghan Mac’s will pop up to drive on the next few years etc.

  5. It was great to see McLaughlin return to the half-back line yesterday. His runs from deep are a huge asset and himself and Paddy Durcan give us great momentum.

    I thought it was noticeable that Oisin and Leeroy stayed at home much more yesterday. We were comfortable so the attack didn’t need them to help complement their work on the scoreboard.

    I thought young Hession got caught out a few times and make some elemental mistakes. But sure he’s learning all the time and it’s only through playing that he’ll get this experience.

  6. Lads, let’s see how things go when faced against a strong opposition.
    Why can’t the full forward get goals v the Dubs ??
    The championship is a farce, Sligo and and Leitrim are just about at B team level, the Gaa cannot keep going ahead with this nonsense.

  7. Awful weekend of mismatches across the board, dreadful opening weekend of championship

    One noteworthy thing is the amount of injuries, players pulling up all over the place. Michael Murphy and Clifford amongst others and of course our own cillian gone for season.
    This championship is really gonna be a survival of the fittest

  8. .mayodunphy you say our greatest asset is the parents encouraging their kids and driving them long distances to development squads etc. It is a pity those players could not have their parents at the game yesterday. I was shocked by some of the people who I saw in the crowd yesterday while players got 1 ticket each.

  9. .mayodunphy you say our greatest asset is the parents encouraging their kids and driving them long distances to development squads etc. It is a pity those players could not have their parents at the game yesterday. I was shocked by some of the people who I saw in the crowd yesterday while players got 1 ticket each.

  10. Anyone else out there who paid the €25 for the Gaago a few weeks ago,but its asking you to pay for any of today’s games?

  11. @Mayonaze, 100% agree. We’ve had that debate a while ago here. Once the board do all they can to keep him, not much more can be done. @Catcol sign him up as they say.

    @Donedeal, Agreed, I was one of those non parents at the game. Its a HQ and Government issue that is out of our control.

  12. .mayodunphy can’t blame hq or government, board members should have made sure all players on match day 26 got 3 tickets with remainder raffled on board members etc. Selfish of them to have taken them from parents.

  13. I’ll go along with a 10 year extension for Horan as well provided he sorts out the defence and make us hard to score goals against. I agree as well that the players families should be allowed attend the matches if we can have outdoor dining why can’t we have bigger numbers at football matches especially as it’s outdoors and the majority of elderly/vulnerable people have been vaccinated

  14. Its a waste of time lads. Ye will go in against Ros/Gal undercooked after playing pointless matches. I predict winner of Ros/Gal to win connaught but whoever wins Connaught will lose semi to Dublin almost guaranteed. Its stale and pointless we need to have a different type of championship.

  15. Agree with above comments about Gaago who i paid €25 to a few weeks ago, they have taken €7.99 from my account today for the Leinster hurling game, this seems to be the latest scam, anyway of getting a refund??.

  16. Agree about gaago. We were promised a glut of games through the championship and now we have to pay again if we want to watch more. Proves if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is

  17. Something I noticed from yesterday, 3 of the Mayo subs scored within a minute of coming on.. Fergal Boland, Stephen Coen and James Carr… And James Carr only got about a minute playing time in total.. Per minute of playing time that James Carr has gotten from Mayo he boasts an outrageous high scoring stats.. on the weekend championship Gaelic Football competition… Competition it most definitely wasn’t, the margins of 20 points, Sligo/Mayo.. 17 points Kerry/Clare… 18 points Limrick/Waterford and 16 points Donegal/Down will probably reignite talk’s of a B Championship on the Sunday Game.

  18. Download the GAAGO app again to get the latest update.. it will behave itself then…

  19. Keith Duggan: “McLaughlin’s conversion from elite cycling has been well documented but it seems unlikely he could travel any faster upfield even if he was allowed to use the bicycle”.

  20. Cod, I uninstalled and re installed Gaago, but no joy. , I knew that price of €25 was too good to be true.

  21. Well done to john Maughan’s Offaly today. He has done fine job there and its quite an achievement after almost 30 years in management that he still can turn out winning teams given all the changes in the game. Shows what an intelligent manager he is. He gets a chance to lick horns with Jack O Connor next week again. He certainly owes him one!

  22. This Mayo squad is starting to look awesome,no wonder some of the Dublin team has decided to retire,just look at some of the replacements in addition to th e team that started yesterday we have defenders like EOD,POHora,S Coen,B Harrison,and R Brickden, C O Shea DOC,F McDonagh,M Moran,B Walsh,J Carr ,D coen,and others a very impressively squad,only four games to get Sam

  23. Lahanman – I often correct obvious errors (typos and the like) made in the comments but that one you did there is just too good to do anything about!

  24. Yes indeed fair play to John Maughan great to see Offaly winning today. I remember in 95 when he took over we were in a bad place relegated to Division 3 and going nowhere fast. He brought us on some journey and was desperately unlucky not to win Sam on at least one occasion. To misquote the words of a Mayo/Derry/Dublin man he has done the county some service. I would love to see him get one over on Jack O’Connor, if they can quieten Jimmy Hyland they have a chance

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