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Well, how are the heads today?

After I’d done with the match report on the blog last night, close to midnight, a few of us settled down in front of the television and watched the game all over again. And drank every drop of beer in the house. What days these are to be alive.

Here goes with a sample of the coverage of a mesmerising, chaotic night of nights at Croke Park.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph (match report, quotes), Western People (which wins Headline of the Day award), Dublin Live.

Nationals: Irish Times (match report, live blog, Keith Duggan, five key moments), Irish Examiner (match report, player ratings, Lee Keegan, Padraig O’Hora, talking points, Midwest coverage, Dessie Farrell), Irish Independent (which has loads more sitting behind the paywall so no point linking to it), Irish Mirror, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA (match report, quotes), Dublin GAA, RTÉ (match report, live blog, player ratings, James Horan quotes, Dessie Farrell quotes, Padraig O’Hora quotes, James Horan and Lee Keegan quotes), Sky Sports, BBC (match report, live blog), The 42 (match report, live blog), Breaking News.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: GAA (highlights), GAA Fan TV (analysis).

Onto the LGFA semi-final where this is what’s online about the game.

Match reports: Ladies Football, GAA, Connaught Telegraph, Irish Examiner, Irish Times, RTÉ, Sky Sports.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

There’s also a report on Mayo’s Nancy Murray Cup win over Tyrone in camogie yesterday – that’s here.

Right, that’s your lot for now. Our match-day podcast is already online so you might want to give that a listen and if you haven’t yet voted in the MOTM poll there’s still time to do so.

43 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. How can I get yesterday’s game in full, didn’t record it, It’s not up on YouTube yet.
    Any word on Eoghan McLaughlin injury?

  2. If you have sky you ,can go in and download it and watch it there, I did that this morning as I recorded it on rte but they missed the second half of extra time.

  3. Lane and Deegan should be sanctioned for failing to stop the play when McLaughlin was out cold. That put him at risk, not good enough. There is only one ref in Ireland good enough and fit to ref the final – David Gough. No bias or hidden agendas and fair to both sides

  4. Watched it on rte player today. If you have the patience to sit through a few ads. It’s grand.

  5. Hi Willie Joe and Thank You for this fantastic platform for Genuine Fans.
    I just rewatched the Match nursing a sore head and it looked like Mayo were playing against18. What that Referee was doing on that pitch baffled me. What were his linesmen watching. A complete and utter bottled job. Too scarred to make the Correct Calls and send off Small, Mc Carthty etc. I think if Lane had reffedvthe match properly from the start and stood up to Dublin Eoghan would not have been injured. Good Luck to Eoghan Today and to James Carr and to the Mayo Lads who are sore and aching Today. I hope they can have a few beers because Lads you deserve them. Mighty Bunch Players and Management.
    There is only one Plan.
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  6. Thanks Mo for this. Eoghan has been in my thoughts all day and will continue to be. I can’t wait to see him better. Good luck to him as he recovers. All of us are with you.

  7. So now, 2 games in a row, one of Mayo’s best players gets taken out of the game by a “mistimed” Dublin tackle (Keegan in 2020 final and McLoughlin yesterday).

    Absolutely disgrace by Lane. Should never be allowed ref again

  8. I am reading now on Westport GAA page that Eoghan undergoes surgery today for a double fracture in his jaw. Gutted for the poor guy. Heartbreaking. Re’watching the game – Raging with that Lane. How could he let the play continue.

  9. Carrot face – you’d want to calm down and read up a bit on defamation. I can’t allow you to post something like that here and it’s a gross abuse of the comment facility for you to do so.

  10. It will be interesting to see in the Sunday Game tonight when they are praising “the greatest team of all time” will they make reference to what went on yesterday and also the incompetence of Lane and the smiler Deegan.
    Dont expect they will.

  11. Best of luck to Eoghan. I hope his recovery goes to plan. Disgraceful tackle on him yesterday. He’ll be a big loss for the final.
    I hope and pray that Oisín’s injury isn’t too bad and he can get back. Horan remained tight lipped yesterday when asked about it.

  12. Wishing Eoghan McLaughlin the best with his recovery and thankful for his efforts this year.

    I have to say it felt like the kind of incident that could lead to a walk-off at the time, or give licence for someone else’s head to be taken off too.

  13. Hello All, The Galway game was a delight leaving Croker but this win was phenomenal.

    Watched it on GAAGO here in London interspersed with Midwest and all of the 2nd period of extra time. No doubt what side Martin Carney was on. . At one stage he wanted Paddy or someone to give it to James Durcan who could run with the ball or maybe it was run for Ireland.

    An observation that when Tommy scored a lovely point, Mr McStay informed us that he had a free shot because of an Advantage. It gave the impression that he would not have scored otherwise.

    Truly terrible to hear the extent of Eoghan Mc’s injury.

    Whatever about Aidan’s performance yesterday he has been encouraging Ryan and Tommy from the beginning. Now no one knows where he will play the next time.

  14. Oh God sorry about that Willie Joe. I didn’t mean to break the rules you have here and you were right to delete it if it broke your rules.

    It’s just I’m fed up of it happening to us and nothing been done about it. That’s all.

    I will accept my time in moderation or the naughty step. No qualms about that.

    Last thing I meant to do was upset yourself. You run a magnificent ship here. So apologies again to you.

    On a different note I think that of the 31 scores last night, 23 were scored into the canal end and just 8 into the Hill. I rest my case about the “scoring end” of Croker.

  15. That’s fair enough, Carrot face, thanks for coming back on to say that. I get it that people are upset – as I am too, I’m bloody fuming – but I need to keep the temperature at an even keel on the debate.

    In all the years I’ve been at Mayo matches in Croke Park I’d never noticed that Hill end/Canal end scoring effect. I think you’re onto something there alright.

  16. Do people think Tyrone will get an extra week, and as consequence push ou the final further. What are we looking at, the 11th, 18th of September, would we be still looking at a Saturday game rather than a Sunday?

  17. You are rebuilding a new team and you lose a great forward-line leaded as well as the nation’s top scorer of all time plus two of Ireland’s best young players, and still you beat the six-in-row champions and acknowledged all time greats.
    It’s unbelievable and no only are the best county supporters bar none, but the whole country is behind Mayo to win Sam this year.
    It’s all true and makes you very proud to be from Mayo, but it’s the unfinished business that matters now. If Tyrone get their way and they will because it’s about the money in GAA HQ,, it may work in favour of Oisin’s recovery time-wise.
    Thoughts with Eoghan, Cillian and Oisin as we continue the pilgrimage. And delighted to see Brendan Harrison back on the pitch in green and red.
    Finally congratulations to James and the management team and let us all ease off the hype to let them prepare and deliver their best unburdened.

  18. Thanks Willie Joe for a fantastic platform to air our support of Mayo. Yesterday was an amazing day. What happened to Eoghan was a disgrace, hard to see how that wasn’t a red card. We’ve beaten the best team of all time. Drink it in!!

  19. Camogie final is on Sunday the 12th so it’s a Saturday throw in. A 4 week lead in is a long time especially with trying to keep Covid cases out of the team bubble. Fingers crossed that is the case. Oisin should be raring to go by the 11th is a real plus.

  20. A month certainly is a long time….Horan needs to watch the training sessions for injuries and drill into lads not to be acting the bollix and no covid outbreaks….jaysus

  21. But I have Willie Joe, 2nd half into the Canal end has been good to Mayo for as long I’m going to Croker. I posted this at halftime yesterday.
    Watched the game back in full, I now know for sure why Horan is looking for hard working and scoring inside forwards, a new weapon for sure.
    All heroes yesterday for me one man is my pick in all the games he played against the Dubs, a leader, calm, etc, Lee Keegan.

  22. That victory was worth the weight. I’m so proud of these men each and every one of them. The resilience of the old peppered with a galump of youth’s bravado. What a serious intoxicating cocktail. We played the Dubs at their own game (with the exception of their back alley scumbag thuggery, which unfortunately they have gotten away with for years) We beat the Dubs and the ref in their back pocket ta booth. My thoughts go out to Eoghan. You didn’t tog out to be assaulted in such a cowardly way by that small thug. You have years ahead and will be back. Honour, class and resilience. I’m bubbling here. So proud of ye. Aidan will be immense for us in the final. Mark those words. Come On Mayo!!!

  23. In 2004 or 2006 Kerry had an extra week and did a lot of weights and it really stood to them. Unheralded Willie Kirby had a great game and their athletic CHF whose name escapes me moved to midfield. Dara OS was missing that year and they didn’t need him.
    I would think management could focus on topping up S&C with the extra week or 2 we have.

    I was very critical of Lane yesterday but stop short of the “this guy should never be allowed ref again” crap. Officials are part time and Lane’s team did him no favours including the experienced Deegan who got right call for Diarmaids yellow but missed loads of the other stuff including Mccarthy’s elbow.

  24. I would agree with other posters that Gaelic football reffing still behind the curve compared to other sports. Surely a 4th official on TV screen could sort all this stuff without even stopping the game. Umpires also missed Mccarthy’s elbow even though it was only around 21 out.
    That said the Meath lad and his family team seem to be consistently good. Lane did cop out a few times unless I’ve the rules wrong on black cards. Ironically it wasn’t 100% clear if Basquels black was deliberate but he probably knew he’d gotten some big call wrong before that.

  25. @Shuffly Deck: Eoin Brosnan partnered William Kirby that day. Cleaned out our midfield which was Ronan McGarrity and Fergal Kelly if I remember correctly.

  26. @ Wille Joe / Carrot Face

    Re playing into the Canal end in second half, our record against Dubs in last 10 years.

    2012 Mayo playing into Canal, Mayo win.
    2013 Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2015 first semi, Mayo playing into Canal, Mayo draw.
    2015 semi final replay, Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2016 first final, Mayo playing into Canal, Mayo draw.
    2016 final replay, Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2017 Final, Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2019 semi, Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2020 final, Dublin playing into Canal, Dublin win.
    2021 normal time, Mayo playing into Canal, Mayo draw.

    We won the toss both before the match and before extra time yesterday, opted before match to play into the Canal in second half. Before extra time when we had been on top, Durcan picks to start extra time playing into the Canal. Possibly believed Mayo could keep the foot to the pedal and see it home by playing into the “scoring” end.

  27. Digits. Great stuff.

    Willie Joe. Someone needs to do an article on this in a separate thread under its own heading. We’ve got 4 weeks to look at stuff like this.

    Mayo88 is all over it too but Willie Joe, you’re the man to do it. No excuses!!!!

    It works in hurling too. Look at this years 2 semi finals.

    In a nutshell, if ya win the toss, play into the Hill in the first half and be in the game at half time.

  28. Hi folks. So proud of that Mayo performance. Awe inspiring stuff. There has been some rubbish mentioned about Kevin McStay on this blog in the wake of the match. He is one of our own and calls it as he see’s it. Better still, he is never afraid to admit if he makes a bad call in the heat of live commentary as evidenced with this great piece below. I appreciate Eoghan’s injury is so emotive for everyone and we all feel so bad for him and wish him a speedy recovery but comments suggesting McStay is not welcome in Ballina are mean, nasty and a million miles from the truth.

    Kevin McStay: John Small hit on Eoghan McLaughlin was a wild and dangerous foul
    via The Irish Times

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