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The dust is starting to settle on yesterday’s at times heart-stopping clash with Monaghan and, as it does, we can reflect on the undisputed fact that we’re still in this year’s Championship. Our name is in the bowl for tomorrow morning’s draw and that was always the main objective from yesterday’s qualifier game.

Sure, the performance was a bit all over the shop at times but I was thinking back last night to 2016. That year we were similarly disjointed in a Round 4 clash with Westmeath but we then proceeded to go on a run and come within a few Maurice Deegan howlers of winning the damn thing outright.

I’m not saying we’re at 2016 levels this year but – for my own education as much as anything else – it’s worth recalling past form like that, especially when criticising performance levels in a high-pressure situation on a hot summer’s day.

Anyway, here’s what’s online about yesterday’s game.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Northern Sound.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, BBC, Sky Sports, The 42.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Audio: Off The Ball (James Horan post-match).

Video: GAA (highlights), Sky Sports (Lee Keegan post-match).

Anyone looking for more on the match will, as our club members on Patreon already know, find it on the podcast. We had our usual ‘Final Whistle’ pod online soon after the match was over and our full match review episode will be available for club members today. If you fancy joining the club and getting access to this and other great content, you can do so here.

A quick mention for the county’s camogie team and the U17 hurlers who both lost so narrowly in their respective matches yesterday. Commiserations to both – it’s tough to come up agonisingly short in the way they did.

Finally, the MOTM poll is still open. It’s fairly clear how this one – deservedly – will go but if you haven’t yet voted you might want to have your spake there. I’ll be back later on with the poll result.

12 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. In an interesting move Mayo panel members outside of the starting 15 will be let back play with their clubs today,even lads who came on yesterday.
    Obviously there are added risks as regards injuries but overall a very positive and progressive move,they’ve been doing this in kerry for years.

  2. The Farney men were utterly frustrated by some of the calls made – and not made – by referee Barry Cassidy at each end of a hard-fought, dour battle. Of course, Mayo had no such qualms as they set of on yet another adventure through the Qualifiers – was that ever in doubt?

    First Conor McManus was black-carded for what seemed like an innocuous foul on Aidan O’Shea and minutes later, the home side were awarded a penalty when Ryan Wylie blocked Oisin Mullin’s goal effort with his foot.

    Both calls were probably correct, but that did little to sate the anger of the large Monaghan following in the crowd.,,,,

    The above report from “Irish Examiner’s” reporter MICHAEL GALLAGHER , is a joke both offences were as clear as daylight , there was nothing “probable about them”

  3. Regardless of the headlines that claim Monaghan were denied a penalty, Mayo were the better team and I have no doubt we would have won if it went to extra time. I feel bad for Monaghan and we know what it is like to have bad decisions made against us. We will continue to improve and as the man said no one will want to take us on.

  4. Great to see James let all players that didn’t make starting 15 off with there clubs today, hopefully some forward puts there hand up or maybe a forward going well for his club could be called into panel that’s supposed to be open ended, could Neil Douglas, Colm Moran, or Conor Diskin make more of an impact than some of the inside forwards James is carrying in the squad at present.

  5. – If you are looking at the game with All Ireland contender glasses you will be disappointed while if you have your every game is a bonus glasses on then you will be happy.
    – Game was actually much cleaner than I thought it would be, definitely not much physical edge too it. Did the Hughes even get a card ?
    – Banty would be better off focusing on his teams tactics, the high ball into our full back line was causing us plenty of problems in the first few minutes and then they just stopped using it which suited us just fine.
    – Subs were too slow being made, Orme and Walsh should have been taken off much earlier.
    – What is the point of having plenty of pace if it is only used to hit the bus/blanket/wall quicker. As Mayonaze mentioned in previous thread can we not try a few fast low ground passes anywhere inside the 21 to take advantage of some of our guys with pace.
    – Dont take all of the instinct out of the forward play….

  6. Stop the lights. We really gave Tyrone a handy All Ireland last year. The league game against them earlier this year and their championship performances this year have reinforced that.

  7. As it turns out Tyrone wouldn’t have been a bad draw at all this round.

    Never got going at all this year – they would have been vulnerable to cork and Clare today (as would Monaghan)

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if all of the pundits on The Sunday Game were like Anthony Daly. Brilliant GAA mind and such a passionate man.

  9. Did anyone hear Martin Mchugh on Rte 1 today ? Talking about the refereeing decisions in the game . I was amused because he seemed to be talking like inconsistencies with referees as a new thing . Every team gets decisions that some days go with ya and other days they don’t and has been like that for years so I really don’t know why our game gets highlighted . Anyone would swear we didn’t deserve to win ?

  10. Midwest match report this evening on club league games mentioned Eoghan Mc Laughlin as having played well for Westport… surely Eoghan wouldn’t have played today???

  11. I think P.OH did play as did Darren Mc & others which is understandable but Eoghan had an ice pack on the knee & limping quite badly after the game yesterday so surely would not have been involved today.

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