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With our second emphatic win in a week, the coverage we’re getting at the minute makes for easy reading. I’ve a particular interest myself in seeing the reports on last night’s match, as I wasn’t at it and only caught some of the first half on Midwest. I’m really looking forward to sitting down in front of the TV and watching the whole thing.

Before diving into what’s being said online about our thumping Tyrone, I just want to express my thanks to Ed McGreal for filling in so well on the match report here on the blog. Can’t beat a neat bit of squad rotation.

Right, here’s what’s online about our first home win over the O’Neill County since 1992:

Locals: Connaught Telegraph, Belfast Live.

Nationals: Irish Examiner, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Sports Joe.

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Videos: GAA (highlights).

Stats: GAA Statsman.

There’s also some coverage of the women’s match against Dublin yesterday. Here’s what’s online about that one:

Match reports: Ladies Football, Connaught Telegraph. Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Right, that’s it for now. Best of luck to the hurlers today and don’t forget to vote in the MOTM poll if you haven’t yet done so. Back at some point later on with the result of that and club members should also watch out for our match review pod, which will be online on Patreon later today as well. Have a good one, all.

58 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. It was a great win altogether but Tyrone look completely out of sorts. Hard to believe still they won the All Ireland 2 years back. What a game next weekend should be.

  2. Thanks Willie Joe. Third match in a row, I’ve had to miss, but did catch it on TG4.

    Tyrone were brilliant for the first 20 minutes, living up to my pre match expectations. Aidan’s goal was a bit lucky, and the Tyrone back should have cut out the long ball ( what a pass from Aidan!), for the second. They still played well in the third quarter. So that makes Mayo’s performance quite something. Goals win matches, and the fact that we could rattle in four against Tyrone, from a variety of situations is a new development, and will be massive for confidence.

    I liked the way we held our shape while giving game time to Callinan, Paddy D, Jason, and Tommy. Does anyone know whom Tommy replaced on the bench?

    Some things I’m still not happy about:

    * Not scoring from marks. We’re using this tactic well, but not punishing teams; Coen last week, and Carr this week.
    * Short kicks to keepers hands- ROD this week.
    * We seem a bit spooked when keepers join the attack. Rafferty and Morgan, are there to be targeted. Morgan very good last night, and kicked three beauties. (Colm Reape improving with every game though).

  3. Doesn’t it show you what a miss the 2021 Ali final was?

    If we had Mullin and Keegan we’d be right in the mix..especially if anything happened to Clifford?

    The main thing now- bar bloody injuries- is how we score against tight defences. Large periods of the first half and second half without scoring and tbh, I felt we messed up some good scoring chances in the last 15 minutes

    Here’s a question I’d like posters to answer:

    Would you replace Reape in goal for Hennelly?

  4. No point having what ifs around Mullin and Keegan. Neither are coming back and the team is coming together nicely without them.

  5. Spotlight, last night has absolutely nothing to do with 2021. Mayo could have been there all night and they wouldn’t have beaten Tyrone in that final. They were completely deserving of their All Ireland in 2021 and it’s complete disrespect to say anything else.

    I think people are getting way ahead of themselves. It’s still a long way to July. The first two games are a closer reflection of where Mayo are at than the last two. Galway and Armagh are both better teams than Tyrone.

    I’d have Hennelly all day. But Reape has done well. Mayo are very lucky in the goalkeeper position.

  6. If we took our 4 goal chances in the 2021 final the result may have been different…

    Tyrone played really well that year in fairness. Fully deserved winners considering they also beat Kerry.

  7. Another big win in Castlebar but here we go again with fans losing the run of themselves already in February – the word S.m should be banned til Mayo actually win All-Ireland?.

  8. Eh I disagree completely with that assessment about the first 2 games being closer to where we are at. We have looked a lot more cohesive in the last 2 games. There is stronger evidence of defensive structure and an attacking plan. Our tackling is improving game on game, as is the decision making. More players are scoring and more are putting their hand up for selection. Against Armagh and Galway, we were far more sloppy and indecisive than we have been recently, and it wasn’t as clear who was making a proper case for themselves for selection. We are also getting crucial players back from injury now, who weren’t available for Galway or Armagh.

    I know people might have an instinct to rein in expectations, but there is no need to misrepresent things. The big players for the All Ireland are going to catch up with our fitness and conditioning before summer and the likes of Kerry and even Galway will be a different animal come summer, but we have the makings of a very solid, exciting team coming through here, with lots of options to start and come off the bench. Obviously nothing is won in February, and some people love to make themselves blue in the face saying that, but it’s enjoyable to watch a young team enjoy their football. That’s all.

    My reservation is around whether we can sustain the improvement over the next few months. McStay teams of the past have sometimes mis-timed things. Hopefully that won’t happen.

  9. I’d keep Reape, why not. People mentioned he’s been suspicious under a couple of high balls, others he’s gathered or cleared, the other contenders for that jersey have form under high ball to don’t forget.
    He’s still learning trade, it’s not that long ago he was one the top scorers in senior club championship outfield and is what 25ish?
    The goals conceded to date have a lot to do with backs letting men run unchecked or taking up wrong positions. Tierney edge square with Orme our corner forward with other defenders miles out in no man’s land. Last week when Kerry forward gathered over Durcan the supporting defender dropped back towards goal instead of swarming forward allowing shot.
    His communication with backs is excellent, and he can play football if he needs to come out.
    Great value handicapping Mayo last two weeks by 5 points. Might get myself a treat today. 🙂

  10. John Martin – that’s twice you’ve posted that comment now. Who exactly is losing the run of themselves?

  11. Well, thankfully you’re not one of them Wise Ball, but have you seen Mayo GAA Banter Group or talked to any Mayo supporters?. We thought we just had to turn up in 2021 and what happened? McStay and Co seem to have absorbed some of the lessons & lots of young guys staking their claim. Maigh Eo Abú!

  12. A Great win last night and a great team performance.
    Diarmuids o Connor goal and the cheer for Tommy Conroy coming back was worth the ticket price alone.
    Next Sunday is a great chance for Mayo to give
    All the panel a chance to Play.
    Quick question ?
    Why do Mayo play One of the best scoring half forwards (Enda Hession) in the Full back line…

  13. It’s no surprise to me that we are going well. The reality is that there are very few teams at the top echelon of Gaelic football to be afraid of. We have Dublin currently on a lower relative level than they have been over the last decade, to the point they aren’t even in division 1. We have a Kerry side that are ok, relatively speaking but certainly not anything to be afraid of and heavily reliant on one freakish individual.
    Who else is there? Tyrone – we have consistently competed well with the best Tyrone sides no matter how bad we have been since the mid 90s in league and championship.
    Galway? Despite posters such as Ciaran and others pumping Galway up all winter and making them sound like titans and gladiators that have moved well clear of Mayo in the last year, I never bought that particular narrative. Any Mayo team is capable of beating Galway at any time no matter how well they are going and how bad we are. I’ll NEVER EVER go into a championship game against Galway not thinking at the very worst, that we can’t win the game. No matter how bad we get or how good they are going.
    The rest – meh. Teams I expect every Mayo team to be capable of beating in any given year with a well prepared and fit squad of players.
    For me, a par score in any given year for Mayo gaa is an all Ireland semi final. A last 4 place.
    We have played an all Ireland semi final in 13 of the last 19 seasons.
    Between now and 2050, 27 years away, I’d expect Mayo footballers to be playing in the last 4 of the all Ireland series in at least 20 of those 27 years.
    That’s what a football county of the size and stature of Mayo should expect and demand. Make no mistake it’s exactly the kind of strike rate that Dublin and Kerry will be expecting in the same period so why should we be any different? If we do that we will win plenty of All Irelands in that period.

  14. John Martin, with all due respect to other blogs/groups, and their little or large following, and the hype and colourful commentary that exists there, to me this blog is the only show in town with regard to commentating on all that is Mayo GAA.
    Imo, here you will find real analysis, commentary, respect etc, and fools are rarely suffered.

  15. I’m liking the little connection that Hession and ROD have been building on the pitch. Two of the smallest and lightest players on the field nearly every game but pure footballers who are able to thread little one-twos through packed defences much more dangerously than most other players. They are two guys that are on the same wavelength and it’s hard to coach that.

  16. Thanks for that clarification R P McMurphy (are you the real Randle Patrick “Mac”?) – yes comments here are much better informed – like many (most) Mayo supporters I’m very wary of us getting carried away at this point and the reality is Kerry and Dublin haven’t got out of 2nd gear yet – waiting for the Championship?

  17. Spoke to many people leaving the ground last night, also rehashed the game with mates over a couple of pints and it was the sole topic of conversation with the after Mass crew. Not one of them mentioned winning the All Ireland, in fact to a person they were all level-headed about our prospects. However they quite rightly are enjoying the fare being served up by McStay’s team and so am I.

  18. Wouldn’t be too worried who gets the goalies jersey. Reape playing really well at the moment and Hennelly is also a top keeper so I will trust management to make the correct choice on that. I thought Mayo were very good last night once they settled down. They are very good to watch and scored some great goals. While it is great to watch, like others I am still a bit concerned. Flying at this stage of the season is no guarantee that we will be flying when we want to. Last year in the hurling Waterford were outstanding in winning the league but had clearly peaked early on and fell apart in the championship. Hopefully something similar won’t happen to us and it sounds daft to be expressing doubts when we are playing so well, but there is no doubt other teams will catch up on fitness and the championship will be a very different ball game. Will be interesting to see how Ross do today. Eight points might be enough to qualify for league final. One wonders how Mayo and Roscommon would feel about getting to the final bearing in mind they start championship against one another the following Sunday’ . Playing each other next week complicates things further. Neither side would want to lose that in case it gives psychological advantage to the other team. Interesting times ahead but in fairness I think all Mayo supporters must be pleased with how the team has looked under the new management

  19. John Martin – I’ve talked to plenty of Mayo supporters. Nobody thinks we’re guaranteed to win the All Ireland based on a few league games.

    Thankfully plenty are eager to remind us the All Ireland final isn’t played in February.

  20. Mike H – that was Hession’s first score for Mayo. I wouldn’t be moving him to the forward line anyway.

  21. I think Mikey3 has hit the nail on the head in regards to Hession and Ryan O D. They do simple things well treading tight passes through populated defences. I hope Hession is injury free as up until he was taken off he was mayos best player.His pace and movement was sublime.

  22. Nobody I know is getting carried away with these results. Talk of July and Sam is way too premature. Plenty being done right by McStay the team. Also, there is plenty to work on and they’ll know that themselves. Things are going in the right direction, the feel good factor is back in Mayo Football after what happened in September 2021. Let’s give the lads time and space to develop further.

  23. @ Wide Ball.
    1. That was not Enda Hession first score for Mayo.
    2. Enda Hession plays Half forward for his Club.

  24. @Dreamy. I don’t think Hession could have had as big an impression from any other starting position.

    Why would you want him at another position. He’s a country mile ahead in the motm poll.

    Wasn’t Jack Carney fantastic last night.

  25. I reckon Sean mcgoldrick needs to take a look at hessions goal. It was a class finish and not a rebound from a save. Regarding people getting carried away i don’t think praising a good performance is getting carried away. What would the narrative be if mayo had 3 losses and 1 draw and sitting bottom of the table on 1 point with low morale are people trying to say that would be better for the championship.

  26. I don’t think anyone is getting carried away its only feb Why whenever mayo praise our team over a good win we are getting carried away with ourselves it’s rely irritating sometimes ha!

    Any other county would do the same support there team over a 2nd good win espcially after last year.

    We are showing promising signs.

    I for one am going to enjoy it for now and bring on the Rossies next week.

    Agree think Jack kearney was so good. I wouldnt replace reape for hennelly I think thay would be awfully unfair on reape and he is coming along really well we need to have 2 good goal keepers we can rely on

  27. We are going well in february in fairness but we are a work in progress. The reality is with the two Cliffords and Sean O Shea fully fit Kerry will lift Sam in July we need to keep the heads down keep working hard and if we end up in an all Ireland final again talk about winning it then and putting a bit of respectability on our atrocious record in finals

  28. I havent had heard anyone talk about an All Ireland after last night just saying well done early days but great to see energy back . We will see hpw ee do against a flying Rossies team next wek but we shouldnt fear them either ha.

  29. So we move Hession to hf at who’s expense. Those 3 lads are doing fine up there. I think what we need from Enda is more of the same. Lifting the siege… tearing up the ground, keeping a dangerous corner forward on the back foot.
    If it ain’t broke and all that…
    Same applies with goalie. Colm is doing fine.

  30. My one concern with colm reape is that in the 6 games to date I don’t remember him making too many if any saves

    Not a criticism, we just haven’t imo seen enough to know how strong that side of his game is

  31. 6 points might be enough to stay up but it won’t by looks of things be enough to feel secure.

    For those saying that we should be avoiding a league final, the league is not about preparing the lads for the season ahead, it’s about preparing them for the seasons ahead. We need to start showing a ruthlessness as a county and the place to start is by maximizing your returns when you are playing well, enjoying your football and are reasonably injury free.

  32. Funny how your perspective changes over the course of the league, I never had the Donegal game penciled in as of much importance but now that we’re starting make Castlebar a bit of a fortress, it’d be a shame to throw that away

  33. I have no time at all in people saying that we should keep a low profile,we at the moment are by far the best team in the country,enjoy it ,I never set off to watch Mayo play without expecting them to win,and I was in Crime Park in 1981 ,even worse I was Tuam when Galway beat us out of Sig but went expecting us to win,we now have a great chance to win league and all Ireland,we need to take it,Mayo for sam

  34. Has it not entered the minds of most people yet, that we’re probably looking at another Mayo Kerry league final?!

  35. I’d say now that if we beat the Rossies next Sunday, we are more or less in the final! Based on the remaining fixtures and teams taking points of each other either way, that’s how I see it.
    Not getting carried away but it has just dawned on me after seeing the up to date table after Monaghan beating Roscommon.

  36. Monghan beating the rossies has opened up the division a bit. Agree if we do beat the Rossies next week and we are well able to we will be in the league final weather people want it or not…

  37. Massive result last night. Let`s just keep putting in shifts like we have and see where it takes us.

  38. Score of the night for me was Conor Loftus in the first half.
    Ryan to Conor to Fionn to Aido and back to Conor.

    Through the hands as quick as you like with movement off the ball. Very difficult to defend against.
    Hope the knocks to Enda and Jack Coyne are nothing serious and we get a decent bit of luck injury wise.

  39. My god, Roscommon were absolutely terrible against Monaghan!! Enda smith anonymous… turned very dirty towards the end with the two black cards. Murray probably should have got black as well. There shooting was very bad on front of goal… is six points enough to guarantee safety this year? Monaghan were poor as well, just fell over the end line

    What’s happening Dempsey and Limerick conceding 6-18 to a Mickey Mouse Cork team?

  40. Team I’d like to see face Roscommon:


    Be good to give all the fridge players a good run out now.

  41. Limerick overachieved big time in reaching division 2 of the football league. They were always going to go straight back down. Not sure why Dempsey didnt see this before taking over. They are a team on the way down rather than on the way up

  42. I’m heading home for a few days and getting into Dublin airport at 11:40. I think I can get into the rental car by 12:15. What are my chances of making the Hyde for the second half? And if I did would I have any issue getting in?

  43. That was a poor game between Galway and Donegal . If I have this right Donegal didn’t score in the second half and until the 66th minute? Donegal missed so many chances it was woeful stuff and Galway scraped a draw . Joyce won’t be happy with that .The weather can’t be blamed either .

  44. Correct South Mayo exile, on last day of league last year I think was told they could have been relegated to division 4, instead went into division 2! When see teams in division 3 a lot of them be stronger than them.

    But he was told needed inter-county experience so fair play, like Andy he doing what was asked of him. And they can have a crack at the Tailteann which is what the majority teams can hope of winning.

    Realistically very few teams have a chance of Sam, I’d guess 3 or 4. Ourselves, Dublin, Kerry and I’d have Galway there if Comer is fit and Walsh is back.

    Of those, ourselves and Dublin I think are least dependent on any one individual. If Kerry were to lose Clifford it could spell disaster. We are lucky with the depth of panel Horan built up, even in his last couple of years bringing in likes of:
    Coyne, Callinan, Carney, McBrien, Hession.

    McStay has brought in Tuohy who despite his young age is another good addition.

  45. @no doubt

    Ya I copped that since. For some reason I had Donegal and Monaghan games the wrong way round

    Oddly I don’t really feel the same way about it with it being Monaghan, probably because it’s the last game of league and possibly because I’d expect a final the weekend after

  46. Thought the Donegal/ Roscommon game was poor enough. Rossies might come back at us next sunday with a sprint to make up for it. I still think mayo by3 or 4 to the Rossies we are well able to beat them .

    Donegal game not that great either thought both Donegal& Galway bit flat or something Donegal I thought where better then Galway and Galway lucky to get the draw. Galway are missing walsh&comer badly atm I think they probably rely to much on them.

    One thing with mayo we dont need to rely on one or two players we have a really good squad now.
    Anyway going to enjoy this week after that win until we meet the Rossies (without getting carried away ) mayo by 3 or 4 next sunday!

  47. @srpoh You need to take into account the rental car crowd having the car ready for you when you arrive there. Had to wait there nearly an hour for them last time as they said they were getting the car ready. You’ll also need a shot of something to get over the shock when you finish paying for the thing! Doubt they are getting any cheaper.
    Be sure to factor that in. Also, I think they said on the pod the throw in was 12.45??? But hoganstand fixtures has it down for 2.45?

  48. @Erris Head, here’s hoping rental goes smoothly and I get out of there quickly! Just bought the ticket, should make it there for 2:45. Thanks both.

  49. Don’t think we should push the team rotation too much. being cautious with injuries and breaking lads into longer game time would be enough.
    The medical and S&C should have a bigger than usual say.

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