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I’m still in the Kingdom with a drive back to the capital to do soon after what has been a short but extremely satisfactory stay here. I think satisfaction, rather than any outpouring of euphoria, is the dominant emotion for Mayo supporters this morning after what was a fine day’s work by the lads at Fitzgerald Stadium yesterday.

It was an extremely busy day on the sporting front so that has meant our match didn’t attract a whole pile of coverage and this is reflected in the links below. No matter, as we’ve all been at pains to remind ourselves since the full-time whistle blew yesterday, it was just a round-robin game and there’s a long way to go yet in this campaign.

Right, here’s what’s online about yesterday’s win over Kerry.

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Midwest Radio, Kerryman, Radio Kerry.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent (match report, post-match quotes), Irish Examiner (match report, post-match quotes), Irish Sun, Irish Mirror, Sunday Times.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes, Lee Keegan analysis), The 42, FM104,

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA (highlights), Mayo GAA/GAAGO (post-match interviews with Aidan O’Shea and Kevin McStay), Off The Ball (analysis), GAA Fan TV (analysis).

Stats: GAA Statsman.

If it’s listening you want, then our Mayo Football Podcast Final Whistle show, recorded in large part on the sacred turf at Fitzgerald Stadium after the place was cleared out, should hit the mark. Rob, Mike and I are on it, there’s analysis from Martin Carney and reaction to the win from Stephen Rochford. The pod is available on Patreon – here.

The Minors are, of course, worth a mention too following that enthralling one-point win over Roscommon on Friday evening. Match reports from that Connacht MFC semi-final are available from Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Roscommon Herald, GAA, Irish Independent, Irish Times and The 42.

The last bit of business for now is a reminder about the MOTM poll, which is still open. Aidan got the gong on GAAGO and he looks well on the way to winning the vote here as well but there’s plenty of time yet for you to have your say there if you haven’t done so already. Back later with the result of that.

42 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Great win. We missed a few open goals against a very good keeper admittedly. Carr had a 1 on 1 with goalie and just blasted it – practise the Messi trick– shimmy, dummy and even sidestep at speed as technique improves. Things heating up. Maigh Eo Abú!

  2. Just read the report in the Kerryman, very honest appraisal of both teams performance and sincere praise for Mayo, no cute hoorism. What impressed me most with Mayo, was the consistency of the performance across the whole game, we did come under pressure in Q3, but managed it well. Not debating that Ryan is a good keeper, but the praise heaped on him yesterday wasn’t entirely reflective of the fact that our decision making on the one to one’s was poor, need to be more composed in front of goal. In reality we shud have hammer Kerry. We will take the result we got, smile, and move on now.

  3. Willie Joe
    Given that we play Louth next and our history is there any plans to do a bit of coverage on the 2 Mayo lads that contributed to their win in 1957. Must be a story in there and would love to see it covered.

  4. Soprano, have to agree on the goal chances. Carr’s shot in particular was very poorly executed. He kicked it right at Ryan when he was one v one with him.

  5. The big plus is we are creating goal chances… for long enough we weren’t,and in fairness to James he usually finishes them . So those flaws are easily remedied and I’m sure they will be worked on and we may get them when we really really need them, like in June/July.

  6. What about Carr’s excellently taken points, I can’t decide whether the one taken with his right or the left was the most impressive. I hope he can continue with that form in big games.

  7. Kildare must of put everything into that challenge Game , Sligo giving them a right game of it so far.

  8. Thinking similar Sean, the gap between haves and have nots is getting larger, not a good thing long-term.
    But while we one the big spenders I’ll take it as is until we win one. Kildare big spenders to of course but not getting much joy for it, they are doing better in schools and underage mind.

  9. John Martin made a point earlier that I’ve said on here a number of times to on goal chances and the execution of them. Why doesnt the shooter jink, dummy bounce or shimmy before the shot, we telegraph our chances somewhat, you have to try and make the goalkeeper think and move / react etc. to improve your chances.

    Also Jason Doherty deserves some credit for coming back after a couple of years injury at his age and get a starting spot. Can be a great player on his day so heres to an Indian summer !

    Also please no talk of all irelands just enjoy each game as they arrive..

  10. I think that was a left-footed goal by McLaughlin too. I’m not 100% sure but it looks that way.
    It was a fabulous finish into the right corner.

  11. Counties like Sligo and Louth can really benefit from this new format, if they can hang in there. That’s certainly a plus for second level counties.
    I think some posters are getting carried away by yesterday’s performance. There are plusses, great spirit in the camp, very clever use of bench players, creating openings for goals. But there was almost a naivite about Kerry’s performance. Did they think they only had to show up to put away a Mayo team beaten by Roscommon.
    We are National League Champions, and you can see in Mayo’s play what a confidence booster that is.
    Putting the result into perspective, we’re not actually in an all Ireland final. We are in the last 12. Wins over Louth and Cork will get us to last 8

  12. Fantastic result in Killarney yesterday,.. Well done McStay and Co, and indeed all the Mayo team . The two Breaffy men , AOS and Matthew Ruane were outstanding as was Colm Reape and Jack Carney. Our new recruits done extremely well in Donnnacha McHugh, Sam Callinan , Jack Coyne, and David McBrien. Padraig O Hora looked good after his absence due to injury.. Hopefully Cillian will be back and available for two weeks time. Well done to Sligo today.. not a bad result at all versus a Kildare who ran Dublin as close as a two point defeat only a few weeks ago in a neutral venue. Galway had enough for the 2021 All Ireland Champions Tyrone. And the best of luck to Roscommon versus the Dubs in the identity flued venue of Croke Sunday. Sometimes Croke Park is a home venue, a neutral venue and can identify to whatever prefix Dublin requires. It’s a double header next Sunday in Croke Park with Galway hurlers taking on Dublin in the Leinster hurling championship. I believe Croke Park will identity as a neutral venue for the hurling match and a home venue for the Dubs in football match. Hopefully the fan’s from the West will support each other next Sunday and best of luck to both Connacht team’s. The West looks pretty awake this weekend in Gaelic Game’s, hopefully it continues next weekend as well.

  13. Well Done Mayo. Another Hammering Dished out to the Kingdom. The Scoreboard didn’t do Justice to the extent of the Victory. Only for Goalkeeper Shane Ryan it would have been embarrassing. 5 Kerry players played well, S Ryan, J Foley, G White, and the Clifford Brothers. The amount of Space that opened up between the 45 and the Kerry Goal every time Mayo were attacking was unbelievable. I thought Mayo did too much hand passing and holding possession in the 2nd half. That could be a costly mistake against Dublin or Galway later on. Delighted for Aidan O Shea yesterday. Mayo have a Lethal Weapon that The Management Know How To Use. A Great Win For Mayo and it Looks Like SAM will be heading West this year.

  14. Great result yesterday, but it’ll all be for nothing if we don’t beat Louth. And Mickie Harte will not set up a team like Kerry set up in Killarney. In fairness they were so open at the back, it was impossible not to take advantage of it. We all know how we fare in Castlebar against teams that sit in, Roscommon match being a case in point. Patience is key.

  15. @Eamon O’Corcora I have no doubt your comments regards where Sam will rest this winter are sincerely felt, but Paddy Power wouldn’t agree and I think that they have the odds still right albeit maybe should be a bit shorter on Mayo and Galway. It’s between the Dubs, yerselves, Galway and Mayo, but I wouldn’t write off Tyrone either. The best thing about yesterdays game was that for the most part both teams played football, there was a bit of packed defences, but nowhere near the level Galway and Tyrone take it too, maybe that’s why we struggle with them at times…

  16. @Eamon Ò Corcora

    If anything I thought we could have held onto the ball a bit more in the second half. It was Kerry that had to do the chasing. There was one incident in the second half where we held the ball for good while but then seemed to feel obliged to do something. We took unnecessary risk were turned over and Kerry countered.
    I read somewhere that Galway held onto the ball for 3 minutes against Tyrone yesterday. The Dubs were masters at.
    It is a painful watch alright but having possession of the ball is the best way to protect a lead.

  17. Mind the House, on having possession of the ball as the best way to protect a lead, I’d say sometimes and use with judgement. Sometimes it can be fatal to that lead : )
    I’m not too fond of leaning on that tactic myself.

  18. @Swallow Swoops
    I remember we almost came a cropper a few years back in an AI semi where we tried the possession route to protect a narrow lead. I forget which game it was but it was real kamikaze stuff in the back line which didn’t do the blood pressure any good at all.
    Extending the lead is the preferred route!

  19. Yep, that was the one Exile. One of my favourite wins because Tyrone were strong favourites, and we were seen as a bit predictable. It was the first showing of Rochford pulling one out of the hat, and outfoxing none other than Mickey Harte.

  20. mad to think the amount of flack that came from later tactical changes (which in fairness made a heap of sense at the time – hindsight is 20:20) as that was some match

  21. @Tubberman.
    You were right it was the Tyrone QF. I just watched the last 5 minutes back and it was almost as nerve wracking as I remember at the time.

  22. My abiding memory of that match against Tyrone was the last play of the game. We’d won a free out on the wing and Aido clipped it back to David Clarke. But a Tyrone forward read the play and was inches away from intercepting it.

  23. Mind the House, “extending the lead is the preferred route” – totally agree. LOL.

  24. I remember hearing Rochford talk about the importance of killing the ball when taking on shots – turnovers kill momentum and suck the life out of a team. I tend to agree – we need to stop dropping shots short and be very careful carrying the ball in to contact. Very often in the latter it’s about the players not in possession showing and giving an option to their teammate in possession. The recycling of ball and retaining possession might look boring but it beats the hell out of conceding a turnover or forcing poor shots

  25. Totally agree Swallow Swoops. If you’re 5 up then keep doing what got you to 5 up in the first place! It seems like common sense.

  26. On the Carr goal chance whilst he should maybe have had a bit more composure in picking a corner or side stepping the Keeper, the sprint to get in position was incredible. From Callinan and Flynn turning over O’Shea it was 11 seconds to Carr taking his shot. Carr was just outside our 45, Mattie was inside our 45. As soon as ball was turned over they both took off up the pitch and Kerry couldn’t live with it. It was incredible work rate from the two lads. Ryan also as he was inside our 45 and was still on hand to tap over the point. I’m sure wiser heads on the sideline will be looking at it and coaching the players, like McStay alluded to with McLaughlin and we will see better finishing next time out.

  27. In fairness to Carr, he’s usually very clinical with goal shots, so I’d be hoping 8 times out of ten he’d sidestep the goalie or pass it into the corner rather than just blasting it.

  28. I have to admit I didn’t see that performance coming. Like many others I have seen teams perform very well in the league and go flat in the championship. I feared that might happen to us as well. Mayo put in a lot of work pre-season and were flying fit during the league. And new managers really need early wins for their own credibility. That’s understandable.
    So after the Roscommon game I was a bit worried about going to Killarney as were a good few others I dare say
    After all we had a lot of young fellas with very little experience of this type of game and there were suggestions that we were lucky against Galway in the league final. And there was also talk of several injuries.
    Against that background yesterday’s performance was very significant. What it tells me is that we have a bunch of young fellas who are made of the right stuff and who will only improve over the next few years. We again have a team who are well able for anyone and will do Mayo proud. And we have a very shrewd management team.
    After yesterday’s game I’m very optimistic again after the huge disappointment of the AI against Tyrone.
    Better days ahead.

  29. Fair play to Clare and others, as your optimism was fully justified. I was more hopeful than optimistic. After the poor performance against Roscommon and the long break, I did’nt know what Mayo was going to turn up. Kerry don’t like been beaten, especially in their own backyard and were probably smarting after the beating we gave them in Castlebar, so I expected them to be really up for this game, which they probably were,but they may have been surprised and taken aback by the level of Mayo’s performance. I reckoned that Mayo would have to bring their A game and it was vital that we got off to a good start, which we did, in spades. As we always do quite well against the likes of Kerry, Dublin and others, who do not use the blanket defence, I knew that we were capable of putting up a good score, given a decent amount of possession, which we got, but I was worried about our leaky defence, which has been too open and giving up too many goal chances and I was afraid this would cost us up against the Kerry forwards, unless we tightened up in this area. Thankfully, we did just that, seemed better organized, tackled with more intensity and had more protection from sweepers. This,resulting turnovers, along with our lion’s share of possession were strong contributory factors to our performance and win. Huge credit is due to all our defenders and goalkeeper, especially all four inexperienced young rookies, and more especially, our young untried full-back line. Some of our play was wonderful to watch and our speed of transition from defence to attack was breathtaking at times and we took some great scores. Everyone, subs included, contributed. Apart from already mentioned, Ryan, Diarmuid, Jack, Jordan played huge roles, Mattie back to his rampaging best, great to see Jason back and James kicking superb points off both feet. Aido caused havoc in a huge performance and great to see Eoghan Mac take his goal so well-will do him the world of good. Great also to see us creating so many goal chances and hopefully we can be more clinical going forward. Ryan made some good saves and I feel Carr got some unjustified criticism, as I feel the keeper was out on him very quickly-in hindsight, maybe he could have fisted it to the net. There should’nt be any talk about Sam. We just need to take it game by game. Louth and Cork will bring different challenges and I expect Louth, in particular, to set up very defensively. These teams, the Tyrone’s, Galways, Roscommons of this world, who use the blanket defence, give us the most problems. We need to figure out how to play against them and break them down. Their system is based on luring the opposition forward in numbers into a congested defensive third surrounding and smothering, forcing turnovers and hitting quickly on the break, when the opposition is short of numbers at the back. The success of this system is based, almost completely, on these turnovers. So the way to counteract this would seem to be to limit these turnovers. The best way to do this? – avoid taking the ball into contact, especially 2 or more defenders, move the ball around quickly, good movement off the ball, until we create a reasonable opening to get a shot away-don’t be afraid to have a go, but, crucially, make sure to give it enough welly, so that it goes over or wide. So no turnover and leaving them a kick-out, which we can put pressure on. Also mixing it up, quick hand passing, sometimes kick passing and balls into Aido for marks, frees, lay-offs etc. Onwards and, hopefully, upwards to our remaining group games and game time for Cillian, Harri and Michael Plunkett. If we get comfortable in these games, we can give some minutes to Tuohy, McHale, Towey etc. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy and bask in the glory of a good win over Kerry.

  30. Lovely post, GlasagusDearg and very interesting indeed on ways to get the better of the blanket, actually to upend it.

  31. Rewind back the clock 7 or 8 months and who would have thought we would win the league, beat Kerry in Killarney in Championship and do it all without Keegan and Mullins!
    McStay, his management team and the entire squad of players deserve huge praise for the way they have gone about their work. Playing some of the best football I have seen since 2016, reinvigorating the squad with youth and trust, and finally, showing the smarts on the sideline in using the bench and the clock to finish out games strongly. The introduction of subs on Saturday and most importantly the timing of those subs meant we maintained our superiority over Kerry throughout the game. Lads coming in had time to get to the pace of the game and make an impact, eg Durcan and McLaughlin, and the energy levels remained constant because of those fresh legs.
    Amazing stat that 3 of our back 6 were making their champiosnhip starts on Saturday.

  32. Am with you all the way Thedarkyfinn on failing to put away gilt edged chances plus kudos to Jason D (great point). Also MayoMayo1 – McStay and Rocheford are smart enough to address these issues – it’s been a problem for some time. And, as others have stated already – the ultimate horror is hitting & hoping and the ball then falling short to set up a counter-attack by the opposition – deadly.

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