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The day before the game’s biggest day of the year saw the curtain fall on Mayo’s year of inter-county football. Yesterday’s LGFA All-Ireland semi-final at Semple Stadium ended in a five-point defeat to title favourites Kerry. Here’s what’s online about the game:

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Radio Kerry.

Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Mirror.

Others: Ladies Gaelic, RTÉ, Breaking News.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Video: Michael Moyles post-match.

Stats: Gaelic Statsman.

There’s oodles of audio from Thurles yesterday in our Final Whistle podcast, which is up on Patreon (here). Rob and I are joined on the pod by Kathryn Sullivan, Deirdre Doherty, Michael Moyles and Austin O’Malley and we’ve also got analysis of the game from Sinéad Stagg and Nóirín Moran.

Yesterday’s Nancy Murray Cup final also ended in defeat for Mayo, with Wicklow coming out on top at Birr yesterday by 1-15 to 1-5. Match report on that one is here.

Right, that’s your lot for now. Anything of note on the telly this afternoon, I wonder? Have a good Sunday, all.

41 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Rubbish first half. Wont be criticised though because it’s kerry and Dublin.

  2. Shocking two misses from Clifford. Throwing this away for Kerry. Starting to understand now how we bet Kerry twice this year, and gave us false hope

  3. Terrible terrible stuff from Kerry. Shocking pass from White for the Dublin goal, and ridiculously bad second half from Clifford.

  4. Clifford best player ever ? Not by today. Matt Connor , Peter Canavan or Mikey Sheehy wouldnt have kicked those wides.very greedy aswell.

  5. I called it correctly,I am sorry for the great Kerry posters on here,but I expected Dublin to win,I hope that some of the posters who were talking about bonfires ,now realise that I actually know what I am talking about,though I I am not throwing flowers at myself

  6. Dublin usually find a way to win. It’s the sign of a great team. Better balanced than Kerry and with Clifford misfiring today it was always going to be difficult for Kerry despite there only being two points in it.

  7. Entertaining game if not a high stanadard. Thought Dublin would win with those few players that came back. It should have been more comfortable for them I thought overall. Kerry I thought didnt have the midfield all year and I think that showed today. They tried to use Ryan to carry the ball out of defence and by pass midfield in the first half and they sstill struggled but the goal kept them in it. Dublin pushed up 2nd half and Kerry actually got a bit better as a couple of players got more into the game. Happy Dublin won as we might see a swathe of retirees now ?..

  8. The bookies couldn’t call it and calling a two horse race is hardly the prediction of the century .could easily have gone either way as terrible mistake from gavin white when Kerry were in control.overall not a great final aside from the intensity

  9. David Clifford will have a few nightmares after that. Very selfish at critical junctures in the game, the wides were uncharchteristic aswell. The turnover on White was criminal, but fair play to Basquel for putting the pressure on. Sickening looking at Dublin getting the fairytale ending for a few players and the manager.

  10. No sour grapes please,the best team won,please don’t start blaming Kerry players or management,cough,cough,I made my money on Dublin today

  11. Surely you are great craic corrick.I don’t believe anyone on here except west Kerry were entirely concerned who won today but enjoy your winnings .what odds did you get

  12. Best team won. Nothing in it but those heaping praise on Clifford only apply ferocious pressure on him.

  13. Lol Corick Bart you gas craic, I called Dublin before a ball was kicked this year I think if go back on threads, sure it’s not to hard to guess right when only a handful contenders, with money and players up to speed, it will be same again next year.
    If ya knew the definition of ” major”and what signal for substitution needed was people may take you more seriously 🙂

  14. A shout out for Gough who again reffed the game very well I thought. All great players are only selfish when they miss.. Con O’Callaghan cracked one off the cross bar and had only an average game.. Paul Geaney had loads of chances with poor enough return.. Clifford put them on a plate for him. If Con had been available last year I believe Dublin would have bet Kerry in the Semi. All said Dublin are still the team to beat and like all great teams they always seem to find a way to win

  15. To be fair all top forwards are selfish by nature, Walsh was “selfish” in the final last year by strict definition, but it’s great when they sail over, some of Clifford’s misses were strange by his standards but he got 2 from play if I recall correctly and set up a goal, still a better net return than most forwards today

    They’ll be back, of course they will, but amazingly their final record is actually iffy enough since the turn of the century – by their standards

  16. I acknowledge that you know and study your football,you are up to speed on players on panels and playing time,keep it up please

  17. Be interesting see which of the Dubs call it a day now. Having seen how it panned out today some may be tempted to go again as they will know the chasing pack isn’t going to fly ahead of them anytime soon.
    Rock likely given bit role he playing, McCarthy is flying and will be tempted go for how many now 🙁
    Cluxton, lord knows.

  18. Its small magins that win AI finals (as we well know). Kerry were completely on top in that second half before White fell asleep. Dublin tried to blitz them in 3rd quarter but Kerry’s defensive system held tough. It came down to an individual lack of concentration to let Dublin back in the game.

    Seiriously, what does James McCarthy have to do to get sent off? Not saying Gough had a poor game, but McCarthy gets away with blatant yellow card offences all the time.

  19. @ Margie. Well it wasn’t quite an at least 4 to 7 points win for Kerry as predicted by yourself. Kerry went for 15 mins in second half without a score and over reliance on Clifford was costly. In fairness to Fitzsimmons he forced him into snapshots.
    Great defensive structures to both teams. For Kerry, they seemed to take turns at this plus one position we here so much about on the edge of the D.
    We’re years away from reaching that level and the there football in ulster is very strong at moment.
    We have good young players coming through. How long does it take to mature physically and mentally to that level.
    But I certainly agree with you re McStay and co. The McStay interview was unconvincing but let’s hope the club championship will give us something to get excited about

  20. Not content with criticising our own footballers,now criticising Kerry footballers,and referee,please cut them some slack the best team won,I know that I enjoyed the game and will hopefully will enjoy Mayo next year

  21. Ref very consistent. He was big enough to consult umpires and reverse decision on Clifford/Fitzsimmons.
    You couldn’t fault either team, there was nothing between them..

  22. Well done to the Dubs – deserved the win. Must admit I didn’t expect that. Cluxton was unbelievable- kicked his two frees and I cannot remember Dublin losing any of there own kickouts.
    From a Mayo perspective- the intensity, defensive structures and strength and conditioning of both teams- especially Dublin is miles ahead of Mayo at the moment.
    I don’t know who is responsible for the S and C in Mayo but we are miles behind. We have to build power and pace into our players. Look at Murchen probably the same size as Jack Coyne. Look at the power and pace Murchen has. Will Jack Coyne have that power and pace in 2-3 years time. I doubt it.

  23. @Ontheditch, No, definetly not what I was predicting. I thought for a minute or two Kerry would be uncatchable, but Dublin got back into it twice and all credit to them for seeing it out when nudging ahead. I think Fitzimmons is being slightly over rated on his performance, Clifford missed chances he’d usually knock over, it wasn’t block downs or great defending, the radar was definetly off.

    Agree with you 100% on Kerry’s reliance on Clifford, today showed what happend when he’s off form. Just shows hype and media love in’s can get to the best of them.

  24. Wides were uncharacteristic he had 7 wides v Tyrone.Buts he David Clifford so he will get a free pass.Anyone else they would be facing huge scurtiny tonite.

  25. David Clifford is a super player but I am certainly not one of these that think he’s supernatural the way some go on . It’s Gaelic football for goodness sake not soccer , there is no real messi /Ronaldo type skill set . He’s an excellent footballer , very strong and good feet of that there is no doubt but people really have to shut up about this almost mythical legend stuff as if he has wings too .

  26. Kerry beaten by dubs and Mayo in the one year… hard for Jack to take this.. gutted for him

  27. My stab at team of the year.

    Shane Ryan (Kerry)
    McCloskey (Derry)
    Michael Fitzsimons (Dublin)
    Tom O Sullivan (Kerry)

    James McCarthy (Dublin)
    Gareth McKinless (Derry)
    Brian Howard (Dublin)

    Brendan Rogers (Derry)
    Brian Fenton (Dublin)

    Paidi Clifford (Kerry)
    Shane McGuigan (Derry)
    Jordan Flynn (Mayo)

    David Clifford (Kerry)
    Paul Mannion (Dublin)
    Cormac Costello (Dublin)

  28. What the hell were the Mayo management at all year when they couldn’t get a few kickout strategies sorted? Cluxton had a variety of options on kickouts today. He must have had 100% success rate in the second half. Mayo were a total shambles on kickouts by comparison. 5 experienced men in charge and not one of them could sort out that aspect of the game. One wonders what they were they doing at training.

  29. Leantimes,you are correct. I should have Conor McCarthy on there somewhere.

  30. Mayo were not playing today,it was Dublin and Kerry,Kerry failed with a lot of their kickouts,even with an all Ireland winning manager in charge

  31. You could see what Kerry were trying to do and movement for the keeper at least, sure some went awry with the press that will happen, but ya could see structures on kickouts.

  32. Thank you Willie Joe for the match reports . Mayo staged a brave come back in the second half but fell short. A commentator pointed out that six or seven of their best players have gone to Australia

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