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I’m still in Tralee but will be hitting the road soon after I’m done here. While out for a morning walk around the town earlier on I came on evidence of the flags that people had mentioned here on the blog, which were put up to mark last night’s game. They’re in the photo above and very nice they look too.

Between that and the failure of the rain to show up last night while we were perched up on the terrace at Austin Stack Park, there’s two good reasons to be happy about this trip to Tralee. We’d have had the full set had we hung on for the draw last night. Oh well.

In fairness to the women, they chiselled out a hard-fought stalemate in their match against Kerry at Fitzgerald Stadium earlier in the day yesterday. It’s only right and proper, then, to start with the online coverage of that one before moving onto the men’s game.

There are match reports (most of these are variants of the same one) on Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio, Radio Kerry (includes good pics), RTÉ, Killarney Today, Irish Independent, Munster GAA, Ladies Football.

The men’s game got top Saturday night billing, including live TV coverage, and there’s more online about this one. Here’s what I’ve located about it:

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Midwest Radio.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner (match report, manager quotes), Irish Independent, Irish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, manager quotes), The 42, Sports Joe.

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA (match highlights).

Stats: Stephen O’Meara.

Club members will already know that we put two Final Whistle pods up on Patreon yesterday, providing post-match analysis and reaction to both the women’s match in Killarney and the men’s one in Tralee. Voices on these pods include Cormac Reape, Liam McHale, Fiona McHale, Lee Keegan, Kevin McStay, Michael Foley and Danny Carey. Rob helms these pods and I’m in there too.

Details on joining our Patreon podcast club, where you’ll get access to our unrivalled audio content, as well as bonus written columns, are here. Annual membership is still available for €1 a week (plus VAT).

Finally, don’t forget that our MOTM poll from last night’s game is still open here on the blog, where there’s a right good three-cornered tussle for honours in progress. Back later this on evening with the result of the vote on that.

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  1. You’d have to wonder why management are persisting with a 33 year old AOS at FF- surely it’s time to try other options?

    It’s early days for Bob Tuohy but perhaps it’s fair to say he hasn’t quite made the impact we thought he might…albeit early days.

    In summary I think we all know the 2 key issues with the team….more options up front and a ball-winning midfielder.

  2. So people on this blog are now writing off a 20 year old Sam Callinan after the sigerson game Wednesday night and 20 year old Bob Tuohy after last nights performance.

    Hard to see why any young lad would want to play intercounty anymore with the pressures being put on them from people online within their own county m.

  3. Management continue to confound. Aidan O’Shea’s replacement scored a point. Aidan a big duck egg again. Still a very good performance by the team. Always wonder why we stand off the opposition early on. Are we conserving energy? Might be a hangover from the Dublin game last year but fatigue was for a different reason then.
    We were the better team last night. I know referees come in for a lot of criticism but the card happy Tipperary man did Mayo no favours.
    We are getting there. I think we will be in the mix up come the semi finals and anything is possible in the last two matches.

  4. I’m not usually one for referee bashing but looking back at the game we got a raw deal.

    Coyne got a yellow card for pulling back the shoulder of PC around the 45, seemed soft but fair enough. Literally 2 minutes later Kerry pull back Diarmuids shoulder when he’s bearing down on goal, no card.

    Pulled Sam for fouling DC off the ball when the Kerry man fouled first. He obviously didn’t see the incident fully but was more than happy to make a decision anyway. That cost us a point and Sam got ticked too which led to the red card later on. Are we supposed to believe no Kerry defenders were pulling off the ball for the whole game when we didn’t get one of those fouls?!

    Sean O’Shea also touched the ball on the ground just before a Kerry point in the second half.

    Not being bitter but I think it’s fair to discuss these things!

  5. Wby do we hype up ypung playets like Callinan and Tuohy so much. Give them time and let them settle into the team and that may take years. In fairness to Sam and Rory too they must have been exhausted after the Sigerson final and probably should have been substituted. Isnt that why we have a panel?
    Kerry had their best team out and i thought we did well against them but you wont beat them without putting a sweeper in front of Clifford.
    Mattie and Paddy would have made a difference so theres a lot to be hopeful about.

  6. It’s Duck season kerry deserved the win should have more to spare lot of good things in mayo outfit , control should be out on wing and start scoring forwards mention no names Where’s towey ?

  7. One option is maybe playing players with a bit of form. Any time in the league so far Paul Towey has got on the ball he’s scored. I know it’s only three points but still looks like a player who can score. This year so far is beginning to look like last year (and a lot of years before that) where the manager has keen interest in appeasing some of our senior players and putting them ahead of what true potential is there. I have great sympathy for some players on the panel who basically are there to make up numbers and when they do get a chance their contribution is not valued. It’s as plain as day some players are still more important than others not based on performance that’s for sure. So we keep going around in the same circle expecting different results. Mind you it was a very entertaining game last night but if I want entertainment I usually like to go to the circus. Football is all about results and doing everything possible to achieve that result. Good teams and good managers know that.

  8. Hello All,

    Not despondent after that. Very impressed by Mayo at the end. Like the good old days!

    Watched the first half with commentary from MidWest before switching over. Then watched without commentary for the final 15 mins which seems to suit me

    I guess that will have to agree that Aidan is now best kept for a substitute role. He had done so much to encourage the new players, but I think it is best to give someone else a chance to start. There are better football brains than me to decide that.

    Am very hopeful when I see Diarmuid O’Connor playing so well and Fergal Boland is so reliable. The Backs were marvellous even without Paddy Durcan. Maybe Sam Callinan could have a rest the next day?

    We could end up with a dynamic set of forwards

    Here’s Hoping

    Ciaran 2

  9. Wide ball i would agree with your post and there are a few more incidents to add.Happy enough overall heading home last night.Negatives are our horrible unforced turnovers especially in the first half,our midfied area is still a concern against better opposition in there than last night and also the huge issues from our kickouts when the pressure comes on.I like Reape in goals but i see no improvement since Dublin issues last year.Positives Diarmuid,Hession and Mchale getting game time.We are certainly getting a stronger 26 for match days.

  10. Forward mark is an abomination and adds nothing to the game.
    However it should have been a godsend to AoS in his dwindling years ( after all he still contests all throw ins ) .. why hasnt it been?

  11. Good enough game BUT? Kerry should have won by 6/7 points. Mayo played sloppy football in parts in the first half, poor foot passing gave Kerry 5 points, lost possession like fumbling the ball 6 times resulted in Kerry getting more turnover scores. Mayo will tighten things up I’m sure in the next few weeks & a few tweaks here & there should sort out a few weaknesses, the future looks bright.

  12. Looks like we critics management no matter what they playing the old man AOS, not playing the old man CoC, playing the young Sam when he had a rough night in Sigerson final, playing JCarney at mid field , not playing T Conroy in the half forward line, not playing F Borland last year, playing C Loftus last year , not giving P Towey more game time etc etc. Now I know management in every county get a lot of flak, but let’s be fair here for a moment. McStay and his management team see far more of the players than we do, they know their mental and physical state, they are planning for a five / six month campaign. Sure they will make mistakes, will learn from mistakes and make other mistakes. Players are not robots, they can be inconsistent, lose form, be lucky or unlucky. Managing a team is a challenge. In fairness they haven’t done too bad so far this year, beating AI champions and Connacht champions in first two league games and running Kerry to a point. Have we a super team. No but we have a decent team who are competitive and go out and do their best. They will probably not win AI this year because they are probably not good enough and we lack the real marquee players who can be the the difference in a tight game ie Clifford, Walsh Canavan, O Callaghan etc but what we do have is a determined panel sprinkled with a lot of good players and some very good young lads coming through.

  13. Left Foot – why should Kerry have won by 6/7 if it was our sloppy play handing them scores?

    El Tod – I don’t see how the forward mark suits Aidan. Yes he’s a good ball winner but he needs to be very close to goal for it to be a guaranteed score. Ryan should make more use of it IMO. He just needs to work a bit of space within 40 yards of goal and catch a kick pass into his chest.

  14. @Blond64 good question, he did all the running with the other subs after the game. I really don’t understand naming players and then not starting them.

  15. @Left boot why should kerry have won by 6 /7 points?! Yes they missed 7 wides but we missed wides to.. They were playing against 14 man mayo at the end and they STILL only managed to beat us by a point from a superstar as Lee keagan said in the podcast.

    The result wasnt bad for us at all though I feel we did deserve the draw and the refs very poor decisions did Cost us gave us absolutely nothing and no foul on the kerry player who pulled Diarmuid O conor either and thought Sam calinans sending off was very harsh. Safe to say kerry still get away with a lot of off the ball stuff from refs.

    If we had paddy durcan playing I think we would have won by 1 or 2. Fair play to the lads for not giving up the whole match can’t say they never fight back.

  16. We cant expect young guys to have old heads on there shoulders. Or old guys to have young heads either. We need to understand that time is on the young guys side where as its caught up with the old brigade. Expectations. Callinan was outstandin in first half with 2 scores to boot. Brickendon tryed hard as did every one else. All our half forward line scored. We have been lookin for that for ages. Were a work in progress. Lots to work on.

  17. Watching tyrone v galway very poor game so far, galway really struggling in their forward line, without walsh and comer they really are a poor attacking unit.

  18. And the first 3 matches are telling me that we’ve ample good material to work with.

  19. And so after last night’s embattled nature we digest that meal of afterthought today.

    Firstly the atmosphere felt flat last night, when you’ve a small stand in comparison to McHale Park’s one, people want to get in early, as the weather is unpredictable for this time of year, hence, people seated too long, hard to generate enthusiasm. The ladies match should have been played there beforehand to generate energy as a lead into the men’s match afterwards. Its worked with our hurlers in the past as a double bill.

    Based purely on last night’s performance, Kerry will not win an All-Ireland, no way, we rely on on the Clifford brothers too much. They were both superb. Where would we in Kerry be without them. They scored 9 points from our 16. Rivals will be planning our downfall in the months ahead by planning for the two boys, and they will, rotating crunchers, markers, sweepers etc, We were very poor overall, with odd sporadic flourish of firework off shoulder passing, but when you see us passing back a sideline kick, 2011 Donegalesque, nauseating backpass and kicking, thats not the traditional Kerry way, then football is dead, when we should have pointed from there on the right hand side in the second half, or lobbed it into the square. Maurice Fitzgerald would have scored from there, 2001 esque. We’ve no real pace, Sèan O’ Sé was not great. He did not play well at all. Even our talisman, Clifford, brilliant last point it was, was poor on the left side with his kicking in the second half. Rivals in the future will have a plan to negate him, and they will.

    Why can’t players shoot from 40, 50 years out for points. The great players in the 1980’s could that, hence no blanket defences. Blanket defence will always be overcome and destroyed by long range accurate points kicking. To hell, with what managers say, danger zone, percentages poppycock speak, D zone fire zones etc.

    I thought Mayo were excellent actually, for a side missing a few, and a man down for quarter of the second half. Unfairly Sam Callinan was sent off in my view. The ref had a poor game. I thought we got a few soft ones, if I’m being honest. The pitch looked well, but was heavy clayed and laboured.
    The lovely off shoulder one touch short intricate pass power play for score lay off’s in the second half was a thing of beauty at times. Ryan O’Donoghue’s low centre of gravity evasive running can pull two players out of position, break the defensive lines when he goes lateral, opens up scores for Mayo.

    You showed great attitude. We were very lucky to win that match at all. Personally, I think Cillian O’ Connor’s days in a Mayo jersey are over. He made zero impact in coming on at all, that’s the way its been for a very long time in my viewing of him, yes, good to bring him on for steady the ship, experienced presence of mind Aidan O’ Shea as well, a bad night, he was angry coming off. This is definitely is his last season. That’s just my read on it.

    Going forward, I would be more optimistic as a Mayo supporter than as I Kerry supporter. Ye didn’t have a full team out, ye pinned us to our collar in Tralee with our full set of chessboard pieces and ye nearly checkmated us and we’ve got Dublin away yet. The days of Kerry holding the fear factor over anyone are long gone under our current guise. Time for us to come up with a new way of playing, reinvent the wheel.

    Safe travels back to all Mayo folks. I had great chats with you out around the town in Tralee last night.

    Mind yourselves. Best of luck! v Tyrone in which I think you will win.

  20. Good assessment micko .we probably deserved a draw after second half performance which was in contrast to a very poor first half display and a draw would have kept momentum without anyone getting carried away .don’t understand why didn’t take his time with that last kick .was there instruction from sideline to kick it .It would have been a tough kick for Clifford on his left foot never mind a right footed corner back.Very difficult to judge the league anymore because different teams want different things from it .Kerry weren’t interested last year but do seem more engaged this year.we just need to get safe as soon as possible and start working on a system.I can’t believe that leaving Clifford one on one is a tactic that is worth pursuing

  21. Based on what we’ve seen so far. Was last night’s team plus Paddy D our likely starting one?
    No guarantee Ruane or Carr will be fit or make team if fit.

  22. No poster was writing Callinan off after Sigerson. Sam is learning his trade. Picked off two great points. Made one run forward but through no fault of his own, had no support, other players have to read those runs and feed off them. Sam was out on his feet by half time, what were management doing?
    Generally, as in the Dublin game, we stood of the Kerry players and did not apply enough pressure.
    on their shot taking.
    It was a tough night for Brickenden, gave Clifford two yards all night and dreadful game management decision at the end. We needed to wind the clock down before taking a shot, simple as that.
    No stars for the management performance. Conroy should have got no more than ten mins second half and AOS should have gone at half time.
    Hopefully we will have learned some lessons and the Canavans and Cregg /O Connor will not get the same space afforded to Clifford and co.

  23. The more we look back at the last few minutes of injury time is the more we accept we never learn. We never use our experiences (mostly bad and costly ones). We have dug ourselves back into a game what was slipping away from us. Couple of points on the spin and we had momentum. Draw would have been a decent return and plenty to work on for remaining games. We sense an unlikely win is possible. Quality inside pass for a mark, surely it’s o donohue or o connor but no it’s a full back with no track record of scoring. Player should have played on (never taken the mark) and worked a scorable chance for a colleague. And even when mark was called, pass back and wait for a better scoring opportunity or even play out time for that well earned draw. Dublin or Kerry would never have wasted a glorious opportunity like that and that’s why we still are where we are. We never seem to learn

  24. Mayomagic2000, Dublin let us score a winner with the last kick of the game last week. Swings and roundabouts.

  25. Mayomagic2000 – 2 weeks ago Dublin missed a pile of chances towards the end of the game and allowed us take a quick free kick to hit the winner. They also made a balls of their first game vs Monaghan. Not a great example to use at the moment.

  26. Not a good result for us in Omagh. Draw would have been ideal. Tyrone got what they deserved for being too cowardly to take on the shot at the end. Nothing.

  27. Tyrone & Galway both pretty poor in fairness.

    Still think we will go to Tyrone pretty confident with lots to work on during the week I think that’s where we will get our 2 points to stay safe.

  28. Tyrone and Galway looked fiery , fierce competitive at times. Tyrone will be well up for it next week now , we could end up in a relegation four pointer with rossie in two weeks time .Dublin looked very good yesterday , con o callaghan was sublime . Dubs are 14/1 to win the league, do they play kerry next ?

  29. We owe Tyrone more than once folks. It’ll be a very long time before 21 is out of the system

  30. Yeah Tyrone look to be at the start of a huge rebuilding job. Most of the 21 team have rode off into the sunset with their medal and 80% of that team are now rookies, wouldn’t even have them as a top 3 team In ulster right now tbh.
    Darragh canavan gives them hope

    I realise I have probably just jinxed us now for next week so apologies to all in advance

  31. Ya, next week is important now. If rossies bt Monaghan things could get very tight. Tyrone will be thinking the same so won’t want to loose again.
    Derry might take the foot off now so galway could get a result so a win for us next week would be very big.

  32. @Micko, who would you have as All-Ireland favourites if not Kerry? I’m asking this because I can’t really see past them at the moment.

  33. All the exact same problems from last year are still there. It will become more and more obvious as the year goes on and other teams start to improve their fitness and shake off the cobwebs. We’ll be in the same position again come summer.

  34. @dreamysleepynightysnoozysnooze – The exact same problems such as being open up down the middle and conceding goals ?

  35. Good win for us up in Omagh, a huge battle to get the 2 points. Great to see Sean Kelly back and O’Flaherty really drove on when he came in. Tyrone are so defensive we struggled to break them down. Morgan badly needs to be caught out of his goal as he just loves to play in attack. Derry next who are flying and with Tierney and Conroy probably out another hard battle awaits.

  36. @chesneychet. A good result for us too in that Tyrone will be all the hungrier for a victory next weekend. We are in for a serious examination and that’s exactly what we need.

  37. Didn’t play particularly well against Dublin and scraped the two points. Didn’t play particularly well last night and lost with the last kick of the game. Much to improve on and still waiting on players to come back. So much for flogging the two Sigerson lads. They were among our best players. A shame Sam wasn’t hauled off before the inevitable second yellow and of course it had to fall to Rory to attempt a mark from way out. Nine from play from the forward line. All in all we’re not in a bad position and maybe no harm to slow down the hype train until the summer at least. Still have a job to secure our Division 1 status with some tricky games around the corner. Tommy and Cillian still looking for form but Tommy showed glimpses of it last night.

    Wasn’t just the clifford show either. Moynihan was excellent. Kerry haven’t gone away yet

  38. As opposed to my fellow Kerry man I wouldn’t have Mayo ahead of Kerry at the minute.

    Very impressed with Callinan and Boland at 11.

    The nettle that needs grasping is the AOS question.

    The finishing team is more important and I’d be introducing him and COC to see a game out.

    I think Kerry won in a similar fashion as Mayo did against Dublin not overly convincing but got the job done.

    We move onto the Dubs next week.

  39. Bob touhy for full forward?? Can kick of either foot. Very tall. Good hands. Quick. Any thoughts ??

  40. Hi Willie Joe . For the first times in years , I was unable to attend a Mayo game in Kerry and was condemned to watching it on TV. .What a disappointment! . The assistant commentator was extremely biased . He had all the Kerry inside information and none of Mayo’s. From my own observation, i thought Kerry were slightly better on the night but the referee had a poor game. He gave some soft frees but missed numerous obvious fouls, especially on the Mayo lads. . I thought Sam. who had a fine game . should have been withdrawn after getting yellow and Cillian should have come on much earlier. It was still a gutsy performance and gives us hope for the Championship. Keep up the good work Willie Joe

  41. Michael,

    The co commentator was Eamonn Fitzmaurice so you’d expect him to know a bit about Kerry.

  42. Spectre… why not. Need to try something at FF. Matty at CF and BT at FF might give us a very diff look…

  43. Moose79 thats it. Bob can score. Decent honest player. Keeps at it. From what i have seen when he is in there he can do damage.

  44. West Kerry. Of course I know it was your friend Eamon. RTÉ are wrong , in my view, to have someone from one of the participating counties do the assistant commentator job. It should obviously be a neutral person. Better still would be to let my friend Ger do the commentary on his own…even if Cork were playing. .

  45. Well, I got it assways in my prediction of the Dublin game in Castlebar so I’ll keep quiet if only to say any team firing on all cylinders now won’t have the reserve fuel for this compressed Sam campaign. I never learn, so I’m predicting Donegal to overturn Derry in Ulster and haven’t a clue as to what Kerry and Dubs are going to add to the mix later on. Mayo are safe in league 1 more or less. Perhaps, that’s better than going all out for division title. Nothing between them and all on the day.

  46. @michaelincork: No huge issue with avoiding any commentator having a vested interest in a team, some positives there for sure, but it has to be said you’re losing an unmatched level of insight in doing it.

    Sure you might get a slightly biased view on a tackle being “clever” rather than “blatant” or a challenge “robust” instead of “malicious” but they’re all things we can form our own opinions on anyway (more of an issue on radio where you’re depending on commentators painting the actual picture of the game).

    I’m much more interested in knowing about the unmatched technical or tactical insights only someone recently involved can offer, where Eamon is second to none (Jimmy McGuiness & James Horan used to offer similar as pundits, even when covering a Mayo or Donegal match).

    Horses for courses I guess, comms is super subjective (I see Eamon getting lots of negative comments after what I’d consider a fantastic performance of valuable information others find dull or boring on delivery). I’d happily put up with 20 50/50 calls being pro Kerry if I get one interesting new insight into what’s happening on the field or why a player did a specific thing in a certain way.

  47. @MichaelinCork your spot on! Totally agree should be neutral commentators on a match I actually muted the commentary cause couldn’t take it any longer tg4 commentary is much more enjoyable!

  48. I’d be more upbeat than many it seems after the first three games. With us having played all the three all-Ireland finalists from the last two years already, one more win from four should see us safe for another year.

    Our defence is looking more solid with no more than a couple of goal chances given up in three games. A big step forward.

    A number of vital players have put in good performances in at least 1 or 2 of the 3 games-Ryan, Jordan, Jack, Paddy, Sam and David. Fergal Boland seems a good and more consistent option, Rory Brickenden likewise, and we don’t have any new medium term injury concerns.

    We fought back into both Dublin and Kerry games from a few points back, and did so in a controlled and calm fashion against two teams where we’ve crumbled in the past. Two points from those two games was broadly fair on performances.

    A bit more cut in the full forwards and more confidence in the kick out under pressure would be points to work on. But a decent showing so far, in my eyes.

  49. Also I find Eamon Fitzmaurice consistently thoughtful and educational to listen to. I’d gladly trade a bit of bias for the tactical insight he brings, in comparison to others on co-commentator duties.

  50. Paddy Durcan tweaked a muscle in his calf duriing training according to Kevin McStay. Had he been playing we would have easily won.
    John Mac

  51. Paddy Durcan tweaked a muscle in his calf diuring training, according to Kevin McStay after the game. Had he been playing we would have won – easily.

  52. Eamonn is a fair man lads,

    Yes he’s a Kerry man and he wants Kerry to win but he didn’t say anything outrageous on Sat.

    Some contributors where saying before the game that Mayo would lose, then they blamed the ref, then the gave out about the commentator.

    Kerry is a fair spin for most,

    It makes sense given RTEs financial woes not to be dragging lads down from Dublin.

    Well move on lads… Think Mayo and Kerry got plenty out of Sat and that’s all you want.

  53. Fitzmaurice is the best analyst on RTE, by a country mile. He is always very fair & balanced to me

  54. Generally, I think the team playing the better, more consistent, ball wins what ever commentary bias is going. Their performance drives the narrative. Dublin were by far the better team in Castlebar during the first half and it was similar down in Kerry. Last year our performances in the league drew a lot of effusive commentary- we were the team setting the agenda, the trend setters.
    At the end of the day. All that plamas didn’t serve us well.

  55. Winner bias affects most pundits imo. Whoever wins has their positives highlighted, whoever loses has their negatives highlighted.
    A bit annoying but sure makes no difference to the actual game or result.

  56. Fitzmaurice is a serious football man , absolute tripe to suggest otherwise . Boring voice i agree but he is out on his own when it comes to knowledge of the game .

  57. Fitzmaurice is a great footballing man, it’s a great pity though, he could not put that to great insight and acumen to great use when he was manager of us during his tenure. One of the most stubborn people you could ever meet, he would never listen to anyone on the sideline, his selectors. Bringing on Paul Galvin in the 2015 All- Ireland Final backfired spectacularly on him. That kind of nepotism was partly the reason we lost to Dublin in that ‘ bar of soap’ wet day, low scoring final. Not acknowledging the Kerry supporters back in 2018, also left a sour taste in moths of the fans. He’d be known for his sourness, dull, boring, deamour style. RTE Co- commentating, principal in a mid sized secondary school as gaeilge Corca Dhuibne, and writing for The Examiner, school must be quiet, if he is being greedy for all that money. He’s actually quite unfriendly as I know myself. The man will not salute you in the street at all, and he doesnt even know me! Many have said the same. He was a very good player himself to be fair, and damn right good hurler in his time too. He is a brilliant analyst. Is very fair on tv.

  58. I prefer hearing Fitzmaurice on co comms than any other of the current lot to be fair. He spots a lot of the tactical stuff and knows all of the players very well. Sure he may sound a bit dull but if you listen to what he says, there’s very little wrong with the content.
    Anyways – On the match itself, it was a fair result, and as one point losses go, it was one I felt least disappointed with. If we’d stolen a point or both of them it would have been a bit of an injustice of sorts.
    As for Rory taking the shot at the end, that was the right thing to do once he’d taken the mark. If his shot has gone over he was a hero, but he was as well to try for the posts and put the ball out of play and that would at least allow us to reset. The pass wasn’t on and Kerry were less likely to allow it with the man advantage. If Rory hadn’t taken the shot and we ended up getting turned over, he’d be criticised for not having taken the shot. It didn’t work out and D Clifford nailed it with the last kick of the game.
    Plenty to work on and plenty good work on display, Hession back on the pitch and a number of players still to return from Injury.
    Onward to Tyrone, a game we should be more than capable of claiming both points on offer from. Here’s hoping we can do that.

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