Sunday match reports

Right, the only way to do this is quickly and with as little pain as possible. Here’s what’s online in the way of match reports and all the rest about our loss to Tyrone up in Omagh yesterday evening.

Locals: Mayo News, Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun, Irish News.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, BBC, The 42, Belfast Live.

Video: GAA (extended match highlights, match highlights, Cillian O’Connor penalty, Darragh Canavan goal), Mayo GAA (Kevin McStay post-game, Kevin McStay post-game for RTÉ).

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

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Club members will also know that our Final Whistle podcast recorded from Healy Park went up on Patreon while most of those at the game were on their way home from it. Rob, Mike and I were on the pod, so was Austin O’Malley and there’s post-game reaction from both Kevin McStay and Brian Dooher. It’s available here.

Okay, that’s that one boxed off.

The best of luck today to the county’s hurlers, who take on Cavan at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park this afternoon in Round 3 of the NHL Division 3A. Throw-in for that game is 2pm.

That’s the same time that the Hogan Cup semi-final between St Gerald’s College and Omagh CBS gets underway at Ballyshannon. TG4 are streaming the game live on their YouTube channel and I’ll pop it up here on the blog as well for those interested in watching it. The best of luck to them.

Finally, the MOTM poll is still open. When we lose a match – in particular in the manner we did last night – many question why such a poll is run at all but the reason is to recognise the players who performed best for us, regardless of how good or bad the overall team display was.

The poll will remain open until this evening and I’ll confirm the result then. Have a good Sunday, all.

89 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. Derry and Dublin are top tier, Kerry shortly behind them due to their over reliance on three or four players.
    The rest are a mile off that level. Mayo aren’t within an asses roar of the top teams. You can argue there were too many changes yesterday and I agree on that. Goalkeeper position is decided now and we need to play Reape at all times from now on, so he becomes accustomed to every run made for kickouts. He’s, by far and away, the best keeper we have. He also doesn’t have any baggage.

    I was prepared for another year of rebuilding and I fully accepted we weren’t going to challenge this year for Sam but I expected to see green shoots in terms of game plan. Unfortunately, we’re relying on a great spirit and attitude to bail us out (and bail out management). We should have lost to Dublin until Durcan and Co started running at them.
    Kerry should have easily beaten us but for the savage shift put in by the likes of Callinan and Diarmuid.
    Yesterday, we were hoping the likes of Ryan and Boland would do it for us.

    The lack of leadership on the line is crazy. Darren Mccurry gave a roasting to Jack Coyne and yet no switch in markers. Same issues with attacking a blanket as we’ve had for years – how has no paid coach (they’re not doing it for free lads), come up with an answer to that?

    I knew we weren’t going to win it this year but I didn’t realise we were as far away as we are until yesterday’s rude awakening.

  2. Not the fact we lost, it’s a league we don’t want to win, at least in my opinion. The complete lack of leadership, folding like a pack of cards, when the pressure is on, just like what Cork and Dublin did to us last year.
    Teams have our number now again, forgot the blanket, hit us with a 3rd quarter blitz, and we’ll roll over.
    We’re in a right relegation battle now, you’d expect Roscommon and Derry to have our number as well, so it’s all down to the Monaghan match.

  3. Mayo will continue to be in top tier because the tier is so small a pool and we have such good financial backing most counties can only dream of, just look at our choices of hotels this week and last week and think back to Down carpooling last year was it and Leitrim looking for trains up and down to Waterford was it?

    Dublin can make five or six changes to the team like we did and the players can slip in as they’ve a system, a plan, a strategy.

  4. Mayo went at it full tilt last year and ran out of puff. The same will happen to Derry this year. Let’s have some patience lads. Lots of twists and turns up the road.

  5. Tommy+Joe – Dublin gave Derry a serious clipping in the division 2 final last year. No evidence to suggest they’re suddenly on a par with them now.

  6. We’re not top tier though. We claim to be because we get big crowds and can beat a top team on our day. Until you’re willing to admit there’s a problem, you haven’t a hope of solving it and that doesn’t matter whether your talking maths or matches.
    Look at Derry, Donegal, Tyrone, Dublin, Kerry, Galway and even Armagh.
    Major difference is that when it mattered, they have done it. All these teams have won an All-Ireland or ten(Dublin) in my lifetime. Mayo haven’t won once. There have been times where we’ve been at the door, messing around with the keys and fumbling with the locks but to no avail – meanwhile the likes of Tyrone pop up when they’re good enough and just turn the handle and walk through. (I might have seen this somewhere).
    We need to cop on saying we’re top tier. We’re capable of beating a top tier team on our day but that doesn’t make us a top tier team, it just makes us the Gaelic Football equivalent of Wimbledon.

  7. Fair comment Tommyjoe. But we have youth on our side. Give them time and a bullock or two. There have to be others worth a go also. And management????…to many cooks!!!!!

  8. Willie Joe I agree about the motm polls and just to compare last week’s to this one. Against Kerry we had 3 outstanding candidates. Sam Callinan just shaded Boland and O’Donoghue. Fast forward to this week and Sam who was switched to corner back is down on 2%. Ryan who was left out is down on 12% and only Fergal who was played in the same position as last week was deemed to be of the same standard. Why oh why can’t we keep the things that are going well and tinker with the problem areas? We seem to be doing the opposite.

  9. @joeg Sam was down in the fullback line to mark Sam callinan, but it just shows the lack of trust we have back there that we have to move Sam who’s playing very well in the halfback line to full back because we have no one in the fb line to mark Canavan

  10. Leaving Sam on Canavan after what happened in Sigerson few days ago and was happening again last night was reminiscent of what was done to Brickenden and O’Hora v Clifford previously.
    It also robbed us off his go forward threat, so combined with not neutralising threat of Canavan we deprived ourselves of our own attacking outlet.

  11. I think we’re mostly overreacting, we didn’t want a league final, we wanted to deepen the panel, we wanted to see new faces. I think we’ve got all 3 and remember we’ve started this year off the back of the poorest senior club championship in many years. Also we don’t know what training is going on. My hope is that this is all part of the plan of building to the championship. Many things to improve on but it’s very early days. Wouldn’t read too much into that Dublin performance, it’s a different game in CP, playing on carpet vs turf in Omagh. Plus it’s two teams who back their forwards and go all out. One thought rewatching the game, don’t like the game management stuff but when Tyrone were clearly on top early in the second half, should we have had a lad go down to steady ourselves? Reminded me a loylt of Dublin last year, not something we do but may be needed

  12. The issue Up Mayo, is not that we have too many cooks, it’s that we have no cook. Gizmobobs comments are spot on above. After 1 1/2 years under this management team, we are now worse off than when they started. Derry and Dublin teams are well coached, the players know what they are supposed to do and the replacements that come on know their roles and execute them. As a result the individual and team performance is top level. Mayo are so poorly coached in comparison that they haven’t even got a kickout strategy in place, never mind an effective defensive or attacking strategy. They’re clueless and that’s managements fault and no one else’s. It’s not going to improve either I fear.

  13. Isn’t it really mayo that last nights game didn’t help to move up the league table but drop down and while they’re not playing they move up a position as a result of the kerry v Dublin game is it any wonder they mess with our heads. @tommy+joe so far on this thread you’re the only one who mentions mayo as top tier. We hear they’re top tier,they’re useless, this lad should start, this lad shouldn’t start. Now is the time to see what lads are like and sometimes it might be disastrous and they know who to tell to get off the pot. If we beat the rossies next week i presume all will be great on here again.

  14. I don’t buy into this “we don’t want to win the league” mantra at all. It was great to win the league last year,.. not do great to lose to Roscommon the following week. But that could happen regardless of us winning the league, winning now for any team makes them more likely to win in the future. We certainly don’t want to go down. It seems to be in the Physic of many Mayo supporter’s. Inventing imaginary obstacles, a few years ago the mantra was that we can’t play well in McHale Park. I don’t think the team that played yesterday will win much but it was our weakest line up for a long time. Keep winning in the league, who knows? We might make a League Final after all. It’s New York who have only won one game in their entire 20+ years in the Connacht Championship up the week after the League Final not Roscommon or relax guy’s.. keep cheering on Mayo in the league. Really like to see James Carr back and Padraig O Hora we need the two of them.. and Fergal Boland has been a tonic in every game..scored some magnificent points in every game so far.

  15. Hopefully attention switches fairly quickly to next weekend. It’s a game I think is very important. I’m in the same camp as Margie and other posters not putting too much value on the league but the Rossie game is big now. We need the points to stay in div one but more importantly, we need to beat Roscommon this year in the Championship, so if they come strolling in to town and beat us again, it’s not good.
    My major gripe with past set ups was the constant attack play from the back leaving us open. Teams see that, and when the top teams come out and engage with us and turn us over, it’s big trouble. Our full back line need to be full backs for the last few games. No point streaming forward to then pass it over and back. Anyway, a draw in the Hyde please..

  16. Crazy how management think we have 3 full backs better than Caolan Crowe.Were they at any Garrymore championship game lsdt season.

  17. We haven’t been all Ireland contenders for the last two years and reaching the 2020 and 21 finals was achieved in the old straight knock out system.reaching those finals I think gave us a false perspective on where we we were at .over the the last 5 years we have lost numerous generational players to retirement and then on top of that we lose Oisin mullin.It was always going to take time to has been obvious for some time that we don’t have proper midfield options and the management wasted an entire season on a crazy defensive structure which even a casual observer could see wasn’t of the bizarre posts I ever saw on here was about asking Tyrone people was it worth it winning the all Ireland in 2021 .After 73 years it certainly would be worth it to us to get one in any of our lifetimes .Tyrone’s tactics in the first half were very strange with nobody in our half of the field most of the this 3rd quarter surge become a tactic for teams facing us was extraordinary that no action was taken to disrupt it .hennelly kept trying to chip the same kickout over and over.The Roscommon game has now taken on an entirely different significance

  18. It makes no difference as to beating roscommon really, it’s the league after all. Not one bit of difference did it make to Dublin being in div 2. It’s all about champo.. It always has been. Winning the league as we know means fuck all… The worrying thing and primarily what the league is for is finding new players or diff positions or some sort of system.. Again, we don’t have the players.. I’m all for winning… But it takes time and lots of changes on and off the field… The mayo Co board has been shambolic for yrs too.

  19. Sam Og

    I think we both know the selection of club players by the senior management has left a lot to be desired. They brought EOD straight back into an FBD panel having not played for over 2 years, and yet he hasn’t been seen at all since. Not to mention if they watched the Sigerson game last week they would have known full well that Sam couldn’t handle Canavan, and after 15 minutes yesterday it was happening again.

    What does that say for the honest club player who is playing well? I do find it strange how some players are selected for the panel. Mikey Murray another example, a good footballer but is always injured. Has he played 5 club championship games in the last 5 years?

    Another comment on a different trend said that McStay has only introduced 3 new players and gave them debuts since Horan. One of them being his own nephew.

    As for our style of play, there is no shape to the attack and it’s worrying when ROD isn’t playing. We don’t get the scores off Tommy. We play AOS at full but never kick the high ball into him. Still no left footed free kick taker. And this was the management team that praised themselves when they got the job about their combined years of experience and number of teams they have managed.

  20. Some points on the game
    – System – lateral passing around the 45. Kerry Dublin Derry dont do this. Why didnt we take a few more shots earlier instead, run at them more directly to draw a couple of frees. Irrespective of who is playing the system(s) should be known by all.
    – Kick out stategdy (ok Robbie first day back for a longtime)
    – Game management – in particular when Tyrone got momentum.
    – 3rd qtr blirz – We have seen this before
    – The multiple changes – Ruane / Plunkett in hindsight should be subbed on for a game or 2 for 20-30mins and not start. There was probably a case where a couple of others should have got a start than those that did. That’s just an opinion as I’m not at the training ground.
    – Even if mgmt hadnt targeted this game it should have been used to try a few things out, we didnt see anything different from what I could see.

    Willie Joe – Ur some man to keep this going to sift through all these comments and then do the weeding ! How is the Viper getting on these days…

  21. Possibly Tryone were just weathering our first half and letting us run ourselves into the ground around their 45.

  22. I know it is only the league but the overall signs since 2021 are not good. As seen we have difficulties beating even teams from the lower divisions (Louth, Cork). Cant see where others think we are a top 6 team. Cant fault the players, they give up so much for the green and red, but our club championships has a lot to answer for. Stifling defences, no quality midfielders and no development of forwards, how are we expected to win all Irelands? I was not on this planet when we won the last one and don’t expect be around when we win the next. (Hope and pray I’m wrong). My advice to you all enjoy the efforts of our boys and don’t be harsh with your comments, it’s not their failings where we find ourselves now. We will beat the Rossies and secure Div 1.
    Enjoy the trip and all together now. Up Mayo.

  23. Did anyone else see the aggressive marking by Tyrone players of Mayo players out the field in the second half? Or am I the only one to have seen it?
    Tyrone players repeatedly stripped the ball of Mayo players and advanced into the Mayo D (a holding Mayo) and scored easily. *Mayo players kept being dispossessed* without reply from us. This was toothless. And the possession that they stripped off us gave Tyrone the platform to build score on score.
    I thought we were the ones to be tackling devils. Not last night. Or when?
    This highly intense man marking appears to be in the Tyrone locker – they did this to great effect against us in the AI Final in 2021.

  24. How the hell are we not playing sweeper, a proper sweeper who can defend. Year in year out we go out of the championship with soft goals conceded but yet we persist with man on man.
    On Hennelly he’s had more than enough time with Mayo and surely there’s other keepers in the county who should get an opportunity

  25. I want to identify one other thing that gives us some independence (we need to feel independence from these mass defensive systems so we can develop our own play, not build a game around responding to that system) – both Fergal Boland and Ryan O’Donoghue scored brilliant points from distance from play last night.
    Our goalkeeper scored from distance too.
    I didn’t know if we would be willing to try to shoot from distance or if we had the accuracy.
    The fact that both are allowed to, wanted to and were accurate is very encouraging!
    Diarmuid can do it too. And Towey, possibly.

  26. Rossies on track for victory v Monaghan , lead that game 0-9 to 0-4 . Our game v ross is a big fixture next week

  27. I would imagine the reason teams set up in and around the 45 is because shooting from outside that area is a very low percentage shot .Tyrone weren’t too bothered about us shooting from out there yesterday because we weren’t going to get back into the game by scoring points

  28. Agree with swallow hoops about shooting from distance. In the second half we got 5 or 6 from distance. In the first half we seemed afraid to take a shot. Tommy Conroy was a bit more involved last night but I don’t think he took a shot all game. Hope he can get his form back. Swallow hoops Towey could score from distance but only thing is he needs to be on the pitch to do it…

  29. Mayo team not going well at all, last night was awful stuff, I’m thinking Roscommon will come to town with a lot of confidence & come away with the points.
    It’s going to be a dog fight now to see who stays in division 1, Mayo management are struggling now, no real direction for the players, same shite different year, not good.

  30. @Tony freeman

    Galway only 4 behind derry..

    Roscommon winning isn’t bad for us be worse if they lost then they would really target us next week then again they always put out their best when they play us.

    Rossies game is really a must win now.

  31. Lahanman, I agree with you about Towey. If the man can score – and he can – we need him on the field.

  32. Out of all the Division 1 teams to lose this weekend Mayo ended up losing by the smallest margin…

    2 points against Roscommon next week will take all the pressure off the last two games

  33. When you see Kerry and Galway results were as bad as Mayos.We really shouldnt read to much into the League.The 4 top teams in the League last year didnt reach All Ireland semi finals.Some people need to calm the f**k down over last nights resul, it wont matter in July.

  34. We went down to Derry but it was a funny game and Derry dont seem as far ahead as I thought. We will have to beat Monaghan to have any chance of staying in Div.1.

  35. A win next weekend and we’re right back on track for a league final, everyone will be delighted to know!

  36. I thought Conor Glass was visibly out on his feet the last 15 minutes. They’ll run him into the ground yet…

  37. A victory against roscommon in mchale park will have to be earned , i wouldnt be putting a wager on it thats for sure , lose and we are in trouble though on many counts .

  38. @Tony freeman exactly.

    The most dissapointing about loosing yesterday was that we just don’t have any depth and the fringe players weren’t great.

    Also if the goalie isn’t confident and making silly mistakes the defence is hardly going to be confident either.

    In fairness to mcstay at least he’s not going all out for the league like he did last year I’m hoping this is just the plan ha lay low in league and come out firing in championship where it matters.

    Let Derry go win the league there’s no way they can keep the pace up till summer as we quickly found out last year.

    @No doubt for sure agree with you there if we beat the rossies next week same people who were going mad here yesterday will be the sane ones going that was great win..

  39. Exactly Wide Ball. Glass is expected to carry them all through the league, Ulster and on to the All Ireland series. Surely Harte rests him for next few games.

  40. Robbie obviously didn’t have a great game, but is the issue on kickouts generally that if we’re forced to go long we’re not catching the ball?

  41. This over and back between the two 45 yard lines is awful to look at. Inter County Players should be able to kick the ball over the bar from the edge of the D or from 30 yards out. We just seem to be passing the book to some other player. This is more than likely coming from Management. Players being told unless you are 100% sure of getting the score don’t take on the shot. On the goalkeeper. Reape is going well enough. The 3 rd choice keeper Byrne had a good Mayo Club Championship. I see that he has a good left foot on him as well. I have been told he scored 5 or 6 points from distance in the Club Championship.
    I do remember him playing 5 or 6 games for Mayo in the past. Don’t remember him letting us down. He possibly could be given a chance at some stage before league is over. We need good back
    For Colm in case god forbid anything happens to him.

  42. To be fair the Ulster championship starts in 6 weeks , people think the championship isn’t till the middle of summer it’s only around the corner

  43. Could badly do with McBrien back for next weekend,we seriously lacked his physicality yesterday. Paddy would be vital too but sounds like he’s a bit off.
    Anyway I think we nearly all agreed at the start that we needed to use our fringe much more this year so there was always a chance that we would get a bit of a lesson which is what happened last night. Mc Stay will have found out who’s ready and who’s not.
    As for making 4 more changes prior to throw in…if it was an attempt at mind games it failed big time. He needs to go strong next weekend and hope to secure the 2 points and we can all breath a bit easier.

  44. In my opinion Derry are very ordinary..
    We never expected to win today with Walsh, Comer , Mc Daid, Silke, Tierney , Conroy out and Sean Kelly not starting..
    We caused them a lot of problems at the back and missed some great chances.
    I don’t often give out about refs but Derek O Mahoney giving Molloy a black card for an open slap in what he believed was a goal scoring opportunity and then a penalty … Terrible officiating.
    Another dubious black card shortly after and that was game .
    When we got back to 15 we outscored them 4 0 .
    Harte is running them into the ground and it will definitely come back to haunt them.
    2nd place still up for grabs for anyone..
    For me after this weekend it’s hard to look past Dublin..
    From a Galway perspective Pj is minding everyone and hopefully we will have a fully fit squad for championship

  45. I echo Sean Burke above that absolutely nothing is guaranteed next week. Roscommon is a tough opposition. They have good, robust accurate forwards (who get scores much more easily than we do), strong men around the field, and like nothing more than beating us.
    Underestimate them at our peril.
    We need a game plan with teeth and we need back up plans too.

  46. Galway are going backwards… PJ be gone after this Yr.. No scoring forwards like mayo bar Walsh and a very injury prone comer… Midfield a prob and half back too. The big chance was 2022.

  47. Tuamstar – I think you are being very fair on Joyce there. The injuries to key players are ones they can’t play through and even when Sean Kelly came on today it looked like he’s still carrying some sort of knock.

    The penalty decision looked like a strange one but you could see the argument that Molloy from behind put the Derry player off balance when he was 1v1 on goal, he attempted to get the ball but got nowhere near it.

    Johnny McGrath is a great player, we could badly do with a corner back like him in Mayo.

  48. Sean Kelly looked to be moving the same way he was against us last year.very strange to be playing an injured player

  49. It’s a very strange league table.Derry loook home and hosed and everyone else seems to be fighting to get relegated

  50. Totally agree with wideball about Glass being burnt out soon enough. Donegal will seriously challenge Derry in opening Ulster clash in championship. I’m a half glass full guy and definitely not buying into Mayo are struggling narrative. I fell for the Dubs are in the decline narrative set by cahir O’Kane in his column in the Irish News or similar Belfast paper last March when he set out the reasons they’d fall short etc. Mr McStay is the proverbial shrewd operator and that being said, methinks he’s paving the way for a cleaning house operation. I’m sure Mayo will be in the mix this summer. Like Dessie Farrell, it’s not what McStay is saying, it’s the unsaid that’s imperative.

  51. The so-called blooding of new players can bite you in the arse if there are too many put on together. If 1 or 2 at the most is in with a strong team then they often perform better and find their feet going forward. On an understrengt team newcomers are often left to paddle their own canoe as the players around them are worrying about their own performance whereas a otherwise stronger team guides the newbie through the game. So definitely for me 8 changes was too many.

  52. @Tony Freeman it is only a penalty if it is a black card outside the 13 metre area.
    It was not a designated black card offense so no penalty.

  53. The penalty for Derry was definitely the wrong call. Slapping someone on the hip is not a black card offence.

    At least for our one yesterday the referee can say he judged it a deliberate trip, which denied Flynn a shot on goal.

  54. Predicted finish;

    1. Derry
    2. Kerry
    3. Dublin
    4. Mayo
    5. Tyrone
    6. Monaghan
    7. Galway
    8. Roscommon

  55. I don’t think you can yet say Galway are going backwards but the jury is out on PJ but he certainly is missing key players but better to miss them in February than June. In August we can discuss on here who went backwards. Dublin barring a raft of injuries must go close to retaining the title. In fairness as of today there are question marks around every other team. A key element for the others will be getting their best 15 on the pitch when it matters which is no simple task.

  56. @Frost the hammer I’d agree with you on that finish.

    I’d say middle of the table would be ideal for us to finish up in.

    Rossies won’t be an easy match at all next weekend hope to see lots of mayo supporters out there even after the dissapointing day yesterday.

  57. Team for Rossies;

    Coyne Brickenden Hession
    Coen Callinan MacLaughlin
    Ruane Carney
    Touhy Boland Flynn
    Towey O’Donoghue Conroy

    Really fitness dependent right now.
    I’d like to freshen it up further with Callinan and Flynn looking the most in need of a rest yesterday. To that end O’Shea, Durcan and McBrien would be nice to have back. I don’t believe that Reape and Towey featured, fingers crossed injury wise there. Plunkett is an option and will be better for yesterday’s minutes. Loftus and McHale are interesting options to get starts into, and sync up nicely with Boland and Carney who you might worry have too much football in them right now.

  58. Perfect set of results this weekend, barring our thumping last night..

    We’re still on four points and + 4 pts diff, behind Dublin and ahead of Kerry, and Tyrone..Galway, Rossies and Monaghan further South. Galway have Dublin and Kerry to come, and Monaghan are always tricky for them. Rossie game is huge now for both counties. Rossies have Derry and Kerry to come.

  59. MacHale park is made for the Rossie style of play. I genuinely see them beating us next week. I wouldn’t be risking McBrien, Durcan or Diarmuid for a league game, survival on the line or not.

    Ruane, Plunkett and Hession need more game time to blow off the cobwebs. Be great to get James Carr back on a pitch soon, hes exactly what we need come the real stuff.

    Theirs definetely 2 fb line spots up for grabs for championship. Coyne and Brickenden have been seiriously poor last 2 games.

    Never got the post xmas hype about Brickenden, don’t want to be harsh on him but he’s played quite a few games for us over the years and isn’t improving. Its nearly like because of his size, managers hope he’ll ignite into a good player. Its just not happening for him. If Plunkett stays injury free, id start him corner back come championship.

  60. I thought we were fine yesterday on the defending goals front – one of the in form forwards in the country pulled out a moment of quality against one of our least experienced and most used players, and a decent shot on a cold goalkeeper.

    It was the lack of cohesion on our in possession stuff that really caught us out wrt our starting defenders yesterday. Our half back line in particular had very little time put in on the field this year.

  61. @Margie good post agree wouldn’t be much a surprise if the rossies do beat us. Don’t know what it is with mchale park we don’t seem to play well there..

    Agree to James Carr would be such a bonus to come back.

    I’m really not bothered about the league be great to stay safe of course but championship is where it’s at I do think mcstay and Co know full well there’s no point going full tilt for league as we found out quickly enough last year.

    mcstay is a shrewd manager and he will have learnt a lot from last year though 8 changes in last night’s game was a mistake for sure.

  62. Tony Freeman..
    Sean Kelly got injured down in the corner when colliding with a Derry player..
    Was moving gingerly after..
    There is no let up whatsoever in our injury list!

  63. I’d be in full agreement with @1985 with regards of where we stand in the rankings currently. The 2020 championships were false impressions of where teams were at. I think Kerry would have beaten Dublin if there was a backdoor in 2020, and Kerry more than likely would have beaten Tyrone in 2021 if the circumstances were normal. I can’t listen to the conversation from people when they say “How did we not beat Tyrone in that final.” That was a poor Mayo team compared to the team of 2012-2017, we pipped Dublin by running them into the ground. We had four or five retirements earlier on that year, and it showed in our defence. Our midfield lost the battle, we had names on the team sheet that were just not at the level required to win an All-Ireland (a couple of them are nowhere near the side now). Tyrone were no world beaters, but they had a settled team where’s we had a lot of retirements that were replaced by players that weren’t as good simple as. I saw Colm Boyle (I think) saying last week that we need to find that 2021 form? There was no form, it was two games to get to that final and we found out where we were really at in that final. Results in the last two seasons have shown where we really are, of course we can beat the best on our day but we also can lose to the likes of Cork on the bad days.

  64. I was in Salthill today. Both teams showed great tenacity and it’ll bring them on a good bit. Derry ran out of steam final quarter but Galway showed good resilience and I think with two of mcDaid, Comer or Walsh they win that game today. I actually think PJ will be happier than McStay tonight

  65. @tuamstar

    I’m surprised they put on Sean Kelly today, the result was a done deal by that stage so no need to risk him.

    Agree with others that derry are gonna get but in the ass with the lack of rotation, the likes of glass (who was immense again in the first half) will surely blow up with injury yet. The Glen lads especially should have gotten a few weeks off and I think it my cost them

  66. @quayman.if it was kerry that was in crokepark last night instead of mayo they wouldn’t have lost by 10pts.. Oh wait a minute it was and they did. It’s nonsense to judge mayo’s 2020 and 2021 performances on what kerry would have done.

  67. Mayonaze, performing is one thing, results are another. Galway are in three with Kerry and Dublin to come. And tricky Monaghan.

  68. I’ve no interest in discussion around whether we’re a top 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 team. Pointless stuff.

    However, we got to the 2020 and 21 finals on merit. They were knockout games so teams had no excuse for not being at full tilt during the provincial championships.

    Tyrone were better than us in 21 and they’d a harder run to the final. They also relegated us from div 1 the previous year. Some Mayo supporters think it was a gimme final and JH didn’t have us prepared. Rubbish.

  69. Wide ball , we knocked out a team in the semi final in extra time who hadnt been beaten in yrs .

    Tyrone havent been heard of since .

    Mayo didnt show up for the final , it was a pathetic effort

    Its history now so no point getting into it but we cant keep saying we were second best every time , we bottled it in 21 , we even managed to miss a penalty . We were favs , lets stop makng excuses and looking for all these fancy ways of saying we bottled it .

  70. @No Doubt, I’m only making the point that supporters were in a false sense of where we actually were in those seasons. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Kerry, but having a straight knock out championship brings surprises ie Tipp and Cavan in 2020 semi-finals. I think with the benefit of hindsight there is a pattern with this team over the last five years or so. I watched the Mayo v Dublin 2021 fixture a few weeks back and I can’t get over how poor we were for a large portion of that game. My memory of that game was a lot more romantic. We aren’t far away though, and I expect a big shift to make the last four for this championship, IF we can win Connacht.

  71. I judge Kerry and all teams based on their performance in big championship games in Croke Park- the big games are all Ireland quarter final, semi final and final. These are the only games that count for the big teams. In the last two years Kerry have played 6 such games- winning 5 out of 6 and losing last years final narrowly. Last year’s final was level after 68 minutes.
    In the same time we have played 2 such games losing both with 2 very poor performances. Kerry will be a different animal when they get to the big championship games in Croke Park.

  72. @Sean Burke, you’re completely right. Mayo’s performance in the 21 final was awful and embarrassing. Nothing went right and we had plenty of chances to win it. A dreadful performance by the team and poor on the line. And let’s not forget the 2020 final. That wasn’t much better. And still, our keeper said we should appreciate the ‘privileged position’ we are in. What utter BS.

    Anyway…no good crying over spilt milk.

    @Catcol, yes you’re right but I’m the league I’d rather see specific individuals performing progressively and seeing shapes, strategies and structures developing than seeing results. One point flukey wins don’t do it for me. Of the four league games we’ve played we weee only the better team in one of these matches and that was against a massively depleted Galway team. This spate of injuries PJ has had may actually be a blessing come championship if he can get some key players back. It’s forced his hand to try new players. They fought well today and in particular up in Omagh whereas we didn’t. We completely crumbled in the 2nd half. But again, let’s hold final judgement until championship.

  73. Sean – it was a great and deserved win over Dublin, but not a perfect performance from us.

    Kerry were favourites to win last night and the AI final last year too. Didn’t count for much.

    It certainly was a terrible performance from us in the 21 final, but I don’t think Tyrone played that well either. A lot of disrespectful comments towards Tyrone before and since that final. Despite them having a very good recent record against us.

  74. 8 weeks today i think it is till rossie in the hyde , if paddy and diarmuid are out injured id make ros favs .

  75. @Wideball, you’re right. Tyrone completely deserved their win in 21. They played with purpose and gritty determination. We flopped and I’m not sure if I would trust a number of those lads (the more senior/established players) again.

    But the one thing that 2021 shows is that you don’t need to be an amazing team to win the All Ireland. There will always be a year when Dub/Kerry don’t go well and the door is left ajar. Tyrone hit a rich vein of form at the right time and took the chance two years ago and credit to them. Rem, they shipped 4/5 goals in the league in Killarney that same year. If that happened to Mayo we’d be entirely written off and the blog here would go into meltdown.

    I’d hope to think McStay will put a real defensive plan in place for championship. I don’t care what he does in the league as long as he gets it right in the summer. When you look at how Tyrone defended or even Galway today in the last 20 mins. It was tigerish. Players swarming the attacker. I want to see Mayo doing this. We’ve been far too standoffish at the back so far.

  76. Agree with that Mayonaze. You never know how the championship might pan out. We could easily go very far this year and have a chance at winning it.

    How many people fancied Galway in spring 2022?

  77. In 21 we were favourites but Tyrone were better beating Kerry than we were beatung Dublin albeit, Clifford missed extra time due to cramp. We made hard work of hauling in the Dubs despite lording posession and it took Diarmaid’s freak intervention to make it happen.
    In the final, Tyrone were very good in the 2nd quarter kicking some really top class points from marauding defenders. However we had about 5 goal chances in that game one of them from 2 metres out and we also missed a penalty. We gave away 2 goals, one of them from a normally winnable high ball in and the other from a brilliant kickout. Left ourselves with too much to do but Tyrone were no great shakes al all at the start of the 2nd half and if the penalty went in we would have been 2 or 3 ahead and they may well have cracked under pressure as their midfielders in particular were rookies. We could have gained confidence and they could have lost some. #it would’ve gone down as a soft AI but it was very winnable.

  78. As for Connaught, The Rossies despite their league position have an opportunity this year due to injuries to so many Galway and Mayo players. If the recovery process is not fairly fast for some of those players, they will not have championship fitness and form. Our team the last day had some decent performers, most notably Coen but also Conroy did a lot and won a few frees people didn’t notice. Duffy looked half decent in the 1st half and niether Mattie nor Plunket looked at 100% pace of it which I think could come with more game time, won’t feature much this summer but could be a really good option come next year. Eoghan Mac actually looked fairly lively when he came on despite my reservations on him. Cillian set up both of Ryan’s scores so again that was missed, Tuohy made his point look easy. Boland was good in spells and offers a consistent scoring threat. On the flip side, McStay is probably a bit off offering a serious option at intercounty and should have gone for goal when he got his chance. Played a good bit of the game too far out for someone in FF line. Brickenden is not a full back, maybe another half back option. Flynn’s radar was off but I’ve no fear for him. Callinan and Coyne also took a lesson in this one although I wonder if they hade some hard training sessions as I didn’t see the normal level of chasing in the 2nd half. Canavan needs more than one player to stop him at least some of the time, he’s better than Walsh or Comer right now. I wouldn’t be overly hasty to judge the corner backs based on 1 poor performance, they’ve done very well in most games.
    I’d agree with most posters on where we are this year, however there’s no accounting for gaining momentum. There are tactics though not coming together, e.g. the kicking game inside and the kickout strategy when the press comes on.
    I saw more jogging around in this game than for quite a while by Mayo so let’s hope it’s a one off or driven by hard training which is what I think happened Galway vs us. The intensity wasn’t there and Tyrone were the opposite.
    At this point I think a midfield gamble is required on Tuohy as he’s the best br Aido under a high ball and very mobile and can kick points (his % return from shots must be very high). Also vs Ros, I think Aido in midfield is a good option as it still winter conditions underfoot. Horses for courses. Winning that game is quite important. Could Tuohy be tried for left footed frees, in particular from the more awkward angles?

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