Sunday match reports

It’s a gloriously sunny summer’s morning here in the west but, sadly, I’ve little time to linger as I’m back on the road to the capital soon.

Yesterday was a long one, as match days always are, and, after the Final Whistle pod had been recorded and the match report on the blog completed, I snapped the photo above before taking my leave of Hastings Insurance MacHale Park. I was, predictably, one of the last out of the place.

Right, onto the match reports, not just of the football game but also the coverage I’ve been able to locate on the other ones in which the county was involved yesterday.

Starting with the win over Cavan, here’s what’s online this morning about it.

Locals: Western People, Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Midwest Radio, Anglo Celt, Northern Sound.

Nationals: Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Times.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (includes short video highlights), The 42.

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

There are reports on the hurlers’ dramatic Rackard Cup draw with Roscommon yesterday available at Irish Independent, Roscommon Herald, Shannonside Radio, Midwest Radio.

There’s a report on the even more dramatic Connacht LGFA Minor final match again Galway in the Mayo News. Oisín McGovern relayed the story of this game to me up in the press box after MacHale Park had emptied out yesterday evening and, as his report confirms, it was a heartbreaking loss for the Mayo girls in that one.

If you’re still looking for more about the big game in Castlebar, then check out our Final Whistle podcast. I’m hosting this one, joined by Colm Boyle and Edwin McGreal, and there’s also post-match audio from Kevin McStay on it. The pod’s on Patreon – more details here.

Finally, don’t forget the MOTM poll here on the blog, which is still open so if you haven’t had your say there then please do so. I’ll be back later on with the results of the poll. Enjoy the Sunday sunshine, all.

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  1. Muckle – Depends on the opposition lets not forgot the roasting Tom O’Sullivan gave Cillian in the all ireland 1/4 final in 2022 or the performance Aidan put in against Roscommon. It will be a horses for course decision for management i’m sure depending on who we play.

  2. Rossies will be so defensive can afford to start cillian and Aido in fullforward line , pace won’t be majorly required, confidence cuteness and precision will be order of the day and hard not to back those two.
    But Tommy C and Rod are there so does dropping Tommy spur him on or does he need to gain confidence and game time is question only management know but dam nice to have options .
    Just such shame carr isn’t there aswell as with those options we’re on par with the better teams in country , big question for me is Jack Carney can we upgrade on him with Loftus? Loftus is a superior footballer but we all.know question marks about him , is Carney capable of another 15% , can we get him confident and abandonment of the reluctance to shoot or pass without hoping the ball, it was the done fall of James Gill , he had everything and was early earmarked by Michael Murahurtgh but senior game and not taking too much out of ball or slowing game down , made him easy to defend against and Trevor Mort, Pat Harte and Andy in later stages took his place .
    Can Tommy possibly be our Trevor Mort with direct running at no10

  3. Whilst I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion,I can’t believe that because we had a brilliant performance from our players and management yesterday,we now feel the need to criticise a great servant to Mayo football,and indeed to Donegal football,who gaveeverything to Mayo football,who has been a gentleman every time I have met him,enjoy our good times,believe me I have seen far worse times following Mayo,I know well who has managed Mayo football since the mid fifties,so please don’t worry I am comfortable with my support

  4. Tony was that the time Cillian just came back from a serious achilles injury and was marking one of the best corner back in the Country.

  5. @Tony freeman as @TH said I’m pretty sure cillian had just come back from a pretty serious injury in that match.

    It’s not that hard of a decision to make for management cillian needs to start 100 % v the Rossies he makes clinical moves and scored 4 points to and that was only his first full game back in over a year imagine him at full tilt.

    Aido is good for a sub impact or maybe even cillian & Aido on who knows but cillian must be a starter v Rossies.

  6. Cillian was a huge addition to the team yesterday. It was almost like having the Cillian of old back on the field again. How we’ve missed him.

  7. 100% Willie Joe. If Cillian is fit we have to start him. The reality is the only other forward we have on a par with Cillian is Ryan. His movement yesterday was outstanding. Some man to come back after that Achilles injury.

  8. Listened to the match on midwest radio and was not too impressed. It seemed at times that some CAVAN players were being made fun of because they could not keep up with Mayo players.
    Please just do a commentary on what is happening on the pitch. Leave comedy to comedians.
    These boys are amateurs and some teams may not have the resources we appear to have in abundance.
    We were not that much better than CAVAN. They managed ti score a goal. From our radio commentary Mayo had 3/4 goal chances in first quarter. Imagine what Con would have done with those chances
    Midwest, please leave silly comments out and tell us what is happening on the pitch.

  9. We will likely be without Paddy for a while so perhaps as outside the boot suggests both could start, v the Rossies anyways, with Aido dropping to middle third/sweeping.
    We continue to cough up goal chances, particularly with persistence of going man to man at the back so he would give welcome coverage back there.
    Not sure would get away with it v Dublin, but if both sides are comfortably through by round 3 that game could be an unusual sort of game with teams going hell for leather, or just shadow boxing.

  10. Cillian is a scoring forward. He will get sharper with games. Tommy Conroy is way too good a player to leave on bench imo. Hyde Park will suit him and may be worth experimenting with at half forward. AOS role could be managing the last quarter.
    The round robin is working well for us in that opposition is getting progressively more difficult.
    Were over the first hurdle with a lot to be sorted before the Dubs game. We conceded one goal, could have easily been two against toothless Cavan. We did not trouble the umpire to raise a green flag for us at any stage, one of Cillians points being the closest we came. No rush analysing anything through the green and red tinted glasses.

  11. TH – Regardless of Cillian was just back from achilles injury in 2022 you could see yesterday he doesn’t have the legs to be tracking a man up and down the pitch, if a player of Tom O’Sullivans quality was on him yesterday and there was no plan B with managment damage would have been done.

    Cillian needs to be left close to goal and let the younger more athletic players pick up his man if they bomb forward.

    When Andy Moran won FOTY he said Jason Doherty took on the role of tracking his marker, if we want to get the best out of Cillian something similar needs to be done.

  12. @ Mayo man in down, it was a particularly good opportunity for Midwest to up their game yesterday as the game was not televised. But local radio stations seem to be outdoing themselves with the comedy show they put on. It would pay them well to listen back to either of the great Micheáls, who could even bring the dullest of games to life. Frustrating. We’ve witnessed a lot of change in this country over the years, from Dana to Bambi Thug and O Hehir to Mc Andrew? Et al. Not all good either. One thing remains constant, our quest for Sam

  13. Lads, it’s local radio football commentary – so what if it wasn’t 100% politically correct.
    Martin Carney is a gentleman and wouldn’t intentionally cause offence to anyone.

  14. Cillian has always been our best player for the last 12 years even if he is not scoring .His reading of the game is top class and his organizes the team . Everyone is looking at the scoring statistics but also if you look back at old footage on You Tube you will see that Cillian also makes the crucial and intelligent pass 9 times out 10. No way is he selfish.. Most top forwards are very selfish . Andy Moran and Cillian complemented each other very well.

  15. 2 hops was actually at that game, one of three games I made today. Paul done quite well in fairness. But the score flatters to deceive somewhat. Thought the Knockmore fullback done quite well on him. One goal was a penalty, another a high ball from a poor point attempt I think that a defender caught and dropped and was sort of scrambled in. Third goal was well worked goal in fairness. A good few points were from frees that were quite close range.
    The best goal goal came from from another Charlestown forward, a rocket from right hand side.
    Aidan Orme was possibly the stand out player, himself and Towey were the two main men in a high scoring game in warm conditions.
    Both teams appeared to be missing several regulars. As was case in other games I seen.

  16. Tubberman
    It has nothing to do with being politically correct or not. It has to do with being professional and respectful when going public on radio or TV.
    Midwest had a privileged position yesterday. For people too old to travel it was the only way of knowing what was going on. I did not name Martin Carney. You did. Perhaps you also thought some of his banter was peculiar. It was not funny and contributed nothing to enlighten us on what was happening on the pitch.
    Local radio it may be but yesterday it had an open field but did not seize the opportunity to advertise itself.
    P Faulkner of Cavan got some unwarranted comments. Not respectful, on local or national radio. I was not at the match, so I have no idea how good or poor Mayo were. Conceding a goal to such an underrated team does no fill me with confidence. Both teams are amateur and deserve respect and admiration for the entertainment they provide.

  17. Fair play to management for letting the Fringe players play club football it’s unusual at this stage of intercounty championship. I know the lgfa underage in one grade definitely won’t let the county girls play with the club and 3 were on the line watching their club teammates lose narrowly. Pure daft.

  18. I think that if more people went to the game, there would be far fewer people complaining about what Martin Carney had to say on Midwest. I was there so I didn’t hear what was said on the radio but I do know Martin from his contributions on the podcast and, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a total gentleman.

  19. It’s a no brainer to let lads play for their clubs and schools to get game time. Some of the minor lads haven’t played a match for 6 or 7 months for club or school which is a crazy system. Players in Mayo LGFA at underage, have to play with their club teams No Doubt if it’s their age group. It’s compulsory, subject to rest period before championship games. Might be different of course if clubs are trying to play them out of their own age group.

  20. @the West is best. I’ll bow to your greater knowledge and i know I’m moving away from this thread topic and isn’t that the beauty of conservation but very recently my niece lost a club game and my brother telling me about the game said they would have won if they had their county players. After your post I’ll have to pull him on it and get the finer details.

  21. Thanks Willie Joe.
    Did not realise there were people complaining about midwest coverage of matches. I am sure Mr Carney is a real gentleman. Not in question. But being disrespectful to young amateur players is not OK on any radio station. I was not at the match as, much as I would love to have been. That does not make me any less a Mayo supporter. I am just not in a position to be there. Those lucky enough to be there should not belittle our support. We too love Mayo football and have done since childhood when we depended on a radio won in a raffle by my brother over 70 years ago.

  22. WJ , I agree with you but people have different circumstances. I know for myself that the health isn’t what it used to be and had two grandkids getting first communion today . I certainly didn’t feel up to the journey from the east of the country and back in one day and be ready for 2 separate churches today. I’ve been attending Mayo matches since the early 70s and have seen Martin play on numerous occasions. A great servant to Mayo surely, but found the commentary yesterday a bit much. No need for disparaging remarks about the Cavan team or its people. I certainly would be very annoyed if it was said about our team or our own.
    I’m sorry now I mentioned it yesterday. I didn’t mean to open a can of worms.

  23. Omg some people have little to do but to complain about Midwest commentary!
    I enjoyed the commentary and I not think that Martin Carney was disrespectful to any of the Cavan players rather he and MD had a few nice comments re the Cavan team and the fact they were a Division 2 team and they found it difficult to keep up with the pace! No surprise there!
    Buiochas le Dia for Midwest as the telecast on the Saturday game was abysmal!

    A good victory for Mayo against a poor Cavan team seem to be the consensus for fans who were at the match! Onwards and upwards

    Mhuigeo Abú!

  24. I was at the match but I have listened to commentary from Midwest occasionally. Commentators forget at times they are given a radio commentary. Less of the waffle and more on the ball would do just fine. Not directing at Carney, just a bit of constructive criticism. Common sense work harder at radio commentary, that’s all it takes…..

  25. Yes Willie Joe
    My final comment on this is that we are all entitled to our opinions but Oilean acla, there is no need or excuse for disparaging anyone who dares to express an opinion different to yours.

  26. I think everyone has had an adequate say on the Midwest issue at this stage. It’s instructive that this has been the dominant post-match topic on here.

  27. I listened to the game on Mid West, no problem with Martin Carney.
    Try listening to any other local radio.
    Start off with Kerry or LMFM for Meath or Louth.
    As an exile I am so so delighted we have such good coverage of GAA on Mid West.

  28. @Tony Freeman – if Kerry wanted to put Tom Sullivan on Cillian leave them at it I say. The way we play the runner gets handed off anyway even if the corner forward continues to come back, so a Carney or Flynn or someone else would pick up the runner. It would also mean he wouldnt be picking up Ryan which is the advantage of having two quality scorers inside, if you put your best man on one, the other takes up the slack.

    What was noticeable with O’Connor yesterday was how he hunted space. He was constantly looking for space to stretch the defence. Was even watching him on some occasions when Cavan had the ball and he was moving out into the corners in anticipation of the turnover. I hope training and video sessions over the next couple of weeks focus on how to get other players to exploit this when we do turnover the ball and also on making more players aware of space rather than always being attracted to the ball.

    Its funny, was coaching under 9’s Saturday morning and my main takeaway was we need to start to get the boys to be more aware of space. And Saturday evening watch Mayo it was we need to get the boys more aware of space. In both cases watching Cillian and Ryan’s movement would help.

  29. From the Irish examiner today. “Roscommon’s Dr Hyde Park has emerged as a strong contender to host the Dublin-Mayo All-Ireland SFC Group 2 Round 3 game on June 15 or 16.

  30. Thanks, Mayomagic – that would be my favoured location at any rate (though I’m already a serious doubt for that fixture). It’s the ideal venue for it and the fact that the chair of the CCCC is from Roscommon is, needless to say, wholly coincidental!

  31. There’ll be a stink kicked up if we play 3 championship games in the Hyde!
    Well maybe the Dubs no longer see us as enough of a threat to bother kicking up a stink…

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