Sunday match reports

It’s a sunny and bright bank holiday weekend Sunday morning, we won yesterday so let’s have a very quick review of what’s online about yesterday’s two-point victory over Roscommon.

Locals: Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Midwest Radio, Roscommon Herald, Roscommon People, Shannonside.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent (match report, post-match quotes from Kevin McStay and Davy Burke), Irish Sun, Irish Mirror.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42.

Photos: Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: GAA.

Our Final Whistle pod, in which Rob, Mike and I were joined right after the game at Hyde Park by former Armagh player Aaron Kernan, provides a good overview of how it went. It’s available on Patreon – details here.

Don’t forget the MOTM poll, which is still open here on the blog and in which, much like his rampaging upfield bursts yesterday, Eoghan McLaughlin appears to be charging to a well deserved win. Back later on with the poll result.

Finally, the best of luck to the county’s two hurling teams who are involved in national deciders today. The U17s are playing Laois in the final of the Celtic Challenge at Abbotstown at 1pm, while the Senior lads take on Donegal in the Nicky Rackard Cup final at Croke Park at 4.15pm, a match that’s live on TG4.

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  1. Just risen after a late night celebrating our win. A free shot at Dublin next. But where are the Mayo supporters. Small mayo crowd in the hyde. It seems to mayo people have lost interest in supporting the team anymore.

  2. I just checked something there and the bias in our fan base is crazy sometimes. Somehow matty ruane has got 109 votes for MOTM(I like matty so this isnt a dig at him) , Stephen Coen with 99 votes but Jack Carney with 18 votes. The stick I’ve seen Jack get over the past few weeks is actually baffling. The lad is a great footballer who mcstay seems to really like and has been given a role to do in the system we play and is obviously doing a good job at it as he plays midfield every game. He seems to me to be the man that mcstay wants to set up our attacks as he’s always coming back on the loop or driving forward with the ball and not giving it away. Jack coyne is another man I’ve seen getting stick the past few weeks. Just cause a man is quiet out there doesn’t mean he’s not playing well. I’d rather my corner back being quiet than being on the ball loads. Means he’s doing something right.

  3. @williejoe. Might be a bit pedantic but the hurling is on tg4 sport and not mainstream tg4.

  4. hi, living in kildare and have been a huge mayo fan all my life . People have spoken about the lack of supporters going to football matches but that is not the case in hurling which is excelling at the moment. Haven’t watched the mayo game and part of the Dublin game on GAA go,I found myself switching over to TG4 into the under 20 offaly versus Tipperary hurling game. Even at underage the excitement and the free scoring hurling offers is way beyond what football is offering at the moment.Good win by mayo but i’m certainly not getting excited.

  5. I’m not colour blind but when thecamera pans out I haven’t a clue who’s who in the Meath/Kerry game. Surely it’s time this issue for colour blind people was dealt with.

  6. It’s beyond time alright, JoeG. If you have both teams wearing dark tops (regardless of colour) and white shorts then a colour-blind person will have trouble. Galway/Mayo is almost as bad from my point of view as Cork and Louth were last year. Fixing this isn’t rocket science but the GAA doesn’t appear to recognise the problem even exists.

  7. Based on this Kerry game the chasing pack are all similar level (incl Mayo) with Dublin the clear front runners.

  8. Overall we should be happy, 2 games, 4 points, job done, saw some comments about the dubs game, whether we should accept our fate and rest players for the PQF, I think no, we beat Dublin by a point in the league lost to Kerry by one, I’m hoping we go full strength and rattle the dubs, if it doesn’t benefit us at least it’ll strengthen the championship, pull some steam from the steamroller

  9. And above all back the lads, we all know the sacrifices they make to pull on the Jersey, us gobshites on the sidelines have a small but important job, cheer them on, Mayo Abú

  10. I had to turn Kerry and Meath off as I couldn’t make out either team on screen!

  11. Looking at Donegal tho they be raging favourites to beat clare in the last round i think I’m right in saying if clare managed to beat Donegal and as I’d see very possible Tyrone beat cork then that would put Donegal out so there’s real pressure on them in the last game to even get 3rd position.

  12. Derry looking very much the busted flush. Those few injuries they have just shows they have very little depth. As I said on the other thread Mayo beat Dublin the next day blows this championship wide open

  13. This is it DarkyFinn, and was the big caveat expressed by myself and others earlier in year with them. When they have to go past first 15 they look ropey, to have so many starters in one area of pitch in particular go out is a disaster for them.
    While we have had a bad run past couple of weeks on injury front that weakens our hand, our depth is stronger when still have likes of Hession on the bench.

  14. League form should never be read into too much when it comes to championship aspirations. We’ve seen it time and time again with several teams. And now again with Derry. They were considered the heir to Dublins throne by many analysts just 2 months ago

  15. @Blakey…I think the thing with Carney is that he is fairly unproven and many are waiting for a really big display. He’s never dominated a game in the middle sector for Mayo whereas Ruane has, despite his massively fluctuating form. It’s unfair on Jack in ways to compare him to Ruane given the age difference but a closer comparison might be Flynn, who had his real breakthrough year two seasons ago and while Flynn has been patchy at best in 2024, he has had some really top displays. Id agree with you that McStay favours Carney but I’d also say that we are short of options in the middle sector and yes, he does loop around but I’m not sure you could describe him as someone who regularly ‘drives forward’. I don’t think he does it nearly enough for a lad of his build and athleticism. In fact, he appears a bit timid. I’m there urging him on but I think he does far too much sideways ball. Recycling. My read is that many are frustrated with him because they see the potential he has, little glimpses, like the catch v Dublin in the league, but we just get moments from him. He was hauled ashore soon after HT v Cavan. He did ok yesterday but I think many are waiting for a standout display, which, in my opinion, and you may disagree with, he hasn’t produced yet. He’s never featured in the top 2, at least I don’t think he has (open to correction) on a MOTM poll over the past couple of years. Now, I’d agree with your suggestion that the poll will often have some unusual results, but the top performers after each match are generally high up the rankings so I think it’s a fair enough reflection of what the average Mayo supporter thinks post-match. Like I said, we are urging him on as we are with all players who put on the colours. I just don’t think many of our players are playing to their potential and imo Jack is one of them. It’s the job of management to get the most out of the players at their disposal and to implement a strategy/system of play to maximise the chances of victory. Unfortunately I’m not seeing this yet in either of our championship campaigns and the loss of key players is an entirely separate issue.

  16. Aaron Kernan clearly agrees that our system and style of play isn’t right. It’s plain as day to see. We are saying this for weeks/months, but it’s not changing. I’m not saying we have the best squad of players in the country. We probably don’t but I do think we have the players, if used correctly in the right system, to have right tilt at an All Ireland but they way we are going about our business, even if Durcan and Diarmuid were playing, isn’t right way ;way too open at the back; naive risky defending and far far too slow in attack). That’s just my opinion. I’d love to be proven wrong and I’ll add too, that I was a huge fan of McStay and Roch getting the gig. And I still back them but I’m hoping they have some grand master plan!!

  17. First positive signs on the colour-blind issue, with the contrasting strips worn by Derry and Armagh. This isn’t rocket science and we need to see more of this in the future. Mind you, Derry will probably blame their latest horror showing on having to wear their old primary strip!

  18. Looks like Derry, Monaghan or Tyrone or Cork will be our preliminary QF opponents. Focus on that and run second string team against Dublin. Keep our powder dry and beat them when we can actually knock them.out of the championship. Beating I. 2 weeks woukd only poke the bear.

  19. As No Doubt correctly said, the Rackard Cup final today is being streamed on TG4’s YouTube channel and isn’t on TV. I didn’t realise this and so didn’t embed the stream here but for those interested, you’ll find the stream here. Mayo are currently 0-16 to 1-10 up, with 45 minutes played.

  20. We may as well pack up our tent and go home, Lahanman, if that’s our attitude. Beat the Dubs (however unlikely) and we top the group, get a weekend off and also get an easier quarter-final, with the Dubs sent off down the road of three games on successive weekends. If we give up on that opportunity without ever kicking a ball we’d be as well to start planning for the Dome next January.

  21. Lahanman – I wouldn’t plan for that route, but would go all out to beat the Dubs the next day as there is a much greater reward. Whoever loses that game will be playing an extra game and also play 3wks in a row, the winner plays 1 game less and and a 2wk break between games. A massive advantage for the group toppers …

  22. I thought we did a lot of good things yesterday (via GAAGO in España – it works!). We looked the better team, sliced Roscommon open frequently, showed good movement, hit some very good points and got two goals. Yet, we could have lost it, didn’t show a ruthless streak, and the last few minutes were unnecessarily nervous.

    Overall our style has evolved from the Connacht championship- for the better.

  23. I have never,ever gone to a match expecting to lose,I am not to start now,winning is a habit,as is losing

  24. Careful Willie Joe – we’d be better off throwing the FBD to get ready for the league!

    Absolutely give any team a rattle and especially Dublin. Worst case scenario a match in Castlebar must get a big crowd

  25. I am so happy for mayo to win against roscommon and by the way roscommon and cavan lost 2 matches they only have 1 last chance mayo and dublin playing in 2 weeks

  26. We don’t have the forwards or tactical know how on the line to beat the Dubs. So in that scenario we will be out 3 weeks in a row so why not rest some players against Dubs. An AL semi is possible if we get a good draw. Presuming we can’t meet Dublin again in quarterfinal?

  27. Where will Armagh v Galway be played? Croke Park is actually probably half way between both. Otherwise I’d say they’ll go with Tullamore and put Mayo v Dublin the Hyde.

    Agree with Mayonaze on Carney. My take is that Carney is savage slow to actually be the player Mayo fans want him to be. Ruane is so much more important to Mayo. Such a pity Bob couldn’t establish himself. On Jack Coyne, maybe it’s being spoiled by having the likes of Higgins and Barret for 10+ years but you can’t trust him to mark the opposition best player and he offers nothing going forward. Would never take the ball off Reape under pressure and break out of defense. Doesn’t show his personality, neither does Carney. Again, it’s hard not to compare them to the previous generation.

  28. The permanently smirking Sean cavanagh seems overjoyed for Micky Harte .extraordinary how Derry made the same mistakes again.

  29. Can’t beat a defeatist attitude! Talking of defeats, the Mayo hurlers have gone from six up on 40 minutes to four down as the Rackard Cup approaches injury time. Three goals conceded did the damage there.

    Update: Donegal won it by 3-17 to 0-22.

  30. Technically it’s 3 games in 2 weeks. Sunday to Sunday to Sunday is 14/15 days

  31. The Dublin game is a good test at this stage as to where we are .we haven’t shown enough yet that we could beat them and obviously another big defeat would be very damaging but the prize of first place in group is worth giving it a good rattle

  32. Sticking my neck out but I can’t see either Dublin or Mayo being at the end of a heavy defeat. Both teams will be cagey and cute enough not to risk any more injuries. It’ll be very close in my opinion and I think it’ll be in Cavan.

  33. If we up it a few % then we are by far Dublin’s toughest opponent all season. We can win, but in my view we need three key shutdowns to happen. Con OCallaghan, Paul Mannion and Brian Fenton.
    David McBrien on Con
    Donnacha McHugh on Paul Mannion
    Stephen Coen to ignore his own game and follow Brian Fenton even when he’s going in at half time. Stay with him till that final whistle goes. Experience with Mayo shows that attack minded defenders do a poor job as shutdown man markers.
    We also need to play with fire through the middle and bring fiery collisions into it.
    I want to see true grit Mayo spirit and fire.

  34. Not sure why people think Derry will be in the prelim draw
    They have been absolutely abysmal
    And a draw is enough for Westmeath to progress
    I’ll be suprised if Derry make it

  35. When will know the venue. It’s like the 3rd secret of Fatima. Hard luck to the hurlers. Mayo need to finish out a game.

  36. Cavan is a terrible venue to travel to from Mayo, as is clones.

    Either Tullamore or the Hyde for me. Hopefully it’s the Hyde – we’re due a slight venue advantage vs Dublin.

  37. The fall off from Derry is staggering. They’ve completely lost their way. Confidence is shot. Wouldn’t be surprised if Westmeath take them out.

    We were much better against the Rossies compared to the Connacht championship game. Especially around midfield. 2nd half was poor enough too. And the huge worry is when the squeeze comes on, we struggle to retain our kickouts. We have improved a bit there but still a long way to go

  38. Was listening to Sunday sport on rté radio one when the Louth-Monaghan game was on. They said that Clones was high up the list of venues for our game with Dublin and it sounded like it was very likely.

  39. Looking like Derry,Monaghan or Cork in the Prem Quarter final for Mayo. If progress to the AI quarter a rested Kerry,Donegal awaits or Armagh if they top the table/

  40. Agree with @WideBall roscommon or tullamore the most logical locations as both are serviced with the main train line between Dublin and Mayo.

  41. Expect a much smaller Mayo crowd if its Clones a 2 and a half hour trip from Castlebar to Clones on a very bad route.
    I definitely wont be going if its there.Tullamore or Limerick I would consider going.

  42. Against Dublin If we have our best available team playing at their max and even draw or be defeated by one point then we have to use the exact same player’s for the following two weekends. Much better to play our second choice 15 against Dublin .Keep the first fifteen fresh. See if we can uncover any player from the second choice 15 and less chance of getting another player injured

  43. Mayo Focus. Would you agree that in the final few minutes when protecting a lead, it’s better to go long on the kick out and not risk getting turned over close to our own goal. If it happens in the opposition half at least the defence has time to get in place. I always think that Reape gets a bit jittery in those situations.

  44. @ o sullivan. If the game is in the Hyde I think we will beat Dublin. I think we will have the supporters out again for this game. I am getting excited about this game already especially when it is not on in croke park.

  45. @mayomagic. In order for Donegal to be rested in a quarter final they will have to hope for Tyrone to beat cork and beat clare themselves by at least 3pts more than Tyrone winning margin so it’s still all to play for in some groups.imo it’s only kerry who I’d fully expect to go straight to the qfinal at this point and probably but not certainly Dublin and after that the other 2 groups are wide open. Anyones guess who tops the group between Galway and armagh and and still 3 alive in the Donegal group so the next round will be interesting.

  46. Jimbo. Dublin are a better team than us. We may beat them once in a championship game but very unlikely to do it twice in one season. They would leave more from us beating them now in a game that is not a knockout game. Much better to keep the first choice players fresh and injury free and not show our hand and hope to catch them in the long grass later. We should beat the third place team in a home game from the group stage .

  47. What sort of self respecting manager or group of of players would go out and throw a game against any team and especially the all-Ireland champions. This is the sort game that our lads sacrifice so much for, and train so hard for since last November. These are highly motivated highly competitive top end athletes who measure themselves against the best. Sometimes I wonder what goes through supporters heads and do they really understand how these lads operate.

  48. I’d rather I got a good beating than go and throw a championship game. Christ above.
    Stop with this weak willed, cowed down talk and attitude. We can beat Dublin. If we beat them we put them in a whole new world of problems.

  49. Maroon Rover. I think that our players are focused on winning an All Ireland Final not beating Dublin in a game which is not knock out. We beat Kerry last year in the group stages. Meant nothing when we played Dublin later when it was knockout. We need to be intelligent about how we approach the next game if we are hoping to win Sam

  50. i don’t understand how people think we can’t beat dublin. Not saying we will but this idea that they are unbeatable is ridiculous, we proved that back in 21. A huge performance against the dubs might be the boost this team needs. I have no doubt in my mind that this team is not performing as well as they are capable of. People say we haven’t a hope without paddy durcan. We were without mullin and o’connor for the dublin match in 21.

  51. Jesus did you ever hear such nonsense. I know for one I’ve been waiting for years to get Dublin in a championship match outside Croke Park. Now that it’s happening, some people want us to throw the game. Go out and beat them and give them the problems we had last year with 3 games in 14 days. Philly would surely be laughing at us for running scared.

  52. OSULLIVAN: And they will be intelligent. Which is why they won’t for a moment entertain the idea you’re championing.

    Our odds of winning increase dramatically by winning Round 3 and avoiding a pQF. There’s multiple massive upsides to winning and no tangible upsides to losing.

    While the odds of us beating Dublin for a second time in a given season are literally the exact same as beating them for the 1st time in a given season. Try suggesting the “but very unlikely to do it twice in one season” line to any psychologist or expert in probability as a reason to throw an invasion based game (there are lots of them around the world with billion dollar industries around them looking into factors like this) and they’ll literally laugh at you.

  53. No county team would ever deliberately throw a game but I don’t think that was being suggested.This game is still not knockout and we have seen when the safety net is removed players react very differently in a do or die situation.if Dublin were to beat us comprehensively then it be ah it doesn’t matter it’s not knockout .Due to the absolute balls of the current system it’s almost impossible to know what is actual form of any team.Kerry didn’t look overly impressive today in a game they knew they would win .Dublin have just strolled through very poor opposition.Derry have totally imploded and Galway not impressive today.we are a top 5 or 6 team and if we could sort out a few obvious issues then we could have a chance

  54. To be fair, the final group of fixtures will throw up some interesting games.

    For what it is worth, I think that the groups will finish something as follows:

    Group 1: Armagh, Galway, Westmeath, Derry
    Group 2: Dublin, Mayo, Roscommon, Cavan
    Group 3: Cork, Donegal, Tyrone, Clare
    Group 4: Kerry, Louth, Monaghan, Meath

    I tipped Armagh due to Galway injury doubts and Cork’s athleticism to overcome Tyrone. Derry just seem to be in a bad place and Louth to avoid a heavy defeat to hold second in the group. Thoughts?

  55. I think it will have to be Cavan, I know there was only 9000 at Dublin v Cavan but surely Mayo Dublin will bring bigger crowd, neutral wherever it’s played will go too

  56. @Ahh not again: With both Cavan & Roscommon playing (each other) at the same time as our Dublin game (whenever that turns out to be), both The Hyde and Breffni will struggle to get enough stewards in to run the game. They’re normally die-hards who won’t be keen/willing to miss their own game. Not impossible for it to be either of those, but fairly unlikely. Especially with the ‘advantage’ of both Dublin and ourselves having played a game in either ground this weekend.

    A lot of noise still seems to be Limerick or Tullamore. I’d probably pick Gaelic Grounds if I was forced to make a bet on one.

  57. I like the idea of meeting Dublin outside Croke Park. It’s new and therefore super interesting.
    I agree with Nephin above too – wouldn’t it be brilliant to top the group and Dublin would have to take the scenic route?

  58. @Nephin yes I’d agree 100%. Going short is only asking for trouble in those situations. It’s OK if you have Lee Keegan, as he could take a short one & wriggle out of trouble. We are generally getting those ones off short, like we did against Galway, but then the player has no support & invetibably the ref gives a free in.

    If a team is that desperate to push,.there simply has to be gaps that we can exploit by going long. But there has to be a plan to it

  59. Mhuigeo got pass the Rossies but only just!
    McLaughlin was excellent cutting through the Rossies defence as was Darren McHale, Ryan O’Donoghue, McHugh and overall a solid performance
    Next up the Dubs and we need to up our game big time!
    Huge advantage in winning the group as we would go directly into the quarter finals

    Armagh looked good today
    Cork would not like to meet in a preliminary quarter final ?

    Sad that the Rossies fans booded Aidan OShea- a great servant to the Mayo cause for over 15y and a great sport man. So ?
    Mhuigeo Abú

  60. I’d fancy Tyrone to beat Cork and Donegal to beat Clare by a bit to spare.

    Cork got Donegal at a good time off the back of a tough Ulster campaign and Tyrone again last weekend while Cork was rested up for two weeks to rest and prepare for yesterday’s match. Got three goals yesterday two straight after half time lighting it not likely to strike twice

  61. @tsudhonim. Cavan v ros and mayo v dublin need not be on the same day because one game has no influence on the other game

  62. @Jimbo: Interesting.

    I’d taken it as a given from last year, when every game was on at the same time on the same day across all 4 groups, assuming there would have been teams in a similar position. But no. Not a single group had 2 teams on 2 wins going into Round 3 so we are in new waters here.

    This year it’s happening in both Group 1 and Group 2 so some room for them to mix and match between those games… I’d still not expect it, though. I’d be very surprised.

  63. Agree 100% Mayonaze, Mayo too open at back and too slow going forward. We don’t seem to be learning from game to game.

  64. Think id prefer tullamore from the angle of ratio of fans . Tullamore: 11,000 dubs , 7,000 Mayo (will sellout , wont be enough tickets for dublin demand but we have season tickets i think at 4k and youd imagine wed still snap 3k up despite the downbeat mood )
    Limerick : 15k dubs , 6k Mayo . Wont sell out & dubs will bring a lot more with no problem with tickets.

  65. Surely it’ll be Tullamore. Limerick is 2.5 hours from Castlebar and half the stadium will be empty. There won’t be 20k at this game wherever it’s played. Tullamore has always been the neutral venue for Mayo Dublin games. Also, it can accommodate season tickets just as well as Limerick. Most of all Tullamore will be a way better atmosphere.

  66. Losing to galway hasnt fared out too bad for us has it? Might be best to throw another game against the dubs

  67. Joking aside. Cillian and aidan cant start together against dublin we’d be too slow and overrun on deep runners

  68. I’m perplexed about this upcoming game vs Dublin. Part of me feels like if we go all out to win it, there are benefits as in we earn a quarter final spot right off the bat. We play less games and get extra time to recuperate. Also I believe there is no better team available to test ourselves against right now, than the best opposition in the country Dublin. So for me it’s a game that we need to feel out very carefully. In that regard I’d rather go all out and lose it by 3-5 points and put on a really good show, than just go through the motions and ship a 15 point hammering because we are saving ourselves for later in the championship. After the hammering we got last year from them, we should not treat this as a FBD game. This would not be ideal preparation for upcoming games later in the championship. The quality in teams is getting better from here on out, we need consistency so a good showing against Dublin is incredibly important preparation for the games in the upcoming weeks. I’d take a good showing from us, a win is a big bonus, a 3-4 point loss would be ok. I just hope we give a good account of ourselves. Which if all the lads play to their potential is definitely within the realms of possibility. I was impressed with the showing against the Rossies, and honestly felt that had we been fractionally that bit more clinical in front of the posts, we would have won that game with plenty to spare. There was some better fluidity to our play and if we can get it together who knows what is possible.

  69. I don’t get this idea that losing to Dublin would be best for us. Absolute nonsense. A pqf the following week and if we win a game against a rested group winner the following week. Go for the win. If we lose so be it but thinking of defeat as a tactic is baffling and hardly a way to lift supporters spirits. For me the All Ireland starts now with genuine jeopardy in all games. Let’s throw everything at the Dubs and if we get the win have a weekend with the feet up watching others toil.

  70. The throw the game brigade are talking daft stuff. Only one round of 12 team last year gave a good QF account of themselves, Monaghan who were decent vs Dubs as well and they had the easiest QF opponents. Also no GAA player goes out on the pitch looking to lose, they’re competitive animals no matter the odds.
    On Jack Carney, he’s a good team player and not a race horse. Almost all our players bar him, Coen, Aido and Cillian are quick and not calling any of those lads slow (would probably beat most club players in a sprint) but need other attributes to make an impression and they utilise those well. True Jack hasn’t burst through with great solo runs but he’s hit some excellent passes especially with the fist and gets on the ball a lot which is a useful skill especially in midfield hoovering or always being available. Not at the Fenton McCarthy or Howard level but is a good player and still improving. Lateral play is inevitable for all teams even for the Dubs when faced with walled defences. We got around that yesterday with Cillian’s long range point and others from McHale and Ryan. The tactic works with no wind or a tail wind but not facing a tricky head wind as we did in the first half. No issue with some of those wides, Mattie and Jordan were close enough to give it a go, they won’t always succeed and on another day 2 of those 4 go over.

  71. It would be a mistake to go hell for leather against the Dubs in a game we don’t have to win. We have already qualified for the next round. The aim of the Dubs game should be entirely about learning what we can to beat them later in the Championship. Some people are confusing this goal with ‘going out to lose the game’.
    We can approach this game with a learning set-up and still win! But the focus should be on figuring out a system to beat them in a months time.

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