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I want to head out and grab a bit of this glorious sunshine but best get the coverage on yesterday’s rip-roaring qualifier out of the way first. Okay, here goes:

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Tipperary Star, Nationalist, Tipp FM (includes post-match audio with Michael Quinlivan).

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Evening EchoIrish Mirror (live blog, match report), Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ, Sky Sports (includes video highlights), The 42, Sports News Ireland, Hogan Stand.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: Mayo Mick, GAA (match highlights).

There’s also some specific coverage relating to Seamus O’Shea – RTÉ have a piece on that (here) but there’s a better one in The 42 (here), as Stephen Rochford also goes into some detail in it on our tactics in the game yesterday.

The news on Seamie, as you’ll know by now,  is bad. It’s a shoulder dislocation and he ended up in hospital afterwards, his season – barring an improbable miracle – over. Losing Tom was a huge blow and now losing Seamie as well really weakens us in such a critical sector of the field.

I know it gives other lads the chance to step up but how would Kerry or Dublin feel about their chances heading into this time of year if they were shorn of their first-choice midfield pairing? I think we all know the answer to that one.

The U17 match yesterday got a bit lost with all the focus on the trip to Tipp. Lost in the media too, by the looks of it, as I can’t find any match reports on their Connacht championship Round 3 win over Sligo.

They came out on top, in case you hadn’t heard, by 2-18 to 0-10 but that bad defeat to Roscommon in the second round, plus the fact that it’s Galway up next, means it’s unlikely they’ll feature in the provincial decider this year.

Right, that’s your lot for now. Back later on with the match-day edition of the Mayo News football podcast, which should be online at some point early in the evening. It’s another jam-packed episode, featuring all the excitement from Semple Stadium yesterday, with plenty of post-match reaction and analysis. A veritable host of voices make it into this one, including once again Tipp’s Declan Browne and special guest Tom Parsons.

Keep voting in the MOTM poll, if you haven’t yet done so, and, finally, best of luck to the ladies in their Connacht final against Galway this afternoon.

23 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. The spectre of 5 games in 6 weeks is surely to much for us as the squad is thread bare in certain areas fullback line and now midfield. With i potential njuries and suspensions still to come its hard to see how an AL semifinal is even possible. Regaardless we have an incredabile team great role models for resilience and courage…

  2. I wouldn’t say we’re threadbare in the full back line. Barrett, Cafferkey, Higgins, O’Donoghue, Crowe and Harrison if/when he gets back in a few weeks time.

  3. If under 17s beat Galway , how would that leave it , score difference ? Highly unlikely I know.

  4. No point in worrying about 5 game in 6 weeks 10 in 11 week whatever.

    1 game at a time and try to beat whoever is in front of us.

  5. Clarke





    James Durcan


    Bench to come in:

  6. I’m guessing the panel will be at full stretch if we get to the Super 8’s but in the meantime we’ll have to wait for the draw and one step at a time after that. Best of health to SOS.

  7. What’s the story with Harrison? When is he expected back or are we going to see him at all this season?

  8. I wouldn’t be overly worried about the number of games per se: instead the level of opposition is more the issue. For example we could get Tyrone away followed by Cork (if we win) and then we would be in Dublin’s group ( if you’re drawn against Cork/Roscommon then you’re in the Dublin/Donegal group and viva Verda). Alternatively of course we could get Leitrim, Laois and be in with a limited Galway team.

    In relation to A Moran some dis-agreed with my point that he should be an impact sub; however he’s 34 (made debut in 2004) and so therefore we need to be realistic.

    COC general play is a worry as he can often be quiet from general play. Yesterday he failed to hold balls played into him in the FF line.

    I also have doubts over E Regan who so far has not convinced in terms of score taking.

    However, J Durcan is an addition and I think Hanley could replace DOC in half-forward line. Keegan is best suited to half back whilst it’s good to see Caff making a comeback. Loftus is proving a realiable back up free taker and deserves more game time.

    The one player who’s hard to make out is S Coen – is he a CB or not?

    Don’t underestimate Tipp’s challenge; that was a sticky test and we passed it.

    Imagine….we’ve now played 48 chip games since 2011.

    One other thing; whilst I’m a critic of the SS deal I have to say they’re coverage is good…..they do a chip review every Wednesday at 9pm.

  9. Vaughan played for Mitchells today and scored 2 points. I heard he had a stormer of a second half… so he must be fully fit?

  10. Dublin would want to sort out their free taker. Take Rock off them and give someone else a chance.

    That performance today wouldn’t be good enough to beat Mayo or Kerry!

  11. I think s coen should play at number 3,it would be perfect position for him and one we need filled,happy with yesterday’s performance,hope the draw is kind to us,give some lads a rest
    Overall it’s great being from Mayo and supporting them,every year is a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows and even though Sam still eludes us the last few years have been amazing,some great memories that will stay with me for life,we are blessed to have the team we have and wat ever happens in the future you know for sure it’s gonna be a crazy journey

  12. Any update on barry morans injury? would be a good addition to our shook midfield department

  13. Mayo v Derry All Ireland Semi Final u-20. Anyone know when/Where it’s on? Sligo or Enniskillen maybe

  14. Mayo Dunphy – there’s absolutely no need for that. If you want to make those kind of cheap shots please do so under your own steam on your social media platform of choice. I’m not going to let you do so here.

  15. Two weeks time Mayonaze. Same weekend as round 4 qualifier. Don’t know yet if time or date has been settled.

  16. From the first half you’d like to think Laois are improving but me thinks the second half is a fairer reflection of the gulf between Dublin and everyone else in Leinster.. #turkey shoot. I see John Small was finally caught for a little afters.. he will have to work on that.. being caught I mean. Coen is a centre half back no doubt but the movement of players is such nowadays that you have to be 100% focused all the time and unfortunately he has a tendency to switch off from time to time and gets caught out of position

  17. Best wishes Seamus O Shea and Tom Parsons on speedy recovery
    hope fully we see them back soone as good new in Mayo jersey

  18. Bring in that good midfielder from charlestown too try and get some known midfielders back into the county training set up?good performance yesterday but am afraid if we get tyrone or monaghan next round could be in serious bother with our two midfielders out…regan finding it hard too get ball into hands when played towards him,Hanley looked sharp but ball skills are not at the required level just yet..any update on where cians brother pierce is could be a serious asset too mayo if we got him in?

  19. Credit where credit is due, I thought Deegan had a very good game.
    A nice flowing contest resulted.
    And credit to Tipp for a good sporting game. No resorting to negative tactics.
    Well done to all.

  20. seamie and tom are no doubt big losses for us but if we can get vaughan and harrison back then it will soften the blow.

    vaughan will be crucial. a warrior not dissimilar to seamie and tom. a fit harrison would stiffen up the back line.

    fingers crossed for the draw in the morning. hopefully we land an easier draw to buy us a bit more time for the injuries to clear up.

    i thought jason doherty was magnificent yesterday. wins a lot of “dirty” ball and always capable of a score.

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