Sunday match reports

We haven’t gone away, you know, and neither have I. Not yet at any rate. I’m even starting the day this morning on Holy Ground, having yesterday – for only the second time since the blog’s inception – travelled out of the county for a match involving us and then back into it afterwards.

I’m off out the door again soon, though, this time heading for a Gaeltacht visiting run in Connemara, but before then it’s time for a quick perusal of the match coverage and related stuff from yesterday. This features both the U20s and the ladies so here are the links to what’s being reported about both.


Match reports: Mayo Advertiser, Irish Times, GAARTÉ, BBC, The 42, Hogan Stand.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.


Match reports: Irish Times, RTÉ, The 42.

Photos: Sportsfile, Inpho.

Peter Leahy statement: RTÉ, Irish Independent, Sports Joe.

Right, that’s your lot for now. As I mentioned in the match report yesterday there’ll be a Mayo News football podcast episode on the U20 semi-final coming out in a bit but that won’t be online until tomorrow. We’ll also have an end-of-season podcast wrap on the seniors’ year and that’ll be online early in the coming week as well. No, we haven’t gone away yet at all at all.

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  1. Just like to give Lee a mention,taught he done really well last nite on RTE, settled in brilliantly,as if he’d being doing it for years.

  2. Everyone on twitter complaining about shite atmosphere and bad games so far in super 8. That’s what happens when we are not involved!

  3. I seen a fair few comments on here lamenting our lack of strength in depth after Galway game
    Completely ignoring the magnitude of the injury list
    And saying that Galway could have coped with players of equal quality just slotting in
    Paul Conroys season looks over . Let’s see how his replacement goes . And that’s just one injury

  4. Km79 remember Ciaran Duggan who was man of the match against ye is out as well with a broken wrist.Poor Paul Conroy , i believe a broken leg , my heart goes out to him.. So thats two midfielders out. All to do here in the second half..

  5. Throw in missing yere full back , centre back and Damian Comer and having a man less and would the outcome have changed I wonder ?

    That was directed at mayo supporters anyway btw
    Some refused to acknowledge the squad was torn assunder by injury
    Dublin would have been the only squad perhaps able to cope
    But take 5 key players out of any team and I don’t think they can

  6. Huge win for Galway today. Its awful Conroy was so badly injured though. First championship win in Croker since the 01 All Ireland and first over Kerry since 1965. Big monkeys off the back and time to push on now.

  7. Galway for Sam it’s inevitable. But the future is bright for us. When do tickets go on sale for the Under 20

  8. Terrible on poor Paul Conroy we , we wish him a speedy recovery. Big win for Galway , they are pushing on and not afraid to develop and trust youth in the process!

  9. France win the world cup. Galway win the All Ireland. It’s like 1998 all over again…

  10. When ya see the “quality “ in the super 8s it makes me sad but also very hopeful for next year after a long rest for the players
    I’m sure most of them are thinking the very same

  11. Gaa need to look at this whole super8s again it ain’t going to work!
    There be dead rubber games attendances are poor.
    it does nothing for the so called weaker are to congested.
    Sky sports driven as no premier league in July!

  12. Sky sports driven ?
    That’s pure scutter
    It’s driven by the GAA. They proposed the motion . They passed it at congress.
    And half the games are on RTE !!!!!

  13. Aiden. I’m 100% in agreement with you. Super 8’s? Super S…E, At least we could watch the World Cup and not the puke football we saw today, Pure Crap.

  14. Kerry were so poor really the standard in Munster is dreadful. Kerry players listened to much to the media. I still think of all the group’s over the weekend dubs and Tyrone impressed. Monaghan will be a dark horse in Galway group. Dubs all Ireland to lose.

  15. Ye all sneered when people suggested Galway would win it out, believe me they believe. They have that swaggerwe can’t get

  16. Don’t be worried about Tickets. There will be plenty of tickets for the U20s final… August 5th.. Curtain raiser before Dublin /Roscommon… If Roscommon can beat Donegal next weekend… They will have something to play for… If they lose it will probably be a dead rubber…. as far as the Rossi are concerned…. Tyrone versus Dublin in the tighter confines of Healy Park is the tie of that side of the Super Eights..

  17. If Galway win this thing I’m emmigrating. Will never hear the end of it. How come they manage to get a decent team together when all.the others big guns are shite! 98 and 01 weren’t exactly won beating great or very good teams! 97 their hardest game was against us…derrt and Kildare weren’t great and in 01 Derry again…and a seriously overrated Meath. My head is in my hands:/

  18. No excitement or uncertainty whatsoever associated with watching a team working the ball sideway & backwards in an area of the field totally deserted by the opposition – its all too safe & utterly predictable. To add to the apathy its mostly handball (not football) we are watching. Not so sure I would be saying this if Mayo was still in the mix but perhaps I am a little more objective because of that. Frustrsted watching Lee Keegan trying to get his thoughts across on RTE last evening as the barrister on the panel was at his most attention-seeking mode & appeared determined to overshsdow Lee in particular – a more assertive panel-chairman/woman might help.

  19. Monaghan will be a tricky game for galway kildare will want a win at home. Kerry goal keeper had a bad day at the office Kerry did not push up on galway kickouts. Kerry were so bad today fact.

  20. Good luck to Galway if they were to win the Championship outright… They will need to be very good in a number of match’s to do just that… They done fantastic today, and it’s certainly a good day when you your team win’s a championship game in Croke Park for the first time since 2001..&.to beat Kerry for the first time since 1965… But when the deserved celebration for today’s victory is over…. Kildare in Newbridge or Nowhere, will take handling… Monaghan in Salthill will be formidable…and in Paul Conroy’s absence.. If Galway can lift the Sam they will undoubtedly have earned it… On the other side Tyrone and Dublin look the two best at the moment…PS.. Best wishes to Paul Conroy for a full and fast recovery!

  21. Kerry’s seniors were a mirror image of their u20s yesterday, no intensity , no urgency and no idea how to get past a blanket defense. They seem to believe they can win without making an effort like they can in Munster.

  22. As an aside, the GAA are at it again with the stadium issues again. Tyrone and Dublin season ticket holders not allowed a seat at the match in Omagh next week and must go to the terrace.

    Quote from season ticket email: “Due to a limited stand capacity, we are unable to accommodate all Season Ticket holders in the stand at Healy Park. Season Ticket holders will therefore be accommodated on the Terrace and will simply be required to present their GAA Season Ticket card for scanning at the designated Terrace Turnstiles on the day.”

  23. Gaelic football is turning in to a really boring game to watch. The Super 8s have been a complete damp squib.

    No atmosphere in a half empty Croke park
    Terrible negative, defensive play with crowded defenses
    Keep ball tactics, lateral and back passes
    Really awful stuff- no wonder the hurling lads have such a low opinion

    Just a thought – how about some of these to bring back some dynamism to the game
    – a limit on number of consecutive hand passes to 3
    – A limit on total passes to 10 and then automatic turnover/free
    – Back-passes not allowed in your own half
    – Kickouts have to go 40M in senior football

  24. Indeed, best wishes to Conroy. A decent lad by all accounts. The your fella Cooke is very good though. But it makes you wonder where are our own young centerfielders?? Where is Ruane? Won an All Ireland u21 where he played particularly well in the semi win over Dublin and impressed in Ennis too! I saw him on crutches last summer when we played Clare but surely he should have been on panel this year? The reality now is that we are short in this sector and time for youth to get its fling next spring.

    I’m not living in the county so can anyone tell me how Ruane is doing or have any other promising midfielders in the 20-23 year old category emerged??

  25. Have to hand it to Galway they did very well today but I can’t help feeling that the conditions helped them against a naive and lethargic Kerry team. I feel very sorry for Paul Conroy – I know him and he is a decent skin but as Tom Parsons well knows sport can be cruel. I wish both a speedy recovery. The atmosphere at all super 8 games was rubbish – it was always a stupid idea and nothing more than a cynical cash cow – if they really wanted to go round robin the fairest thing to do was roll it out at provincial level followed by qualifiers and straight knockout. Can’t help but think that the atmosphere at any of those games over the weekend would have been very different if we were playing!

  26. KM79, Galway were missing a few players in Castlebar also, Liam Silke, Cillian McDaid, Fintain O’Currain and Conroy went off with a serious blood injury following a dangerous tackle. It can seem that only Mayo were missing players but everybody is missing key players.

  27. Imo the game is at the zenith of its evolution. Having watched both Tyrone & Galway’s gameplan – it’s rapidly moving towards a basketball format, although the clinical accuracy is not there – yet!! However, the way the game is evolving, I believe in 5-10 years time, once possession is conceded, in 80% of cases, a score (goal or point) will result – virtual hand/football on a huge arena. And it will be very entertaining to watch..

  28. Galway will be winning no AI this year, have no fear. I’d be surprised if they got past Tyrone in a potential semi, and they won’t catch the Dubs in Croker, not a chance. Both teams were chronic in that first half, Kerry looked devoid of confidence and ideas. The wet weather really suits Galways approach…it slows the game down, and teams are forced to run the ball alot more, which suits Galway.
    The Rossies are some jokeshop, they were wetting themselves with delight after the Kildare game, so glad to see them take another hammering in HQ…but they’ll tell ya “its a learning curve” or “we’ve a young team” but when you break it all down, their just useless really. Kevin and Liam will be lucky to be still there next season.

    Fair play to the u20’s, some seirious players there. Egan Conroy and Ryan O’D have seirious pace and pitential….bright futures ahead.

  29. I wouldn’t write off the super 8s yet. I think it will take off next week as some teams will have must-win matches.
    Absolute snooze fest so far for sure. Rossies were so disappointing and I half expected them to beat Tyrone.

  30. If Monaghan beat Kerry next week and Galway beat Kildare the last game between Kerry v Kildare would be a non runner basically as the two teams cannot qualify.
    Same in other group if Roscommon lose next weekend they gone to and there past match v the Dubs be a pointless exercise.

  31. Went to Croker today out of habit and saw two of the most stultifying games ever played. Cork footballers must be cringing with embarrassment if they were watching Kerry today. Comparing today’s games with yesterday’s U20 semi is comparing chalk with cheese. One edible, the other not. If Fitzmaurice was Mayo manager employing todays tactics and playing todays team for an hour [I left with 10 mins to go] he would be eviscerated by Mayo supporters. If ever a game needed Donaghy introduced this one did. And there was no shortage of Kerry forwards eligible for the crooked finger.
    Kildare, as I guessed they might, went back to their “out of Newbridge ” form while Monaghan were just the Monaghan we know so well, able to beat poor teams on their day. Questions are can Kildare revert to Newbridge form v Galway and can Monaghan put two goodish games together and give Kerry the kibosh in Clones.
    Finally, best wishes to Paul Conroy for a quick and complete recovery.

  32. Agreed Liberal. We have not 8 super teams so it was inevitable that there will be some ‘dead rubber’ games. But the opinions of the 8 counties at the end of the day will be interesting. For some of the counties, the standard of strength and conditioning and levels of fitness required will become evident. And they could react very positively to it. Give it a few years…

  33. MayoDunphy you are writing Galway off throughout the league, in May v Mayo, you tipped Ros to beat us in the conn final , prob said Kerry would beat us as well.. Keep them coming..

  34. Best wishes to Paul Conroy Desperately unlucky As for the game Woeful Two aristocraps of the game which probably should have been played in Parnell Park knowing the support these two bring Maybe they had all gone to Moscow for World Cup Final but I doubt it from previous experience of these two sets of fans Well done Galway Deserved winners against the most woeful Kerry team I have seen Very disappointed with standard of football over the weekend How it lacked the intrigue and excitement of an unpredictable Mayo but we had our chance and didn’t qualify Disappointed with Kildare and Roscommon Next week MIGHT be interesting but wouldn’t hold my breath

  35. Next week should be better you’d imagine.

    Kerry have to win.
    Kildare have to win.
    Tyrone v Dublin for probable top spot in the group.
    Roscommon have to win but even if they do they still have the Dubs to play so they are probably banjaxed anyway.
    Donegal have to win to give themselves a chance against Tyrone in the final round.

  36. Don’t really get the Anti Ross, or Anti Galway, vibe at all…. When another Connacht County play us… I’m 100% for Mayo…. But when we’re out, I will always wish my Connacht Neighbours the very best of luck, regardless….. I particularly found that hard when Waterford played Galway in the hurling final last year, because as a Mayo supporter I know just how hard it is to come from the cold after over half a century… But still in a tight photo finish I wanted our fellow Connacht men to triumph!… So if Galway do the double, Good Luck to them!…. In purely supporting term’s, I always want Mayo to succeed and they are unquestionably my first and only love ,….But however I do hold affection for other’s.. I am as equally proud an Connacht Man, as I am a Mayo Man.. But of course Mayo comes first… For those of ye with an interest in history…. The Counties are an invention of our English overlords for over 800 years… The provinces are the creation of the Gael.. As Gaeilge.. ‘Cúige’ the word for Province, one 1/5…one fifth… ‘Tara’.. The seat of the Ancient Kingdom of Meath, seat of the High King of Ireland, being the smallest of the five!

  37. @Mike… Yesterday Sunday the 15th.. I watched some amount of Sports…. Hurling, Gaelic-football and the World Cup final… I can identify with Croatia who were robbed by the Ref, with an phantom frees and a penalty being wrongly made against the minnows… You are right with your criticisms of Gaelic-football.. You make the point about Basketball which is a great game that I really enjoy watching… Two rules in Basketball…. You can’t bring the ball back into your own half, and you must attempt to score within a specific time period once you cross into the opposition half.. I wonder could we in Gaelic-football learn from this… But with all the sport I seen… Limerick versus Killkenny was by miles the best in the hurling..
    Truth be told!

  38. Thats very noble of you leantimes, and you’re probably right in supporting connacht. But the amount of anti mayo views ive encountered over the last few years by fellow connacht supporters have changed my opinions on the matter completely. Personally i couldnt care less who goes on to win it now. And if the dubs canter to a 15 point win in the final, it wouldnt really bother me. People might realise then that we were the only team over the last few years capable of giving them a game.

  39. Leantimes I will always shout against Galway and Ros and be sickened by any success they have. They are our biggest threat, and rivals. If we lose that how can we summon up the determination to beat them. And that is before you consider Galway smugness and Rossie ignorance.

    Yesterday was a day of warning for Mayo GAa. Like it or not Stephen has massively assisted a revival of Galway. And Fitzmaurice was kept on to oversee a transition. The setup us still tired and the same mistakes are being made. We need to be careful about who we charge with our team

  40. Well done Mike Solan, back room team and panel of players. Great to be competing in yet another all Ireland final. Here’s hoping we can go on and finish the job.

  41. I was sceptical about Galway here earlier this year, saying I’ll believe the hype when they start beating quality teams in Croke Park, like we have year after year.

    Well, it’s time to start believing the hype.

    There is no denying the symbolic importance of a championship win over Kerry. Especially for Galway, who hadn’t managed it for so many decades. Ending the wait for a Croke Park championship win at the same time means only one thing to this observer: Galway are ready to win the All-Ireland.

    As in 1998, their timing is good. Kerry are clearly in flux; Dublin are no longer as fearsome as they were when Paul Flynn and Diarmuid Connolly were in their prime; Tyrone showed in last year’s semi-final that they’re only a team for the small occasion; and of course, Galway no longer have Mayo to worry about.

    I can hear the Saw Doctors warming up the voices as I write ;o)

  42. HQ have fixed the U20 final in Croker in a cynical attempt to make it appear that there will be a crowd at the Dublin home game. It’s one last pull on the Mayo tit to milk us completely dry. I will go to the game but not a cent will I spend once I cross the Shannon and I will leave after the game. I would urge all supporters to do the same. If Donegal best Roscommon this weekend then HQ will be desperate to try and get a crowd at the game to justify Dublin playing their home games in Croke Park. I will not participate in the charade and we’ll see what kind of a crowd the Dubs will bring knowing it’s a dead rubber. You’d be surprised how many Rossies will travel as they have an almost masochistic streak to see how much of a trimming they can sit through.

  43. They fixed the u20 final for Croker before the semi finals had been played
    Nothing to do with Mayo being in it
    Or sky sports before anyone comes in with that rubbish
    Yes it’s probably more expense on us and 30 euro for a ticket will be steep but It’s great for the players involved imo

  44. Don’t you come in here with your facts and upset my conspiracy theories. The point still stands that they would have known the Super 8 fixtures before setting this game in Croker and getting more people in would have been high on the agenda. Surely the shine has long gone off Croke Park for players and supporters alike?

  45. Now than the World Cup is over, time to look at the Super’s, not all that exciting that we are not there.
    Here is my summary from this weekends matches.
    Dublin taking the piss v Donegal, they won pulling up, didnt go hard.
    The black card seems to have been forgotten, should have been dished out in a few of the matches.
    Kerry player rolled the ball along the ground for their goal v Galway, yet no free out given to Galway.
    Hopefully Tyrone beat the Dubs next week, Galway will miss Conroy in the semis.

  46. Nope I still enjoy a game in Croker .
    And I meant the u20 players . It’s great for them to have the AI final in Croker . The atmosphere would most definitely be better in a provincial ground bur for many this will be the pinnacle of their inter county careers. I’d say if you asked them everyone of them would be in favour of Croke Park

  47. just picked up my final tickets on Hope the Mayo supporters make a bigger effort for this than the game on Saturday

  48. Re the Galway or Rossie love-in? I hope they both get hammered, every week. Growing up in East Mayo on the Rossie border, when they were in their ascendancy, their arrogance was astounding. To top it all off, as we lost All Ireland Finals, year after year, a crew from Ballinlough and Castlerea would come to town on that Sunday night and rub our faces in it. Looking back, they should never have been let under the bridge going home!
    With Galway it is always different because they have the medals to back up the arrogance. However, over the last 6 or 7 years, their attitude (or certainly a lot of the Galway supporters I have come across and work with) towards us has become nasty and spiteful. Defacing signs on the county border, vile and immature postings on-line, etc. are just some of the stuff. While it is accurate to say that Galway got handy All Ireland Final opponents in Kildare and Meath, the Galway team of that era was outstanding, in every department, and would have beaten better opponents. Neither Meath or Kildare have been seen of since at the serious end of the year.
    We always seem to be good when some other team is great. In ’89 we played a Cork team that had lost the 2 previous finals and went on to win again in ’90. In ’96 (despite throwing it away) that Meath team won 2 All Irelands in 4 years. The Kerry team that beat us in ’04, lost in ’05, won in ’06 & ’07, lost in ’08 but came back and won again in ’09. A truly great side. The less said about Dublin the better!
    Anyway, instead of looking enviously towards our neighbours, we should be looking excitedly towards our young men in August. They will have it all on to beat Kildare but they certainly have the swagger and swashbuckling style of their senior colleagues. Better forwards though!

  49. Eventually got around to watching the u20 match. Great win for the lads and a great lift for the county
    In terms of guys who could easily filter through to the Senior squad next year I am not too sure how many of these lads will make the grade though.
    Lads like McLoughlin and Lambert obviously have the speed and athleticism needed but may need to S&C work
    There are some lads physically ready like Flynn and O’Brian but may not be the pacy
    Obviously we most need some forwards – thought Conroy had the size and skillset to make a good CF at inter-county level. Thought O’Donaghue was relatively quiet on Sat but has pace and skill though and could be an option in the future – more likely at CF I think than half forwards. – Those seems the most likely to me to step up. Curious what others think.

  50. Don’t know would I totally write off Kerry yet, a few more weeks can be a long time in football, surely they can’t play as badly again and it might be the kick up the rear end they need. Munster has become nothing more than a few light training sessions for them

    Galway are certainly riding on a wave and its all bonus territory from here for them. They’ll hardly beat the Dubs but look good for a semi at least and who knows from there

    Got to give credit where its due, even if we may be looking at the worst standard of county football in terms of depth of top counties nationwide in years. There’s only a handful of half decent teams anymore

  51. Well done to our U20s. Good battling display.Did the ref in Carrick have a mini brain freeze at times in the second half. Very curious reffing indeed.

  52. You have to remember the majority of the u20 team are only 18 or 19. The chances are that none will be ready next year. I’d like Paddy O’Malley to get a run in goals during the league. Tommy Conroy looks the most promising forward, he’s tall and pacy. He’s still u20 next year however so we probably won’t see him with the seniors just yet.

  53. Think the likes of Cathal Horan needs to be brought into the county set up. The biggest drop off zone for Gaelic games is 20-23 and the reality is that he won’t progress enough playing junior club football. I know that part of Liam Moffits development plan was to change the Mayo juniors to an U23 squad and that would be no bad thing. The lads who are over 20 need to be brought in to the squad and allowed develop properly. That means that a few of the current squad need to move on and make room for the next generation.
    Problem is that we’ve no money now with our early exit. Despite 8 glorious years at the top table, successive ineptitude at the county board level means we’ve zero to show for it. I along with 100’s of others have already booked for New York and not a word about any fundraising events despite there being every chance this will be the last trip we could be making to the States with a two tier championship an inevitability. The idea of a commercial director is ignored for some strange reason despite most big counties now having one, maybe some people don’t like the idea of someone shining a light into the dark corners. The clubs are left to pick up the slack and are shouldering the majority of the financial burden.

  54. @Ah Raz… Just because some of my ‘Post’s’ might be seen as Knocking the Saxon…!

  55. Good coaching can develop the young lads faster, look at Clifford for Kerry, he was their top scorer yesterday in his first season at Senior.
    Fundraising oversees can be dodgy, the last time there was a fundraiser in New York, the money didnt get to the Mayo County Board.

  56. The super 8s was brought in due to player demand as they were sick of waiting a month between games.
    Nothing to do with Sky and very little to do with RTE.
    The whole thing should be taken out of Croke Park next year except for Dublins home game. 30 or 4oK in croker is just a terrible atmosphere , fill up the provincial grounds.
    Kerry can beat Kildare and Monaghan and still get through. If they beat Monaghan that turns the final set of games into huge games and three teams could end up with 4 points. So two huge games for Kerry now.
    As for the dubs game I find it hard to believe that donegal wouldn’t have tried harder in a knock out game , they might regret that yet.

  57. Like Mike there, watched it back last night and again the sheer pace and zest for the fray stood out.

    The flaws are there in spades: continual soloing into heavy traffic; not playing heads up (Lambert though was an exception – he has real class); leaving big gaps at the back; kick out strategy non-existent a lot of the time – really worrying that; missing vital scores – penalty, free in, goalie up to hit a bad wide. And so on. But the plusses were great to watch: O’Donoghue’s fetch in the first half – this really was in Willie Joe Padden territory; Flynn’s shoulder near half time – I felt it in the stand; McLoughlin’s pacy running, Lambert’s pace and class all through; Tommy Conroy too seems to have real pace.

    Can’t wait for the final, though Kildare have beaten very big beasts.

  58. @Pebblesmeller, these were probably the same gang that tried to wreck Midas Niteclub in Ballyhaunis one night back in 1992/93. I will never forget the concrete blocks flying in through the glazed double doors and ducking trying to avoid pint glasses being thrown from everywhere, never seen anything like since.

  59. Tuamstar, I never said the Rossies would beat ye, so dunno where your getting that one from lad. Yep, fully expected Kerry to win based on their Munster final performance, but they seemed way off the boil yesterday. So yeah if it makes ya feel better, I see Tyrone winning in a potential semi. Their far more embedded in their system and style of play than Kerry, and will be alot harder break down.

    To the posters supporting the Connacht teams, each to their own I suppose. I personally would watch Roscommon getting hammered every day of the week, and when Galway come up short ill be as equally delighted..:)

  60. With the lads now on an well deserved break after our exit to Kildare, I say the appetite and hunger won’t be long coming after them having to watch Galways performance yesterday against Kerry.I think Galway will make the semi’s now not sure will they beat Tyrone , but will push them hard, they are still are a good bit of challenging the Dubs.
    Hopefully Rochy makes his mind up soon, and starts scouting the County in the upcoming County championship, a good sign to see that he was in Carrick Saturday, I think the Mayo public just wants to see plenty of new blood brought in next year.Already Ryan O’Donoghue in the Under 20 championship and Brian Reape in Chicago are putting up performances to warrant National League starts for 2019.

  61. MAYO 88…Horrific …. That was awful in the Midas Nite Club circa 1993..Hope ye got out all safe and sound.. Is there any annual commerantion or statues around Ballyhaunis to pay tribute to the victims of the massacre.?…Sure, We’re not ot even in the same Millinimum .. I feel sorry for that Guy on the Bus on the TV add heading for Ballyhaunis.. Ah but, look on the bright side many a hiding in the meantime for the Rossies versus Mayo… I hope none of the Rossies got away with any of the good looking women folk, you couldn’t be up to them.. I can’t understand it myself but, Luke Ming the Mersyless Flanagan (I don’t know if he had any thing to do with it?) got a huge vote in Ballyhaunis…. Ye have short memories!

  62. In a McBrides team featuring Jonathan Lyne, Eoin McHugh, Diarmuid OConnor and Aaron Byrne, it is Brian Reape who is by far McBrides standout player.
    Top scorer by a distance three games in a row.

  63. Playing for McBrides in Chicago is a million miles from inter county football. Is Reape prepared or interested enough to give necessary commitment for intercounty football. He was last number in is college squad team for Sigerson cup and I think didn’t feature in any of the serious games. The commitment required at county level is unreal – I hope is is interested enough and given his chance next spring.

  64. Barry Moran retiring from inter county according to Mid West. It’s a shame he was dogged by injuries the last few years but had plenty of good days in the green and red.

  65. Agree that reape has huge potential but also – his Mcbrides performances are meaningless. We need to see him Grabbing a jersey next spring and saying “fuck this, I’m not giving this up”.
    Regarding kerry, I cannot understand why donaghy wasn’t brought in yesterday? He destroyed that Galway defence last year. Fitzmaurice being exposed as a spoofer methinks, although you won’t hear his buddies in the media say it. From our point of view and prospects in 2019, a Dublin win in 2018 is most preferable.

  66. Larry he destroyed last years defence, totally different in system and some personnel this year..

  67. Mayo 88, ahhh….the memories come flooding back! Midas was worse than Beirut. If the 2 day old stew they served downstairs in the “restaurant” didn’t kill you, the table/chair/person flying through the air when you came back up did. I do believe I was there that night as the blocks came flying through the windows. They were throwing them in and we were using them to block up the windows they just came through!! The biggest hazard in that kip though was the carpet. It was so soaked in stale drink that if you went down, as many a one did, you were welded to the carpet. You nearly had to get out of your clothes to free yourself! Looking back, there was many a melee in there, serious ones too. It’s amazing someone was never killed in it. Long before the carta dubh.
    Leantimes, there were a few Roscommon ladies that were rescued by Mayomen that time. I always reckoned there was something in the water in the Gortaganny/Granlahan area. My God but you’d stand out in the rain to look at the ladies of that parish.

  68. Dangerous down on the border its like tijuana down there much safer in east Galway. The next round of matches crucial now for all teams but Roscommon look in trouble as last game against the Dubs looks unwinnable. Wins for Kerry and Kildare would really make it exciting but of course im hoping we beat Kildare. There is more needle now and rivalry and hoping that Mayo/ Galway/ Roscommon fall flat on their faces seems to be the norm. Its a small province with fans knowing if Galway are up they are probably down and vice versa. I dont buy this “rest” will be good for Mayo theory at all and am surprised more people on here are not challenging that narrative. From a Galway perspective I would think this “rest” will only benefit us and make it much harder for Mayo to get back to top table.

  69. Re, Midas Nite Club… I was only there a few time’s… And there were a few good looking women there alright, .. I can’t say were they from Mayo, Galway or Roscommon… And I won’t say if I had the ‘Midas touch’ with any of them.. Definitely won’t be saying after those frightful tales of carnage and violence, just in case some jilted lover boy might want vengeance!……. I was lucky… It was quite night’s…. Yeah, on my mature recollection all very quiet night’s!…… There are always problems with living on the border… Sure in Kilnaskully hadn’t Pat Short ferocious trouble with the ‘Bally Boy’s’ but that was nothing compared to ‘John Wayne’ in the ‘Alamo’. What with the Mexicans looking for their own Country Back….and Ballaghdreen… I won’t go there!

  70. Reamon – I think the “rest” will be good for Lee Keegan so he can properly get over his injuries that he was rushed back from. Out from that I don’t see any benefit. We’ll be 7 months without a competitive game. Even from an s&c perspective it will be hard to keep everyone in peak condition over such an extended break. I’m sure the county board coffers will take a big hit as well.

  71. Best Wishes to Barry Moran on his Inter County Career… The finest fielder of a ball Mayo ever had… 7 Connacht Winners Medals and and Under 21… Quite a haul…Well done Big Man!

  72. I was in Midas one night at a Joe Dolan concert it was wedged to the rafters I parked the car in between a fleet of transits and Hiace’s it was a mad place but compared to Palm Court in Belmullet it was only a crèche a walk in the park as the man says, if you didn’t get the shift in Palm Court you’d certainly get a fight and a drop of Fanta and a pink snack. That’s the first question the parents asked the next morning
    Was “ who was fighting in Palm court last night” it was a given God be with the days

  73. Evan Regan did the same a couple of summers in Chicago … shot the lights out …. a bold statement but he has never delivered at inter county level…. a bold statement but it’s my opinion

    Sad that see Barry Moran retire , hopefully a lot more don’t go

    Upon reflection this weekend and watching the super 8’s , I have no hesitation in staying I want a new manager and background team

    Rochford has had his chance , made crucial mistakes , at crucial times …. time for a new voice

  74. I want a new manager and backroom team too. Rochford has done his best and brought the team as far as he could and his intentions were honorable but I think the team has regressed under him I don’t want to be too critical of him because he gave it his all. As regards Evan Regan and others warming the bench again it’s hard to be critical of him he has had some horrific injuries and battled back but it’s time for change there too time to give other lads that are coming through a chance if the likes of Evan starts shooting the lights out for his club he can be looked at again. Look how ruthless Jim Gavin is with his panel, the raw materials to win Sam in the next few years are in the county but I don’t have faith in this management to mould them into a winning team.

  75. Reading a lot of these comments I’m both quite surprised and amused that’s some of you seen to think Galway are proper contestants for Sam this year, I’m sorry but were you all watching the same game I was? Kerry were atrocious don’t know how many times they passed the ball right into a Galway player, they are no threat to the Dubs this year or either are Galway who played just as bad but managed to squeeze a win, hands down the most boring bit of sport I watched over the weekend. Galway are very fortunate to be in the group that they are in but believe me they will be found out and the Dubs are safe enough if that’s their “biggest threat” this year. Inevitably that this years final will be a snooze fest with Dublin steamrolling whoever comes before them, at the minute can’t see any of these teams giving them a proper game.

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