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Thawed out yet? Brain frozen so in need of a quick reminder about what happened at MacHale Park last night? If so you’ve come to the right place – here’s the usual post-match collection of links to the coverage that’s online.

Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph, Shannonside.

Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Irish Sun.

Others: GAA, RTÉ (match report, post-match quotes), The 42, Sports News Ireland.

Photos: Mayo Mick, Inpho, Sportsfile.

Video: Mayo Mick.

I did a wind-assisted post-match audio report last night from MacHale Park as well and you can listen to that here.

That’s it for now. Back later on with the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast, containing all the action and reaction from MacHale Park, and later still with the results of the first Man of the Match poll of 2019. Jason Doherty, who put in a storming performance for us on his 100th appearance in the county colours, is deservedly leading the way there but there’s still time to vote in the poll if you haven’t yet done so.

23 thoughts on “Sunday match reports

  1. WJ Brendan Harrison played the game of his life and he scored a wonderful point to boot .
    I signed up for the competition and they told me they would send me an email in 30 minutes which i didnt recieve

  2. WJ i signed up for face the ball competition and they told me they would send me an email after 30 minutes which i didnt recieve

  3. For those who follow rare birds in winter and the changing of the seasons I’d like to remind them that one Swahili does not a summer make.

    So I’m there watching Hannibal get black carded after what seemed like thirty seconds , almost breaking his own record. The enfant terrible of Dublin (just released from Kilmainham on an afternoon pass )could hardly contain his frustration. If a face would say “WTF Ref “ well his just did .

    No sooner was he released from the sin bin than he was in the middle of another schmozzle where he was lucky to avoid being sent off. The fans , at this point starting to fear for their lives , were certainly relieved that in another hour he would be locked up again.

    Meanwhile Donnatella , wearing number 9 and looking dashing in the white Lycra bike shorts and white boots contrasting with the black shorts, beard and raven thatch was dishing out the lumber , well like a lumberjack.

    Also black carded and now wearing the embarrassing number 30 he checked with his agent as he walked to the sin bin that he’d gotten all that badness on video. He was bad ass and there was no denying it. Even if he said so himself. He did !

    Over on Hoganstand the Galway v Cavan game was still 0-0 to 0-0 after thirty minutes. Ah well , what do you expect from two teams playing defensive football ? This was what Brolly had predicted. I had to admire his prescience in predicting this would happen.

    The game is gone to the dogs.

    The wife just reminded me the Galway game started at 2.30 so scratch that last thought.

  4. Hopefully the ( Ccccccccc ) will at least investigate the eye gouging . Just because players may have got away with it in the past doesn’t mean its acceptable . Actually the dive afterwards made it more infuriating .. Cowardly act .. Sorry WJ for the rant but it has no place in Gaelic football .. Our bucks play on the edge at times as all good teams do but I’d say even the Rossies are embarrassed by that .

  5. James I think Willie Joe has enough on his plate without dealing with your competition entry as well. How about contacting face the ball yourself?

  6. Two points gained,some easy enough matches to look forward to,certainly Tyrone,Cavan ,Galway ,Kerry won’t hold any fears,so should have a comfortable league

  7. The last time we failed to score from play in the 1st half of a league game was….1951!

    It appears to me that Horan has a preference for RH in goal (he was his no.1 mostly in his previous term). However, whilst he’s a good shot stopper and has better kick outs than Clarke the reality is he’s prone to errors particularly from aerial balls. Last night he lost his own ball in front of goal and nearly gave a goal. These gaffes will have to cease if he wants to be our keeper.

  8. Again the myth that Hennelly was Horan’s number one. Incorrect. He was number 3 after Clarke and Omalley. RH then left the panel. When both were injured during the same game against Roscommon in the Connacht championship, Robbie was called back.

  9. @mayomark, if Hennelly was called back as you say, then he was called to play for all the championship games in 2012, 2013 and 2014, I only recall O Malley in goal v the Dubs in a league game in 2011 or 2012 and maybe v Cork in the quarter final of 2011. Hennelly was the mainstay keeper under Horans 1st term.
    We all know that managers favour a certain type of player, I fear that Horan will keep his man in goals for the whole of 2019, this could potentially be our weakness, not enough composure when under serious pressure.
    Why else is the same keeper being selected in all the games so far.
    Some earlier posters said that Clarke was in the top 5 keepers in the Country, that should be the top 2 in the Country.
    For me Clarke brings the feeling of security as the last man in defence.

  10. There’s no ‘if’ about it, Mayo88 – Robbie was definitely called back into the squad and it happened due to a goalkeeping crisis, when David Clarke suffered that horrendous hamstring injury (which left him sidelined for well over a year so he was no longer available for the rest of Horan’s first term) and then Kenneth O’Malley got injured soon after.

    That happened in 2013, not 2012. Robbie played once for us in 2012, against Down in the League. Aside from that David Clarke played every game for us that year, including every match in the championship. By the start of 2013, Hennelly was gone from the panel and it was either Clarke (mainly) or O’Malley who were between the sticks up to and including the Connacht semi-final, when we got hit by the double injury blow. That led to Robbie’s recall and his first game back was the 2013 Connacht final against London.

    All these details, in terms of who played when, are all publicly available and can be quickly checked here on the site via the results archive so there really is no excuse for posting “I only recall” types of comments. If you’re not sure of the facts then please take the time to check them before posting.

  11. Thanks WJ for doing that reply for me!!

    Mayo88, I would agree that DC is top 2 in the country and arguably the best in the game. I’d have him in goal every day of the week

  12. James Fleming – I’m still not sure what problem you’ve encountered in trying to join the prediction mini-league. Could you mail me at with the details and I’ll do what I can to sort it. It should be very straightforward, if you follow the steps in the post I put up exactly as they’re set out.

  13. Just to add my tuppence halfpenny’s worth of a contribution to this emerging discussion in regard to our goalkeepers. It’s a position I know a little about and it’s worth mentioning that I’m not from North Mayo. I attended my first Mayo match in the summer of 1969. During the intervening 49 years, in my humble opinion, Mayo have never had a better goalkeeper than David Clarke. As of this 27th day of January 2019 no rival of his convinces me that he has a greater claim to the No. 1 jersey. When selecting a team and not opting for the Ballina man our manager and his advisors are offering hostages to fortune with the first of their 26 decisions.

  14. Well done to our lads on their success last night in atrocious weather. Special praise to Boyler and Keith for winning so much dirty ball and driving the team on when things were at their most difficult. Two of our most inspirational warriors ever and my choice as joint MOTM.
    As for goalkeeping I think we need a keeper who combines the different strengths of DAVID and ROBBIE. Id like to see M Slingermann given a run between the posts. I believe he is a top class shot stopper with an accurate restart (long and short). He could make a positive difference in our quest for SAM.
    Good luck next sunday.

  15. David Clarke has to be our number 1 goal keeper. We need to find a sub keeper this year and give him some games in the league incase clarke picks up an injury or card later in the year. I think slingerman needs to start next Sunday.

  16. Don’t say we are back to the Hennelly v Clarke debate again. If James Horan wants to give Hennelly a run then that is surely his prerogative. Come to think of it if he wanted to give Andy Moran a run in goals that is his choice too. Personally thought Robbie did OK in the most horrendous conditions imaginable. It seems to me that some supporters are just waiting for a mistake to say I told you so.Clarke is a super goalie but Robbie has the jersey at the moment. He deserves our support.

  17. A lot of people suggesting that Schlingerman starts. How many games of Gaelic football has he played recently? Are people basing everything on his minor performances 8 or 9 years ago?

  18. What is Schlingermann’s situation at the moment? His Twitter account says he’s an out of contract pro soccer player, seemingly he does a few goalkeeping coaching sessions. He’s not listed on the Sligo Rovers site as a squad member either.

    Mind you, an article on the 42 published around ten months ago says that he had no regrets about choosing soccer over gaelic football, so perhaps he’s still looking to get back into the League of Ireland rather than going down the GAA route?

    For what it’s worth, Clarke has to start if fully fit in my humble opinion. He’s steady under the high ball, is very good at one on ones and has any GAA goalie saved as many pennos as he has? The only thing is his kickouts could do with some improvement.

  19. It Means Nothing to Me – Schlingermann is on the panel as far as I know but to my knowledge has played little at Club and nothing County since leaving Sligo Rovers.
    I know there are a few from Kiltimagh that post on here, they might be better placed to give an indication as to what hes like.
    From what I remember from him at Minor, he reminded me a lot of Clarke. Whether that would still hold true this many years on remains to be seen.

  20. Off topic but any one know if Gary Boylan has any aspiration of playing for Mayo again? He’s a decent soccer player but with respect to sligo rovers it’s not really a club going anywhere and league of ireland football isn’t exactly glamorous unless in one of the top clubs like Cork, Dundalk or Rovers…where one has a chance to be in the shop window for proper professional clubs in the English championship.

    He is from Mayo and he was a really talented gaelic footballer. Would be a terrific addition to the mayo set up and at 22, he’s not long out of GAA for it to impact negatively on him. It’s very hard for most for individuals to come back to GAA after a decade or so away from the sport.

    What’s better, playing for your county with a genuine chance of winning an all ireland or playing for sligo rovers in front of fbd size attendances, if they are lucky and the money at these clubs isn’t that appealing either.

    Anyway….just a thought…

    Gary was a very good player underage for us.

  21. Re Gary Boylan, I think that he has transferred to Cork City, so unlikely to be available for Mayo any time soon.

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