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I’ve been away from the laptop for a few days but will be chained to it for work purposes for most of the coming week so in this brief interlude it’s worth catching up on some #mayogaa news.

The notable thing to come from all of the coverage following last weekend’s matches was, I thought, how little we got mentioned in dispatches. Donegal, understandably, got the lion’s share of the coverage and there was, equally understandably, a fair bit of fin de siècle stuff about the Kerrymen as well. Despite this, Cork and Dublin were widely touted as the two counties most likely to contest the final while we were left with just tea and sympathy about our crocked captain. From the looks of it, we’re still well under the radar at this point and I guess that’s no bad place to be in a four-sided contest.

The weekend before the seniors take the field against the Dubs, the juniors will contest their own All-Ireland final and their opponents in the final will be none other than the above-mentioned Kerrymen. Their juniors – who, of course, have a million or so clubs down there from which to pick a team – got the better of Cavan in the semi-final played in Nenagh yesterday and the final will be held on the 24th of this month (i.e. the day before the minors appear in the All-Ireland semi-final at Croke Park). I’ve no idea where this decider will be played – I guess that Cusack Park in Ennis would be short odds for it – but will post details here once this is known.

The ladies are also preparing for action in the All-Ireland series following the demolition job they did on Tyrone at Birr in the football qualifiers yesterday. Cora Staunton bagged an eye-popping 3-11 in that one (3-5 of it from play) as the ladies trounced the red Hand by 3-12 to 1-4 to set up an All-Ireland quarter-final with Monaghan. That’s a tough draw for them as the Farney ladies are the current NFL Division 1 champions whereas our women won Division 2 honours earlier this year. Once again I’ve no idea when these matches are on but will provide this info here once it becomes available.

Finally, there was a full weekend of club action within the county over the last few days, with quarter-final clashes in both the senior and intermediate championships. In the senior championship, defending champions Ballintubber beat Castlebar Mitchels today by 0-11 to 0-8 while earlier on Crossmolina were decisive winners over Westport on a 1-12 to 0-4 scoreline. In yesterday’s two matches, Ballaghaderreen trounced Garrymore by 2-18 to 1-9 while Knockmore won a dour contest with Claremorris by 1-7 to 0-6. In the intermediate championship, meanwhile, there were quarter-final wins over the weekend for Charlestown, Kilmaine, Burrishoole and Parke.

In the senior semi-finals, Ballintubber are set to defend their title against Crossmolina while Knockmore will play Ballaghaderreen. In the intermediate championship, the penultimate round ties are between Charlestown and Kilmaine and Burrishoole and Parke.   All those matches have been provisionally set for the weekend of 8th September but I guess whether or not they go ahead that weekend will depend on how we got on against the Dubs the weekend before that.

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  1. 1 injury for the monsignor to worry about, danny egraghty left the pitch early today with a shoulder injury, all the rest came through unscathed as far as i could see.

  2. It’s expected that the junior final will be in Croker ahead of the minor game
    On the 26th.

  3. only a kildare win last week could have buried us deeper in the coverage blackout , great stuff, hopefully it will be all about the dubs v.s whover wins the other semi in the build up to our own semi…. this being under the radar is great….

  4. Heard Cathal Carolan went well for Cross at the weekend although from the reports Westport weren’t up to much. Anyone at it to give an I wittness account? Evan Regan had a good outing with the Stephenite U21’s in their win over Aghamore. He was back to the top of his game which is good cause it looks like we’ll need him. Good to see Dillion and Varley keeping up their good form.

  5. True WJ. All the experts gave us 2 lines at the bottom. I am at home, my real home by the sea, sun, sand and the old stock. Then I read a piece by Pat McEneney (when I write his name any time I have a fierce urge to smash a window).

    Anyway he gave a few comments about referees , back of envelope stuff or answers you give doing the Simplex. I am worried though because he was so vague and their seems to be no definitive rule about time addressing a free.

    Now ( grit teeth and ask the dog to leave the room for a moment) referee 12 months ago whistled COC up for taking 48 seconds addressing a free. We were in Connacht final , 3/4 points behind with a minute gone. That***** took the ball from CIllian and threw it up. To me it was a first and by the time Cluxton ambles up the pitch for the last minute free v Kingdom, I had time to drive to the off licence and back before detonation.

    One was a decision against Mayo, one was an indulgence for Dublin. Now poor COC passes to Andy v Sligo and greeter Mr Reilly from Meath blew him for an open hand pass. Since then I have seen Dublin, Cork get goals from blatant hand passes one where, howl bark bark,Reilly officiated in.

    I believe we will beat Dublin, equally I also believe we may have to beat mire than them too. Back to the beach and the sea rods amigos

  6. John I agree refs leave a bit to be desired but surely video technology is an imperative. I know the money argument but at least lets have it in Croke Park.The olympics have shown how neccessary it more excuses as big counties getting calls.

  7. Video technology is needed. The poor Clare minors were robbed yesterday. Very difficult for the umpire. They must have no clue whatsoever when the ball goes higher than the goalposts. It is happening too often in Football and Hurling.
    The see the Dubs were off in Dingle for 4 days over the weekend. Paidi must have been coaching them. I dunno, they would be better off back at their clubs playing championships football like what happened in Mayo. Don’t understand how counites like Dublin and Kilkenny bring their club championships to a halt. Very unfair on the clubs.

    Rumours of Pearce Hanley coming back to Ballagh for the club championship run in. I wonder does James have his number. Imagine bringing him on against the Dubs. It would be great to see.

  8. Yea it would.think of what Tadhg Kennelly did for Kerry a few years ago. Think he would have to be back by now though.In fairness hasn’t touched a Gaelic football in ages so you could not introduce him without training so even though I would love it not ak runner this year I feel.
    Agree video technology absolutely necessary. Big counties get away with indiscretions that others do not.This has to stop.Of course the old argument about not having it in every pitch and expense do not stack up. Try it in Croke Park. A dodgy ref cost us an all Ireland in 96. We must not let that ever happen again.
    Didn’t see anything special about Ciaran Mac over weekend. Continuous talk of his return not fair to him or Mayo team generally. Let’s focus on what we have.

  9. I think we can forget about Hanley for the foreseeable future. Aside from the fact that he’s had no involvement in inter-county football in years, he’s playing regularly for his AFL club Brisbane (and playing well from what I’ve seen).
    He played last Saturday and Brisbane have games coming up in the next few weeks. I couldn’t see how his club would let him come back home to play for Balla’, risking injury etc while the AFL season is still going on.
    It’d be great to see him pull on a Mayo jersey at some point in the future and I’m sure we will. But good luck to the lad, deserves everything he gets out there.

  10. I see the dubs are 1/2 on. The bookies rarely get it wrong, but my theory on this is, the bookies would have too much to lose if the dubs did pull off a surprise ;-0

    The Ciaran Mac rumours are facinating and are more aspiration than expectation. Although, i personallly would be delighted to so him grace HQ again. Players like Ciaran don’t come around too often.
    A counter argument of course is Mayo’s current style of play means they are not reliant on any individuals and each players knows he must do the business, perhaps Ciaran would upset the karma which currently exists.

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