5 thoughts on “Super Mac on the silver screen

  1. None of us in London have seen the ad and are mad to see it. Can anyone email us a clip or even tape it off the telly and we’d pay to get it sent over?!! The clips on the net have all been removed.

  2. YouTube just isn’t the same since Google bought it, is it? The ad’s quite funny (especially the Shay Given bit) and Mac does a passable impresssion of Father Dougal after the ball whacks off the guy’s head but it’s not THAT good. Surely it’ll wait till you’re home for Christmas?

  3. Dammit! Father Dougal’s my FAVOURITE! And its AGES til Christmas…. 🙁 And here I am exiled in London. And I never received a reply to my application to become the Mayo team’s new physiotherapist… Must be a postal strike. Plus Crossmolina lost so I won’t have the fun of a Cross’ vs Stephenites battle. What have I left to live for ‘cept the forlorn hope of a bootlegged Elvery’s advert off the telly!

  4. Get a grip,girl, there’s plenty (as I recall from my years in exile in London) to live for over there! And the girls are back in the All-Ireland again – can you get TG4 in London?

  5. Ah yes, plenty of pubs in Ealing showing the matches as I sink further into alchoholism and depravity. Thanks Willie Joe! Up Mayo!

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