Super Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, a very nice Tuesday in fact. Indeed, one could say that it’s a Super Tuesday. Feck it – I will: it’s a Super Tuesday, so it is.

It’s so super that I’m not doing any work at all today, as a little reward to myself for breaking my hole (figuratively, I hasten to add) in that direction these last few weeks. Instead I’ve taken the little lad into town to get his hair cut and afterwards, over a coffee and a bun, I’ve done a bit of on-the-job elocution with him (he is a little Dub, after all). “No, son, it’s not schkewell, the word is schoooool. No, no, no, it’s not a schpewen that you’re looking for, it’s a spoooon … We haven’t yet started on shtop, shtart and shleep.

Because it is Tuesday, it’s Mayo News day and, needless to say, there’s loads about the Derry game. Sean Rice does the match report, where he has plenty of praise for the performance but doesn’t quite explain how the two goals for them happened, nor has he much to say about our 14 wides. I like the headline, though. Sean Rice also has another piece on the game where he makes the very valid point about how difficult it was for such an experimental side to perform in the atrocious conditions that prevailed on the night. He also, with equal validity, points to the fact that Paddy Bradley failed to score from play as evidence that BJ is cutting it at full-back. Maybe, just maybe, I might have to eat humble pie on this one, an outcome which I’d welcome heartily.

Mike Finnerty has an after-match-with-Johnno piece, where The Boss sounded fairly upbeat about the performance, especially the attempted comeback in the second half. While noting that every league game is important, and once again making the point that (like last year) we’ve only three of the seven games at home, he stresses that the aim is not just to collect league points but also “to build a team and a squad for the championship”. That’s it exactly and if we have to sacrifice some of the former for more of the latter, then so be it.

Daniel Carey has a good article on his trip north with a busload of die-hard supporters. This really brings home to me what a wimp I was the other evening to stay on the sofa and rely on second-hand info from MidWest on the game.

There’s also some stuff about the pig’s breakfast that is business as usual for the women’s county board. Daniel Carey covers the chaotic county board meeting last week, where Frank Browne’s non-reappointment took place. Apparently, County Chairthingy Caroline Brogan didn’t take too well to the repeated questioning, eventually coming out with the following immortal lines: “I’ve had it rough over the last couple of weeks. I’m honestly not able.” You said it, honey. There’s also an interesting article from Denise Horan, who says that women’s football in Mayo is in a total state of chassis.

That’s about it, except to remind all and sundry about the launch of the Dublin-based supporters club, which takes place at the Garda Club on Harrington Street this evening (throw-in 6.30pm). That should make for an entertaining end to this super Tuesday.

P.S. Modesty almost forbids me to mention the paean to these modest scribblings penned this morning by my fellow countyman, An Spailpin Fanach. Almost, though not quite, which only goes to show what a total trollop I really am. With these praises you are spoiling me, dear Spailpin.

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