Take your pick

So we’re destined to pull one of Tyrone, Down, Monaghan or Kildare in tomorrow’s qualifier draw. Those who would like to see us gain a handy passage to the quarter-finals would, no doubt, want us to be paired with the Lilywhites but I think that particular easy draw will be handed to the Kerrymen. As I’ve said before, I think there’s little point, as has happened a few times to us before, making it to the quarter-finals by the easiest route possible, especially when, at that stage, we’d be paired against either the Dubs, the Rebels or the Ulster champions. Far better to earn our place in the quarters the hard way and, if we fail in the attempt, then at least we’d know that we were unlikely to cut it in the All-Ireland series anyway whereas, if we win, we’ll be far better prepared for the rigours of the All-Ireland series. Bring on those Red Hand lads at 6.40pm tomorrow, in other words.

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