Talking Mayo v Monaghan with Malachy Clerkin – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E21

The Round 1 qualifier draw has been made, with the pairing that pits Mayo against Monaghan giving supporters of both counties a first-ever Championship meeting between them to look forward to. In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast, host Rob Murphy is joined by podcast regular Edwin McGreal and by Monaghan native Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times for a first look at what’s set to be a seismic knockout clash.

With Mayo and Monaghan having suffered deflating losses within their respective provinces, the lads consider the aura of pessimism in both counties, looking at how Monaghan so often trade consistency in the League for inconsistency in the Championship and examining Mayo’s current woes, including how they compare with Monaghan’s. Malachy also chats about Banty and his management team, the Farneymen’s playing style, the evergreen Conor McManus and loads more besides.

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22 thoughts on “Talking Mayo v Monaghan with Malachy Clerkin – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E21

  1. Very good podcast.
    Just aside question. It seems its lads that are on the starting team rather than lads that are pushing for positions that are getting consistently injured. Is that a case of the lads being safe in their status and being slightly casual in training or is it lads not starting bursting lad’s in training to make an impression

  2. Not sure that’s true @Richie. Mark Moran and David McBrien have had a lot of injury trouble despite not being starters. Same with Darren McHale and Fionn McDonagh. Of course it stands to reason the lads playing every week will be more prone to wear and tear injuries (e.g. groin).

  3. I can see why the local media like the Mayo News get frustrated with no news re injuries etc from the Mayo camp . Always enjoy Billy Joe Paddens articles and some others too .
    Potential match ups .Tactical options but nothing in an article really.. novel pairing, expected attendance. It certainly won’t help JH and Co if they get beaten which in my view is quite possible .. The poison pens are sharpened I reckon…
    Win and bit more info for camp and all will be forgotten!!

  4. My Ball, I’m chuckling to myself and waiting to see – I agree that good news in the form of a win tends to quieten certain commentators.
    T’would be a charity to get the win just to see this (sorry Monaghan).

  5. I’m inclined to disagree with the non scoring HF line statement a few are throwing about in some posts. Diarmaid can kick long range, Conor Loftus certainly can. Kevin Mc has countless scores through the years, often goals too. New guys like Jack Carney has shown ability to score. Darren McHale looked useful until the Dublin game and since the AI was out with injury but now back. Jason Doc scores when he plays half forwards also. I think ours could or maybe should score a bit more heavily and that would help whereas our backs do contribute more scores than most teams out there. If a half forward line gets 5 or 6 points between them, that’s a good day out.

  6. Shuffly, just look at our the stats from last year’s All Ireland series from quarters onwards, especially regarding our starting half forwards. Enough said. I’m not having a dig at players, just highlighting major ongoing issues.

  7. I think most agreed on that at the time (AI) but one regular Diarmaid is scoring again more freely and also making scores of his left looks easy. Of all the other half forward options have impressed with scoring in the past at some stage Loftus, Boland, Carr, Walsh, McHale and veterans like Kevin and Jason. It could be that opposition put us too much on the back foot in those bigger games reducing opportunities and also some bad shot choices especially in games we’ve lost. Rather than say they’re non scoring I think it’s more to do with better organised opposition defences in big games and is not having the patience or tactics to break them down as Jim Gavins Dublin did to blankets. I think Dessies Dublin are not as well organised despite many of the same players albeit big win v Meath I’m not yet convinced by them. In my opinion Dublin’s best defender was Cian O Sullivan in that era. Tyrone will improve and Kerry have developed their defensive system. We’ll need to do the same, something we haven’t done to date, relying previously on brilliant 1 v 1 defenders which most teams including us have less of. In 2016 draw bar 2 bizarre goals, the score at maybe 25 mins was 0-6 to 2-0 Dublin eventually got 4 or 5 points just before half time. We did that early shut out by pulling back our half forwards and Cillian and relying on some brilliant ball winning by Andy often up on his own in FF line. Any team can limit opposition HF line by with a good defensive system.

  8. I actually think Derry will beat Donegal, they have incredible momentum behind them now, and that’s always very difficult to stop

    Galway will probably have too much for Roscommon, Kerry will win by 20 plus and Dublin by 10 plus

    We shouldn’t have too much bother with any of the losers aside from Donegal if they do lose (even at that it would be similar to Monaghan – not easy but very winnable)

  9. In the modern game the half forwards have to fight for the breaking ball particularly opposition kick outs. It gives the team a great lift. When they get into scoring positions the should not be afraid to shoot, put one over and you are in the zone. Confidence is a great thing.

  10. Malachy Clerking, very interesting an excellent knowledgeable GAA pundit.. However I would disagree with him as regards , how big a deal it would be if Monaghan were to actually beat Mayo in Castlebar, is Malachy underselling Monaghan somewhat?… It depends on what Mayo turns up on the day, and what Monaghan turns up on the day as well…Our injury crisis makes it more difficult for Mayo to put our best foot forward,..Home advantage makes it allot easier than it would be in Clones.. However it wouldn’t take a great performance from Monaghan or a great team to defeat the Mayo team that turned up V Galway in the Connacht Championship, or Kerry in the League Final…or the Mayo Team that turned up to play Tyrone in Healy Park in the League. Depending on what your unofficial sources are as regards the availability of so many of our best player’s it very hard to see where our improvement is going to come from in terms of the actual player’s on the field… I have a sneaking feeling that the Rossies will upstage the Tribesmen in Salthill…. Just believe that Antony Cunningham plans will be just a little more tailored for Padraig Joyce’s Galway than visa versa…. Very little between them, regardless as the Div 2 League decider showed… Galway’s playing panel might be a touch stronger with the availability of Shane Walsh for a full game… Even in our own absence it should be an excellent Connacht Championship decider!

  11. Im hoping there is some balance between slow build up and direct play to a target man.
    The narrowness of mchale park means if we persist with slow build up, we will have a congestion and shooting under pressure. No need to remind the number of wides v Galway. Also makes it difficult to create goal chances.
    Compare to Dublin in croke park, they can build patiently, but that extra width means they can still create pressure free scoring opportunities.
    We are not in croke park yet and monaghan will fancy their chances.

  12. Maybe Jack O’C not as forthcoming about injuries as suggested on the blog as news leaks about an injury to David Clifford which will keep him out of the Munster Final. Could not believe the reaction of Malachy Clerkin to our injury woes on the blog. He was shocked to hear Ryan out. Hopefully we pull through and get a few of the lads back for next game.

  13. Clifford only has a minor injury and was touch and go, so I wouldn’t expect any manager to say a player was out if he didn’t know.

    He did say “we’ll assess a few fellas later in the week”.

    I don’t think Kerry would resort to mind games against Limerick somehow !

    There are a myriad of reasons why Mayo are picking up a bizarrely high amount of injuries.

  14. Well, that was some whuppin this afternoon. Of no benefit to anyone really, and no test for Kerry til the quarter finals.

  15. I’m a little suprised the Lillies didn’t get closer but I wouldn’t read alot into those two games today. Tomorrow I’m expecting a couple of closer finals, an I’ve a feeling both underdogs will prevail..

  16. Must be a major minor injury Viper if he picked it up against Cork 4 weeks ago and could not play yesterday.

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