Team and subs named for New York game

It’s a bit after seven in the morning over here in New York but Mayo GAA are fast out of the traps over here with team news for Sunday’s game. Here’s the match day 26 we’ve named for Gaelic Park.

Mayo (Connacht SFC quarter-final v New York, 7/4/2024): Colm Reape (Knockmore); Jack Coyne (Ballyhaunis), Rory Brickenden (Westport), Sam Callinan (Ballina Stephenites); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); David McBrien (Ballaghaderreen), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Bob Tuohy (Castlebar Mitchels), Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Tommy Conroy (The Neale), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet). Subs: Rob Hennelly (Raheny), Aaron McDonnell (Ballinrobe), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Conor Hunt (Aghamore), Conor McStay (Ballina Stephenites), Darren McHale (Knockmore), Enda Hession (Garrymore), Fenton Kelly (Davitts), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Padraig O’Hora (Ballina Stephenites), Paul Towey (Charlestown Sarsfields).

In a team that features no Championship debutants there are five changes from the team that started in our last competitive outing, which was in the final round of the National League against Monaghan.

Into the team come Colm Reape, Eoghan McLaughlin, Bob Tuohy, Fergal Boland and Jack Carney, while out go Rory Byrne, Eoin O’Donoghue, Padraig O’Hora, Darren McHale and Enda Hession. Fergal and Bob came on as subs in that game in Clones, while Padraig, Darren and Enda are all listed on the bench for Sunday.

Missing from the match day squad for Gaelic Park are Jordan Flynn (who was also an absentee against Monaghan) and Diarmuid O’Connor.

The best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

98 thoughts on “Team and subs named for New York game

  1. @FreeTheEastBank: It’s putting him on the field, wouldn’t pay too much attention to the number on his back.

    Put Stephen in at midfield, David back to full back, Rory in the corner and Sam out to centre back and it wouldn’t get half the attention, yet the exact same lads out there and all likely doing all the same jobs. The days of set numbers for set positions are long gone at this point. They’ll all be defending, all be attacking and all ignoring their numbers.

  2. Brickenden and Coen the spine of our defence for champiinship.another bad summer I feel.

  3. I hope youre right TSU . I didnt like the way mcstay persisted with loftus at 6 , im hoping this isnt another idea hes going to run with , brick is not able for no.3 yet , mcbrien might still do a job for ya at 6 or even in the middle but youre sacrificing a prefered option at 3

  4. Don’t like the look of certain players “named”positions. I totally get what Tsu is saying regards the numbers on shirts, but Callinan plays best at CB/HB line, McBrien can be an All Star level FB. Im getting the vibe that Brickenden is going to be persisted with no matter how he has performed, and McBrien moved out of a position he gained invaluable experience in last year – to accomodate Brick. You can dress it up whatever way you want, but a full back will spend 90% of his defending time between the D and the box, most often the last line of defence and McBrien is our best FB by a country mile.

  5. Would agree with posters regarding Mcbrien at full back. We have been crying out for a full back for years and now we have got one people want him at 6.

    Would expect him to move back- Carney to midfield and Eoghan McLoughlin to wing forward.
    It’s a boost to see Eoghan and Paddy back. At least we can attack and penetrate at pace instead of the lateral nonsense that has succumb us over the last year and a bit.

  6. If you’ve got Durcan and McLaughlin in HB line you should be covered for pace up and down the pitch. Having McBrien in full back seems like a better option – didn’t he start the league there, at least for the Galway match?

    If Coen’s set to be the plus 1, is there a risk of him being skinned for pace at some point?

  7. No championship debutante sums up our league.. we will be one of the only teams in the Country saying that I’d imagine

  8. If I’m not mistaken, there were quite a lot of calls for McBrien to be moved to midfield, which has been seen as a weak link

  9. I would have the same concern as Sean Bourke but In games like this, is of little risk and I’m fully in favour of making as much use of McBrein as possible. He is the most likely player to give us leadership and we’ve slotted leaders into defensive positions in the past without reward. I’m thinking Oisín Mullen in particular.
    Down the line it will be more about match ups anyway.

  10. @Exile: We’ve barely played with a +1 all year. A short spell against Kerry and one against Kerry jump to mind with even shorter periods in the other games (normally single phase where a spare man got back in transition and no runner engaged for them to pick up in returning to our usual MvM setup).

    New York is all about us asking them questions they’ll struggle to answer. David’s pace, power and line breaking likely to be one of the tougher ones for them to answer. Not sure I’d have too many concerns on whether David’s doing it from 3, 5, 6, 7 or 8 (used as rough positions on the park rather than a number he’s wearing). We shouldn’t be opened up at the back regardless. And wouldn’t expect Stephen to be left doing a job where his pace would be exposed when we have lads like Sam, Jack, Paddy, Eoghan and David to be bombing around him.

  11. Moose79 – Bob Tuohy has played about a minute of championship football. Brickenden has never started a championship game and his last sub appearance was the 21 Connacht final. Boland hasn’t started a championship game since 2019 I believe.

    No debutants but there are changes from last year.

  12. Jasus folks, it’s New York, wouldn’t read too much into the named team for this one, great to hear the build up through the podcast, hope everyone there has a great weekend

  13. No harm to be road testing lads in different positions in games like this. I know people will say every road test should be done by now but every chance that appears should be taken advantage of. As posted earlier numbers on the jerseys don’t really count for anything on the field at the moment. Overall happy enough with the selection and roll on Sunday.

  14. That’s the strongest team that we could line out taking injuries into account. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable game for all those that have travelled.

  15. Same as others,just delighted to see the 3 lads back from injury and named to start… (although changes before throw in wouldn’t be unusual for us). Anyway impose our game early, get a decent lead and run the bench would be my hope.

  16. Roll on Sunday, at least we can watch the match on GAA Go. Championship starts here……

  17. Mayo 1/500 with a handicap of -16. Do not think need be sweating on jersey numbers 🙂

  18. Just two things.

    Rory Brickenden isn’t a county full-back. He hasn’t the instincts for the number 3 jersey. Anyone that reviewed the videos of his performances – positioning, man marking, etc. could see that. McStay and the selectors need cop-on to that basic fact, and slot McBrien in there. Build from there up!
    After being in NY the last two times and enjoyed it immensely, I wish everyone that’s travelled, a very enjoyable time in the Big Apple. And I certainly hope that Jordan and Diarmuid were included in the travelling party. Hon Mayo!

  19. We’re barely on the ground here and there’s been an earthquake affecting NYC. Not sure if there’s any connection between these two events.

  20. A Galway mate in jest said to me one time we’d need Moses to part the seas again for us to win an AI, an earthquake might just suffice with WJ as Moses – its up there anyway ?

  21. By the sounds of ya on the pod wj. I’d say the earthquake mightnt be the only shaky moment you’ll be having this weekend. Enjoy the craic.
    Take mayo to shake New York. Give the rossies a bigger rattle in 3 weeks and I’ll be happy.

  22. Jordan is recovering from a knock picked up at the end of the Monaghan game – he was subbed late on but should be good for Rossies

  23. Would normally say best of luck here but I think we all know the outcome here no disrespect to new York though! Just hope we don’t hammer them..

    It’s great that they have a GAA team in new York and this weekend is a great occasion for Irish in New York hear there’s a flash mob going to be singing the green & red of mayo in times square tommorow hopefully someone catches it on video!

  24. If that was the team and bench for an AL QF you wouldn’t be too confident about game changers coming off the bench. We don’t really have strength in depth. Couple names on the subs that I don’t think are championship standard.

  25. Will the game go ahead, due to the Earthquake there in New York / New Jersey?

  26. Mattie Ruane 9/2 anytime goal scorer looks a value bet to me.
    Signs of his old self the last day and he will get himself into goal scoring positions.

  27. @My Ball, their will be some earth quake on here when Roscommon knock us out of Connacht…again.

  28. Rossies are not going to knock us out of connacht. We will be well up for it fully expect us to beat rossies in the Hyde yes rossies will be different from league and in their home ground but so will we no harm even if we do in underdogs.

  29. Jordan needs a rest.
    I was at the last NY game , wettest day I was ever at a match.
    I would not worry about tickets, more there in 19 and tickets could vbe bought at the gate early on.

  30. least your consistent anyway. What makes you think roscommon are a better team than mayo that makes you so confident? I have no problem people thinking teams can beat mayo I’d expect Dublin, kerry, derry to do so and wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrone or Donegal do but i wouldn’t be so confident of roscommon doing so.

  31. Reckon we will have to much for Roscommon this year, even if Jordan is still out.
    They’ve lost to many players that they have not replaced yet.

  32. Margie if we lose to Ross I’ll eat the humble pie but I can’t see it …but I’ll be delivering you 2 servings of the same pie if we don’t beat them by 6 or 7 (all in jest)

  33. From a Rossie perspective – our league campaign was nothing short of a joke. our fitness levels and tactics were non existent. It can’t get much worse come championship and hopefully o carroll will be back for the game in the hyde(a Repeat of the 2019 game again). I am hoping things will have improved if not mgt will have to move on come the end of yr. We have serious ballers on there day and hopefully a large attendances will get them over the line, but the optimism is low ATM.

  34. Agree. Will be harder for them to tie us down in the bigger pitch in The Hyde. Even last year, if we got the two goals in the first half it would’ve been different. I think one pass to Tommy was over hit by Ryan. If he had caught it, goal was certainly on. We could have been in a good position at half time.

  35. Gizmobobs agreed the rossies are down on a number of starters this year and some others are just back from injury and probably won’t be fully up to speed until the group stage. They have won championship matches in MacHale park and Pearse Stadium in recent years but the Hyde seems to suit both Galway and Mayo better than themselves.

    I’m expecting a very comfortable win for Mayo on Sunday with the bench cleared early.

    Previous Championship results of games in Gaelic Park

    2004 – New York 1-8 Mayo 3-28
    2009 – New York 0-10 Mayo 2-19
    2014 – New York 0-8 Mayo 4-18
    2019 – New York 0-4 Mayo 1-22

    haven’t conceded much against them, average of 8 points per game and scored high on average 29 points.

  36. Joe2 the Rossie campaign was bad, no question. Davy is not a happy camper at the moment I’d say. However, when he looks back at the tape of the league match, I think he’ll brighten up. Mayo didn’t do a lot for 15 minutes, but they punished mistakes, and I’d have to admit, got a couple of soft decisions. Suddenly it was five and beginning to get out of sight. Conditions will play a big part the next day I think.

  37. Brave call Margie but in my opinion I think Davy Burke has lost the Roscommon dressing room. The Rossies have form for this, going back to Tommy Carr, John Maughan and Kevin McStay. They are a fickle bunch and for this reason alone I think we might have an easier ride in the Hyde than we did in McHale Park this time last year. I agree losing to the Rossies two years in a row would be a disaster and in my opinion not winning a Connaught this year considering Galways injury woes would not bode well for our chances against the big three later in the championship. Its all about momentum and building consistency in performances from now on starting on Sunday.

  38. This looks like our championship starting team, with a few possible exceptions. I expect a place will be found for Diarmuid and Jordan and possibly James Carr. On the basis that we don’t need to engage in any pre-match psychological antics, team changes etc. in order to beat New York, so assuming we start as selected, the placing of McBrien at midfield would seem to indicate that management are concerned about that area and rightly so-we lack physicality and ball winning ability there and, ordinarily, McBrien would be worth a shot there, as he would give us those attributes. But I am worried that it could be a case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, which will seriously weaken us at Full-back, admittedly, unlikely to be exposed next Sunday. McBrien is the first genuine quality Full-back we have had in decades-leave him there.

  39. I would assume McBrien plays CHB with the intention that he helps to avoid keepers going long over our midfield like we saw Derry do against Dublin.

    Mayo playing with an extra defender for championship to try and ensure soft goals are not conceded and break with pace and power from the back.

  40. Put Diarmuid,Jordan ,James Carr and Donnachca McHugh into that panel. That’s a strong panel, well able to match anything out there on its day.
    My prediction for 2025 .
    Davey Bourke to win division 3 as Kildare manager.

  41. See Colm Back in Goal. Just I was told he had a slight injury after Derry game. I am actually surprised that Rob is on the bench before Byrne. I feel Byrne is not getting a fair run at things, even been named on the bench.
    Rob was in goal v Tyrone and v Monaghan last year. Neither games were his finest. I was in Clones two weeks ago. Thought Byrne done well, with one particularly good stop that won the game
    At the death. I Just can’t understand some of the management decisions . Can’t also understand the positioning of our best option at full back at centre back. We need to have a solid locked down starting team when the ball game really starts. Best of luck to all the look lads and please no injuries.

  42. Have to say I don’t understand this idea of moving mcbrien to different positions.he is without doubt our best full back so leave him there and build the defence around him .It’s time players were being locked into their championship positions because you can’t have any long term structure without that.we saw the outcome last year when the management refused to give up on a failed experiment until it was too late

  43. I don’t see where the over confidence is coming from regarding Roscommon. We’ve one won 1 of our last 3 championship games against them & we are a long way off the side we were in the 2010s.

    We should beat them if we play well. At our best, we are better than them. But don’t forget Rochy had a terrible record in Connaught during his tenure.

  44. @mayo focus. I asked the question of @margie 1st but it was by no means over confidence it was to see where she/he was coming from constantly preaching that roscommon WILL beat mayo. I’m well aware that roscommon are well capable of beating mayo in championship though I’d have mayo slight favourites

  45. Catcol. I am more confident of getting a result in The Hyde than in McHale, against the Rossies.
    But we do need to be careful. Ben O Carroll and the Murtaghs are very dangerous forwards. But hopefully we can get the result that’s gets us on the right track for a long Summer. Just on the 26 selected , I am also surprised to see Conor McStay making the 26. I just wonder why. I have no allegiance to any club in Mayo what so ever.
    But am a huge Mayo follower at Club Football
    And senior county team. I just would like the selectors to pick the best 26 men available at anyone time to represent Mayo. I am being to think that this may not be the case. I know Paul Towey
    Is in the 26, this time, he got a few scores in the game against Derry was in the 26 against Monaghan , but got no game time. This must be very frustrating on the players. I feel the same with Byrne, played well the last day and not even on the bench the next day. I can’t know what this does for
    A players moral.

  46. Galway leading London by 15 points at half time simliar will happen tomorrow in New York let’s be honest.

    John Prenty and Co will have to bring in seeding and to avoid London, New York getting almighty trimmings against Div 1 opposition.

  47. Not trying to be negative for the sake of it re: Roscommon game. Just honestly beileve they will beat us, I hope to God i’m wrong and will be the first one on here from the Hyde eating humble pie if we win. The reasons why I think we lose are;

    We have absolutlely no form of a solid defensive system. McStay is in his second year and its still very easy to run right through us. Sometimes theirs a plus 1/sweeper but thats usually when we’re not under pressure.

    The plan to me seems to be to flood the middle and cut of good ball coming into opposition forwards, who are left 1v1 with the likes of Brickenden who is way off the pace required for an IC full back. You can always tell when a defender doesnt back themselves, as in they stand 2-3 yards behind their man to ensure they don’t get burnt on the turn hoping to sheperd them away from goal. Thats okay against Clifford or Con, but with Rory it seems every player he marks.

    We don’t have the dawgs like Keegan, Boyle, McLoughlin, Seamie even Doherty, in this style of play, who backed themselves to out muscle their opposition and do the required dirty work in the middle. Hardy nasty bucks. Our middle sector is too passive and to be quite honest – weak. Boland, Tuohy, Carney look like nice young lads but theirs zero aggression there. When the heat is turned up in Championship, the likes of Boland will really be found wanting, as has been the case since 2017. Its back to the future with him. The space and time he got in the league to kick some peaches of points will not be there against Roscommon.

    Its all falling nicely for Roscommon. They were embarrassed by losing to Kikdare and Cork last year and the holy grail for that team is reaching an AISF. I feel as a group their number 1 priority this year is championsip. Cavanagh knew what he was doing by calling them soft. They will cling to that all yeat and use it.

    They went too hard for the league last year and burnt out like ourselves. I think too many people here are buying into this “not a happy camp” tripe. If Hitler and Putin took them over in the morning they’d run through a brick wall for them just to beat us. In football terms they absolutely despise us, and nothing gets their blood flowing more than the sight of our jersey. They will be in peak condition in 2 weeks time. The intensity they will display against us will be nothing like they’re lethargic league performance.

    We have better players on the whole, but they have a well drilled defensive system, which when played at Championship intensity, is very difficult for us to break down. They have some seirious forwards who if left 1v1 will kill us with point taking. To me it looks like McStay hasnt put an identity on our play. More often than not, we rely on the brilliance of Durcan and others to grab a game by the neck and win it. Tactically we are all over the place.

    Everyone is writing them off, I bet Burke is rubbing his hands and loving it. Rossies cant handle favourites tag, its under dog or bust for them.

    Finally, the last 2 Connacht titles they won, came after relegation from D1. History is on their side.

  48. Not everyone is writing them off Margie. I amn’t anyway. I can’t believe people are just expecting us to beat div one teams giving our recent showings. Teams have absolutely no fear playing us anymore.
    Galway are getting in to gear today now. New lads on the score board, joyce doing his ‘everyone has written us off’ us against the world stuff he loves to do and that suits them…
    Obviously I too hope we beat roscommon too but it will be s lot more competitive than a few weeks ago. I fully expect they will have improved. Dunno if we will…

  49. “When did teams fear playing mayo exaclty ”

    Most teams did during the 5 in a row connacht era especially in connacht .

    Galway making mince meat of london .

  50. Roscommon didn’t show much fear in 2014, we were very lucky to win that day.

    How did Galway beat us in 16 and 17 if they were in fear of us?

  51. I think it’s a bit arrogant to suggest division 1 or 2 standard teams have ever feared playing us. Our runs through the qualifiers in 16 and 17 showed that, despite us being one of the top 3 sides nationally.

  52. While I think we will beat Roscommon the problem is Roscommon will set up against us exactly as they did last year so is there any evidence in any game this year that we have learned to cope with those type of defensive systems

  53. Have a cut at who?!

    I don’t think it’s arrogant to think we’ll beat Roscommon or Galway if we end up playing them. That’s just an opinion.

    Saying Roscommon or Galway have a fear of playing us is very different.

  54. Once again… I didn’t say that. I was actually making the point that a few on here are saying here we will bt roscommon, would bt derry in league, will win connacht and I cannot understand where this is coming from when teams like louth fancied a cut off us last yr

  55. You said teams used fear playing us.. that was never the case among division 1 or 2 standard teams anyway

  56. @moose79
    Nothing wrong with having confidence that you think we will beat the rossies we should be beating them we’ve a better panel no offence to them.

    Rossies we’re full of confidence coming to mchale park in the league saying they would beat us..and will be fully confident of beating us in the Hyde you could say the same about them why should they be confident after getting relegated etc..

    Rather have some faith then just thinking we are going to loose every match.

  57. I can’t see where the fear of Roscommon is coming from,I believe that New York will be a bigger danger

  58. We’ll know a lot more about where Mayo are at after the Hyde. I think we were ok defensively when we played a strong side (few games had an experimental side starting). Like a few others I wouldn’t be convinced we have made enough improvements up front to say for sure we would beat the Rossies, but we have played against these defensive structures all through out the league so I would hope that they show learnings in a couple of weeks time. Again that is hope, rather than being convinced that we are nailed on to win that game.

  59. Putting McBrien further out the pitch is totally “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, but they obviously are not convinced by what they have tried at CB or our midfield parternship of Ruane/Carney. I watched Brickenden from his underage days where he constantly was fielded at 3 and I never thought that was his best position, I would like to see him tried out at Centre-Back. I’m nowhere near an expert of the game as I was useless myself as a player, but the full back conundrum kept many’s the Mayo fan awake at night and I see McBrien as being the saviour there.

    On a sidenote, a young lad quickly becoming my favourite player is Donnacha McHugh, was really impressed with his cameos in the league.

  60. Roscommon have beaten us twice in championship in the last 5 years.To my knowledge New York have never threatened to beat us .absolutely baffling how wild claims that we would beat Tyrone and Derry by at least 6 points and hoping Aidan o Shea would be fit for the all Ireland final are then followed by concerns that New York will cause us problems

  61. Some people only wind up merchants 1985 🙂

    Roscommon game should be good tester, but this group of players less Keegan got us to All Ireland Final in 2021 and have more experience now so we should have enough in bank for them, given they in rebuild mode and despite what look like strategic deficiencies in our own game plans.

  62. Well less keegan and mullin but my concerns are is the lack of settling lads into positions at this stage.different centre back different midfield combinations and different half forwards for every game.The full forward line is the only area the management has decided on and there has been mixed results there to say the least

  63. Excluded Mullin as he didn’t play the semifinal.
    Agree, on the positioning though, they playing personnel has been more or less set in stone a long time, but chairs on the deck moving around a bit alright.

    Hopefully we don’t demolish NYC as badly as Galway done London earlier, they are doing great work their underage as can be seen by their Feile results.

  64. I wouldn’t worry about New York Corick. Im sure Kevin took some “learnings” after his rossie side scraped a 1 point win in 2016…

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  66. Only disappointment is no jordan, carr, mclaughlin or diarmuid .
    Each them would add so much and be great to get a game under their belts however we should be too good for NYC and will be for rossie s so onward and upwards , just nice to know our best team but the relevance of numbers 5 to 12 is irrelevant as anyone can play anywhere .
    I think coen will be central to all things good and maybe playing g at steady eddy 8 is best spot for him to allow paddy and eoin or hession plough forward .

  67. @Outside of the Boot: Guessing you meant McHugh rather than McLaughlin there?

    Shame to see Donnacha missing out alright. Hopefully nothing too serious behind it and just being cautious not to flare something up. Especially with the 4/5G surface, always better not to take unnecessary risks.

  68. Hadn’t refreshed before posting, fully agree Tsu that it is a shame McHugh isn’t available. However, as you say, on that pitch we don’t want to take risks. Hopefully we get the game put to bed by half time and get take some lads off early in second half.

    Also, until before throw in we won’t know what team and bench will actually appear!

  69. Waste of time having London and NY in the championship.. Getting hockeyd every Yr but it’s a weekend away and plenty coinage for the GAA.. But is it helping at all you’d wonder. What if other cities like Manchester or Liverpool want to have teams entered in the future.. Big ex pat communities. Chicago, Boston etc.. Pure cod.. It’ll be an All world GAA championship then will it.. But sure as the saying goes.. If it makes money it makes sense. Codology

  70. The New York and London county boards will make a decent amount of money this weekend but I doubt any other sections of the GAA will.

  71. Wide ball, if the Mayo County board were cute they would have fundraisers organised and make a bomb to try pay off debts/limit the amount of hammering they do on clubs for money.
    But there seems to have been no mention of it.

  72. I would say it’s great crack there in New York for the game, making a good long weekend of it, I have never been there.

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