Team to face Galway named

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We’ve just named our starting fifteen to face Galway on Sunday a short while ago. Here’s the team we’ve named:

Mayo (Connacht SFC semi-final v Galway, 11/6/2017): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Lee Keegan (Westport), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

So it’s just the one change from the side that started against Sligo in our opening Connacht championship fixture a few weeks back. In comes Jason Doherty, who replaced Kevin McLoughlin early on against Sligo, while out goes the injured Conor O’Shea.

The team named contains just eight players who also started in the corresponding fixture against Galway last year. Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan, Tom Parsons, Kevin McLoughlin, Jason Doherty and Cillian O’Connor also lined out in that one, while Seamus O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor and Andy Moran joined the fray then from the bench.

101 thoughts on “Team to face Galway named

  1. I sincerely hope this is a dummy team and that Aidan does start. A Mayo team without Aidan O’Shea is a seriously vulnerable one.

  2. Not sure about Sunday. The reality is that Mayo have not been consistently good at all under Rochford.
    Only playing in fits and starts with no obvious coherent attacking game plan.
    Don’t want to sound pessimistic but …

  3. I would not be placing absolute faith in the team that has been named. A big performance is required and I think we will get it.

  4. One astounding thing about the Sligo game: the team named to start actually started!

    Think it will be back to normal for this one.

  5. Not every decision regards AOS is done to attract/deflect media attention. All im reading is no Aidan O Shea? Big news from the West? Mayo drop O’Shea? Jesus like.

    Game just coming to soon for him maybe injury wise? Too simplistic? Yet every article resolves around him not starting. Give him a break. Give the rest of the panel a break. Give the management a break. Just row in behind them!

    Sunday will be a HUGE challenge. But we have a mobile, athletic, right good football team named. They are more than good enough to get the job done, and with a strong bench (consisting of OS hopefully) we are well set up. Its a 19/20 man game nowadays at this level.

  6. Think you will be too streetwise and your lads will be very eager to avenge last years loss.

    Pity that the draw isn’t seeded in a way, Mayo v Galway is a big occasion and deserves it’s place on connaught final day.

  7. Wishing the whole squad the very best,I am sure a good team effort from start to finish will get us over the line,our defense will have to be sharp from the word go,give the opposing forwards a half chance they will punish us with goals,I think A.O’Shea has to start a vital roll in supplying ball into to the full forward line,Hon Mayo

  8. Best of luck to all involved. It would be great just to get a controversy free win and move on to the next game. The GAA season has been a very strange one so far in that the football has been the last thing that has been talked about. It has been all about selfiegate, a failed drugs test and interference with a linesman. Lets hope that its football that we are all talking about by Sunday evening.

  9. That’s our (national) media for you HSE. Why would you discuss football when there are a whole raft of non-issues to whet the appetite?

  10. The best of luck to the Mayo team. I shall be rooting for you from the North.???

  11. Keegan-Dub, I don’t agree with you regarding the seeding of Mayo and Galway match’s , there were some very one sided match’s involving Galway and Mayo down the year’s, it’s just easier to remember the good ones . This match will be a sell out or very close to it in any case., If Mayo win? & The Rossi win v Leitrim? The Connacht Final will also be a sell out, or if Leitrim win? the Connacht Final would be in The Hyde V Mayo, it too would sell out, the Leitrim fan’s and all interested neutrals would remember 94 the break through year for Leitrim. On the other hand if Galway & Rossi were to win? I think the Connacht final would sell out in a the Hyde as well. The only senariao where the Connacht Final would not be close to a sell out, would be that if Leitrim & Galway were to make Connacht final, which would be played in McHale Park,. With the he capacity of Castlebar being in excess of 12K more than the Hyde or Pearce Stadium. I remember that in 2010, Roscommon V Sligo was very close to a sell out in McHale Park, So I don’t think there is any need to seed the Connacht counties. Of course Mayo are by far the best supported team in Connacht, and the best supported team in the country,..There is a massive problem in the GAA, in terms of championship attendance,. The prominence of Mayo and Dublin, is masking how bad the attendance are in so many cases..But inter Connacht rivalry is healthier than most..

  12. Yeah catcol, I know what you mean!

    As ClubMan2016 said above, again all of the headlines in the national media are about Aidan O’Shea starting on the bench. None of them mention that he has been suffering from a slight groin strain though (Stephen Rochford mentioned this after the Sligo game), so that shows poor journalism standards on their behalf.

  13. Will probably be July or August before AOS is match fit to start a championship game I can imagine, he’ll need a few more competitive challenges/A v B games under his belt. Right now his role as impact sub will do and worked fine against Donegal in April

    That starting 15 apart from a fully match fit AOS and Harrison is Mayos strongest team and a much stronger Mayo team that started v Galway last year.

    Mayo by 4 to 6 points in a similar game to the 2015 meeting I reckon.

  14. Its all down to us having a game plan and players abilities to executing it. With exception of andy moran we have forwards obsessed with a sweeping role and shirking their responsibilities as scoring forwadrs. Time to show some teeth in that department. Now that Boland starts I hope he shows some flair, individuality and ability to be a matchwinner.
    Not worried about AOS. if hes not fully fit then id prefer to see him sprung from the bench for last quarter rather than an out of puff OSea for that vital period when the game will be won and lost?
    Any Galway team. Their subs bench will also be star studded

  15. Might have been an expensive owl tilt at the B’Ball from Aidoxi!
    I was all in favour of that if it gave him extra appetite, God knows even with the love of the game and the honour of representing the county etc. etc. it might be a bit of a slog at times so why not try something different. there was always the potential of him getting injured, which could happen anywhere, but it wont be good if its dragging on and on like DOC last year so that we go through a season without a fully fit AOS.
    DOC wasnt right for the whole season after Emmet Bolton shamefully booted him in the shin for having the cheek to score a goal against Kildare. Still makes me mad thinking of that and the fact that he got away with it, arguably one of the contributing factors to not winning the all ireland.

  16. It’s probably that the management wants aos to finish the game out, and 35-45 full speed minutes are better than 70-75 of with the handbrake on for fear of tiring.
    The team that’s named is well able to give anyone a good fight and the bench has plenty of others that are just as capable, Mayo to win.

    Mayo. 2-14
    Galway 1 -12

  17. Dave,
    agree with that and also oddly enough on the scoreline I’ve been thinking thats how we’ll do too.
    If I were to guess, Aido will come on around half time and given the impact he had vs both Tyrone and Donegal, he’ll do similar vs Galway.

    I have a sneaking suspicion Galway will score the first Goal, Cillian will convert a penalty and Conor Loftus will get a second goal for Mayo off the bench.
    I’ll have to see if Paddy Power wants to risk some of his money for mine on the same notion.

  18. If aiden has a slight injury and not the same training done as the rest of the lads due to previous ankle injury then it makes sense to bring him on laterror in the game … hopefully our forwards have there scoring boots … think there will be skin and hair flying in this one … would gladly that a 1 point win for this one …

  19. Rockford has got AOSs role within the panel spot on. He is not a 75 minute player due to the attention he gets, so his role as an impact sub is ideal. Just when games are in the melting pot with 30 minutes to go, it’s great to see him coming on. For the opposition’s defence it must be soul destroying to see him coming in. Expect this for the summer ahead.

  20. Best of luck to the lads on Sunday Mayo Galway clashes are always special. It will take a fully committed 70 minutes plus performance to win on Sunday. There is no room for short bursts of scoring and then going asleep. We have to take the game to them from the word go and build up a lead. Put doubts in their heads. Lets just hope conditions especially a gale force wind don’t influence the outcome or how the match is played.

  21. FBD you’ll be the cause of a big drop in attendance with that kind of round up…game played …all done!
    Hope is high that we’ll witness a rattler of a game this weekend.This may come to pass or it may not..But this is the spice to flavour the event. I wouldn’t be at all concerned by the location of the stadium or the weather or that wind that might be in it or the strength of the opposing midfield or the perceived brilliance of their forward lines.What have they done? And we have a referee as well…yippee! If there wasn’t a challenge or challenges or the unforeseens it would be a mundane affaire and not worth the day out. Will it be ten points or just the one?
    Our fullback line has new questions to answer. So has our sideline a chance to establish an authority which up to now has been found to be quite bland.Our HB line has one player who will present a freshness that hopefully will infuse all those around him. Our midfield has one slugger and a dandy. Hopefully they will share and combine their characteristics to good effect and maroon rightly the Galway presence in the air and on the ground particularly.
    A freshness of handling running tackling scoring thinking is a tall order for this green and red brigade but we always believe that this is what we’re going to get and when this will come to pass we will all chuckle away from Salthill sometime before six o clock on Sunday evening.
    It will have meant that our forwards will have shown a work rate and effectiveness that hasn’t been associated with this team in the minds of many for a while.Will we witness a Higgins making a major mark up front? Will a Kirby and an OShea cause havoc among the Galway defenders?Will a Loftus finally make a place for himself in the scoring department? Will Cillian O’Connor do a Cyril Dunne for us?Will there be a freshness on the field like Down brought to their game last week?
    What will we see that will make a difference to draw us further along into the thick of the championship?Is there a God or is there not? A great feast awaits!
    So,nice and easy now let it be…two slow creamy pints first and then whatever on a plate, as long as it’s appropriate for the occasion… quality please only!! Good eating …house chips par excellence…. opposite the front of the Regional!!

  22. Conor Mortimer just announced on the GAA hour live in Galway that there is an issue between Rochford and Aidan O Shea.

  23. Mortimer talking rubbish in my view. What is it with Mayo lads in the media?

    I also notice Padraig Joyce doesent rate Mayo and claims our physical game and cuteness to win frees is all we have going for us.

    Time to lay down a marker on Sunday.

  24. Ya I agree that best for AOS to be kept for final 20-25 mins if not yet 100% fit. It will be difficult for Galway defenders to handle him, especially if a couple of them are on yellow cards by that stage (which is a strong possibility given the ferocity that they’re going to have to face on Sunday). We can’t have all of our best mid field reinforcements on the field from the get go in any case.

  25. It doesn’t take a P Joyce to say that….anyone with a bit of wit about them would have to agree no matter if it hurts or not and indeed the laying of a marker would now be timely. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what anyone other than those on the pitch think or do on Sunday or more precisely how they re thinking already. This game is done and dusted. We re just going up for the result.

  26. Good strong team, you’d have the laces well tied and your game face on if you were facing them.
    FDBinashui !!, any chance of the lotto numbers ..

  27. I am fairly sure Aiden will start instead of Jason Docherty and he will go straight in full forward imagine if he was in the team that was just announced the media would be full of the great return and build it up big time good move Rochford….We still have a great bench too with Brendan Harrison Jason Doc Conor Loftus Donal Vaughan Evan Regan Shane Nally David Drake Steven Coen to choose from….Cannot wait….

  28. Conor if your reading this blog and I’m sure you do ! Please don’t be talking complete rubbish your letting yourself down and your county down.. Being critical is fine if you can back it up but why on earth would stir a pot that keeps papers in business.. you and your brothers were fine footballers and I played against ye numerous times but ffs just stop!! Sorry willie joe I hope I didn’t cross the line

  29. David Brady going to bat for Diarmuid Connolly on twitter and Mortimer stirring the pot this evening …Sweet baby Jesus they just can’t help themselves ..Will be tighter than a pair of leather trousers on Sunday me thinks..Hope we come out the right side of it..

  30. Forgot about Danny Kirby also Alan Dillon may make bench for this one too…

  31. Holy god .. what a tool …time now for us genuine supporters to get behind this special group of lads and and our management team …feck the media and our very own ‘Einsteins. ..let’s do what we always do and get behind the lads !

  32. Unfortunately, there’s never any great change to our forward selection although Boland has pushed his way into the team.

    One player worth a mention at this stage is Vaughan. He has always done well for Mayo and has been a key player over the years. His loss to injury in the replayed final last year was a huge blow. He’s good at popping up for a score from the half back line and personally I think he should be starting on Sunday. Where? Half forward line probably but he wouldn’t be out of place in the full back line either. In any event, a very underrated player.

  33. Wouldnt expect anything from p.joyces mouth only tripe when it comes to our team. What utter rubbish to speak of a team that has given great football spectacles in last few years. Please please lads lets just show them on sunday. Feck the pundits, the media, and anyone else who puts our team down. Time to rise up big time for the lads. Good luck all and best of luck Aiden when you come onn.

  34. Vaughan very useful on bench nowadays as very versatile player who can play vertually anywhere.
    Big game needed from our forwards if we to win on Sunday. Performances off the bench vital for both teams

  35. Couldn’t care less if our goalkeeper kicked all our points Sunday as long as they win.
    I don’t think the team pay much heed what’s said about them.
    Some of our own men done the same as p Joyce last year and look what happened.
    Mayo 1.14 galway 0.13.

  36. The last time Mr PJ started spouting pre match poo about us ahead of facing his beloved Gaillimh on home soil we bate them out the gate to one of their most humiliating defeats. How I’d love if we could repeat the victory of 2013 and put him and the rest of the belitters across the county border back in their respective boxes! They will not be as neiev as they were in 2013 but we will never be as motivated !!

  37. Have any SeasonTicket holders received an email on details for Sunday’s match? Is it scanned card or printed ticket at the turnstiles? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

  38. As a Mayo man living in Galway city for over 40 years I can honestly say that the majority of Galwegians would support Mayo were their own county not playing. Sunday will be a special day, as all Mayo v Galway days are. I will go to my local before the match, dressed in my red & green and get a proper slagging, I will return after the match (whatever the result) and will receive heartfelt congratulations or endure some more slagging, I will congratulate or be congratulated. At the end of the day everyone will move forward supporting Mayo or Galway and hoping we will meet again in the All- Ireland.

  39. I think Harrison will start instead of Doherty . Keith will sweep . Ado comes in 5 mins after break along with Donie . Finish with your best team . It’s all tactics and I like their thinking

  40. Pretty sure that’s not the team cause it’s named early and back to practice of naming same 15 injury excluded.
    I think there will be more than 1 change. Interested to see what team Galway name. Our final team won’t be picked probably until tonight.

  41. Have to say I’m apprehensive about Sunday.

    Injury trouble and lack of form are worrying. It really is D Day for the team and the manager. Win and the Summer opens up. A tough route that we can conquer. Lose and I do not think the players will have the appetite for the backdoor and the manager will be on borrowed time. Couldn’t be more on the line

  42. Yeah was out of order there Willie Joe . won’t happen again .

    I’ll give PJ something though if its getting under your skin is his intentions ,he gets me .

  43. Commenters on here and the Mayo team are two very different animals, Sean. You need only review last year’s championship match between the two sides to see what a galvanising effect some loose pre-match comments can have.

  44. I am not surprised with P Joyce’s comments. After the Cavan/ Mayo Game in Mac Hale park last March, I was listening to RTE Radio, P Joyce was part of the RTE team and he stated that he would love to see Galway in Division 1,playing against the top teams namely Dublin, Kerry,Tyrone and Donegal (no mention of Mayo), it was also apparent to the listeners that Joyce was delighted with Cavan’s win. A lot of Galway followers do not rate Mayo . I sincerely hope that Mayo prove the doubters wrong on Sunday. Wishing Stephen and the Team every good wish.

  45. A lot of pressure on Galway too. Big performance expected in front of home crowd.
    And where are they should they lose?
    Five mins into game and all pre match banter will be forgotten. Disciplined performances will be required.
    Anybody have the galway team yet. They have powerful bench as they proved against Kildare.
    We must play to a disciplined plan. Perticularly our forwards. Now more than ever leadership required

  46. Seamus, printed tickets for sunday, tickets should be ready to print on your account.

    Tom, cant see Keith playing sweeper, Mayo dont look like playing a sweeper at all this year, wasnt used in the league. But if a sweeper is required it will be KMc who did well in the role and has the experience.

    Rochfords defensive plan this year is moving Keegan to cb and playing more of a Cian OSullivan role, this may curtail leeroys attacking options but will benifit the team overall as it allows us to have more players in advanced positions when we turn over the ball allowing for quicker counter attack (that looks like the plan anyway)

  47. I know most reasonable people admire the efforts that this Mayo team has put in over the years. No matter what happens from here it will always stand for ever that no team in the history of the game has shown such a will as theirs….to not have taken the title and still come in battling bout after bout in the belief that they can do it and always demonstrating that depth of extraordinary character that resides within. One might say ….anyone can win an AI and come next year,stand and defend. But what this team has done is beyond words.

  48. That’s well spotted mayomad however if we do not start the see a real return from our forward unit under this new system it will prove that more was robbed from peter than Paul required!

  49. Mayo by 4
    Won’t be in doubt after 55 minutes
    Seen a comment on another forum that Galway will win an AI within the next 5 years
    TIpperary must be due one sooner so
    Or maybe that game was just a figment of my imagination

  50. Its time to start playing like the real Mayo again. i.e. the Mayo that ran at teams and swarmed them and beat them out the gap.
    We have a team of great players who in the last couple of years (After Horan) have been getting by on small spells in games to get over the line.
    When did we last blow someone out of the water?
    We have the structure and personnel at the back to mind the house.
    Sunday is the time to take the handbrake off and go at these young pretenders. Galway are an up and coming team but lets face it they are very suspect at the back and over compensate by filtering back into a defensive formation to hide this.
    Cant wait for the game…..Aidan will be in there at some stage!

  51. Thanks for the feedback on the printing of the season ticket for the game. Brain not working terribly well here!

  52. Not sure Galway are as suspect at the back as everyone thinks. Last year those young backs performed very well in castlbar.

    I don’t expect a shootout.
    Low scoring and mayo by 1. Think we will need a goal or 2.

  53. Would be surprised personally if AOS didn’t start full forward on Sunday.
    Ye then have a viable alternative to your dangerous running game.

  54. Really Inbetweener? Beyond words? For God’s sake Dublin have defended their title successfully. Against us last Sept. I’m sick of the gallant losers picking ourselves up and going again rubbish. I would love to win Sam and retain it. Can’t see it happening with this team unfortunately.

  55. Sometimes Martin you can’t have what you really want…but you can always enjoy what you have with a very slight tweeking of the perspective. And anyway here comes Sunday and surely that ll do for now. Cheers!

  56. Inbetweener we do no more than every other team in the championship. All teams when beaten pick themselves up and go again.

  57. Howye lads!

    I don’t know where all the people in here are getting the idea that Galway think its only a matter of turning up. No one that I know in Galway GAA thanks that at all – we don’t forget the trimming we got in 2013 (as you mentioned there, even though I could give you a history lesson on watching Galway win an All-Ireland)

    Living in the present I think you might be mixing up confidence in a solid young Galway team the likes we haven’t had since ~2005. There’s a difference between confidence and thinking we’re going to win. I honestly think it will be a draw and Mayo to win the replay.

    On the PJ donst rate Mayo lark, he rates Mayo about as much as John Maughan rates Galway! Enough said, roll on Sunday – I cant wait, despite all the negativity posted above Ive always had great craic with Mayo lads at these games…

  58. I understand what you’re saying inbetweener and agree 100%. Put it this way when this bunch are gone and we rebuild , it would be big odds on most of us seeing a mayo team contest six all Ireland semi finals on the trot and all that came with it besides. From that day v cork in 11 to limerick in 14 to the damn rare Aul times ringing in my ear last year , its been a blast but …….

    All that aside this is 2017, this is where the test is now , it salthil v Galway, they’re confident but in the majority of all this Biggin up galway I see by the various fancy Dan lovers they seem to think our bucks must of gone a biteen shy all of a sudden. I suppose you’re only as good as your last clash and we were disappointing that sat evening last June . Then again last clash could also mean a poor losing perfermonce v tipp against a one point loss in an all Ireland final replay. Its an interesting clash on many levels and fierce important for both sides .

    I’m still worried about caff s fitness/sharpness.

  59. What are the ‘Opinion Poll’s’ saying?.. Mayo??? or Galway??? Thersa May, seemed to get it all wrong!.. That’s what you get when May went to the Country in June!. What was perceived as conventional wisdom a few week’s ago ended up all wrong. We will all know much better, when we are doing our own ‘exit poll’ s’ leaving Pearce Stadium on Sunday evening. , Can I and most of ye hold onto your seat’s in McHale Park for the Connacht Final?.. The vote’s that count are not in just yet,.. All eye’s will be on the score board around 5.45pm on Sunday, these are the votes that will count for us. Ah sure, I’m loosing the run of myself, this is Ireland and its ‘proportional representation’. Sure Mayo have a bit of a advantage there, the crowd supporting Mayo will proportionally much greater than Galway’s support. Let’s make our advantage count,. , Let’s hope that it’s the Tribesmen that are ‘exiting’ this particular Connacht Championship!.. And loosing their potential seat’s as well… For the record, not that any of ye care, I much prefer Imelda May, far better looking girl than her English cousin!

  60. I won’t worry about Galway,on their best day they are at least six points below Mayo so I expect a Mayo win by around ten points,Stephen and the full managment team will be ready for them,and will use this game to fine tune the game plàn for sterner tests ahead

  61. Glad you prefer Imelda May Leantimes….great freedom since she changed the outfit. Hope we can have some of the same variety in Sunday’s game. Or…ref to Wawrinka v Murray game…what a game …/with a bit of the new and a bit of the old. Gone was the banging ball up and down court. Hope we have the mix on Sunday but if not let it be ….needs must!

  62. Corick bridge – you have me slightly confused.
    So the best we could ever hope to do playing to the maximum of our ability is to lose by 6 points?

    Have Mayo improved so much and Galway regressed so much in a season that a 6 point defeat is the max we could achieve?
    Interesting theory.
    I do expect Mayo to win on Sunday but I would respectfully suggest if we were to play to our maximum and Mayo were to play well below their maximum – we would be in with a very good chance of winning the game.

  63. Galway team named… Some positional surprises.. Two championship debuts for Ruari Lavelle and Michael Daly..

  64. Galway team.
    Sweeney Kyne Silke
    Bradshaw O Donnell Wynne
    Flynn O Curraoin
    Heaney Conroy Walsh
    Daly Comer Armstrong

  65. Bit of cat and mouse going on in both camps I would not be surprised to see neither team lining out as selected.
    I am amused at some of comments as to who will play Sweeper. What exactly is this sweeper role. To me we have five forwards who love to sweep back in defense. Even with the breeze at our backs against sligo our experienced forwards spent more time sweeping in the sligo half than they did making incisive defence splitting runs at the other end. And it appears to me our forwards are freelance sweepers, they can drift into deep positions whenever it takes their fancy.
    At least when AOS is introduced he brings a semplance of structure to our play.
    We will have to have our A game with us on Sunday, no doubt about that…

  66. I believe that Stephen knows the saying fool me once you’re the fool,we were slightly under cooked last season we won’t be this time,in fact I would not be surprised if it was a tanking

  67. Paul Conroy / Lee Keegan wil be a big square up if they play as selected. Will limit Keegans bursts forward. Keith Higgins plenty to do too keeping tabs on Michael Daly.

  68. I’d be very surprised if it a tanking. Unlike in 2013 Galway have a defensive system of play in place right now to prevent that from happening and they won’t be going into this game complacent like they were against Tipp.

    Bookies have it right a tight game expected with Mayo to prevail

  69. Its beginning to look like Mayo alright. We are holding all the aces. Just need to play the owl cards right. Not sleep walk into an ambush like last June.

  70. Certainly are a few fascinating battles if they line out as named although we need to make sure there is no one left one on one. Hope Cillian can be more patient in this one and stay near the opposition goal. Might not get his hands on the ball as much but when he does it will be in a much better position. There’s enough workers there, we don’t need him in our full back line.

  71. Would be surprised if there isn’t a change or two to the Galway lineup.
    How Eamonn Brannigan is not starting for example is beyond me – probably our most consistent player in the league.
    Don’t think Conroy will play centre forward or Daly corner forward either.

  72. No I think Conroy will either be FF or else midfield with Flynn wing forward.
    Either way this is as strong a Galway team as we’ve seen in a while. Hoping we prevail by a point or 2. Anything more would be a surprise. They’re getting stronger. Their forward lines look good with a few options from the bench. Mayo by 1 or a draw is my prediction.

  73. I would agree with Galwayman and Niall Mc. Conroy played too well in midfield last year not to lineout there again.
    And Cillian needs a clinical disciplined game operating from where he is most effective and not make all those wasteful runs back into our full back line.

  74. Why is there such a gap between the under 17 match (1.30) and the senior match (4.00) ? What does one do for the hour plus in between? I live so near the stadium I could go home for the dinner and be back again for the big one, but what will he poor lads from Belmullet do ? I could always put on a few extra spuds !!!!!!

  75. Another thing…The GAA should look at all this sh**hawhing of counties naming teams and their positions and then fielding something entirely different. The days of the traditional corner back, full back, corner forward etc. is well gone. The manager should only be required to name 15 starting players and if any of the named players doesn’t start then a valid reason such as a late injury or illness should be given. Jaasus even in horse racing if you declare a horse and it doesn’t run you have to provide a vet’s cert.

  76. Oh look Padraig Joyce said this, Conor Mortimer said that – It’s a load of boll*cks. Wait, what’s that…somebody in the media has criticised us again, so let’s throw all the toys out of the pram.

    I really don’t understand the childish attitude of some fans is what I’m getting at. Grow the f*ck up.

    As for the game, it’s a tough one to predict. All I know is that we need a big performance to restore confidence, and I’m confident that this group of players will produce the goods again.

  77. As I say every year, I don’t care if we win another match as long as we beat these lot. I am a little worried that the team is basically the same as last year. We need an extra 5% up front and I don’t see it. Hope I’m wrong. I give us a 50/50 chance in Salthill. Up Mayo

  78. Michael Daly scored 5 points from play in the recent challenge with Kerry, that’s what got him the start tomorrow..

  79. CloneeMan, that’s a very narrow minded attitude to have. What good is beating Galway if we don’t go on to win at least the Connacht title and maybe Sam ?

  80. What time would one want to be on the road tomorrow – ?? Travelling from ballina

  81. 10 Jennifer. Go the Headford rd way through Castlebar. Should be there for most of the u17 game as well.

  82. And brehony reckons we will win Sam Maguire. People gone crazy is all.

    Maigh eo go deo , sure that’s the purpose to provoke debate and opinion surely.

  83. At an underage girls football blitz today in swinford , great to see such big numbers , my daughter takes this so serious she was out doing stretches on the lawn at home this morning at 9.30:-), and kicking that ball off the Side of the house , I called out to her to be carful not to break the kitchen window , her reply was Mam chill ,
    This is how cillian practises before his games ,
    Got a good chuckle out of that 🙂 can’t wait for tomorrow , hon mayo

  84. Some pitch the Ballina ladies have on Bunrea road….great coop effort I believe…congrats.Watch out for results in future!

  85. Añy team that can start without AoS,B Harrison ,S Coen ,Donie,C Loftus, D Kirby, E Regan should not fear anybody, up Mayo

  86. CloneeMan,
    With all due respect that’s not an opinion,it’s an attitude. Why would you be happy just to defeat Galway, would that make your year ?
    What would your view be on Thomas Tierney winning a medal with Mayo following his five with Galway ?

  87. Corner back, I see where you are coming from but 1.30 start, 30 mins a half,plus 15 break would bring the game to 2.45. Then allow 35mis extra time (including a 5min break) would take it to 3.20 still another 40 mins to senior start. Don’t know about other people but I like to go and support the underage guys just as much as the seniors, but I don’t think I’ll be freezing my but of in Pearse Stadium tomorrow waiting for 4.00. Sad really,but true !

  88. Thank you Martin Ashford for that info, don’t think I’ve ever driven to Galway via Castlebar , sure how hard can it be , will just follow the posy 🙂

  89. To all of you faithful who are coming to Galway for the match, come prepared. It’s a dirty, wet windy day here right now and I can’t see much changing between now and 4pm. Pearse Stadium can be a cold gloomy spot at the best of times.

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