Team for Sunday’s FBD final named

The team for Sunday’s FBD ‘home’ final has just been announced and here it is:

MAYO (FBD Home Final v Galway): Kenneth O’Malley; Alan Feeney, Ger Cafferkey, Donal Vaughan; Peadar Gardiner, Trevor Howley, Chris Barrett; Tom Parsons, Ronan McGarrity; Andy Moran, Barry Kelly, Seamus O’Shea; Enda Varley, Aidan O’Shea, Mark Ronaldson.

It’s very interesting, I see, that the bulk of the league team from last weekend is being maintained for this first attempt to grab some silverware in the west this year. It’ll be even more intriguing to see what sort of team the opposition puts out on Sunday because, from the above, it looks as if this is a match we’re now clearly shaping to win.

More on this one tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Team for Sunday’s FBD final named

  1. Very surprised by that team. Aside from O’Malley, Feeney and Barrett, it’s pretty much the strongest side he could have named.
    Personally I would have liked to see him try out a few of the other avaliable players, especially in the full back and centre back areas, which are still a concern for me.
    Still, as you said WJ, it looks like he wants to win this one. But if Galway put out a weakened side, does a probable victory for us really have much merit? Maybe he just fancies a nice trip to NY?

  2. It may be just the FBD but the fact that it’s against Galway is probably more importnat than the status of the competition itself. Would a win not give advantage to Johnno in the psychological mind games v Big Joe?
    Having beaten them comprehensively 2 weeks ago it would be nice to repeat it – keep the confidence running high in the Mayo camp and throw a few doubts into Galway’s. Looking and testing players is fine but probably something more at stake on Sunday that makes it difficult to justify using it as a trail game. There will be other games (big and small) over next few months to do that. My view – we must go for the win!

  3. Surprised at the strength of that team. I can see the reasoning though – may as well do their best to keep the winning run and confidence going.
    I see in today’s Indo Ronaldson is in line for a 4 week suspension. That was always likely to happen since Tyrone have been crying about other teams not getting the same treatment.
    Apparently he’ll be free to play this weekend but will miss the following 2 league matches.
    I wonder will Johnno consider leaving him out for Sunday and give someone else a run in preperation for the game Ronaldson is going to miss.

  4. Go for the win every time.

    I hate the attitude some are suggesting of just throw out a reserve side and see what happens.

    We are playing with confident. Keep that up. Winning is a good habit.

    There are 4 trophies available at the start of each season – the FBD, the League, the Connacht Championship and Sam.

    I’m greedy – I want all four, but we should be setting our sights on each win while preparing to try and win the ultimate.

  5. I think its a good descision. Its the team he’s putting out and everyone expects this team to win on Sunday. now it’s up to the team to do that and win when they are expected to. Losing will also ask some big questions especially off some big players.

  6. Pulling my hair out! Great to beat Galway but for Gods sake its the teams outside Connacht that we want to be beating. I understand the rivelry but I think we place too much emphisis on it. Galway last reached an All-Ireland semi-final back in 2001. They are not a bench mark for us, nor us for them. A quote at a Mayo board meeting in 2004 went thus; “beating Galway was the bench mark, everything else was a bonus”. So if Ros beat us in the Connacht final or Fermanagh in the A.I.s/fs that year, then it was o.k because we beat Galway in an early round of the provincal championship. I think we gotta get away from too much emphisis and adoration about them. It wasnt much good to us v Meath last August.

  7. good luck on sun wont be going since heaney and nallen retired have lost interest lot of guys not up to their standerd and will be out in the middle of summer with any bit of luck

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