Team for Salthill named

We named our team to face Galway on Sunday a short while ago. Here’s the full list of team and subs for Salthill:

Mayo (Connacht SFC v Galway, 19/5/2013): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Kevin Keane (Westport), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Cathal Carolan (Crossmolina); Enda Varley (Garrymore), Alan Freeman (Aghamore), Darren Coen (Hollymount-Carramore). Subs: Kenneth O’Malley (Ballinrobe), Tom Cunniffe (Castlebar Mitchels), Alan Dillon (Ballintubber), Shane McHale (Knockmore), Michael Walsh (Ardnaree), James Burke (Ballymun Kickhams), Jason Gibbons (Ballintubber), Richie Feeney (Castlebar Mitchels), Alan Murphy (Ballinrobe), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Conor O’Shea (Breaffy).  

The above team shows four changes from the one beaten by Dublin in the NFL semi-final last month. Out from Croke Park go Chris Barrett (is he injured?), Jason Gibbons, Jason Doherty and Michael Conroy and this quartet are replaced by Keith Higgins, Enda Varley, Alan Freeman and Darren Coen.

Compared to our most recent championship outing – in last year’s All-Ireland final – there are also four changes in the starting fifteen, with Barry Moran, Alan Dillon, Jason Doherty and Michael Conroy missing (all due to injury of some kind) from the team that lined out last September, with their places taken by Seamus O’Shea, Cathal Carolan, Alan Freeman and Darren Coen respectively.

Looking further back, the team named above contains just seven survivors from the side that lined out when we last faced Galway in the championship. Keith Higgins, Donal Vaughan, the two O’Sheas (who also lined out together at midfield then), Kevin McLoughlin, Cillian O’Connor and Alan Freeman all started for us that day in June 2011 while Enda Varley also featured off the bench (and scored) in that match .

Sunday’s team contains two championship debutants – Cathal Carolan and Darren Coen – and while the selection of the former is no surprise, seeing as he established himself on the first fifteen during the league, that of the latter certainly is. The last time Darren started a competitive match (sort of) for the county was in the FBD defeat to Leitrim back in early January and he has yet to start (or, indeed, come on as a sub – though he did appear briefly as a blood sub in the match against Cork) in a league match for us. James Horan certainly can’t be accused of taking an overly conservative approach to team selection in giving the young Hollymount-Carramore man his head.

The bench, in contrast, is oozing with experience, containing as it does established campaigners such as Tom Cunniffe, Alan Dillon, Richie Feeney and Andy Moran. No Big Barry, though, which is a bit of a disappointment as it would have been good to have someone of his calibre to bring in around the middle if needs be. And no Evan Regan either: I assume he’s injured, as too must Chris Barrett as he’s not on the list at all. It’s good, however, to see the likes of James Burke, Shane McHale and Conor O’Shea named amongst the replacements for Sunday.

72 thoughts on “Team for Salthill named

  1. Disappointed and worried with the team. Obviously quite hamstrung with injuries but 2/3 of the full forwards played little part (in Coens case virtually none) in the league and although experienced, varley was hardly first choice either.

    Not surprised but disappointed to see we still have the same 6 as we had in September despite obvious failings.

    Get the feeling we are right up against it Sunday

  2. Us Dub Dwellers didn’t see the Mayo News yesterday. Said Barrett was injured apparently

  3. Probably the strongest starting team that could have been named considering the injuries building up at the moment.

    Freeman and Varley have enough experience at this stage and McLoughl;in & O’Connor are two of the best in the country. Big surprise to see Coen in ahead of Evan Regan or especially Richie Feeney.

    The bench is probably one of the strongest I have ever seen and if we can get out of Salthill with a victory and start getting some of those players back fully fit and into the starting 15 then by the time we get to the 1/4 finals we will have a squad of top class players who will have played through a connaught championship and that will mean our bench will have more experience, either with fellas like DIllon & Cunniffe being kept on the bench or with fellas like SOS and Varley dropping down to become back up.

    I think Mayo are going to get through Game One on Sunday and it whould set us up nicely for a real tilt at finally being able to walk SAM across the border on the Charlestown bypass…..straight into Swinford! 😉

  4. Django, only two of that front six started in September. Coen is a classy player. Freeman & Varley have proved that they are capable of delivering on a big day, Varley in particular, and Carolan has earned his place in the starting 15 regardless of injuries

  5. Yeah Barrett and Reagn are both injurds at the moment with Regan agrivating the knee injury that he struggled with last year in a club game a couple of weeks back.

  6. Darren must be showing at training, I have a feeling there will be others pushing hard for jerseys too.
    Best of luck to him

  7. Mike regardless of what the Sheepstealers say Ballaghadreen is only Rosscommon for politcal and adminstration reasons and if( it’s a big if at this stage) we win Sam it’s there that it will be welcomed back to Mayo!!!!
    Personally I hope we negotiate our way out of Salthill with a win and then there will be a rampaging horde of Rossies to deal with after that should we get that far!

  8. Time to start looking forward to the Qualifiers. We’ll struggle to score more than 9 or 10 points.

  9. Very strong team. 11 of the team that started in the All Ireland final with Dillion,Andy Moran to bring it’s a far more experienced side that Galways have should have more than enough to beat them. Midfield might be one worry however both O’Sheas were the midfield pairing in 2011.

    Mayo by 3 i think.

  10. Delighted Horan is taking a chance on Darren Coen! He didn’t play much of a role in the league but he’s obviously showing well at training and although we can wonder why Horan choose Coen, he’s the only man that knows his best starting 15 at the moment. So hopefully Coen will step up to the mark Sunday and add another bit of dept to this squad! Great to see Alan and Andy on the bench too! I still think with the two all stars pushing to get back into the team and the new lads pushing for places, we can win this one by 4-5pts! Roll on Sunday 🙂

  11. So five first choice players are missing and even (evan!) the next in line Regan is also out. Effectively there are some third choice players included.

    Just hope that panel is as strong as some people say it is. We will have our work cut out for us, even allowing that Hanley is a big loss for Galway.

  12. Crete Boom, I agree with you regards Ballagh and I would expect any all-ireland winning Mayo team to stop there. But the symbolicness of walking past the WELCOME TO MAYO sign outside Charlestown is what I am talking about.

    As for the negative comments on here about Mayo heading for qualifiers, not scoreing more than 10 points etc… Get behind the team lads. Don’t be expecting them to fail! yeah its a young team with a few lads that would not normally be guaranteed starters but remember, for a long time Andy Moran was in that position, so was Mickey Conroy and David Clarke and all three are now some of our most important players. These lads need to get a start at some stage and why not throw them into the deep end with an away game in Salthill? Injuries have deprived us of some of our star men but these lads definitely have what it takes to step up to the mark and become legends in their own right. Lets get behind them and give them our full support.

    In James We Trust!

  13. I would’nt say that Cold Stone. Galway have not been great this last 3 or 4 years. Some day they will produce a performance, if its next Sunday our goose could be cooked, but I dont think its too likely. This is far from our strongest line up, but we got a strong bench, the two O’Shea’s should be able to get the upper hand in midfield. Our defence has been good but I’m surprised that Tom Cunniffe is not starting, in my opinion our best choice at CHB, I know Donnie has the best engine in the game bar none, Next Sunday in particular I would like to see him starting in the CHF berth, he spends plenty of time there in any case and with the long injury list, I think he could cause the Galway all sorts of problems. Maybe thats an oppurtunity missed, a good man to mind the the debutants as well. Cant see Andy coming of the bench no matter what happens, the weather is much too cold, not great for trying out newly healed tendon injurys. Its windy today so you can expect a gale in Salthill, our defence has put in a number of good performances against the gales, so I expect the same next on Sunday. Hard to believe it Galway v Mayo in the championship and cattle still in sheds. Come on Mayo

  14. Well some team news at last. Glad to keane back. Deserves another chance. Prcb a gud idea to move Cillian to cf. Hard lines on feeney tho. Going to be a tight match with usual nailbiting finish. Galway are coming. But can wait a while. We are used to tight finishes.
    And by the way lads when Sam comes home it will be by train and that means first stop ballyhaunis! Like the last time like……..

  15. catcol says:
    May 15, 2013 at 4:22 pm
    So five first choice players are missing

    Dillion two Morans,Conroy and? i don’t think Regan,Jason Doherty are first choice.

    Won’t be a classic game but Mayo should win this game by 3-5 points.

  16. Whats Jason Dohertys injury anybody know? We could do with him up front the next day!

  17. Most of those 6 forwards wouldn’t scare me too much if I was a galway defender.
    I suspect mulholland will see this as and opportunity for his backs to really get stuck in and win the game.
    On the other hand if our 6 deliver a good score we will truly have made massive progress and it will send out a powerful signal to all who have notions about september.
    As I said in a previous post its time for some of our forwards to sh** or vacate the potty. And sunday is the day!

  18. Thanks MO2013 – but I still say 5. Doherty had been first choice in the league and would have been odds on to start.

    Not to be personal about the players but the fact is that two thirds of the full forward line are third choices. Also Murphy not listed in subs so he may be injured also.

  19. Come on, get behind the team, it’s about as good a team that could be picked given the circumstances with injuries.

    There are an awful lot of negative comments floating around here that don’t do anybody any good. Wait until Sunday evening before writing off the team. I know Galway are keeling very quiet and I’m sure that they have their own plans for dealing with Mayo, but come on, we should be good enough to beat them. I heard that they played a less than full-strength Kildare team in a challenge match a couple of weeks ago, and Kildare apparently won with plenty left in the tank.

    There been plenty of bad days in Salthill, my first memory there was in 1984, Jimmy Burke’s lob over the Galway keeper (Padraig Coyne?) before Big Tom Byrne got sent off. Fergal Costello’s sickening injury in front of the stand in 2003 is what I recall from that match, the sweltering heat of the low scoring final in 2005, and getting beaten (literally) out the gate in 2007. But I like to think we have more steel in this team, I don’t think that they will lie down when Galway come at them.

    Rather than writing off the team before they start, think back to last September and the final whistle against Dublin. Alright, the final was over after 10 minutes, but to have the chance to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up again as they were when we won the semi-final that game, or the 2006 Dublin match, or the 2009 Salthill match, to have the chance to start another year of chasing Sam… that’s what this site is about, it shouldn’t be about putting us down, there are plenty of pundits around the rest of the country that will do that for us.

    So stand up for the lads that run out on the pitch on Sunday, and stand proud.

    Let’s hope this starts another summer odyssey !

  20. We should all stop moaning about injuries–these things happen.Not too long ago people were complaining about some of the absenties & indeed giving out about Horan playing backs as forwards.Do you remember those 2 boyos–Coyle & Reilly–both converted backs!!!!

  21. We should be asking where the scores to win will come from….
    Starting at the back, i would have liked to see Tom Cunniffe in there at CHB. Although, Donnie will be good from ~1 when he gallops up the field. But sure..
    Midfield will be fine, we should dominate there…
    Half forwards, I have a lot of confidence in….Cillian wil get a couple of scores ~5 scorable frees, miss 2 into the wind, ~3 from play. Mac will be scooping up breaking ball around the middle third and maybe be good for ~2. Cathal same role…maybe good for ~1.
    Full forwards, now if I’m Galway, I’m not exactly shaking in me boots what, with varley, freeman and coen? However, these lads have a lot to prove. They read the papers, read the blogs, hear the comments…they are not the “first choice” picks etc.
    We need this FF line to notch up up the scores….Varley will be good for ~3 (couple of frees), Freeman ~2 and Coen, an unknown qty really, but maybe, just maybe a goal….what better way to start the c’ship.
    Thats for a total of ~1-15…should be enough to see off the tribesmen! and thats all we need to do, see them off, and move on.

  22. Personally, I think this team should still easily justify the favourites tag and should account for a Galway team that is probably 2 or 3 years away from becoming a force to be reckoned with.

    The Mayo backs are obvious choices. While Donie may get shown up against really top opposition who can run at Mayo in fast, counter attacking moves, Galway don’t really pose this threat. I would expect the Mayo backs to remain well on top in their sector.

    Midfield isn’t really an issue. Two big, powerful players who should easily be able to hold their own and probably chip in with a couple of scores. Even an off day in this department should still see them break about even which should be enough.

    The forwards are interesting. I can’t see Cillian doing much damage (outside of his obvious quality in free taking) from open play. He doesn’t cut it yet as a CF but he may not look out of place there against Galway. K Mac will be his usual busy self and can be the key to linking the play between backs and forwards.

    I think Freeman is one of the most underrated players in the county. He is an out and out full forward. Competing with Andy Moran for that position hasn’t worked out well for him and he has been moved around a lot, playing in the half forwards and at corner forward a lot. Give him quality ball close to goal and he is a match winner. He really does need a run of games in that position to really start to shine, I think. Connacht Championship could be the making of him this year if he regains some of the killer instinct that he seems to have been lacking of late.

    Varley is someone who you may not notice for long periods in a game. He wont do much to stop a corner back from breaking out but he puts in a lot of work and usually doesn’t need many opportunities to pop over a score or two in every game.

  23. A thought!! This does not apply to Sunday but I would welcome some opinions. When Barry Moran is fit again and plays alongside AOS in the centre, would Seamus O’Shea be useful at centre half back or centre half forward? He is big and strong and has never been tried there. Any comments?

  24. Good call Joe Mc. Jonno didn’t do much right towards the end of his second managerial stint but one thing that I thought worked well was Seamus O’Shea at centre half forward. He had a great run there during the 2010 league.

    Since Andy would be nailed on at 14 and nobody else seems to have settled at 11 I would like to see Seamus tried there again once Barry Moran is back. Aidan at 11 is a double disaster for us because he isn’t good enough in that position (he’s obviouisly more than good enough in midfield) and we lose him from midfield at the same time but in a fully fit team Seamus wouldn’t be starting otherwise so it seems sensible to give him a shot there – either later in the Connacht Championship or in the qualifiers, depending on how Sunday goes.

  25. Best of luck on what could be a very tricky afternoon in Salthill, I think he will need the bench to see us through at the end.Forwards look a little lightweight.With all the injuries Galway must fancy themselves at home.

  26. Why not SOS at CHB and Vaughan at CHF ???
    Agree with the posts above, calling for us to back the team and to stop knocking them, all those lads deserve a chance and we should be thankful for them. Maybe the reason that all’s quiet in Galway is because they have nothing to say , they are after all facing one of the most formidable sides in the country and will do good to keep within 5pts at the end…………….Where will our scores come from?? many will ask ………lets just see it unfold.
    Maigh Eo Abu

  27. I don’t see why people think Vaughan will make a good CHF. His main problem is his distribution – he causes a huge amount of turnovers, and usually when he’s caught badly out of position.
    The primary job of a good CHF is to play intelligent ball to the inside forwards, so I don’t see how Donie would be be the answer there.

  28. Glad to see freeman get another chance at FF. If he gets direct high ball he can do serious damage but too many times players out field have gone with low balls into corner where he has struggled at times. Galway will target O’Connor and try to take him out and limit our free taking threat..

  29. On the question of where will the scores come from – a team only needs to score one point more than the other crowd to win. So scoring ten points is fine if the other crowd only score nine. If Mister Mayor’s sums are correct and Mayo rack up 1-15, they’ll stroll it. Hard to see our backs getting a trimming unless something disastrous occurs.

    YoungFella can’t be that awful young if he remember Salthill in 1984 but I personally have very vivid memories of Castlebar in 1998, which was around this time of year too. It’s best to treat Galway like a paper bag bursting with tarantulas – it’s only after you’ve stomped seven shades out of them that you can ever feel properly safe.

  30. Having seen him in the challenge against Fermanagh I am not surprised to see Coen start in the corner – he was quite busy and seemed to pose a goal threat. I am more surprised to see Cillian on the forty, I would have expected to see him in the corner with Feeney at CHF. Cillian does pose a goal threat and Feeney seems to get acres of space, is a good outlet for defenders and can take his score. I would not compare Aiden O’Shea of 2011 with the Aiden of today he is much stronger and fitter now and I expect he will give us a big advantage in the middle. I see Galway have Tom Flynn at wing forward and i think they will be trying to use him as a third midfielder.
    Overall I would expect a win on Sunday – unless Michael Meehan produces something very special – something he is capable of doing. However I am confident that Cafferkey can keep tabs on him unless the injury jinx hits him too, anybody else and I would be more worried.

  31. This game will tell a lot about our squad, and could be the making of some of these players. This game will depend on how our forwards go, I think that Freeman has the potential to be a good ff, he appears to be a confidence player so a good start is important. Interested to see how Coen plays, Varley works hard and can take a score but tends to do this more so when he comes on,
    I think that COC could be a really good chf, he is a very clever player, and both McL and Carolan are capable of scoring. This will be tight, the risk is that there are a number of unknowns and new combinations in the forwards, I will be happy if I am leaving Salthill after a 1 point win,

  32. Good evening to all the scutcherz! Long and short is even if mayo had a full strength starting 15 Galway would be very hard beaten in salthill!! It’s prob as unpredictable as it gets. It’s a real 50/50 game and if the weather for Sunday comes as predicted it won’t help as anyone who’s been in Pearce stadium on a windy day knows!!!

  33. I would say Alan Freeman has to be on his last chance. Not many players have had this amount of squad and game time afforded them. People say he needs a run of games – however you cannot give someone game time unless they deliver consistently. He has been part of this Mayo setup now since that infamous Longford match 3 years ago. In other words he’s the most experienced forward we have out there. The time for him to show if he is good enough has to be Sunday. He’s leading the FF line – hopefully he will deliver.

  34. Mayo deserve to be warmish favourites despite the lads missing up front however I’ve seen enough good Mayo sides get beaten by average Galway teams down though the years to know you can’t take them for granted.

  35. Some are forgetting that Alan Freeman scored 1-2 against Galway in 2011 and his display went along way to winning that game. He’ll be marked by a rookie defender on Sunday no Hanley who is one of the best defenders in Connacht.

  36. I agree with Young Fella and Mister Mayor, this is about as good as it gets with what’s available. What’s the point in crying about Andy, Alan, Barry, Mickey, Jason. You could go on, but all those absentees gives a chance to the lads that have come in. Its their day. glad to see Kevin given the chance again, I think he has a lot to offer. I would like to see him in the No 6 shirt, that’s where Moyle’s played him in the Siggerson for Sligo, a good reader and foot passer. Darren has the chance to show that he has come on from under age. Was a class Minor. 50/50 game. Galway won’t want Mayo to win 3 in a row on their patch. Mulholland in last chance salon and he needs the win. I’d take a 1 pt. win now. Bye Bye out if there.

  37. Freeman will deliver on Sun once he is provided with sufficient ball into him at F.F. The early balls into him to run onto and he’ll take care of the rest! If yr looking for a good bet I’d launch on him to score the 1st goal too, not sure of the price! I don’t see where the negativity for this match is coming from, it’s Galway who have it all to prove even though they are at home, so get behind the lads! C’mon Mayo!

  38. I am a little concerned about Keane in the corner. I like the lad, as I have stated here often enough, but he has shown only poor form for |Mayo so far this season and I think that with Armstrong and Meehan in the full forward line I would have chosen McHale ahead of him, even if he was slightly out of position.
    I know Keane has been recovering from an injury but his form and fitness were shockingly poor in the league, disappointingly so because he has shown us what a quality player he is. I think Galway will see our full back line as a weakness and try to rattle the back of our net good and early. Therefore the steady McHale would have been a safer option.
    However, Horan is obviously showing faith in the lad, which is a good thing, as he knows better than anyone what Keane can produce on the field. Maybe the lad just needs time to get his fitness back, have the manager show some faith and trust in him and the rest will fall into place.
    I haven’t been able to nip up and take a peek at any of the training sessions lately so it’s difficult to know where the form is. Word is the younger lads are showing up well. We will know on Sunday.
    Quitely confident (not cocky though) of a victory by 4 to 5 points.
    P.S. Do any of the bust builders in Galway have any of their helicopters left lying around the place? It is the only way you can get into that God forsaken place in Salthill without either walking in from Headford or burning a tank of diesel sitting in traffic on the Quincentinial Bridge.

  39. Pebblesmeller, regards the only way in to Salthill, the only way in is early – VERY EARLY, Getting in early is key to getting out again. A mate of mine a few years ago got there half an hour late resulting in trying to escape via the Spiddal road, across to Moyycullen, out to Maam Cross and back to Mayo via Cong. Anything better than going through Claregalway!!!!!
    Only Galway people would put a stadium in Salthill. Have never been there for a hurling match but I imagine the same access problem applies. The natural place for football is Tuam and for hurling Loughrea. Salthill is only suitable for swimming – if the crowd is small.

  40. The first fifty fifty ball between the Galway full back and Freeman will have a big bearing on the game.If he gets a few digs early on he tends to drift out of games.I think its a case of who else is there, rather than a huge vote of confidence for Freeman.

  41. People are asking where will the Mayo scores come from, question is where will the Galway scores comes from? They’ll be up against the same 7 defenders that restricted Donegal to 13 scores (and some were unlucky) last Sept! AOS is miles ahead of any midfielder in Connaught, so our forwards have a great chance to nail down some places. JH doesn’t dwell on sentiment so he’s obviously picking Freeman on ability. Looking forward to seeing what Freeman, Coen and Carolan can add to the team. We need real competition for places in the forwards so hopefully they’ll do well. Best of luck to them.

  42. Its hard to know why Coen wasn’t used in the League .

    Freeman has potential but as we all know has not played to his ability since 2010.

    Saying that I have every faith in Horan so we have to presume these boys are showing in training.

    I still have a sneaky feeling Dillon will start though.

    The high ball could work a treat into Freeman but imho the full back would have to be a bit soft for it to work, freeman can’t handle a rough battle.

    I can’t vison our defense conceeding an awful lot but Meehan and Armstrong are natural forwards that can’t be given space or time.

  43. Only issue I have with Kevin Keane is that he is too nice (or not long enough in the game at inter county level). E.g. last year in all Ireland he should really have pushed M. Murphy in the back and conceded a free especially when he got turned – rather than gambling on his ability to go toe to toe with him. He needs to toughen up and show a more ruthless streak.

    As for a Freeman scoring 1-2 – well that’s fine but he has not pushed on consistently from that. If he had his position would be nailed on every team sheet.

    Fellas (especially on the fringes) are going to have to stand up and be counted on Sunday. We need to bury Galway as quickly as possible (preferably build up a lead in the first half and push on hard then in the second)

  44. After last years all Ireland something needed to change, maybe Darren Coen and these boys are taking the message onboard. Sunday is really going to be very interesting for Mayo, forwards that should be getting a decent supply of ball from a strong midfield will be under pressure to do the business. Will they? While the defense is strong enough to hold Galway to 10 or 12 points.
    You would have to think Mayo would score more than that with oconnor and mcloughlin giving the right passes in and also taking their own scores. It should be a very interesting game, freeman and varley are experienced enough at this stage to know how to deliver against a team that’s not top quality side just yet. And Coen plus Carolan hoping they can score enough to keep the jersey.
    My feeling is that the scoring will be over a wide spread of players with o Connor getting his from frees and 1 or 2 from play. Mayo to get 2 goals in this game, without the goal scoring increasing we will come up short again so I think we” ll see more attempts at least.

  45. just reading through the comments and I am on the same boat as every1 that the full forward is lacking experience, I don’t think Coen should be thrown in the starting 15, bit unfair of Horan ( that’s my opinion). but if ain’t working there are great subs to bring in

    looking at the comments I seen one by Mike Kelly yesterday at 3.44 pm stating that “Freeman & Varley have proved that they are capable of delivering on a big day”, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON!!!!

    where have you seen Freeman’s capability of performing on the big day??? and a big day is not a shitty friendly game

    Come on!!!!

  46. Why do people on this site continue to run down our chances for sunday but more importantly continue to be very critical of some of our players. Its no wonder we never reach the promised land with so much negativity around the place. Make no mistake about it this is our team, who continue to do us proud and a team that deserves far more respect that is often afforded to them. Lets cut out the dribble regarding young Coen and Freeman. For all we know they could be our two best players on sunday!!

  47. Well said, Chisel. Let them play the game first, and then criticize them if they deserve it. For a lad like Darren Coen, starting his first championship match, we should be trying to build up his confidence. Instead it seems more people are intent on knocking him even before he kicks a ball.

  48. This is a weak team when measured against the All-Ireland final against Donegal when only a generous analysis would have considered eight of that team to be good enough. Apart from SOS nobody has been added to the team to strengthen it since that day. It was Einstein who said: The definition of folly/insanity is to repeat the experiment and expect a different result. The experiment goes on. Hoping for a win but a rout would not surprise me.

  49. I think it’s fair to comment on, and debate the team selection. However we all, from time to time, have our own opinions on who should and should not be starting, and others agree and disagree on those opinions. We as supporters don’t know what JH is thinking or what his selection options are/were/will be on game day. He may indeed change it up before throw in, and switch Cilian to FF and Alan to CHF, or he may start Dillon or Gibbons, or he may not! We just don’t know. Fair enough.

    Having said that, no right minded Mayo supporter wishes anything but the best of luck and a win for the lads on Sunday. Remember, it is about scoring more than the opponent and I predict ~1-15 from our lads, not a huge haul, but very manageable even with some inexperience and underperformances up front. I dont believe this is a weak team at all… I believe with the experience we have in the back line coupled with our strength in midfield we will have enough to win this and move on.

  50. Galway are not good. They’re not playing at Division one level. We have every right to be bullish even with the injury list. We mightn’t shoot the lights out but Galway’s forwards hardly have us shaking in our boots. A decent performance will see us run out 4 or 5 point winners. I don’t get people having a go before the ball is thrown in. Assess things as they happen. Get over yourselves, it’s only Galway!

  51. Alan Dillion to start and Barry Moran to be on the bench according to some sources close to the panel.

  52. killawallachris- are you really serious, “it’s only Galway!”? That is the kind of comment that loses matches for teams. In every walk of life you never underestimate your opponents, never mind scoff at them. Treat every team with respect, i.e. Longford, and you won’t be caught on the hop.
    People are assessing things on observing how the team and individual players have performed, that is not negative criticism. If Rooney is playing shite for Man Utd. and he is dropped, is that negative? It’s actually constructive criticism and is positive as it will be a better team without him.

  53. “its only Galway!” Wow. I never thought id see the day.
    Like Spailpin said ……youre only safe when theyre all ‘ stamped to death’.

  54. Hello,

    The weather forecast is good for Sunday after alot of rain on Saturday night. Fresh moderate Easterly Wind expected.

  55. Conditions of course wil have an impact…but anyway
    The vast majority of Mayo supporters do not write off Galway. Even though Galway are a Div 2 team and somewhat younger and less experienced than the current Mayo team, these derby’s are always tense affairs and once throw in comes, it’s anyone’s game.
    However, based on form and the experience factor, it’s reasonable to expect Mayo to win this and move on.

  56. @killawallachris, how long have you been watching gaelic football? Serious question.

  57. I saw irish independent that they had all stars for the league and the have paul mansion of Dublin in half forward he came three games and did now his all star material according to paper only thing he did was score a goal against mayo playing well Tyrone personally there other forwards better then him

  58. Fair play Chisel. Too much negativity around. Lets get behind the lads on Sunday. Encourage Coen in everything he does. Horan obv liking what he sees in training. Roll on Sunday. Up Mayo

  59. It’s the all stars for the league by Martin brehony in the Irish independent that what I was on about sorry about that

  60. Chisel and Trevor – people are not running down our chances for Sunday. They are being cautious and realizing that Galway have to be respected.
    Everyone here are ‘behind the lads’; not just you ‘positive people’. There is not one person on this blog that does not have the interests of Mayo football at heart. Everyone will be living, dying and hopefully living again during the match. If we win, over the moon. If Mayo are fantastic, over the moon.
    So, if some of you ‘positive people’ feel superior, you’re fooling yourselves. Did you read what I said about Rooney and Man Utd?
    I would love to see new players, we need them. The county should be searched for them and loads tried out. Mayo are team building. It’s not a big deal. We will get it right. Maybe not this year, but we will get it right. Now that’s positive thinking.

  61. Let us focus on the team selected not on injuries and negativity. If injuries could be cured in a short space of time we might have a different team selected. Lets play with the hand dealt out.

    Mayo will win – maybe by a small margin. Mayo / Galway games are close in Pearse Stadium?

  62. Since last years AIF a lot of people on here have stated we needed 2/3 new forwards, well we have them now for Sunday ( enforced for sure ) but at least lets all back them to the hilt. Was at most Mayo games so far and Carolan is going well, works hard, won’t score a lot, but is entitled to his chance.As for Coen, saw very little of him except against Leitrm , but Horan and Nallen ( incase we forget him ) have. He must be doing something to keep Richie on the bench. Would all love to Andy and Alan starting , but as we are well used by now. We are where we are.

  63. mayo-gal. games always take on a life of their own , always did and always will so i dont think there will be much in it sunday, what mayo mus,ent do is start slowly and let galway build up an early lead and build their cofidence because if the herring chokers smell blood it be a long evening, they the herrings hav,t much to lose as their under dogs anyways and on their own turf.As for throwing coen in their at the deep end, we have to thrust jam horan judgement on it, as im no great fan of his with all his chopping an changing in the league, i dont know what he achieved really bring on this team since last year, i certainly cannot see how this team has moved on or has improved, but we are were we are , let the battle begin and hopefully get over this banana skin and i think we will go very close, but for me sunday is a very trickey 1 against our old foes, get over that 1 and it opens up and squad gets stronger with injurys clearing up…………..but time will tell…………………..C,MON MAYO.

  64. Nephin, I like your optimism and upbeat approach to our team.
    I think there is a growing feeling of pessimism and excessively harsh criticism being displayed on this site since the start of the league. I have said previously, I hope to Jazuz that our lads don’t log-on too often because they may start to wonder who does support them.
    Injuries aside, and those lads will be back very shortly, we are a much better squad than last year. I remember reading on here the calls for Murphy, Walsh and Barrett to be given a chance and that Horan was ignoring them. Well, bar the injury to Barrett I believe he would be starting, Walsh has featured and both him and Murphy came on in a league semi-final and are named on the bench for Sunday! Horan is ignoring them alright!
    The call for new and fresh forwards has been addressed by Carolan, who had a good solid league, and Coen. I also remember loads of people shouting for him to be given a chance last year. Now when he is given an opprotunity Horan is being criticisied for “throwing and inexperienced player in at the deep end”.
    Jesus, let it rest.
    We will respect Galway but not fear them.

  65. Lets separate our support and loyalty for the county Mayo and its team, from worship and an unquestioning blind headlong charge. This site from what I glean is very supportive of players and management. The “criticism” is articulate and genuine in the main.I often agree with it and at times I don’t, but that to me is the kernel of what this site is all about… a forum for Mayo followers to articulate their thoughts and ideas.At times that expression is trenchant and questioning. At times that expression is gushing with praise.

    I wouldn’t like Mayogaablog to become the Mayo teams fan club or Pravda where only one type of comment is welcomed. WJ runs a tight ship, I see his liner as a craft where we debate and challenge, exchange ideas, agree and disagree. Now to followers of a certain age (mine) and I don’t claim to speak for anyone other than myself. I have seen many princes on Mayo teams who were never lords. I have seen men crowned kings without claiming the ultimate symbol that ordains them.

    In short we as a county are generous and fair to our players, according them huge status. At times if we think that the clothing they wear are not what the emperor thinks they are…then lets cough it up and say it in plain language. No county has knocked on the door as much as us in the last 23 years. With that comes a pattern and a path. Bill Connolly touched on it. Last years final should have been the spring board for a right cut this year. Followers are entitled to be part of that caravan and if they mutter under the load the county has carried for near 62 years…then let them.

    Sunday is a day for the team to shut any dissenters mouths, myself included. Its the ultimate free market stage…win and we move to the next challenge. Lose and the lights on not just WJs site will light up and I can assure you of this…mayogaablog will probably the fairest in their analysis.

  66. We all have to say that mayo are looking good this year and have a fantastic squad, Sunday will be tough regardless and always will be that way when it comes to Mayo vs Galway games.But when all injured become fit again mayo will be a formidable force against any of the counties and a prediction from me would be all the way to the final. I dont know if any of the other counties have such a diverse squad of players psychically , skill wise and experience wise. It would not be fair to be in any way critical towards anyone at this stage the first 15 will pan out in time and who is fit to be on the first 15 will be on the first 15 the rest undoubtedly will have tried their best. Best of luck to mayo tomorrow (sunday) Mayo 2 – 12 Galway 0 – 9 . woo hoo

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