Team for Sunday announced

Hot off the presses, folks, courtesy of Mid West Radio, here’s the team for Sunday:

K O’Malley; L O’Malley, BJ Padden, K Higgins; E Devenney, J Nallen, P Gardiner; D Heaney, P Harte; G Brady, T Mortimor, A Dillon; C Mortimor, K O’Neill, A Moran.

The main talking points, I suppose, are BJ at full-back (by Sunday evening he’ll have played competitively for Mayo at 14, 11, 8 , 6 and 3), Jimmy Nallen back in at centre-back and Trevor Mort back into the fray at centre-forward. Personally, I’m mightily relieved that David Heaney wasn’t pressed back into service at no.3. Once David Brady is back to full fitness, the option – which I think will be used – will be there to shift Heaney to centre-back. I can’t see Nallen lasting there for too much of the Summer but he could do alright in the position on Sunday.

I’m delighted to see Trevor back. The fact that it’s Galway we’re playing isn’t a coincidence. I also think we can expect to see a big performance from Conor now that the big brother is there, feeding him the kind of ball he likes.

Johnno was interviewed on MWR a few minutes ago and he said that, although he’s named in the starting team, Liam O’Malley will still undergo a fitness test on Sunday morning to confirm that he’s okay to line out. Trevor is fully fit, according to Johnno, fully fit and ready to kick those Galway holes all around Salthill (no, he didn’t say that – he’s a putative TD for gawdsakes!). DB and Super Mac will both have fitness tests as well on Sunday morning and both are likely to be on the bench. If they both make it to the bench, I think we can expect to see both in action at some stage in the proceedings.

That’s it for now. More in a bit, once they name the Galway team again – I missed it when they named it on MWR the first time around.

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