Team named, Connolly’s ban upheld

Mayo AISF 2015

Serves me right for sitting down after the kids had gone to bed to watch the match all over again, eh? I deliberately didn’t check my phone during this time and so it’s only now that I’m catching up on all the two significant news items that have broken in the meantime.

First, there’s our team announcement for Saturday’s replay, which is as follows:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC semi-final replay, 5/9/2015): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore); David Drake (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole).

No, I don’t believe that team will start on Saturday either. What clearly has happened is that we’ve just lashed out the names of the same fifteen who lined out in the drawn match and so, like last Sunday, it’ll only be shortly prior to throw-in the next day that we’ll see what the real team will be.

The one nugget of intelligence, though, from the above is that Donal Vaughan will be in the match-day 26 (if he was injured, then there’d be no point naming him as that would have cut our match-day squad to 25) and I guess he could yet be in the starting fifteen.

The other big news from earlier on tonight was that Diarmuid Connolly’s appeal hearing was heard, with the CHC upholding the proposed one-match ban arising from the red card he picked up in the drawn game for a strike on Lee Keegan. I’d thought the CHC was due to meet tomorrow night (i.e. Thursday – okay, it is after midnight so technically tonight but I’m still on Wednesday time) but obviously this wasn’t the case.

I have to say I’m a bit surprised at the decision, if only because the GAA’s disciplinary processes are in rag order at the minute and you’d have thought that Dublin would have been able to find some arcane basis for a successful appeal. Not so it would seem and so they now have to plan for Saturday’s replay without the services of the Vincents man.

Oh, and the second viewing of the match? Bloody hell, our Diarmuid has some motor on him. He was absolutely everywhere. And I’d definitely retain Robbie in goals as well – as one who has been critical of his restarts, I have to say they were brilliant on Sunday, far better than Cluxton’s were.

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  1. Whatever about last Sunday I would not like to be in the Hill on Saturday. There has being a lot of negative interactions between both supporters. The Dubs will be very frustrated if Connolly doesn’t line out.I think there will be a bad vibe .Hope I’m wrong

  2. I’ve always edged towards Clarke on the goalkeeper decision and he looked fully fit in warm up. Can only guess that the lads who have the consistent injury free training put in are started so Donie unlikely to start IMO. Likely that’s why Barrett got the nod ahead of Tom C.
    But I have to admit this was possibly Hennelly’s best game on kickouts, certainly of the big games he’s played. He also closed the lad down well for his save but tried not to concede 13 metre free and a clever Dublin forward poked it out of the melee. Very tough call, hard being a goalie as if one lad gets injured he might never get back in. I think Clarke maybe just a small bit more reliable but very little between them.
    On the tactical change in FF line I see a lot of people edging towards Freeman. Good in 2013, has lots of attributes, just this movement in first Kerry game last year is where I’ve been critical. Cillian did all the work that first half. My preference is Barry at FF and Aido at 11 but going in and out with Doherty outfield and Cillian coming out when the twin towers are in to ensure we have enough defensive cover if things break down. But I see the merit of holding Barry back too as I think SOS tired near the end yesterday.

  3. Do any of ye think Dublin will drop MDMA and bring Cian O’ Sullivan out to midfield with Bastick
    It’d be risky but they need a midfield to take on Kerry if they won and he has the experience Fenton lacks.
    For what it’s worth my opinion of several Dublin backs dropped the last day and COS is no world beater which I tthought maybe he was in 2013 2nd half snuffing of Gooch who had just had his greatest 35 minutes ever for Kerry. They can also put him in FB line if we cause toruble there but Small is inexperienced for Centre Back .. Mayo might target him with runs if he plays.
    Loss of Connolly gives us a bit less to worry about. McMenamon can cause problems but Connolly has a great array of skills. Rock will start for sure and they might leave him on for full game even if quiet as their 3 wides from frees will have troubled them.

  4. If everyone gets into the hill early and takes over 1 section there’ll be no problems.

    Going solo into a bunch of Dubs might not be so much fun if the result goes against them though

  5. whitey,
    nail on head with that. you can imagine if the game is at 5 o clock that means plenty of beer aboard all afternoon and if things dont go the way that some “fans” they may get nasty. Stay in a group and be careful is great advice.

  6. At the end of the day there was a lot of incidents and accidents in the first game. On at least three occasions Dublin players went over the edge:
    1. Jonny Cooper on Diarmuid
    2. McMahon on Aido
    3. Connolly on Lee
    We had a couple of occasions where we went very close to the edge, Cillian and Lee. One suspension for them and none for us is probably about right, it could have been two suspensions for them and one for us. You would think that any fair minded person would see it this way as well. In their heart of hearts they know that they should have finished us off when they went 7 up, we need to use this to our advantage. Our job will be to roar on the lads and give them as much support as possible. Roll on the game!

    P.S. Well done to our medical team, to have Donie fit and ready to go for this game is a great achievement.

  7. It’s a good sign to see the same team named. There’s a bit of thinking going on! So, it ll be the same again except we could see a transformation!
    Connollys absence might nt prove the godsend it would appear. There’s always the compensatory amount to deal with.
    Let’s get the main things right this time and it ll be hunky dori!

  8. I’m surprised Vaughan is included. I wonder if Cunniffe might be fit enough to make the 26 too? That’s definitely a team that was lashed in for the sake of the prorgramme.

  9. My first post on here. Regarding fans and support.they say and we think we are one of the best supporting counties in the country but one area we seem to be very lacking is when the team comes back on after half time. Compared to the dubs we were very quiet when the teams came back on. We weren’t heard until the lads themselves started an unbelievable comeback. I noticed the same thing in the 2013 final. The dubs have a great advantage in that they can get it going in the hill and the rest of the stadium soon joins in. How could we all get going together? When we do get shouting together we can be heard over the dubs

  10. just outside ballagh , that was the catchphrase of one of the sergeants alright but i think another one used to say “do it to them before they do it to you ” !

    I have a suspicion that Connolly has other avenues to appeal yet and will be let off tonight.

  11. Ya I cant imagine that will be the team that starts eithe, Patrick Durkan will have to be in as he was class after a little shaky/nervous start the last day .

    Donie must be fit enough to make the squad as you say but I cant see him starting either, would be off the opinion Barry starts and we hit them hard from the offset, that or Kevin Mc drops into defense and Freeman or Andy start .

    I would like to see Barry starting and imagine them looking at this Mayo team in the lineup and saying wow they are a big team.

    I watched the game back again and must credit Chris Barrett on a very good job on Brogan. Brogan is a class act and Chris limited him to pot shots, one which actually went wide and others went over but were on Brogans limit.

    Its a fascinating game and cant wait for it but my confidence is growing as minus Connelly they are without their most talented player and possible scoring threat .

    As you say there is always the compensatory factor and I think it will come from Andrews moreso than McManamon.
    Kilkenny will have to be watched alot closer and I think Durkans pace should restrict his influence .
    I think Boyler is a perfect match for McManamon and would actually give Keith Higgins the sweeping role this time round as we know what he brings going forward as well as his pace to get out to assist Barrett on Brogan.
    Boyler has done fantastic in that role but he is the perfect foil to stop McManamon in his tracks.


    Keegan/Flynn_____Durkan/Kilkenny___KevinMC/A Brogan

    Connelly’s loss will really restrict the Dubs attack and it doesnt look as terrifying as previous.
    They will probably start Rock but I have put a Brogan in from the start and maybe think they will do a P Canavan on him and start him, take him off and put him back on act but either way we should beat them for pace in defense and would be confident we can restrict goals this time around.
    Surely Bernard Brogan can take the frees or Andrews, they must do it at club level?

  12. From

    The powers that be in the CHC have upheld the decision of the CCCC in rejecting DC’s appeal following his suspension for the red card received at the end of last Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final.

    Case closed? Not quite.

    Diarmuid Connolly can now go to the CAC, the Central Appeals Committee, to fight his corner. And even then, there is still the option of taking it to the DRC, the Disputes Resolution Committee, in one last attempt to be allowed take the field on in the replay.

    While there has been no indication of whether Connolly will explore this avenue, there is precedent, with fellow Dub Colin Moran appealing to the DRC in 2008 to allow him play the Leinster final against Wexford.

    Connolly is the only player to receive a suspension following Sunday’s ill-tempered match.

  13. Did anyone notice the side of Lee Keegans head after the Connolly tussle. He had big red blotches around his left eye. He could have a shiner this week . I’d say Connolly definitely connected… ,the tug as Pat Spillane would say!

  14. Ca’t see that team anywhere close to the one that will be playing. I think there is no way D Vaughan can make it. The papers had it earlier this week he was definitely out and if it is as serious as they claimed there is no way he can be back in.

    I think Freeman might deserve a chance. Personally I might drop J Doherty as I thought he was poor enough in attack although good defensively. So it’s a 50/50 call.

    Also are we going to attack the Dublin team or play defensively? Hard to know which is the correct option as Dublin on the counter are good.

  15. WILLIE JOE I was always a fan of Hennellys but many Mayo Supporters turned against him after Brolly’s ‘ Will he come Will he stay ” mantra. We are lucky both our keepers are good but if we had a long distance free to win a match then Hennelly is a option. He also has good hands and has caught balls over his crossbar. He made a mistake when both himself and Ger Caff went for the same ball with Brogan in the Final but that apart he made several saves and is a good shot blocker , Looking back at the game last Sunday if he had lay on and fouled the ball for Dublins second goal it would just be a 14 yard free. In the 2012 final he was only 22 and Ithink he has matured

  16. Not convinced we have seen the end of Connolly yet. There are still a few avenues of appeal remaining.

    Re starting with B Moran alongside AOS, I completely disagree. We need to keep big bird in reserve for a key injury to TP SOS or AOS, to not do this would be reckless.

    Anyhow Freeman has come on in the last 2 games and showed well, scoring points in both. He has also got that 2013 decision to get out of his system. He was playing very well against the dubs before been taken off.
    So I would start Freeman alongside O’Shea, he is a strong lad and rarely lets us down. He also knows where the goal is. The one criticism I have of Freeman, is movement has not always been the best, but I’m sure he has worked on this.

    This leaves us with plenty options on the bench, which we will need.

  17. For all of the talk of the massive player base in Dublin, Mayo are the ones carry most of the aces going into this game. Firstly lets face it, Dublin have an edge in terms of their starting 15 as they are slightly stronger, slightly faster and more structured and systematic when it comes to their running game. However thereafter the edge switches to Mayo;
    1. Mayo have a much stronger bench
    2. The stronger bench has decided all the top games in the last 2 years and will do so again on Saturday
    3. Our bench has the ability to alter our style of play, refocus our positions of strength on the field and bring huge intensity to the closing 20 minutes of a game.
    The panel will however only be able to bring us across the line provided we are within striking distance of Dublin at the 50 minute mark and for sure our first 15 minutes are vital. To that end I think there are a couple of things we need to deliver upon in that opening period. Firstly start the first 7/8 minutes at blistering pace, Dublin will come into it with a bit of an aggrieved siege mental because of the Dermot Connolly’s absence and we need to rock that immediately. Secondly, Dublin have to line up exactly as per last day with O’Carroll and O’Sullivan, two of the best defenders in the country, marshalling Aidan. I would suggest playing Aidan in the middle for about 5 minutes, place Seamus at full forward for those 5 minutes thereby keeping Cian O’S and co guessing and looking to the line for inspiration. Keep Cillian at no 11 for those first 5 minutes well away from the shit that will otherwise hit him in the opening 5 minutes on the full forward line. Finally in those opening minutes, if Dublin wish to engage in the same crap that they were dishing out last week then let them, our boys are well fit to sustain a bit of physical but must not bit back in those opening stages as the ref and his linesmen will be on hight alert to issue black and red cards if necessary even in the opening minutes. There is a strong possibility that this could be a 14 a side game and we do not want a repeat of ’96 with our very best forward watching the game from the sideline with one of their backs. As the game proceeds, the Dublin backs will have to focus on playing football and the steam will go off their dirty edge especially if they want to win the game.

  18. Can’t see the Dubs going any further with Connolly at all

    they have a match to plan for in 55 hours, and have enough decisions to make rather than going any further with this

    Someone above mentioned O’Sullivan in midfield, I think they could well go with this and put young Small centre back

    I’d say there’s little chance McAuley will start

  19. Connolly being out might start the “Do it for Dairmuid” campaign in Dublin and spur on the team. Let him play, Keegan has the measure of him anyway.
    No whinging from the Dubs then.

  20. If Vaughan does not start then it would be a big risk to bring him on as a sub. If he got injured again, then 2 substitutions would be wasted. If he is any way fit, then it would be better to start him and if he gets injured again or is not fully fit at least you can then bring on Patrick Durcan and only have to make one change.

  21. Jeez lads Connolly is still a potential match winner on his day, personally I’d love to see him nowhere near the pitch the next day

    I think it’s a massive advantage to us that he’s out. And I’d bite your hand off for any advantage we can get, in a match we’re lucky to be even participating in lets be honest. With ten minutes to go the last day if you told me we’d take them to a replay and they’d be without one of the finest talents in Ireland I would have taken it and ran a mile!

    I don’t care if we have to only beat their Junior B team as long as we get to a Final

  22. the dubs will pursue the appeal right to the end , never fear,
    they have enough lawyers and administrators to keep it up.
    he will get off and it will be a big boost to the camp.
    Connolly himself however can only be negatively affected by it. Keegan will be right back in his face again Saturday.

  23. Some of the comments and interactions between Mayo and Dublin fans since the reply has been nothing short of disgusting. There is a small minority of idiots on both sides stirring up trouble. However this ill feeling between the fans is like a virus and come Saturday evening with a few beverages on board there is a good possibility the atmosphere will be toxic. I certainty would think twice about bringing young kids. I just hope there are no unsavory incidents during or after the match. Maybe i’m just getting pessimistic in my old age. The best way to cut this out is not to reply to these posts.

    I also reported 2 pages to facebook (1 Mayo & 1 Dublin of which i’m sure you are aware off) so hopefully they might block these idiots. I’m sure they will find another outlet though.

    Thanks WJ for providing us with an idiot free zone.

    Rant over Ha Ha

  24. OK. So when will we see a Dublin team for Saturday?
    The following has been copied from the website:

    “Arising from a motion put before GAA Congress in Cavan last February, there are now a number of changes to way team lists are registered in advance of games and on the day of the game itself.

    The new rules apply to all senior inter-county championship games this summer and beyond, and have already been in place for the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship Qualifier games and in the Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard and Lory Meagher Cups over the last two weekends.

    So, what exactly do the new rules mean?
    For starters, counties are required to submit their official team line-out (15 players and a maximum of 11 additional panel members, bringing the total to the traditional match-day panel of 26) to the committee in charge. The line-out has to be registered by 9am on the Thursday before a weekend game.

    Is there a penalty if the team/panel is not submitted by 9am on Thursday morning?
    Yes, an inter-county manager’s sideline privileges can be withdrawn for one game and/or a maximum fine of €1,000 can be imposed on the County Committees, depending on the circumstances.

    Can a player be added to the registered team or panel after submission?
    No, but there is one exception to the rule – because it is a specialist position, a goalkeeper or sub-goalkeeper may be replaced by another goalkeeper, but the replacement can only play as a goalkeeper.

    So, what happens if a team decides to include a player that wasn’t included in the team/panel registered on Thursday morning?
    Simply, they will forfeit the game.

    Does a team still have to supply a team list to the referee before the game?
    Yes, the team list, confirming the starting 15 and the additional 11 panel members, has to be submitted to the referee no later than 20 minutes before the official throw-in time for the game. Naturally, it can only contain the names of the registered players (outlined above), along with team officials.

    What happens if the referee doesn’t get the team list on time?
    The relevant County Committee can be fined up to a maximum of €1,000 for each minute the list is late.”

    Unless I am misreading this, Dublin can delay its provision of the list right up to 20 mins before the game and only incur the maximum fine of €1000. As a result, we are unlikely to see a Dublin team until the Connolly appeal is fully exhausted.

  25. I think congress will have to do something about feigning and disciplinary suspensions. It’s a farcical situation at moment. The GAA caused this thenselves under pressure from a sanctimonious media following the Teirnan McCann incident. Proposing an 8 week ban for a yellow card offence. Kevin Keane got his reprive and ironically that may come back to bite is, as I see it Connelly deserves his suspension no doubt about it, likewise Copper and most guilty of all is Philly McMahon. Now Connelly may play yet at playing football he’s a fantastic player but surely this must mess with his head. I have been most impressed with Mayo’s discipline this year with AOS showing the patience at a saint time and time again. Surely this too must have been noticed by Ref’s. That has to be good for us but of I was Eddie Kincella next Sat of me dishing the cards early

  26. There is a case for Freeman alright. He was playing puck against them early in the 2013 final beneath us in the Canal End before getting mysteriously taken off.

    Anyway, one thing we can be sure of is that Keegan, Cillian and O”shea will be targeted for special treatment on Saturday. These 3 should expect a mixture of punching, spitting, pulling hair, pinching, biting (yes biting) gouging, “accidental” finger in the eye, and arrestable offences like ABH and GBH and common assault, as well as plenty of verbals. The aim will be to get at least one of them sent off, possibly taking a lesser Dub with them. I hope it is really drummed into our fellas not to retaliate.

  27. Connolly ban upheld for now. I believe he will play. Possibly a late decision on Friday or something. We should draw up our plans with him included. Fact I am looking forward to seeing him play. He is their main man and they are only half the team without him. WJ correct when you say the disciplenary process in a mess and this is the main reason this will happen.

  28. It is for sure a bit frustrating when the team lists are not submitted in accordance with procedure but to be honest it does not matter a jot to us. We know 13 of their starting 15 and they know 13 of our starting 15. However we pose many more questions for them that cannot be answered until the game starts i.e. Is Donie really able to play, if not who plays, perhaps Keith will be the sweeper with Drake as a defender or on the bench, perhaps Tom C will make it, might Jason start on the bench with us playing an orthodox speedy corner forward in beside Aido. Lots for both to ponder and named teams will do little to answer until 5pm Saturday.

  29. Question for the anoraks here – have we ever won a replay outside of connacht in the championship? I can’t remenber myself! Connolly has 2 avenues left to appeal ye apparently. CCC &DRA

  30. It’s no rant, 2winjustonce, some of the vitriol that’s been posted on social media since Sunday has been truly shocking. There have been a few fairly shocking attempted first-time posts here as well but I’ve been able to bin them without them ever appearing on the site. You would truly wonder about the mentality of some people, but, then again, if the likes of FM104 are happy to provide idiots like Charlie Redmond with a platform for irresponsible, inflammatory nonsense maybe it’s no surprise. I do sincerely hope that none of this rage spills over at Croke Park on Saturday but I’d have real fears at this stage that it could.

  31. Yes I believe we have. The ones that immediately spring to mind are the semi finals of 2004 and 2006 v Laois and Fermanagh.

  32. We beat Fermangh in a replay in 2004 Mac’s Leftie.(you should remember that, you kicked some big points into an empty hill16)

    Ya Freeman must be near a start as I dont think we will need so many defewnsive halforwards buut that said Cooper, McCarthy and McCaffrey all need watching as they are good going forward.

    I would start


    I would actually start Kevin Mc at no.6 .
    Let Seamie power on and attack them, thus creating overlaps or winning frees for Cillian to tap over.
    Barry starting midfield would be as good as the second sweeper in that he would be told to stay in the CHB/CM position, hold the middle and keep things solid whilst giving Tom P more freedom to attack .
    What a mindf09k it would be for Cluxton looking up for kickout and seeing Barry, Tom P and Seamie out there.

    JAson Doh would start by the skin of his teeth for me and thats only for his defensive duties and mobility.

    If we start Cillian, AOS and Freeman/Andy we loose alot of mobility.

    But yes I agree too isn’t ironic that now our bench looks better even considering, we have no depth and Dublin could field two Championship teams???

    Mayo can call on 2 time All Star Alan Dillon , Andy Moran , Alan Freeman (both proven pedigree past and present), Barry Moran and Mikey Sweeney.

  33. pjmcmanus – +1 – If I remember correctly we never looked liked loosing the reply to Laois. The Fermanagh games were unusual. The first game was played in bad weather, we had James Gill sent off and a majestic McDonald point followed by Mortimer helped us level the game. The replay saw us get of to a great start but Fermanagh got back at us with a goal….Trevor Mortimer scoring the insurance point with a fisted point from play saw us win by two points.

  34. Of course how stupid of me – brain freeze! Was at both games, Laois in particular was comfortable for us. Fermanagh was a bit more hairy if I remember – austy o Malley came on late to kick a score or two for us..

  35. COC is going to receive a tirade of abuse when he is taking free’s on Saturday. I know he’s faced it down before but it’ll be a new level on Saturday. It might make a difference when he’s taking a tough (50/50) free. Hopefully COC can rise above it once more.

    I can understand Leeroy becoming this hate figure for some Dublin fans but the tirade against COC is shameful. Rumors that ROC didn’t have to receive any stitches (Don’t quote me on that).

    All Mayo fans have a responsibility on Saturday to represent our people. This booing of Clukton by some fans is not right. I remember in 2013 he was jeered as ran back to his goal after missing a couple of free’s. He went on to nail a free and a 45 after that. We all get caught up in the moment but if you see mayo fans goaded Dublin fans or booing around you don’t be afraid to tell them to sit down. The Dubs are frustrated and angry already no need to poke the beast anymore.

    Let’s do our taking on the pitch and put our energy’s into supporting our hero’s.

  36. Jimflag’s list if what Dubs players likely to to to ours is a fair load of shite. Yes a few players might get targeted but officials will be on serious watch for anything nasty next weekend. My only hope is ref doesn’t spoil the game with a daft game changing decision out of pressure. Would like to see a better game of football although the intensity of Sunday was compelling. Neither team played well enough to beat Kerry, our 1st half attacking plan and 2nd half shooting being our areas to improve as well as mixing up our kickout strategy a bit more.

  37. Yeah we’ve won 2 of the last 3 replays we’ve played and the one we lost we were shafted by a clown of a referee

    And I’ve heard Dublin people coming out saying we’ve a poor record in replays 😀 😀


  38. I was speaking with a friend of mine who is steeped in Dublin GAA and he was disgusted COC got man of match award and didn’t rate his overall play.

    More interestingly, he did think that Tom Parsons deserved the award over any of the Dublin players.

    Me thinks Cillian will be in for some terrible abuse come Saturday, the type of pressure he normally thrives on!!

  39. The poor record in replays may be a reference to replays against them. We drew this fixture in 1985 and 1955, 30 and 60 years ago and lost both of the replays so it’s our turn to turn them over.

    Nasty undercurrent to the build up but Mayo need to keep their cool and concentrate on the football. The Dubs cynicism is out there now for all to see after some thuggish incidents in the first match.

    Think we should start Freeman at FF and let him alternate with Aido as the match goes on. Would love to see big Barry on but we need cover and someone to come on with Andy in second half.

    It’s the opposite to last year when we had the 5 point lead and let the game slip so I think that has to stand to us and be a major doubt in the Dubs minds if it’s close coming down the final stretch on Saturday.

    A real pot-boiler but if Mayo keep their cool and be a bit more adventurous we can prevail.

    Mayo by 2

    Could be some pot-boiler of an atmosphere so vital that we don’t give the ref any reason to start flashing cards

  40. To repeat, at the risk of banging on: we need to watch our own game, if only on the basis that we could potentially be without on of ours if we get to the final.

    Let the Connolly ban be a warning to all.

  41. Ya I agree wj. I don’t think that Vaughan is fully fit . Nor do I think that David Drake will start even though he was drafted in at the last minute. God knows who will come in in place of them . I’d say that Barry moran will start although it is quite predictable to the Dublin management. Maigh Eo Abu come on the yew.

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