Team named for Kildare game

Earlier this morning we named our starting fifteen for tomorrow evening’s Round 2 qualifier against Kildare at Croke Park (throw-in 6pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland Qualifiers Round 2 v Kildare, 11/6/2022): Rob Hennelly (Breaffy); Lee Keegan (Westport), Oisín Mullin (Kilmaine), Enda Hession (Garrymore); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Stephen Coen (Hollymount/Carramore, captain), Eoghan McLaughlin (Westport); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Matthew Ruane (Breaffy); Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Conor Loftus (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); James Carr (Ardagh), Jack Carney (Kilmeena), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

So it’s two changes from the team that lined out the last day against Monaghan. Into the starting fifteen come Jason Doherty and Conor Loftus, replacing Aiden Orme and Bryan Walsh. Neither Ryan O’Donoghue nor Jordan Flynn feature in the team but we haven’t named the full match day panel as yet so they may (or may not) be on the bench for Croke Park.

The team we’ve named for tomorrow contains only eight players who also started in the Round 7 match against Kildare in the League. Lee, Oisín, Aidan, Mattie, Jack, Diarmuid, James and Jason all lined out that day in Carrick-on-Shannon while the seven others who started that game were Rory Byrne, David McBrien (injured?), Brendan Harrison (now a long-term injury absentee), Rory Brickenden, Jordan Flynn (injured since), Michael Plunkett (injured and out for the season) and Ryan O’Donoghue (injured since). Enda Hession and Stephen Coen, both in tomorrow’s team, featured off the bench for us at Páirc Seán.

The best of luck to the lads in tomorrow’s all-or-nothing game.

118 thoughts on “Team named for Kildare game

  1. Where is Fergal Boland surely deserves a run out one or two of those boys in that forward line have been tried and tested and simply aren’t if the standard required. Kildare definitely have forwards to hurt us if they bring their A game and god only knows how we’re going to play up from especially if Ryan isn’t available.

  2. To highlight the experience of that team, Only Enda Hession,Jack Carney of that published team hasn’t started a senior championship game in Croke park before.

  3. Looks a better forward line than last weekend with more of a scoring threat. Ryan not starting is a big blow but all things considered that’s about as good a team as we can select

  4. I really hope we see ROD in the bench. When you look at that set of forwards you can see where our glaring weakness is .
    We still should have enough for Kildare though …..

  5. @mayomagic – add to that

    Jack Carney has won a club all Ireland and played a hogan cup final in croke park.

    Enda hession has won a Connacht Title, beaten Dublin in championship and featured in a senior all Ireland final in croke park.

    Both would still be eligible for an u21 championship this year.

  6. What Mayo school played in the Hogan cup final recently?

    Why can’t the subs bench be named with the team?

  7. Given that selection there should be more than enough power and pace across all sectors to overcome Kildare. Doesn’t seem like a dummy team either. I’m not sure Fergie would be sufficiently ahead of anyone in that forward line to justify a starting place but no reason he couldn’t be sprung from the bench if needs must.

    It could be a cagey starting 20 minutes as Kildare will no doubt look to avoid being tanked in the first half. Nonetheless, I can see us bagging an early goal or two

  8. That’s a strong team named, wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Darren mchale and jordan flynn parachuted in to start on match day.

    Think flynn is a lot more mobile and direct than AOS in midfield especially in croker, thought AOS put in a massive shift last week but an awful lot of our play slows down when it goes through him

    That half forward line named doesn’t set the world on fire but tbf it’s much of a muchness who we seem to play there so hard to argue the case for/against anyone there.

    It could just be a systemic thing with our half forward line failures, they are probably getting bypassed a lot with runners from deep. Horanball doesn’t really utilise a half forward line so just needs 3 lads there to track runs and put in a shift.

  9. …anyone know if ROD seen action with belmullet last weekend?
    You would suspect flynn is good to go having got through the full hour with crossmolina

  10. No way that Mayo can lose now after Colm Jinx O’Rourke has tipped Kildare to win..

  11. Who knows Mayomagic… even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

  12. That’s as physically strong a team as we’ve togged in a long time.
    Leeroy, Oisin, Paddy, Stephen, Eoghan, Mattie, Aidan, JDoc, Diarmuid, James Carr, Cillian and Jack Carney.
    12 of the outfield 14 would be noted for physical strength or height moreso in case of Jack Carney. Not saying he’s weak, but he’s still developing.

  13. Hi Willie Joe. I see Colm ó Rourke is at it again tipping a Kildare Win. I would start Fergal Boland and Darren Mc Hale and Kevin MC n the forwards. I don’t see what JH has against Fergal Boland. He is a forward with great talent shooting 7 points last Sunday for Aughamore. What more does he have to do?? Jason is a welcome addition as long as he’s fit and not been rushed back. Kevin is more suited to Croke Park and can find that killer pass. Our Forwards were poor last week v. Monaghan relying on the usuals to score like Leroy, Paddy and Mattie. We will beat Kildare and hopefully have Ryan back for the quarter finals. However We have to improve our shooting and shot selection. We should be beating Kildare by 7/8 points.
    Safe travelling To All.
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  14. If colm o rourke had anything about him he would put his money where his mouth is and throw his hat in the ring for the meath job because they are currently the softest touch in the top 2 divisions. It’s a disgrace how badly they have fallen considering they have huge population, finance, proximity to Dublin and a proud history.

    I suspect he will bottle it though, far easier to snipe from the sidelines and get all misty eyed about woeful standard of football in the late 80s when fat lads used to hoof the ball aimlessly. Good times indeed

  15. I have a great time for fergal boland in that he is an excellent ball carrier, very accurate at taking scores from distance and plays intelligent heads up football. On the flip side though he was caught in possession and overturned a number of times in the league which led directly to scores. I would say been overturned is a big no no for James Horan and in the modern game it can be especially fatal leading directly to goals and game over. We don’t see what’s going on in training but if he hasn’t sorted out this aspect of his game I can see why he might not be first choice

  16. @The Heather is rising. I agree we should be winning by 7/8 points if we are to lay down a marker as serious contenders. I don’t think our problem is a down to accuracy. I think it is about movement off the ball. Forwards should always be moving into positions to make themselves available and those feeding the forwards should be aware of where the forwards will be. This can get complicated by drawing backs out and running into position but that is down to very mobile players and accurate passing. When play stagnates from ball watching or lack of mobility you get this shite back and over stuff.

  17. Toe to hand I think you’ve nailed it there. Fergal is too easily brushed away and I think that doesn’t fit with the Horanball style. Plus scoring 7 points in a club league game is a very different proposition to doing it against better opposition at inter county level. It’s a shame that Fergal doesn’t get more game time but I think the first fifteen picked is the best available.

  18. JH, keeping subs under raps till Saturday. Does not have any real benefit to the team, in my opinion. But sure JH does not care with my opinion on this. For example Jordan Fylnn named on bench last week, I if I was opposition manager, I would have assumed he would have got some game time last week, but this did not happen. So by even naming a dumbing team, think team and subs should be named. Anyway
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  19. I watched the OTB from TF Castlebar. It answered a lot of questions about naming teams and giving advantage to the opponent by letting fans etc know everything that’s going on. Yes fans are important but for management its about winning the game. Full stop. As fans it seems that we should go watch the game, support the team, shout our team on etc…and enjoy a win if we get one. Management actually do not owe us any explanations, nor are they obliged to keep us up to date with anything going on in the camp. Best of luck to our lads tomorrow. I am happy to be lucky enough to be going to the match. Safe travels etc to everyone and Hon Mayo.

  20. Yes we can relax now that Colm O’Rourke has gone for Kildare. Seriously best of luck to the lads tomorrow. Again like last week we need to get on top early and build a lead so Kildare will have to come after us and we can take care of them on the counter attack.

  21. @Muckle..that could be a bit of a chicken & egg argument. Have the forwards stopped making those runs because they know that the ball is not coming in any time soon or does the man in possession not see any intelligent runs being made inside. Probably a bit of both.
    I know when Ryan is in there , he’s constantly on the move.
    I think we’ll win but by a narrow margin which will do fine for me…. laying down the marker can wait for another round or 2.

  22. Colm O’Rourke didn’t actually tip Kildare. He said Mayo would be heavy favourites but he was impressed by Kildare and wouldn’t be surprised if they won

  23. Sean Burke
    Belmullet played in the comortas peil in Galway last weekend.
    ROD didn’t play.

  24. The Heather is Rising, I agree also that we should be overcoming Kildare with a good points margin and let’s go do it. I’m saying that with respect because Kildare are a good team and Daniel Flynn and Jimmy Hyland are serious talents. At this point, we need to be moving through the gears a bit.

    By the way, I love your handle name – there’s a game tomorrow and some Mayo people are heading towards Croker with more roaring on at home. I sense the heather is indeed rising.

  25. Would have started McHale and Boland in half forward line along with DoC but in fairness
    1)Cant remember a game where McHale has actually started for Mayo and played really well. Great option to bring on though and would expect him to chip in 1 or 2
    2) If the plan is to pressure/turnover Kildare around midfield Loftus and Jason can do an effective job there – . Again – Maybe Boland & McHale better suited to open game in 2nd half where they have more space.

    Slightly worried on this one – Honestly feel that Kildare could take us for 2-3 goals. If that happens will we score enough on the other end to beat them? Mayo by 1.

  26. Biggest question on most people s mind would be. Is Ryan fit or did he make the subs bench. Other than that no ohora probably tactical. Jh had to try something with the non scoring forward line. So here’s hopeful. But this will not be easy

  27. Unless Kildare have become a different team in the last couple of weeks, Mayo will win this comfortably.

  28. I don’t know what more Boland can do. Against Kerry, he scores from play (and let’s face reality – we don’t have too many forwards that score from play).
    Against Tyrone, people say he was bullied but that’s not the full truth. He was played at half back for some bizarre reason that day. Don’t buy this “Horanball” stuff. If it is a real, tangible thing, it hasn’t worked. Maybe we play football instead and pick our best players based on form and ability.

  29. Padraig O Hora omission from the starting 15 is very strange for me. ..Delighted to see Jack Carney and James Carr again getting a start!…I expect Kildare to be mindful in particular of the dreadful start, .. Might have to take our points from distance. Safe travelling to everyone from the 4 competing counties tomorrow. Enjoy the day, and up Mayo!

  30. When fit, Flynn gets in ahead of Aido given that he offers far more of a scoring threat. But with us short on forwards through injury it wouldn’t surprise me if Aidan still starts for the rest of the year (even if Flynn comes in as a midfield starter again). Will be interesting to see what James decides here.

  31. All of those six forwards can score (including goals). Personally, I want to see something from James Carr tomorrow, even a point. I want the lad to show us all, including himself, what he can undoubtedly do.
    If we can see it once, he can back it up. I do believe it’s there.

  32. Great to see serious physical strength in both our forward lines. We’ll trouble Kildare with that alone.

  33. I take your point 2 hops. It does depend on the supply and uptake.
    I don’t think we will concede goals. This is a strong Mayo backline. It is a case of the forwards taking the opportunities that will determine how much we win by.

  34. After this weekend 4 more team’s will be out of the Championship and I expect the draws for the Quarter Finals to be made on Monday. Without any prejudice against Dublin, I say this most sincerely. None of the 4 Quater Finals should be held in Croke Park, no reason why they should be.. In 2001, our near Neighbour’s Roscommon and Galway played in a full house 36K Castlebar, fantastic atmosphere, hours less travelling time for the fans of both Counties, and easier on the pocket for those fan’s as well… When have Dublin played a Quarter final outside of Croke Park last?.. If by chance, Dublin were to draw Mayo (PS In not pre assuming that Mayo are to win tomorrow or anything) That Match should be played in Castlebar, we have certainly played them enough of times in the Championship in Dublin. Or if Dublin drew Cork, it should be played in Cork, ..If Dublin drew Roscommon ,it should be played in the Hyde,..If Dublin draw Armagh or Donegal it should be played in Clones..I don’t think Dublin can play Kildare a repeat of the Leinster Final, but if they drew each other in a future Quater Final it should be played in Thurles. Plenty of solutions out there for more equatable allocation of fixtures and Venue’s.. Dublin have not played a single team in their home venue in a knockout Championship match outside of Croke Park in well more than a decade . .. They did play two Super Eight game’s, the last of the 3 Super Eight fixtures both time’s v Tyrone in an effective dead rubber game’s in Healy Park Omagh, Dublin being able to field a shadow team having already qualified for the All Ireland semifinals, having already played 2 of their previous Super Eight game’s, one in neutral Croke Park and the other in Home Croke Park. ..The 3 non Dublin quarter finals possible, could be fixed on a home or away basis for those with home stadia big enough to host such a game, this would definitely include all 3 Connacht Counties,Mayo, Galway and Roscommon, or if needed, a neutral venue geographically located somewhere between the completing Counties. Since the turn of this Millennium, Dublin have been pampered like no other County Team ever has been since the foundation of the GAA in 1884. There is no good reason why the 31 other Counties should so often have to pay for the Hotel costs and travelling expenses in the Capital, while they always stay at home!

  35. Winning by 7 or 8 points to make a statement???? All we need to do is win by one to stay in the competition. For a county that has got our fingers burned so often its amazing how we look down our noses and disparage other counties. Bearing in mind our forwards scored 2 from play last week you’d wonder where the confidence in a 7/8 point win is coming from. Kildare have better forwards than us. They are athletic and can kick great points. Our backs , I would think, are superior to theirs and thankfully can land a few scores. While we scored heavily against them in the league, a number of our scorers that day are not starting tomorrow. While the league match was a shootout thats what we don’t need this weekend . Keep it tight, hold onto possession and frustrate Kildare. Deprive them of the oxygen they need to build momentum. If they get a run on us they could be hard to stop. Missing Tommy and Ryan in Croker is a big loss but I think we have selected the strongest forward unit possible. Some are calling for a Boland inclusion but he may be better coming on when the game opens up likewise McHale. It would be a major boost to see Ryan on the bench.

  36. We will improve from Monaghan game up front, ie more like 1st half of that game. But Kildare will be way better than the poor Monaghan we played. 1-17 wins this game, just 18 scores from 30 chances- limiting Kildare to points only and say 16 points from 22 chances? If Daniel Flynn gets a 1st half goal, might get a bit worried…

  37. Win just once. I couldn’t agree more. Forget about the statement s. Anyone that’s been following mayo football for the last 50 years will know that u can only make that on all Ireland day. We’ve made plenty statement s in the past. Notably against donegal 2013 . I’ll take a win and nothing for granted without Tommy and Ryan

  38. To Win Just Once, *if we can take control* of the game, I’d like to see us winning by 5. That’s very wishful thinking, but there it is.
    *If we cannot take control of the game and are cruising around a one or two point margin up or down, I think that’s highly dangerous for the reasons you outline.* Kildare can produce scores, specifically D Flynn can get a goal from nowhere. That’s a game that can be lost, especially in the last 5 minutes.
    In my view, we need to be in the zone for this game. If we are in the zone, we need to keep Kildare’s scores down and ourselves well ahead (1) because Kildare’s scoring potential is dangerous especially late-on and (2) if we are in control, why can’t we score and let loose (for ourselves), something we have been frustrated from doing this year so far?
    It’s not to make a statement – we have zero reason to be that full of ourselves.
    It’s for both practical reasons (nature of the opposition) and to show ourselves that we are progressing (moving up a gear to produce a satisfying win).

  39. Good team, but would like to see O Hora in and Mullen moving up the field a bit.

  40. Does anybody know if the Wicklow lad Conor mcgraynor has played any games with Westport and if so would he in James horans plans for a call up seeing that we need a bit height and strength in the forward line.

  41. O Hora is coming back from a knock and might not be trusted to start yet,great option off the bench.

  42. Expecting (or should I say hoping for) a big from Carr tomorrow.

    – Useless stat of the day –
    When was the last time we lost a non-decider championship game in Croker (that wasn’t against Dubs)? 2011 vs Kerry? Irrelevant I know but..if we could score as many goals tomorrow as there are ‘rules’ in that stat, I’d be happy out.

  43. Sean Burke says:
    June 10, 2022 at 1:41 pm
    18k tickets sold in total, that’s depressing

    Yes and a little of 20k is max expected crowd. Irish rail not putting on special trains was fairly telling that the demand wasn’t there. An error by HQ not to play Kildare v Mayo in the Hyde, Tullamore or another provincial ground.

  44. I think kildare are the type of opposition we love to play against as it will be a shootout.

    As someone above suggested you probably require 1-17~1-19 to win this game.

    Kildare have very good scoring forwards, and a scoring midfield. However the workrate of those forwards off the ball would be poor so could see our hard runners from deep (durcan, mullin, eoghan) playing puck going forward with nobody tracking their runs.

    From chatting kildare buddies they are very worried about their hb line, with huge problems locating a number 6.

    I think we will concede a big score but put up a bigger score ourselves.
    For once I nailed prediction last week so hopefully get it right again

    Mayo by 4…
    Mayo 1-19 kildare 1-15

  45. Shades of 2011 about this game, very little supporters in Croker for a double header, yet Mayo beat Cork the 2010 All Ireland winners

  46. Derek. At this stage any quality forward would be looked at I’m sure. Dublin tore kildare apart but honestly do we have that kind of forward s available to do the same. Not on what we seen against monaghan but fingers crossed we can get it together tomorrow. Kildare will be no pushover

  47. If we are flat in the second half like we have been hope we see some subs brought in earlier to add some energy.
    and we need this especially in Croke Park. Not much point bringing subs in with a couple of minutes to go.

  48. An interesting side note – Clare, Kildare, and Donegal all won the last championship encounter in these weekend matchups, yet the majority would certainly fancy Mayo and Roscommon (and plenty would fancy Armagh) to win comfortably enough this weekend

    I think we (and the Rossies incidentally) may end up sweating for this more than we may like.. I could easily see us behind at half time perhaps, but I’d be very surprised if we ultimately lost it. I don’t see Kildare going too defensive, their attack is their strength and they won’t fear our attack to the same extent as Dublin’s.

    There’s not a whole lot of expectation on them and I do think tehy’ll have their dominant spells but we should have way too much experience, even if we’re throwing in some very mixed-bag performances this year

    I’d give them little more than a puncher’s chance, they could always nab a few goals, and our forward line certainly doesn’t look scary on paper sans ROD and Conroy (and O’Connor still getting up to speed) but I just can’t see a repeat of 2018 which was a perfect storm for them really given all that was going on with the venue and our injuries

  49. Yes that double header in 2011 had Kerry v Limerick also if I recall

    After losing to Down, Kerry certainly have been well compensated by the draw gods ever since at quarter final stage (with the exception of Donegal in 2012)

    Two brittle Galway sides, Limerick, Kildare, Cavan, and Clare…

  50. Its only two or three weeks since we got our last hiding from Kildare. That was in hurling though, even so we need to make sure we get our payback tomorrow for that drubbing.

    I know some people are saying that a one point win will be enough, but I think we need to up the performance for tomorrow. I don’t think we can pull a very big performance out of the bag suddenly against the best teams if we haven’t shown anything, or very little earlier in the year.

    If we end up falling over the line in tomorrows game it won’t give any confidence for the remainder of the championship.

    Its a good line up, although I would always prefer to see Oisin and Lee playing further up the pitch.

    Hopefully we will leave a bit of daylight between ourselves and Kildare tomorrow with a good performance.

  51. Inept looking forward lineup but then that’s n?othing new. Would like to have McHale & Boland in half-forward line. But who knows, maybe one of our ‘attacking halbacks’ might eventually fluke a goal – that’ll be the day.
    Up Mayo

  52. Decent team
    More breaking ball winners in Jason Doh and conor Loftus plus both can score from distance if they adopt a blanket defence whilst also being experience lads who know how to break a line .

    Fully agree with the Carr discussion above, he has alot of talent and ready to show it
    Think he will have more space as won’t be 15 men behind the ball from Kildare
    Carney is a good option aerially and that cause serious issues for kildare against Dublin

    All in they will be big and likely to score a goal or two but hopefully we kick on and score to our potential

    Kildare will surely look to expose Hession aerially so Coen probably goes into fullbackline which I think strengthens us by having another dynamic runner in halfback line in Hession

  53. Just read on rte website that GAA president L McCarthy doesn’t think there is a ground between Castlebar and Newbridge big enough to host Mayo v Kildare. I reckon The Hyde Tullamore or Portlaoise might have been big enough. In fairness he also said players want to play in Croke Park and I m sure that’s very true. Roscommon And Clare will appreciate their day in Croker though Ross were there a few weeks ago v Galway

  54. @To win just once. .The President of the GAA must have a short memory… Newbridge or Nowhere was big enough.. Prior to that Castlebar was big enough.. Player’s want to play in Croke Park on All Ireland day. They might soon get sick of a 3/4 empty soulless Croke Park if the fans stay at home!

  55. Forget about ‘making statements’. That’s just made up stuff. The only thing that matters is being ahead on the scoreboard when the final whistle blows. Sure, you’d like players to play well. An efficient impressive team performance etc but ive seen plenty of teams over the years have big wins, get talked up and fall flat on their face next time out.

    Mayo and Kildare are both patchy. Hard to call it. It really could go anyway. On paper we should win. It doesn’t mean we will. If we don’t though I would be very disappointing, regardless of the injury list.

  56. Hyde Park should have been the venue. Don’t get the Portloasie angle…harder to get to from Mayo.

  57. There’s a lot of miles on the clock on the HF line particularly when they are expected to carry ball from the back all day and then score.
    It’s a while since we started well, but I don’t think kildare will be as defensive as our last 2 outings so a good stars is very important.
    I won’t be travelling tomorrow, I didn’t go to the connacht final last year for the same reason. I think its daft holding the games there but that is just my feeling on it.
    I’m worried about tomorrow but like O Rourke I got last week’s call wrong too so I’ll only be too happy to be wrong again.
    A win tomorrow would be great and then after that it’s the luck of the draw..

  58. Venue decision before semi final stage should be all about if the crowd can be catered for outside of croker with a decent option travel wise for both counties , Hyde park was a no brainer , throw in the minors and it’s definitely a sell out .

    Now unfortunately they’ve pissed off a fair chunk of mayo support and I’ve a feeling even if we win we could be well outnumbered in qf . If it were the dubs for example you could see 50k Dublin and 10 k mayo which would be a disaster time on many levels .

  59. Free from the shackles of MacHale Park and still stinging from that string of poor performances, I expect us to cut loose tomorrow in Croke Park with a strong and determined performance that will announce our return to the big boys club and send a very strong message to all other quarter finalists that we haven’t gone away.

  60. Completely agree Mayonaze. Making a “statement” is pointless and dangerous talk. Getting into the quarter final draw is all that matters.

  61. @Wideball.

    I would say scraping and limping over the line is dangerous and you could end up getting caught out, like Kerry v Cork a couple of years ago.

    The way to do it is to go out and put in a very good performance and leave the result in no doubt, otherwise we could be out.

    Tomorrow for sure is a day to lay down the law and for sure to make a statement.

  62. 45 and Revellino, I agree with ye on this. In my case, I think the statement is more so for ourselves than anyone else given our limp performances this year. There’s more in us, I do believe, and I want us to start showing it and start slowly building on it.

  63. James+Fleming loads of tickets to be got online from Ticketmaster, lower Hogan and Cusack stands, some at centre of the pitch.

  64. I see there are plenty of tickets available for the 2 games tomorrow evening. This shows that people are not happy with the choice of Croke Park as the venue .Its showing its backfiring on the GAA.

  65. The only way Mayo will make a statement is to stop fucking up and winning a final. Last September was embarrassing and further reinforced by how Tyrone limped out this year. Long way from a final now. Tomorrow is just about winning. I don’t care how.

  66. James+Fleming. It’s not just the venue but the fact that to go to Croke Park tomorrow means you can’t get to the ladies against Tipp in Castlebar. With the lack of availability and exhorbitant cost of Dublin hotels vast majority of fans will be driving back to Mayo late on Saturday night meaning most wont fancy another trek on Sunday to Tullamore to support the minors. GAA administrators are so out of touch with the public.

  67. Hoping to see an improvement on the Monaghan game and the lads getting the job done. I will feel much better about our prospects going forward if we can sharpen up our scoring average in the forwards, create more chances including goal chances, score more regularly (not go 19 minutes between scores), sharpen our passing in transition and make better decisions under pressure (no blind back passes to Robbie!) – all while winning!

  68. Tomorrow is all about looking after our own performance. Do that and we’ll almost certainly win, barring an absolute ridiculous display from Kildare.

    The margin of victory will depend on how Kildare perform.

    Somethings I’d like to see:
    Score more, we need to be getting closer to the 20 point mark with one goal, higher if we can get more goals

    Clean sheet, Kildare are dangerous though, so the context of any goals they get is important

    Comfort, we never looked like losing against Monaghan once the penalty went in, something similar would be great

    No new injuries, getting Flynn or even ROD back on the pitch would be great but we really could do without losing anyone else, and anything serious like what happened Harrison in the league game could really suck the life out of the team moving forward

    Nothing really surprising there, not a weekend for statements, with just a week between games, let’s just do our business and head home

  69. Happy enough with that team. Loftus very lucky to start to be honest. Hession has far more pace than O’Hora, so can see how he is given the nod. A win of any sorts will do me. 1 point would be just fine, we just need to get into the hat for Monday morning.

  70. Curious what the situation is with Mark Moran, he played with Westport last week scoring 5 points but hasn’t seen a minute of action this year nor has made a match day panel. Dont thing he has pulled on a Mayo shirt since his impression debut against Galway. Think he can bring something different to the table even from the sub bench with his pace, Paul Towey is another who has disappeared, this seem to be in the same category and Fergal boland. They can all score but don’t fit the taller athletic runners horan likes for wing forward but could do a job in the corner. Is Aidan Orme who has been used alot more that much ahead of these players. Why is Conor o Shea on the Bench when management has no intention of playing him at least have players who can change a game.

  71. @Mayomessi very good point on Moran. He was supposed to have been flying against Cavan in a challenge game before Monaghan game.
    Judging by the starting team for Saturday, Horan doesn’t seem to place much of an emphasis on form. Boland shooting the lights out at the weekend also.
    I think the revealing of the 26 will be interesting. If we get through this week you would imagine ROD should be good to go for Croker in two weeks time.

  72. All we can hope for is an upward trend of performance for each game, I think we will see an improvement tomorrow from the Monaghan game, what better way to get ready for a quarter final.
    I see tomorrow’s game as a stepping stone, reminds me of the Westmeath qualifier game in Croker in 2017.
    Surely the team and management can build momentum and with each passing week a few of the injured players will be closer to match fitness.

    We may be able to gauge where the Dubs are at tomorrow night after the game.

  73. Interesting call dropping Swannie but Hession deserves his chance and I’d agree that his pace is an added advantage. Swannie played for his club last weekend so clearly he wasn’t out through injury.

    Just shows how strong we are at the back and hopefully we won’t feel Plunkett’s loss too badly. It’s incredible to think our 6 current starting backs are all half-backs. Can’t help but be a little concerned that at some point we’re going to get absolutely scorched by the high ball into the square. Tomorrow is a big test against McCormack, Flynn and Hyland.

  74. With a predicted open game we definitely will need all forwards chipping in with scores full forward line has potential but unless our Midfield and Half forward line improve there recent form were in for a shock.
    Where will the magic 16+ scores we hear about come from .Once again we will again be relying on our bench and defence to step forward leaving it late to save the day .Fingers crossed we have Ryan and Jordan and kevin coming off the bench and maybe Fegal will finally get a run and show what he can do.

  75. Good team.

    Good weather forecast.

    Great field.

    It’s going to be a great win and great pints afterwards. We will be back on track big time after this match.

  76. Backs have to be able to play in all positions. Rochford played Keegan a lot in the full back line, nó doubt training for when Connolly went into the full forward line. Far seeing.

  77. I think Conor Loftus and Stephen Coen are lucky to start based on their form all year but sure Mayo have certain players that they pick as long as I have followed them and that’s over half a century. It explains why we have not put our hands on Sam.
    I remember a player called up for a trial and scored 9 points (6 from play) in an A v B match and he never got called again. Anyway I hope they do it because they will only improve and no one will want them in the QF

  78. Think some players being picked for power as opposed to skill. Hard to have scoring forwards if we leave the lads that can kick points on the subs bench.

  79. There is a simple template for teams to set up and cause Mayo real problems, go defensive and we find it really difficult to break teams down, whether Kildare adopt this strategy is open to debate. Unfortunately, I can see Kildare winning this one, since Tommy and ROD ruled out, we struggle to put ball over the bar and we are always liable to concede a goal or two. Hope I’m wrong but the Lillywhites to emerge victorious by a narrow margin.

  80. Centerfield says:
    June 10, 2022 at 11:34 pm
    Didn’t someone say 45-50k could be there on Saturday evening???’

    Yes the Mayo chairman said it, “Mayo supporters love Croke park2 he said and could be close to 50k. The official word from Croke Park is expected crowd of 20k and it could well be below that figure.

  81. Trying to buy a Sky day pass on Now TV to watch the match No joy they’re looking for 40 euro monthly subscription. What a racket. The GAA sell our national game to British SkyB and the plebs pay though the nose to buy it back again.

  82. Plenty of dangerous confidence here. “We’ll almost certainly win if we perform’ is not something I fully agree with when we’ve the inferior forwards. We’re definitely favourites no question but as we saw in 2018, Kildare do have talent and ours isn’t so great that we can take a borderline D1 team for granted that we’re overall better. I think it’s a 60/40 game in our favour, no more imo

    Crokers a big help. It is mad though that there will be 20k there and the GAA didn’t somehow forsee it. 20k for a double header probably means 15k max for ours. It was evident by Monday night anyway. Il be there but won’t expect much atmosphere wise or flow

  83. We have better backs. They have way better scoring natural forwards. Midfield probably 50/50. This is going tight lads. Make no mistake.

  84. I had a look at the Kildare minors. We need to seiect to contain their physical power. If we don’t I think they’ll own the middle third. I’d go with the two midfielders plus the midfield sub who came on at wing forward or corner forward.

  85. I dont think this is a foregone conclusion.Kildare and Mayo are at a similar level…..the hammering we got from Kerry is very close to what happened to them v Dublin

  86. Willie Joe
    A poster bearing my title posted at 10.27pm on 10/06/22 – that was not from me.

  87. @jdmayo
    It’s true there’s a template to beat Mayo by packing the defense or play a blanket,it’s works well on small provincial pitches,especially MacHale Park.We’ve seen middling teams like Galway in the championship and others in the league scupper us with this tactic, how often in the last decade has it scuppered us in Croke Park? Off the top of my head I can only think of one occasion.
    We’re going to win today.

  88. Kildare have long range shooters. A possible tactic for them would be to consistently fire in the high ball for the first quarter of the game to rattle our back line. This seems to put us under pressure and that is a big danger today. I am waiting for Carr to have a big game – he has the ability. I agree that Boland does score – I cannot figure that – forwards are there to score – he does score. There may be other reasons he is not picked though.

  89. Thanks, Mayo Exile – that’s not the first time it’s happened either.

    Mayo Exile (other one) – I’ve rebadged your handle as ‘Mayo Exile 2’ so please stop using the ‘Mayo Exile’ handle, which you’ve done a number of times now.

  90. Boland struggles with the physicality of intercounty. He’ll gets away with it in some matches but he’ll struggle against the top teams.

    We all like him, but I think this is the reason he doesn’t get picked.

    It struck me in the hurling the last day during Clare vs Limerick. The physicality of the Limerick players is frightening, and this was the difference. And physicality in football is in fact more important than in hurling. I’m rambling on, but I think that’s the issue with Boland.

  91. Liberal totally agree. He has had chances and
    Against bigger teams gets turned over to much
    And find he doesn’t track so gets found out on this front also, pace also is not lighting.

  92. Sorry willie joe I’ve been posting infrequently here for a number of years.As a mayo person I’m used to being second or no 2 ,so it’s no problem at least I’m not being exiled.

  93. Safe travelling to those few-ish people heading ro the game today. I reckon a four point win for us (2-15 to 1-14). Maigh Eo Abú!

  94. Nonsense that Boland struggles with the physical stuff. For the life of me I can’t understand why he isn’t starting every time, I have actually never seen him play a bad game for mayo, one mistake in the league and he is banished!!! Please tell me how many other players scored 3 from play this year?

  95. Your entitled to your opinion, buts mine is not nosense. You can go back and watch when Mayo played Roscommon semi final 2019, he started and scored that day but was found out for pace and physicalty many times. Mcloughlin came on in half back line and was blistering past him defensively and attacking. Coen scored 5 that day. Neither are level we need to win an all Ireland, and that’s what we’re judging players on. There is a reason he doesn’t get picked . So take off the blinkers before saying my opinion is nonsense.

  96. And also:
    Ryan O’Donoghue (1-3, 1m), Jason Doherty (0-5), Jordan Flynn (1-2), Jack Carney (0-3)
    All Scored at least 3 from play vs Kildare last time met.

  97. @Skylineirl….’Neither are the level required to win an All Ireland’ ???.. 2019 v Roscommon.. Well Roscommon actually beat us in the Connacht Championship… There isn’t a All Star in Mayo that hasn’t looked like a player NOT capable of winning an All Ireland on one or two occasions… However for me Fergal Boland looks like a player capable of unlocking those massed defenses with accurate foot passes, we struggle with so much..If we had successfully unlocked Tyrone defense last September, we would be All Ireland Champion’s today.. Now it not as simple as that, unlocking the Tyrone defense,.. who’s to say for sure, but it certainly is my opinion that constantly running into traps set by Tyrone defense certainly wasn’t going to do it. Anyhow good luck to all selected today and our Management. Safe travelling to supporters from the 4 competing counties.

  98. The tactic seems to be to play 3 midfielder type players around the half forwards unfortunately this hasnt worked for us in the past all the way back to 1989. Horan being a decent half forward in his day doesnt fancy a player who’s a reflection of himself.
    Sometimes you dont need a bulldozer to get through a wall.

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