Team named for Saturday night

This has caught me on the hop a bit, as I’m still out and about and heading for a work meeting shortly so, without further ceremony, here’s the starting fifteen we’ve named for Saturday evening’s Connacht semi-final against Roscommon at MacHale Park (throw-in 7pm).

Mayo (Connacht SFC semi-final v Roscommon, 25/5/2019): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels), Michael Plunkett (Ballintubber), Lee Keegan (Westport); Matthew Ruane (Breaffy), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy); Fergal Boland (Aghamore), Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Darren Coen (Hollymount/Carramore), Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore).

So it’s three changes from the team that started against New York in Gaelic Park a few weeks back. In come Chris Barrett, Michael Plunkett – for his first ever Championship start, the best of luck to him – and fit-again Diarmuid O’Connor, who’ll captain the team for the first time in a Championship game this weekend. Out go Colm Boyle, James McCormack and James Carr, though it’s very likely all three will see action at some stage the next evening.

Ten of the team named to start in this one also lined out for us on that wild night we played Roscommon in the National League at the end of January. The five who didn’t feature then were Chris Barrett, Michael Plunkett, Mattie Ruane, Darren Coen and Kevin McLoughlin.

The last time we faced Roscommon in the Championship was , of course, in the All-Ireland quarter-final replay of 2017. We’ve got eight survivors from that memorable day in Croke Park where Chris Barrett, Brendan Harrison, Keith Higgins, Paddy Durcan, Aidan O’Shea, Kevin McLoughlin, Diarmuid O’Connor and Jason Doherty were all in the thick of it.

Roscommon have also named their team today for Saturday night, full details of which are here.

52 thoughts on “Team named for Saturday night

  1. On the basis of picking form players, we have to trust that JH is picking on that basis. Selection of Evan against NY was criticised, but he looked the pick of the forwards in that match.

    Bit frustrating that Fionn, Seamie, Cillian, Donie?, aren’t ready yet.

    Interesting to note the apparent drop down the pecking order of:

    * O’Donoghue
    * Coen, S
    * Loftus
    * Durcan,J

    One could say Boyler and Andy also, but they are very much the go-to subs.

  2. I’m happy with that team, great comfort in knowing we got andy Colm and men of that caliber on the bench and newbies like Carr etc to call on. Good luck to all and as ever Maigheo abú

  3. Nice team and impressive bench but thought he should be starting James Carr. He needs to be getting game time at this level from the start to really see what he’s made of.still it’s great to have lots of options. Good luck to them all.

  4. Best of luck to the lads And management, will be there in the stands roaring them in. Up Mayo

  5. Cillians continued absence is the biggest worry we have by a mile.
    We will come up short this year without him taking frees. Can he get to match fitness now at this late stage?

  6. Happy enough. Looking at the Ross team I think we’ll have too much experience in too many positions. Jury still out on Evan and Darren so I hope they both perform and give management even more headaches. My feeling about Coen is if he finds his range in a proper championship game, he could be a handful going forward. His football brain is very good and deserves his chance. Evan has had a lot of chances though unlucky with spring injuries before. He needs to grab this one with both hands and torture the Rossies back line if he’s to stay on the team.

  7. Sarahmac & No doubt,where did ye see the bench for Sunday and who’s on it

  8. Evan Regan starting is a bit of surprise but he must be shooting the lights out in the AvB games. This is a great chance for him to finally stake his claim so the best of look to him. Will be interesting to see if Kevin Mc sticks at corner forward. Great to have a strong bench of experience to call on if plan A doesn’t function. Aidan and Ruane need to make hay in the middle. Hope we are sharp in front of goal – that’s usually what gets us out of trouble and takes the pressure off further back the field. You want to be ideally a few points up (4 min) going into injury time or it becomes a lottery.

  9. Liamontherunsince51 – Is it really a surprise that the motm from our last game is starting?????

  10. I note that Enda Smith is not named on Roscommon 15. That’s good. He’s their best player. lee can be free to mark somebody else.

  11. That’s pretty much the team I had in my head to start, so happy out. Also stuck a fiver on D Coen to get man of the match earlier this week, so delighted he’s starting…
    I like what I’ve seen of Coen the last few games. He seems to have a good footballing brain and can definitely see and execute a decisive pass, as well as knowing where the posts are.
    You’d also assume he’s in as an option for frees from the left hand side in Cillian’s absence.

    Evan deserves his place. It may have only been against NY, but he was MOM after all.
    Seems a confidence player, so glad Horan is giving him another chance to stake his claim. Again, I’m sure frees are also in mind with his selection.

    Anyway, Mayo by 4 on what will probably be a rough, tough and pretty turgid affair.

  12. No major surprises there really, would have given the nod to Carr ahead of Regan but ultimately i think that last corner forward spot will be claimed by COC on his return.
    That back 6 is our best back 6, no doubt about it in my mind

    Enda Smith a savage loss to the rossies, whatever chance they had was dependent on him.
    They have some very fine footballers in attack and will put up a decent score but they just cant compete physically or athletically

    A decent test but Mayo by 5
    2 – 15
    1- 13

  13. tommyk Regan got MOTM in New York because he was the highest scorer on the day, not because he was the best player/or forward on the field. He scored 1-5 and 4 of those were from frees. He should have scored at least another 3 scoreable frees but he missed them. In the second half he took a free off the ground near the side line and it ended up on the opposite side at the corner flag.
    He only touched the ball a handful of time throughout the match and on more then 2 occasions he was pushed off ball. I think the main reason he is starting the next day is because Cillian is not starting and we may struggle with frees.

  14. Does anyone else get the feeling when Evan Regan gets a start it’s met with negativity from a lot of posters . There is an element of agricultural mayo support who really have a dislike for a silky footballer . He will prove ye wrong I’ve always said that much , all he needs to improve on is his ball winning ,perhaps he’s been making massive progress in this area .

    Decent side , cillian will be missed though , Carr unlucky not to start but everyone knows how vital the bench is these days ,hopefully he’s sprung at some stage .Darren coen is another I’ve always liked , he’s a good kicker and can take outrageous scores from out the field . Be great if them two got a confidence boost by playing really well.
    Stay focused , controlled and we will see this out don’t let them drag us into any handbag shite. Red cards could be decisve in this clash .

  15. Yeah, definitely need to be careful with our disipline.. In previous Connacht Semi-final’s Galway were handed an extra man advantage as a result of our own indicipline… The Rossies will know this, and we can’t afford to get punished… .Head high challenges are to be punished with a Straight Red…. so both teams would do well to take heed of the new interpretation of what constutes a Red any more…. Hopefully it will end up 15 a side, and a Mayo Victory!

  16. Just because E smith isn’t named doesn’t mean he won’t feature….. hello??

  17. Enda Smith played some sort of part for the Rossies in a challenge match against Laois. Would expect him to start. His brother Donie kicked six points. That’s a very strong team we have lined up, not surprised Regan starts after his performance v NY and heard he played well in the a v bs. As someone pointed out above, it’s worrying that COC likely won’t get any minutes in. It’ll be hard one for him to get up to speed in a Connacht final v Galway or a qualifier game. The competition for places is savage and you could tell that during the league. The likes of Boyler and Andy won’t like being on the bench and will raring to go when called on. The younger lads like Treacy, Diskin, McCormack, Carr if brought on will be mad to make a big impression. What a difference a year makes! We looked to the barebones v Kildare and our team was becoming v predictable!

  18. Need to give the selected players a chance and see how they fare on Saturday evening, plenty of good subs in the panel to come in if needed, this for me is the best improvement for Mayo under Horans return.
    I wouldn’t be too worried about some forwards not wining their own ball just yet, harder opposition to come.
    Also I hope the winning of an All Ireland doesn’t come down to late free kicks, we failed in this area in the replayed 2016 and 2017 finals. I would prefer if Mayo can bang in a few goals late on in the game.
    Rock is going to continue the trend this year as the best free taker in football.

  19. I doubt very much if both teams will line out as selected, I suspect smith will start

  20. Wouldn’t be surprised to see both Smith’s starting.
    In case anyone hasn’t noticed, that’s the same Ros team that started against Leitrim.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see changes to that team, because Leitrim and Mayo are horses of a completely different colour.

  21. Happy enough with the team selected, I think we are too strong around the field for Ros.
    Mayo88 are you hinting at something regarding your comments on freetakers?

  22. Cheers sarahmac. Was having a debate with someone there. Doubted myself for a minute.

  23. Got 14 of that Mayo team right, i expected Boyle to start instead of Plunkett but Horan might make a change or two before throw yet who knows? i know Horan has said C O’Connor won’t be playing in this game but will any one be surprised if he is introduced in the 2nd half? Anthony Cunningham as Galway jurling manager rarely if ever picked a dummy team and i doubt he’ll make changes to what has happened in a challenge v a div 3 team. Enda Smith a big loss if he doesn’t play as is Ciaran Murtagh,Niall McInerney and Compton who are were important players for the rossies in recent years.

  24. Agree that COC’s continued absence is a growing concern and it will be keenly felt on Saturday evening. Coen & Regan are not going to win out in a white hot championship battle like the one we are going to find ourselves in the next night. Would have preferred to have seen one of Carr, Reape, Loftus or Diskin start in the full forward line. Strong Ros team named even with the Smith’s on in the starting 15.

  25. Opt2misteek.I didn’t see the bench maybe Im a bit ahead of myself but it going to be a strong bench we could all pick a few who be on the subs.

  26. CoC will be a great asset to Mayo if he gets his disipline right.If he was on a team playing against Mayo we would be crying for him to be sent off for use of elbow

  27. Beat the team you’re playing next before thinking ahead but IF we were to make it to the super 8’s this year then only a few players will be playing every game and there”s going to be massive rotation. Hopefully there will be plenty of time and chances for Cillian, Seamie and others to get up to speed. I’m very happy with the team picked.. it’s a tough strong team that won’t be easily intimidated or take any shit from new hard edge Roscommon. I would prefer to see Fionn and Carr held back from games like this where the pitch is narrow, where Roscommon will park the bus and where brute force/power and strength may end up been far more effective than blinding skills. I can see there been an awful lot of pulling, dragging and fouling. If it’s one player we will miss for this game it’s Seamie O Shea.. he always got stuck in against Ros

  28. Tommyk Evan Regan’s man of the match performance from the last game was against none other than the power house of football that is New York. If it had come against a minnow like Kerry or Dublin I might have been less surprised! I wish the lad the very best of luck on Saturday night and I am confident that whoever James Horan puts on the pitch will be there on merit and leave everything out there to get us the win.

  29. Well he’s on our team JR so why bother , he also gets a hell of a lot of attention from opposition both verbally and physically one is entitled to protect himself.

  30. Sean i do not live in Mayo any more & i feel he is now a marked man by Refs.Having said that i would prefer trying to take that streek out of him rather then trying to put it into him

  31. There is more talk on this forum about who’s not playing and they should be and that the wrong players have been picked. Bizarre.

    We’ve a strong goalie who can kick long range points.

    An All-star full back line with KH about to make his 155th appearance.

    A powerful and atlethic half back line with MP making his full championship debut.

    The dominant 8/9 of the 2nd half of the league.

    A mobile and all score taking half forward line.

    Finally, a clever and smart full forward with 2 lefties either side of him.

    Bench is all guesses but spolied for choice with youth and experience to call on.

    No team in the country would like to face this Mayo team at the minute, the freight train is being fired up and getting ready to leave the station.

    Roscommon will of course be respected but they’ll tire and be punished.

    One game at a time. All aboard.

  32. Thrilled to see Michael Plunkett getting the start. Great head/vision, great foot passer.

    The waiting is killing me — I can’t wait to book my flight for the CC next month!

  33. We typically struggle against a mass defence, will be interesting to see how Boland, Regan and Coen do in the heat of championship battle on Saturday, and if they can get some scores
    Ruane adds a real drive but is becoming better known and so is likely to be “marked” man, so will need to deal with that.
    Plunkett is being dropped into a settled and experienced defence, I am confident that he will do well. If 3 of these 5 perform well, this will be a real positive, and increase likelihood of a in.
    Likely to be tight throughout, maybe no more than a couple of points in the end.
    Most Rossies that I know are quietly confident, would be great to get a strong start as it undermines the blanket defence, and a teams confidence, not long to wait to see how it plays out.

  34. Not expecting a high scoring game Ross will be very defensive and we will as always struggle to break such a defensive structure down. Really hope DOC is OK and can play. Our forwards, without being too critical don’t look capable of putting up a big score Hopefully our half back line will chip in with their usual few score and that Mattie hits the net again. Expect a tight hard-fought game.

  35. Keeping 15 on the field for the full game is key to success Ross have no pressure on them they were relegated we are the league champions. Cunningham will have them fired up and raring to go it’s their all Ireland final we have to get in from the start get stuck in keeping inside the laws. Horan is an experienced manager and he is working with this panel day in day out he knows whose up for the fight and who he can call in when needed everyone has their own opinion who should start and where we leave it to James and his selectors our job is to be heard on the sidelines bring plenty of colour it’s going to be a very long day and hopefully the first of many finishing up the end of August with our long wait finally over. COYBIG&R.

  36. They’ll target Regan, Boland and ruane I’d be guessing. Horan knows there is an added edge to ros under Cunningham ,he has pretty much alluded to it in an interview so you’d imagine he prepared the players accordingly. We need to do our job in the crowd , you cannot underestimate how influential a home crowd can be , mollullly runs and smacks Regan in the first minute , if the crowd react and absolutely roar the house down it can be the difference in colour of card , it’s not right but it has happened

    Kieran Donaghy tipping ros this morning . Vinnie Murphy says dubs will walk away with Sam .

  37. hard to see on what basis Regan an Coen picked.

    Regan not accurate enough at this level

  38. Kieran Donaghy wouldn’t have much time for Mayo in fairness since his last outing against us so I’m not surprised he’s tipping the Rossies especially with his fellow county man in their full forward line. As for Vinny Murphy – he’s hardly breaking any new ground there with his (lack of!) detailed insight. Mayo will win this one – we are a real bogey team for them.

  39. I feel after last year’s blight of injuries that we have been waiting for this game for 2 years.

    I don’t care who Roscommon start. This is all about us and how we preform. Let Roscommon start whoever they want. Our job still has to be done no matter who they line out.

    Donaghy was picking Mayo for the all Ireland 2 months ago so I think that says enough about him.

    I’ve seen Regan play more than 1 good match for Mayo and the best of luck to him if he starts.
    Someone earlier giving out about 3 wides he hit against New York. They didn’t mention the other 15 or so wides, or who hit them that day.

    I expect us to be relentless tomorrow. The towel will NOT be thrown in at any stage. I wish the players and managment the very best and hopefully tomorrow night we’ll be thinking about contesting a Connacht final.

  40. David Gough is one of the better refs and doesn’t tolerate constant fouling so that’s a plus for us. Big test for Plunkett and Ruane in particular in central positions.
    Great to hear Vinny talking like that, he should be let loose more often! He’s obviously not part of Jim’s well oiled media machine where that kind of chat is a capital offence!

  41. Game 2.

    Fully expect us to come through this but we’re going to have to learn how to manage a massed defence. We either stay patient (and that means the crowd too) or we seek to kick from distance – higher risk which can bump up the wides tally.

    A couple of comments have alluded to our recent disciplinary record. There’s no doubt it has caught us out in Connacht. Roscommon will try draw us into this so we need to be able to balance physicality with controlled aggression.

    I’d like to see a full press early on. Stand on their throat and see if they can breath.

  42. Mayo will win tomorrow I am convinced. I would always urge caution against the Rossie’s but I am not convinced by them this time. Everyone talks about the Galway style they have adapted. Roscommon always had better footballers than Galway. Galway can keep their shawl. I believe it doesn’t suit Roscommon simply because like ourselves they are better and bigger than that. Defensive football will millitate against their natural drive and flair. That’s what set them apart from Galway and their auld shawl. It’s also the part of their game that gives us the biggest problem. McStay had them on a better path but he was from Mayo. Ouch….

  43. PJMcManus, I can’t agree with you on your comment. Roscommon rarely if ever had better players than Galway not now when Galway have Walsh, Comer etc and definitely not when Joyce, Donllen, Silke etc in the 90s/00s. IMO Ros supposed great forwards are highly over rated and rarely contributed when it mattered most, in the championship.

  44. Mayo minor team for tonights game against Ballina, dont remember ever a team dominated by two teams Ballina and Castlebar has 4 players each starting if everything goes as advertised, entire forward line comes from these clubs. Felt the codology with last weeks programme was abit over the top with 6 changes to the team and only 3 players started in the position that was shown on the programme. Even the subs had jersey changes, National and local papers had our goalkeeper Conor Canny coming on for Paddy Heneghan when in fact he wasnt wearing the #26 jersey as advertised on the day. Think its bad for the supporters and the parents of the players who want to keep a momento. Rant over and best of luck to those involved.

    1. Luke Jennings – Ballinrobe
    2. Emmet Murphy – Castlebar Mitchels
    3. Oisin Tunney – Breaffy
    4. Ruairi Keane – Mayo Gaels
    5. Eoin Gilraine – Ballinrobe
    6. Aidan Cosgrove – Kiltimagh
    7. Owen McHale – Belmullet
    8. Sam Callinan – Ballina Stephenites
    9. Ethan Henry – Mayo Gaels
    10. Paul Walsh – Castlebar Mitchels
    11. Paddy Heneghan – Castlebar Mitchels
    12. Dylan Thornton – Ballina Stephenites
    13. Rory Morrin – Ballina Stephenites
    14. Frank Irwin – Ballina Stephenites
    15. Ciaran Mylett – Castlebar Mitchels

  45. Mayomad yea I went looking for the great Galway forwards last August in the semi final v the Dubs. I and thousands of Galway supporters had heard of the great forwards they had. There has been more sightings of Lord Lucan than the Galway forwards unless of course they are playing Mayo. The day they play Mayo they are all 7 foot tall. Roscommon by contrast gave a better account of themselves. Having operated at a lower level all year they still make the super 8 competition and they did not hide against the Dubs.

  46. PJMcManus, in your comment you stated that “Roscommon always had better players than Galway” do you seriously think that is correct given the difference in connacht and All ireland wins between the two counties. Regardless of recent playing styles Galway nearly always had a far superior side to Roscommon

  47. PJ McManus in the recent Galway Sligo only 2 of the starting Galway forwards scored points from play. Shane Walsh 0-1 and Michael Daly 0-2. J Heaney got a goal from a shot rebound off an upright. They beat Sligo well but didn’t break any records.
    The Mayo minor team listed is the exact same team that lined put v Leitrim last week. I would expect they will change it around a bit with a panel of 30 lads

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